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Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced image 1

Sorry, the Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced
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Virtual Strings for Your Tunes!

Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced builds on the already popular Solo Strings sample library and adds cool new features to take your string compositions even further. They started with capturing the highes-quality samples possible - recorded in a "dry" room - and put you in control of critical tonal choices and allows you to create the ambience that you need. Solo Strings Advanced also allows you build and precisely control ensembles so you always have the perfect string section. Solo Strings Advanced is a perfect addition to your sample library!

Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced at a Glance:
  • Kontak2 Player Included
  • High-quality Sample Recordings
  • New instruments and Ensemble Presets
  • Voice Control
  • Legato/Sustain Controls
  • Timbral Impulse Tonal Modeling
  • Custom Reverb Impulses
  • All-In-One Instruments
  • Short Attack (SA) Samples
  • Legacy Programming
  • Cloaking Device

Kontakt 2 Player Included
Dan Dean Solo Strings ADVANCED a single DVD library comprised of Violin, Viola and Cello in Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player, is packed with an array of new programming features, technologies and ensemble presets.
High-quality sample recordings
First and always foremost, the quality of sound is the most important component in any sampled library. Dan Dean Productions revisited the source recordings of the Solo Strings and re-transferred all the sound data carefully to optimize signal-to-noise and other source issues. The sound files that make up the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced have a very low noise floor while still retaining all of the warmth and detail of the source recordings. The Solo Cello, Solo Viola, and Solo Violin have all been maximized to full 16-bit resolution using their Ultra16 process. Since all 16 bits are used, there is maximum resolution at this bit level. Also, Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced was sample recorded in a "dry" space, which means that there is no room ambience or reverb in the recordings. This lack of room coloration allows you maximum flexibility to make your own tonal choices later. Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced is Impulse Response friendly.

New instruments and Ensemble Presets
In the process of transferring all the Solo String data, Dan Dean Productions discovered source material that was never included in the original Solo Strings project. This extra data has been added to the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced. Additionally, Dan Dean Productions developed a proprietary ensemble building technology which allowed them to create and precisely control groups of instruments. The end results are ensembles that play very smoothly and evenly.

Voice Control
When designing the ensemble instruments, Dan Dean Productions paid special attention to voice allocation. Using Voice Control presets, you can accurately assign divisi parts to either 1, 3, 6 or 12 instruments (12 in the case of violins). The Voice Control instruments have been programmed to allow you to select the various divisi groups through the use of keyswitching or modwheel activation. Now you can choose the right number of instruments per voice in your arrangements.

Legato/Sustain Controls
Tap into the power of Kontakt 2 and enjoy vastly superior attack performance via MIDI control or sustain pedal modification. MIDI implementation also provides access to release characteristics.

Timbral Impulse Tonal Modeling
Proprietary Timbral Impulses created specially for the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced by Ernest Cholakis of Numerical Sound (leaders in IR technologies) coupled with the power of Kontakt 2's convolution engine provide you with unprecedented sonic options never before attainable in the sampling world. Timbral "fingerprints" of solo and ensemble strings were captured and analyzed from some of the world's greatest recordings, string sessions and other sources from around the world. Each of these tonal signatures was then calibrated to each of the instruments (Cello, Viola and Violin) and encoded into Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced. Transform the sound of any solo or ensemble instrument at the click of a mouse.

Custom Reverb Impulses
Add some air around a Cello, some room tone to a Viola, or a full concert hall ambience to a Violin Ensemble. Select from an array of tight spaces, small rooms, mid sized rooms, and halls all created specially by Numerical Sound for Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced. And unlike most Reverb Impulses, each Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced Reverb Impulse is instrument-optimized, and calibrated to the sonic qualities of each instrument. Actual acoustic spaces captured from around the world, custom created for Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced.

All-In-One Instruments
Choose one of the "All-In-One" instruments and access all articulations of the Solo Cello, Solo Viola, or Violin at the touch of a keyswitch. At the touch of a key, select Arco, Spiccato, Pizzicato, Half Step Trill, Whole Step Trill, or Tremelo articulations from a single preset. Engage the legato mode/short attack feature by the pedal or MIDI controller. Adjust the instrument's release characteristics via MIDI slider. Select Timbral Impulse tonal control at the touch of a button. Switch on a custom Reverb Impulse - all on the fly in real time.

Short Attack (SA) Samples
Giving you even more attack choices, the Short Attack presets have been created to make the instruments in the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced more playable in fast passages. Tighten your attacks even further by using MIDI cc#21 or by using the footswitch/Legato mode.

Legacy Programming
In addition to all of the advanced programming features that Kontakt2 provides, every instrument in the Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced has been programmed in the "old school" style, and can be found in the Legacy Programming Instrument folder. You can just "plug and play" using keyboard velocity as you always have, without touching a button. If you want to adjust decay, attack, engage the Cloaking Device, add RI reverb or TI tonal shaping - then press a button. If you just want to play, this is the place to start.

Cloaking Device
Engage the Cloaking Device to alter the tone and other characteristics of repeated notes.

Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced Features:
  • New Instruments and Ensemble Presets
  • Wide variety of attacks and articulations
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • "Cloaking Device" to Avoid "Machine Gun Effect"
  • Custom Reverb Impulses
Dan Dean Productions Solo Strings Advanced - Great-sounding and affordable string samples!

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