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Focal Solo6 Be 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 39 customer reviews
Questions about the Focal Solo6 Be 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the Focal Solo6 Be 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Chris McCown

    Do you want to hear your speakers, or your music? If it's the latter, then you're looking at the right product. Unbelievable detail and no harsh tweeter sound, thanks to the inverted beryllium tweeter. Aside from sounding like they belong in your studio, they look gorgeous too! Power, beauty, and accuracy. You want these.

  • Carson McClain

    From minimal jazz and classical to complex electronic or rock, Focal Solo6 Bes are THE go-to speakers if you know what you want out of your mixes. They don't fatigue your ears, and sound excellent at any volume level. Combine these with a Dangerous Monitor ST control system and you'll be set!

  • Josh Estock

    The depth and stereo image of the Focal Solo6 Be monitors allow you to truly hear what's going on in your mix. The Berylium tweeters provde an extremely detailed high-end, while the 6.5" driver gives you an accurate and tight low- and mid-range. After listening to these a few times I couldn't resist - they now reside in my studio and my mixes have never been better!

  • from Monterey, CA April 24, 2017

    Search is finally over.

    Went through so many...
    These are by far the best near fields i've worked with in a smaller space.

    First.. They are beautifully built. Pro quality all the way. Powerful and heavy.
    Beryllium tweeter is perfect. Smooth, clean, crisp and clear.
    The mids are really pleasant, with a natural, even presence. The bass is ample and i feel perfectly balanced for the box.
    Great for mixing or mastering at lower levels.
    And.. they are getting even better with time.

    Thanks to Ian for suggesting these awesome monitors.

  • from Seattle December 27, 2016

    The Truth

    I wouldn't do without these going forward.
    We thank you Focal!

  • from Alaska November 21, 2016Music Background:

    Best speakers I have owned

    Low frequencies are clear and very full, as well as the high frequencies. Would definitely recommend these monitors!

  • from Warsaw, IN August 28, 2016

    Simply Amazing!

    These speakers truly are amazing. You can pick up so many details in other's recordings and figuring out how you want your own recordings tweaked in is fantastic. These speakers do not fatigue your ears like other speakers can. It's a whole new listening experience. Thanks Adam, for your help in selecting exactly what we needed for the studio!

  • from April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Recording/Mixing Engineer

    Width, Depth, and Dimension!

    These speakers really bring every aspect of your mix to life! You can easily pinpoint out previous mistakes that you couldn't before. The bottom end is very tight, and transparent. The high end is very smooth. These monitors are worth every single penny. You will be able to hear all the width, depth, and stereo imaging in every mix, and they allow you to accomplish that much easier now. I am more than happy with this purchase of course with the Dangerous Music D-Box.

  • from New York City March 18, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Music Producer, Engineer & Drummer

    All You Will Ever Need!!

    Two reason's why you need these monitors:

    1. Your music will improve!
    You WILL be able to hear significantly more then before which means you can make better decisions.

    2. Your bottom line will improve!
    Due to the increase of quality in my music, I have been selling more tracks at a higher price. I have had these monitors for 1 year and I have already made the money back several times over now.

    GET THEM!!!

  • from Wyoming February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Home Studio Recordist-Amateur

    The Focal Solo6 Be - 6.5

    I have been working with my sales engineer Jeff Law for years & he has always be accommodating, informative, & immensely knowledgeable on every product I considered. At his enthusiastic insistence I went for the Solo 6 Be's during a studio upgrade. After using these monitors for the better part of a year I feel compelled to say that these monitors in combination with a UA Apollo interface have placed me in audio nirvana. I use a Presonus Central Station to add a 1500 watt Definitive Technology sub to the Focals for a full range system with the Focals running full on with no X-over & the sub added in when I need a full range check. Jeff is the one who recommended the Focals to be run without a X-over so that I get an accurate sonic picture of a mix for a non-sub listener & still have the ability to check the low end. The surprise with the addition of the Apollo interface is that it unified the sound between the Focals & the sub such that the front wall of the studio now sounds like a single speaker. The biggest revelation about all this assemblage of components is that my mixes now have near perfect translation to any audio system whether it be on crappy in ear head headphones playing off my cellphone or playing back on high fidelity home theater systems!!!! A single mix sounds good on all systems which of course is what a Pro mix should deliver. I think this setup with the Focal satellites gives me as perfect a sonic picture of the sound that I am working with as I will ever need. Kind of pricey but still cheaper than cycling through multiple setups to find one that gives this absolutely perfect sonic picture.

  • from United States January 26, 2015

    Believe the hype

    I just got these, and broke them in for the recommended 20+ hours before attempting to mix on them. First mix, and or the first time EVER a mixing client actually told me the mix was TOO CLEAN. That's how good these are. I was able to get a mix almost spotless in less than an hour. I can now be more free creatively, because I can focus on the things that make my mixes musical and special, rather than whether the vocal will sit right, or if the snare is too loud. Worth every penny. Thank you Mike Hammond for the great recommendation, and awesome service, as always.

  • from Philadelphia, PA December 4, 2014Music Background:

    Amazingly accurate.

    I have a system dedicated to ultra-realistic piano sound. A Kawai VPC1 controller (dramatically upgraded by Spreeman Piano Innovations,) and the VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 concert grand software, routed through an Apollo Twin. The sound was beautiful, but I felt that I was missing some detail and perhaps keyboard sensitivity. So, I went all-in on the Focal Solo6 Be monitors - on the recommendation of the Spreemans, who built the sampled Ravenscroft grand, and... I - am - amazed! Not only was the variety of tone, um, tripled, but the variety of touch possible on the Kawai-Spreeman keyboard had been masked by the more homogenous sound of the previous monitors. Suddenly, I had to refine my touch because the monitors reflected everything I did, I finally have an electronic combination startlingly close to a fine acoustic instrument. Voices are perfectly clear - through an adjustment of touch, the timbre is actually dramatically changed - these monitors differentiate everything fed to them - perfectly!
    Oh, and as a side note, the solid and accurate bass is surprising - given the woofer's size. It's actually more accurate than a 10-1/2 inch high-quality sub I own. I'll end up with the matching Focal subwoofer, but I'm quite content to work with these Solo6 monitors until I can spring for it; they're very satisfying, they present no sonic obstacle to anything you do.

  • from Toronto, Ontario, Canada August 17, 2014Music Background:
    Use to be a HIFI fan, now quit.

    only music, not speaker

    I have to admit that I made mistake. I only order ONE speaker online, so stupid. But in following week, this one speaker let me forget that is only one, so beautiful sound. I am not professional, just want to quit the HIFI, so choose the professional monitor speaker. Now I can forget the pre-amp, amp, DAC, wires, and etc., but only focus on the music. As Focal says, listen music, not speaker. Want a pure music and relax time? Try this speakers.

    At last, I ordered another one Solo. It's amazing.

  • from Orlando, FL June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Recording & Mixing

    Beauty in sound & appearance

    These speakers are truly amazing! The frequency response is perfect for almost any situation, and the sound quality is top notch! From the finish on the sides to the beryllium tweeters not only do these speakers look beautiful, they sound beautiful! The inverted tweeters add for a perfect balance when playing back.

  • from Rochester, NY USA April 12, 2014Music Background:
    Multi-instrumentalist, composer

    A New Level of Sound

    I have used many brands of fine reference monitors in my home recording studio over decades in composing and recording album projects and soundtrack work for short films. After plenty of research and homework, I purchased the Focal Solo6 Be 6.5" monitor pair, which are perched upon angled Primacoustic recoil stabilizer pads. This is a revelation in pure sound reproduction. A superb addition to any creative listening space, I highly recommend these beautiful studio monitors.

  • from Dallas, TX March 8, 2014Music Background:
    Former recording engineer, 25-plus years as a hobbyist playing and producing music

    Excellent Monitors

    If you want to hear all the nuances of what you are tracking and mixing, and want your mixes to translate, look no further. I bought these on the recommendation of my sales engineer Bob Furlong and have used them for about a year now. They are really transparent and musical. If you make a 1 or 2 dB boost or cut on a track you can hear it. If you use dynamics, you can accurately hear the effect. The mixes translate beautifully to other speakers and sound systems. These are the best near field monitors I have heard. Thanks Bob.

  • from Tucson, Az November 6, 2013Music Background:
    Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer

    That MMmYEaah right there Sound

    I abosoultly love these montors i feel like they force you to put your sound right where it should be in the mix. they dont sound like anything extra but yet it clearly pionts out any flaws in your audio. The only thing i would say about these montors is that i would def. get a sub for this system for the really low Fz. and i feel like theyre def just a mix and master monitor i wouldnt recommend producing in these. Theyre's nothing extra just great natural translation of audio kinda like the U87 of monitors. My mixes translate perfectly with these. Also these are great for mixing and mastering on on for long lenths of time. it ounds like the musics softer but yet it's louder. would def recommend these monitiors.

  • from Chicagoland Il October 22, 2013Music Background:

    I implicitly trust my Sweetwater representative

    I just moved into a new home this summer and I contacted my my Sweetwater rep to help me solve what I thought was a studio sound proofing solution. After order some baffles and auralex foam things got better but not to the point I needed. My mixes were muddy. "Have you tried to upgrade your monitors?" I thought to myself oh great I don't need a new pair of speakers." After several months of struggling I thought what the heck I will try anything. I must say when I first got these monitors I thought they absolutely were terrible. However, I followed everyone's advice and waited for 20-30 hours of break in. After the 30th hour my jaw started dropping. These are incredible monitors and suddenly all my studio sound problems disappeared. My mixes have never sounded better (and more accurate). I couldn't believe my fortune so I started remixed old songs and then listening to them on my home theater, in my car, on my iPhone, etc. The mixes sounded consistent and extremely professional.

    If you are having mix problems buy these monitors and you too might solve your mixing woes.

  • from Phoenix, AZ October 6, 2013

    HATED them at first

    Was running Yamaha HS50's which are a great monitor. When I hooked these up, my mixes sounded crappy, dark, distorted which I hated at first but I realized the Focal's are showing me WAY more than I ever did. They will make you a better engineer by making you WORK!

  • from October 4, 2013

    Not exactly as they appear in photos...

    These are quite decent monitors, Unfortunately, the black version doesn't have the brown highlights that the photos indicate. They are truly just black and grey. Nice enough, just not what many folks may expect, including myself.

    In their price are incredibly capable competitors. The PSI 17s and the Event Opals amongst others. Mackies are a joke overall in this range. IMO.

  • from On your MP3s.... October 4, 2013Music Background:
    Always a student....

    Perhaps it's the ported design that holds them back

    Overall, a good monitor. Unfortunately, due to what I've heard, there's some lumpiness in the midbass, causing a droning, single note sound in that frequency range. The highs are glorious however, presenting sound not reproduced on my custom Scanspeak Revelator acoustic suspension design. That's fairly impressive.

    Two way cabs arte always a compromise. I think Focal did a good job with these, though I'm not thrilled. Hopefully the twins are better.

  • from September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Producer & Engineer

    Hear your music like never before

    I have been mixing for quite some years now and have been through quite a bit of monitors, Mackie, Dynaudio, Yamaha, Genelec, Equator. The focal solo6 shocked me from the minute i turned them on, even without a proper break in they have an incredible open sound which sounds so pleasing it makes music very easy to listen to which reduces fatigue.

    I AB'ed them to my current equator q series and what impressed me the most is how transparent they are. Switching back to the equator i can actually hear the speaker cross over and artefacts, then switching back to the focal it was like i was hearing the music being played live in the room. Completely natural and balanced.

    They will also make you work hard to get your mix to sound good, but boy when you do the mix just translates beautifully to any system. Listening back to my mixes its like a no brainer where i went wrong and reverbs are super easy to tweak.

    There was another review of the solo6 that mentioned a bass problem improving in the room. Well even though i didn't see how this was possible knowing a bit about room treatment, my room's bass response was improved as well. My null location was not as bad and my sweet spot was quite a bit larger than any of the other monitors i have tried.

    All in all the Focal Solo6 is absolutely worth every penny and i would recommend it to anyone, from bedroom studios to bigger facilities.

  • from West Orange, NJ USA May 4, 2013Music Background:
    Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Recording Engineer

    Best Monitors Known To Man

    Amazed at the precision of every frequency. At first I thought they were a little too pricey for me, after hearing them...I probably would've paid more. Great investment for anyone serious about creating music.

  • from San Diego County April 30, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, songwriter - guitar, bass, vocals, keys

    Amazed & Astonished!

    I'm stunned at the sound that comes form these speakers; I hear things I never heard before on my old JBL Studio 4408s... the bass is all there, clarity, & stereo imaging is impeccable... perfect for suited for my 11'x 14' apt. studio... I'm totally in heaven, as I mix in front of them.

  • from Asheville, NC February 3, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Musician, Student


    You hear everything. These are extremely transparent, and they translate very well to pretty much every system. I've gone back and completely cleaned up tons of my music already, and my tracks are cleaner and clearer than ever. These are what you're looking for if you're serious about sound. These make the speakers in my school's Moog Studio sound like doodoo.

  • from Denver, CO October 2, 2012Music Background:

    Focal Solo6 BE

    Smoking good. I went on a long search for monitors, and kept coming away with SOMETHING that didn't cut it. These monitors have incredible bass response - don't worry about the 6.5" woofer. These also have a very articulate midrange and high end, and both are non-fatiguing. In all, I couldn't be happier. Are they pricey? Sure, at least for me, but they were so much better that they were simply worth it. I have actually started to enjoy listening to music with a flat response.

  • from waterford ct June 16, 2012Music Background:
    home studio, hobbyist

    worth every penney

    these have a 25 hr breakin period to reach maximum potential. im about 12 hrs in, and i cant imagine them sounding any better. with these monitors, a few more acoustic panels, and a couple bass traps, my control room is rite where i wanted it to be. you can definately hear the quality of these while a/b ing with another monitor. i have a pair of mackie mr5mkII's, i actually find that these two pairs of monitors sound excellent when played together also. simply the best monitors ive herd yet.

  • from CT May 11, 2012Music Background:
    recording engineer, musician

    What a Wonderful Monitor

    I had been using the Mackie HR824's monitors for about 6 years and always had trouble achieving mixes that translated well outside my control room. Up to that point I had never tried any other monitors so I was always thinking it was more the room itself and/or my mixing abilities that were causing my mixes to sound a bit amateur-ish. I also had what I thought was a "null" at my mixing position and getting an accurate low end was nearly impossible, even after having acoustically treating the room.

    I was speaking to my sales rep (AJ Petterson) and I was telling him about this issue. He really tried hard to work with me to solve the problem with out spending money, in other words he just didn't try to sell me some monitors. This is what I love about Sweetwater. They are not just some sales people trying to push products onto you, they really are educated about recording and they try to help you find real solutions. There have been times where AJ would spend an hour on the phone with me discussing an issue with me trying to help and giving me advice. Sorry, I digress here....LOL

    Anyway, after working with me to ensure I had proper sound treatment and speaker placement, he suggested to possibly try a different set of monitors. I was unsure about spending a lot of money to find out that the monitors was not the issue. AJ said that I could return them with in the 30 day period if they were not the solution and/or if I didn't like
    the monitors.

    He suggested that I should give the focal's a try as he thought these were and amazing and transparent monitor. He actually tried to save me some money by suggesting the CMS series as these were more in line with the price of my Mackies. I asked him about the Solo 6's and he said that these were a major step up above the Mackies, but they are twice the price. He never put pressure on me to spend that extra $$$.

    Anyway, after searching all over the internet for reviews on the Solo 6's and doing my homework before spending this much money, I decided that if I was going to make a change, I was was going to step as much of a step up as I can afford. BTW - Try finding a bad or even mediocre review on Focal monitors, you wont find a single one. They have an amazing reputation and people seem to love them! So I went ahead and ordered these baby's up!

    When they came in, I put these up side by side with the Mackies and toggled back and fourth between the monitors to hear the difference. What I can say is that I instantly heard a major difference in the over clarity in the Focal's. The Solo 6's had a much more "open" sound to them and made the Mackies sound "dark" and sort of "muddy" if that makes and sense?

    The Mackies had a touch more bass in them as they are an 8' woofer compared to the Focal 6.5', but it was so minimal that it was not an issue for me one bit. was really surprised on how much clearer and sweet sounding the Focals were and these were straight out of the box. No break in period. There really isn't a comparison between the two brands in my opinion. The Solo 6's are a far better monitor in sound quality and you can hear details in the music that I was not able to hear as clearly using the Mackies.

    And my "bass null" issue? Well for some reason and I am not sure how it's possible, that issue is almost non-exsistant when listing to mixes using the Solo 6's. I know, that does not make sense to me either because nothing else was changed, just the monitors. But now, no matter where I am sitting or standing in the control room the low end sounds almost exactly the same. That dynamic of the low end being much more "heavy" two feet behind the mix position is gone. And yes, the mix translates almost perfectly outside the control room.

    I would highly recommend trying out the Solo 6's if you are looking for an upgrade to a professional monitoring system. You will be blown away on how accurate and clear these things sound.

  • from Austin, TX April 23, 2012Music Background:

    Best in class

    The Focal Solo 6's are hard to describe in a review. You're better off listening to a pair for yourself to understand their brilliance. But what I can say is that they're crystal clear, balanced, uncolored and very accurate for their size. More importantly they can achieve all of these qualities at very low SPL's, translating to more hours at the console and less fatigue on the ears. Of course they play loud and I can say from experience they will definitely impress you and your clients. I even have friends who come over that want to listen to a new record they've bought just because they'll get to do so on my Focal's. The Solo's remove the typical "blinders" that most studio monitors impose and open the entire bandwidth of sound to your ears (well from 40-40kHz). Reverb tails slowly disappear into another dimension and vocal's sound pristine and alive. Given a single driver is reproducing both mid's and lows, they're articulate and clean without ever becoming muddy or boomy (my room is treated). Again, even low frequencies aren't lost at low volume. Impressive is an understatement. Overall, for the price class they live in, they are a five-star product. Their construction is exceptional and each monitor feels rock solid at 24 lbs. On a side note, the Solo 6's have been used by a very well known ME to master a project for a famous multi platinum selling artist. Adding mastering capabilities to their list of accomplishments speaks volumes about what these little wonders are capable of.

  • from Florida April 20, 2012Music Background:
    Artist / Producer / Engineer

    Absolutely Love These

    It's nice to sit down in front of a set of monitors and hear everyone else's mixing mistakes. That's what these things give you access to. A lot has already been said about these but you have to hear them to believe them. Everyone who has sat down at my desk as been absolutely blown away by how detailed as well as musical they are. For me it's really important that while mixing I feel inspired to be creative. You can hear also things in the top end that you never realized was there before. A very nice tool to have when you are mixing or mastering.

    When I recently decided to make a monitoring switch, I agonized for quite a while before pulling the trigger on these. I am glad I did. I did ended up getting the Sub6 to go along with these, but honestly I found them more than adequate in the bass category without the sub. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

  • from Smiths, AL April 12, 2012Music Background:
    Recording/mix engineer

    Very nice

    In my experience, these things definitely needed the 20 hours+ of breaking in. I mean, out of the box they gave me a scare. Did they sound good? Yes. Did they sound as good as I thought? Not at all. After about 25 hours of use they finally settled in and they. are. ROCKIN'! This is how music is supposed to sound. Highlights everything wrong in the mix, but shines when everything sits just right. Great response. Best speakers I've ever used? No (Barefoot mm27s). Best I've ever used in this price range? Definitely. I'd even go as far to say they rank higher than some Genelecs and Dynaudios ABOVE this price range.

  • from San Francisco September 21, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician and recording Artist

    ...how sweet the sound

    These monitors sound enchanting and deliver all the fine details
    of frequencies in the mix! Great near- to mid-field monitors!

  • from Provo, UT August 19, 2011Music Background:
    Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Restoration Engineer

    Best Monitor in it's Price Range, HANDS DOWN.

    I had these monitors for over 3 months, but then had to sell them because I needed some money to pay bills. I replaced them with some cheaper, but respected monitors that are still half the price, and I must say at first I didn't really notice much difference. It's only after you've been listening awhile that you notice that the soundstage is GONE. Sure, it's an even sound still, all the freq's seem easily translatable, and the stereo image is ok, but where's the deep, clear, open soundstage I'm used to? It went away with my Focal's!

    I WILL be purchasing these again in the near future when I get finances under control and I can save up for them again! I wish I didn't have to part with them... I really didn't think it would be THIS big of a difference! I MISS MY SOLO6's!!!!!!!

  • from Maui HI August 10, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    Solo 6 Be Great

    I purchased these monitors based on reviews and advice from my sales engineer, Paul rowan. When I first tried them out, I was literally blown away. Even before break in , these monitors exhibited the best stereo imaging I have heard on any monitor, fantastic highs and strong ultra clean lows. They make my old monitors sound a bit anemic. I knew they would be better, bit I really hadn't expected that much improvement.

    I now have about 20 hours of break in time on them and the highs are smoothing out nicely (weren't really that harsh out of the box though) and the low end response is improving. I am not sure how many hours it takes to really break them in because there are many numbers floating around.

    I would highly recommend these monitors .They are well worth the money.

  • from NY NY May 24, 2011

    Focal Solo6 Be Amazing Monitors

    If you are in search of clarity and true sound with no coloration then these monitors are an excellent choice. These monitors were highly recommended to me by the sales team at sweet water and I must say they are on of the best sounding and true sounding monitors I have worked on. After I purchased these monitors I went back to some of my older projects I had worked on to check the mixes. I was really impressed as I had heard some minor things in some of these old mixes that I had not heard previously. I would only recommend that you make sure these have enough power if you are in somewhat of a larger room. I have a 12 x 16ft room and they were not enough power for me. however I do tend to work loud. If you plan on using these more for programming and mixing at normal levels than these monitors are amazing. I was able to work for long periods of time with no fatigue what so ever.

  • from Boston MA USA December 10, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Pretty sounding speakers

    First impressions: They sound quite glossy. Raw recorded tracks sounded like it's "mixed." It also sounds pretty balanced throughout the frequency ranges, although I found it to be slightly forward sounding. Transients and dynamics felt that they were slightly held back whilst playing David Foster & Friends CD.

    I would conclude that these are magnificent speakers for casual listening or impressing your clients during playback, and not for recording/mixing applications. Don't get me wrong, these are NOT bad sounding speakers, far from it actually.

    However, for me, they're aren't the right tools for the job. They might be right for you, so go try it out.

  • from Hollywood Ca September 26, 2010Music Background:
    Producer/ Engineer / Remixer


    I have been producing and remixing for over 14 years and I have never heard anything like the Focal Solo6 Be. While the cabinet looks somewhat un impressive but beautiful these monitors don't just play audio they reveal every single flaw in your mix. Having tried many many many other brands in my career anything from dance/house and hip hop I must say when I first got my pair of Focal I was at first reluctant because the sound did not seem to be as pounding as most of previews monitors I've tried. While arranging one day going thru various samples and loops I listened closer and I thought no this can't be how can there be noise there because there just did not seem to exist even in the wav in front of my arrange page. I listened further and sure enough it was there. These monitors are amazing !! they will reveal everything and your mixes will be cleaner and fuller . They thus will give you the best sound in your final mix. I recommend them wholeheartedly and wish I had gotten them sooner.

  • from Provo, UT USA May 23, 2010Music Background:
    Mixing/Mastering Engineer


    I am more than blown away by these babies. I've had them not even a week and I can't keep my ears away from them! Beware, these will have you listening to music for hours on end... you will find yourself searching for your favorite music and playing it ALL!

    Amazingly accurate and stunningly beautiful. I was a little skeptical of the price, thinking there might be something cheaper of the same quality, but I've heard and mixed on other monitors namely JBL, Genelec, but these are phenomenal. I have found myself re-mixing a lot of my old stuff with fantastic results! These translate amazingly... truly in a league of their own. The next step up would be more power with Mains. Period. Nothing better for the price.

  • from New Mexico (USA) April 9, 2010Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician

    studio owner, engineer and producer

    Hey, THANKS To sales rep. ALLEN ext. (1339) for his advice and expertise. These monitars are Very accurate (superb). I was gonna purchashed jbl 4300 series, but these focal can easly out any monitars in the market. It took me several month to make my disicion and i'm totally satisfied with these monitars and my mixing is way better than ever. These monitars will make you work harder and you will accually hear the music and not the monitars. If your're REALLY seriuos about your music, your mixing and ur studio, I promise you will never regret once you gat a pair of these monitars. A+ for Allen ext. (1339) GOOD ADVICE DUDE!!!!

  • from San Francisco Bay, California February 3, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Vocalist/Songwriter

    Amazing Monitors. But...

    ...you have to work on the mix to get things sounding great because what you hear is what you get! Amazing translation to all types of sound systems large to small.

    YOUR PREVIOUS MIXES WILL SOUND LIKE CRAP ON THESE...BE CAREFUL. This is not a speaker that sounds great...its just very accurate and helps you achieve mixes that translate well. ISN'T THAT THE POINT...?

    Full sound range is crystal clear. I roll-off everything very hard below 30-40hz depending on the song, so i don't need the sub they sell (though i'm sure it serves as a great reference for mixing accurate lows below 40hz to 25hz). Amazing stereo field when set up at the proper angle, 1-3 meters away, with tweeters ear level. Use recoils or mopads with recoils being the greater.

    My mixes have gone from FAIR/GOOD to INDUSTRY STANDARD SOUND. If you're an experienced engineer, a few weeks with these and you'll say the same also.

    Don't spend your money on plug-ins, and a bunch of software you don't need. Get yourself a good set of standard plug-ins that you like and call it a day!


    Spend your cash on a fast and large computer, a great daw with great sounding converters, good cables (yes!), good pre-amps and mics, some acoustic treatment and best of all AN AMAZING PAIR OF MONITORS. Now you go and make yourself music that might have a chance of sounding professional.

    Good luck to all of those that pursuit this music we call...LIFE!!!

  • from Ponce, Puerto Rico January 15, 2010Music Background:
    G-Son's Studio, in my way to become Producer.....

    Focal Solo 6 "AMAZING"

    This little friends called Focal Solo 6 Be, they are just amazing....sound is so pure and clarity of voices incredible....bass for its size exactly what you need to hear and feel.... just buy them you will not regret it......Thanks for my friend Andrew that he was the one who recommend me this buy!!!!!!!

  • from Tacoma Washington October 4, 2009Music Background:

    Outstanding Refinement

    I bought these for an audiophile computer desktop system and am not involved in the recording or music industry. The Solo6 Be exceeded my expectations in every way. The level of information these pass is outstanding. You'll be able to hear every nuance of a recording from textures to harmonic overtones. Very smooth response with no harshness. Another aspect very important to me is imaging and the Solos have it in spades. Bass response is quite good too, especially considering their size. I could happily live without a subwoofer. If these are a bit out of your price range I would advise you to stretch your budget. You won't be dissapointed.

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