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Cordoba Solista CD - Cedar Top Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Cordoba Solista CD - Cedar Top?

Questions about the Cordoba Solista CD - Cedar Top?

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  • from McKinney, TX July 20, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar aficiando

    Very nice tone

    If you are looking for a high quality classical guitar with very nice tone, solid top and solid rosewood back and sides in the $1500-$2000 price range, then the Cordoba Solista is very worthy of consideration.

    The basses and trebles are very evenly balanced, very good note separation, nice warm Spanish tone and superb intonation all over the fretboard. The Solista competes very well with other well known Luthier-made guitars I have in the collection that are in the $2500-$4500 range.

    I've had a hard time putting the guitar down for the past week :-)

    The included Humicase is very solid and high quality with built-in climate control, its better than the original cases I received with my past Luthier commissioned guitars.

  • from Eau Claire, WI USA July 27, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Very much impressed

    Not knowing much about Cordoba guitars, but having heard one played while kayaking one morning, I looked online for one. The one I had heard was not the one I ended up with however. Taking a chance by ordering the solista I was not disappointed. The instrument is a pleasure to play and to see. I have a very nice Martin and a sweet LaPlant. The Cordoba Solista is just what I wanted to complete my setup!

  • from Center Point, IA May 14, 2013Music Background:
    Studio and live performance

    Quality Instrument - very pleased

    I did a great deal of research trying to find a quality instrument at an affordable price. My goal was to find a classical guitar that was as traditional as possible but also very playable for a moderate price. The Cordoba Solista seemed to fit this description so I ordered this gem from Sweetwater without every playing one, and I am glad I did.

    Opening the case a strong scent of cedar hits your nose, the instrument is beautifully crafted, and the attention to detail is very clear. When I first held the guitar it "sang" as I spoke, vibrating from just my voice - this guitar has a wonderful tone and projected sound. The intonation is perfect all the way up the fret board on every string (verified via tuner in E standard, A = 440).

    My only complaint/observation is that this guitar does not come set up very well. This is obviously personal preference. Out of the box it sounds great, but the action is set extremely high. I took the guitar straight to my luthier after (after 2 hours of playing) and he made the appropriate adjustments to the nut and bridge to bring the instrument more into classical specs (lowered action by 41%). This is not really a complaint, all instruments should be taken to a trained luthier for inspection and proper setup when purchased.

    I intended this instrument to be a bridge guitar until I can afford a 100% hand built classical guitar, but after playing this beauty for about a month - all I can say is wow... she will always be in my collection. I cannot put this guitar down. Wonderful instrument - nice job Cordoba.

    I highly recommend this instrument to any one looking for a great classical guitar at an affordable price. Very pleased with my purchase!!! Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Richmond, KY January 20, 2016Music Background:
    bed room guitar noodler, powertab music composer, soundclouder

    Balanced with great craftsmanship.

    I received this classical guitar yesterday, it was packaged very well by Sweetwater. Once I got to the guitar case and removed it out of it's second box, I was quite excited to see my new guitar. This case is excellent for the purpose I would use it for, which is for storage and to protect my guitar from humidity change. The case has a built in humidifier sponge which is simple to use and comes with simple instructions which will get you started using the feature in the case.

    The guitar I received is a very quality instrument, practically flawless aesthetically from my eager inspection of my Solista. Very light but not cheap feeling, feels substantial in my hands, the action is very nicely set up, plays easily, and the tension of the strings are just right for my liking. The back of the neck feels very solid and smooth and the dimensions of the neck felt different to me since I play mainly the electric guitar. The neck wasn't to wide and it felt natural when I was playing warm up scales.
    Also the neck can be adjusted with the truss rod located inside the guitar sound hole.

    The sound to me is great, i'm not a classical musician but it's very balanced. The lower register has a nice full sound, very rich, defined, but not punchy and overpowering. The middle register is warm, slightly bright, not quite neutral or flat. it transitions well to the upper register and overall very cohesive in sound. The upper register is full and not thin in sound, it is sweet and very articulate. I enjoy this guitar very much since I have had it which has been about a day. The intonation is spot on across the entire neck.

    My only complaint are the tuning pegs, they're not the best I've had experience with. I tend to tune my guitar quite a bit, new strings stretch and my guitar would go sharp quite a bit. Might just be me though, I will play a note and look at my guitar tuner to see if the note I have fretted is in pitch and I would adjust accordingly until the guitar had the tone and resonance I wanted and also proper pitch. My fretting technique needs work I still go sharp when playing scales but it's just slightly out of pitch.

    Overall i'm very satisfied with my Solista, nice and balanced instrument. The smell of cedar is quite nice too, this guitar will only get better and the cedar top is gorgeous, the sides and back are as equally striking. I'm not an expert on the bracing used in classical guitars but I like the craftsmanship and would recommend this guitar for any level player. This guitar is all solid wood construction as well. I love premium tone woods, exotic as well. That's always been a factor to me when buying a guitar. Every wood has it's on unique resonance and tone and luthiers tend to match different tone woods to create excellent guitars with sought after wood with equally good sonic tonal qualities.

    This is not my first classical guitar, I once owned a Kremona FC Fiesta. It's a good guitar as well, but I like the Solista better. Kremona makes handcrafted classical guitars in Bulgaria and I don't think their quality control is as good as Cordoba. Keep in mind the Fiesta is a $1,000 dollars cheaper. The cedar used was different as well, the Fiesta's cedar smelled sweeter, and the bass was more punchy and tad bit over powering. The Fiesta had better tuning machines though. Also the fret board was rosewood, ebony feels much better and plays smoother.

    The Solista is a very nice instrument, it's not master luthier crafted quality but I must say that i'm impressed and well appreciative of the labor they put into making a fine instrument at this price point.

    Thank you sweetwater for being the best at what you all do!

Questions about the Cordoba Solista CD - Cedar Top?

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