Avid Smack! Compressor / Limiter Plug-in

Intelligent Compression Plug-in for Pro Tools - Mac/PC AAX Native, AAX Native 64, AAX DSP, AAX DSP 64, VENUE AAX, VENUE TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite
Avid Smack! Compressor / Limiter Plug-in image 1
Avid Smack! Compressor / Limiter Plug-in image 1

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Avid Smack! Compressor / Limiter Plug-in
Delivered In Minutes!

Add Smack! to Your Track

Need a great-sounding compression plug-in for your Pro Tools rig? Sweetwater's got it. Avid Smack! gives you a flexible, easy-to-use compression tool that accurately models the automatic gain-reduction circuits of the best hardware compressors. Smack! controls the volume of just about any source in a very "musical" manner, adding fullness, intelligibility, and excitement to any track. Its user interface is intuitively constructed, with a look and feel reminiscent of vintage devices, enabling you to create an amazingly wide range of tonal coloration with a minimal set of controls. Put some Smack! in your tracks, with Avid Smack.

Avid Smack! Compression Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Taking compression to a new level
  • Three compressor modes give you outstanding versatility
  • Treat your tracks to realistic analog warmth
  • Go ahead - you can't make Smack! sound bad
Taking compression to a new level

Smack! elevates plug-in compression capabilities and quality to a new level, transcending the limitations often typical of digital compressors and compressor/limiter emulations. Smack!'s control ranges are practical and sweep a wide range of tonal compression color, resulting in true warmth and distinction. Along with delivering phenomenal sound, the compressor was designed to operate effectively and efficiently at any setting.

Three compressor modes give you outstanding versatility

In addition to offering a variety of unique compression curves that range from subtle compression to hard limiting, Smack! includes three compressor modes that add warmth, reduce waveform distortion, and/or emulate electro-optical VCA limiters. And each of Smack!'s compression ratios has its own personality and release shape. So, from gentle curves with almost transparent compression to brick-wall limiting, Smack! delivers the extremes and everything in between.

Treat your tracks to realistic analog warmth

To replicate the characteristic sound of analog tape saturation and vintage tube devices, Smack!'s distortion section lets you add subtle harmonic distortion. Instantly add second-order and/or third-order harmonic distortion with the flick of a switch. Additionally, Smack! includes external or internal side-chain processing and a built-in side-chain EQ for additional filtering.

Go ahead - you can't make Smack! sound bad

With Smack!, it's almost impossible to get a bad compression sound. If you're not sure which settings to use, pick a ratio somewhere in the middle of the range, set all the controls mid-way, then adjust the input-gain control until you have sufficient gain reduction displayed on the VU meter. The result is a fine, general-purpose "vanilla" setting that serves as a good starting point for further adjustment.

Avid Smack! Compression Plug-in Features:
  • Foolproof operation - Handles any kind of audio material
  • Three compression modes - Includes a mode for emulating classic electro-optical limiters
  • Unique compression ratios - From subtle compression to hard limiting
  • Harmonic distortion - Add subtle analog-sounding distortion
  • External or internal side-chain processing and a side-chain EQ
  • Multi-channel support - For all Pro Tools multi-channel track types
  • Supports all Pro Tools sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Supports AAX Native, AAX DSP, TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite
Avid Smack! is a must-have for your Pro Tools rig!

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Tech Specs

Software Type Compression
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AAX Native, AAX DSP, TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7/XP
Manufacturer Part Number 8115-14732-00

Customer Reviews

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wicked sweet

i love this comp. i got mine with the music production toolkit (which is less than this by itself...) and its awesome. i use it on the master if the band isnt going to get it mastered, or if it's on demos. works the best. dig it. own it. buy it.
Music background: engineer

Nicely adjustable

This is a cool compressor because it can do more than one thing. It's nice to be able to try different approaches within one plug-in and not have to change back and forth between several. I generally use it in "Opto" mode on vocals but there are lots of possibilities. This thing can be made to work on any normal musical source. To clarify that last statement... The interface starts to be kind of a drag when the music is extremely fast. So... Snare drum on an americana track: Smack=YES; Snare drum in a death metal blast beat: Smack=NO Getting down to more specific stuff... I like how adjustable Smack is. The vintage vibe is great but it's nice to have the added control of a more modern processor. For instance: Being able to use the Side Chain EQ in "Opto" mode is pure genius. Another thing that's cool is that you can set the ratio to 1:1. This means that you can just add the sound of Smack with no compression at all. Here's a tip: Put Smack on an Aux Return, set the ratio to 1:1, turn the input all the way up, set the output to half, make a send on your bass guitar DI channel to the aforementioned Aux Return, and mix that with your original bass guitar DI. Now... Just listen to that. See what I mean? This thing sounds great and works great. I use it all the time. I gave it three stars because of price. I'd encourage you to look into the Music Production Toolkit. Get it that way as I did. That's a better value. This is a great plug-in but it's not worth what it costs to buy it individually.
Music background: Producer, Mix Engineer, Occasional Recording Engineer (Mostly retired from that), Professional Musician.
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