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Marshall Slash SL-5C Limited Edition 5 Watt Tube Combo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from July 1, 2013

    best amp ever

    I didn't get this for that slash sound i got it because i wonted a tube Marshall i could crank up and not **** any one off. It dose that i can get any were from ACDC Randy Rhodes Slash Kiss all you have to do is play with the EQ and how you play your guitar and what guitar you use I have the Marshall JMD:1 and when it comes to tone This amp kicks it's ***

  • from Nicholasville, KY June 24, 2013Music Background:

    Believe the Hype

    I've had this amp a week and have not been disappointed with it yet. It is well made and sounds much better than the DSL models or the Class 5. The clean shimmers and sounds great. The gain channel is really versatile and sounds great because you can really crank it, especially at the 1 watt setting. This is by far my best sounding tube amp and is also my most useable on a daily basis due to its size and wattage. My Les Paul sounds great in it, but I am amazed how awesome my strat sounds through it as well. In fact, I may just prefer the sound of the single coil guitars through it over my humbucker ones. No effects loop, but since Slash apparently doesn't use one it makes sense he wouldn't want one on his signature model. the amp is bigger (taller) and heavier than expected.

  • from June 11, 2013

    Marshall stack at bedroom levels

    This amp delivers as advertised. At one watt, you can crank this amp up and get beautiful tube saturation at decent volume level that won't piss of the neighbors. On five watts it is actually pretty loud and might hang with a moderate drummer in a small trio or quartet. Don't get me wrong -- this will never push the air a 40 watt Marshall combo will let alone and actual Marshall head. But that is not what it is for.

    If you love playing with gain and the seek the touch dynamics only tubes can provide -- but are constrained by volume -- then this amp is for you. And that is why I bought it. I can't always crank up my tube amps at home and usually resort to using overdrive pedals at lower volumes. No need to use overdrive pedals for home practicing -- the amp handles all the gain I need and does so in a much more harmonically rich fashion. The SL5 really is like having a little Marshall stack for your bedroom.

    As to the features:
    The clean is as expected -- shimmery Marshall clean. And it takes pedals well. I tried a TS9 and OCD pedal through it and they sounded good. As do my wah, delay, phaser, chorus, etc.

    The gain channel is of course the money channel. It is perfect Marshall gain. Enough said. Put the gain on 75-100% and you are in the 80's JCM territory - it is thick and heavy with great note separation. Put the gain from 25% to 75% and you can get more late 60's/70's plexi sound to get the Led out. This really is a versatile little amp with a lot of tone in it. And this also channel takes pedals well

    Reverb -- sounds great. It may not be the rack quality reverb the OCD audiophile is looking for. But for an at home practice amp it delivers just fine.

    Lack of an effects loop...who cares? Seriously. Who the hell is going to use an amp like this an put a ton of effects through the loop? Just push them through the front like people have done with Marshall stacks for years. Studio dudes...get over it. Record with this amp clean and add your delays at the board.

    The SL5 is a home run for Marshall. If you're looking for the killer Marshall sound in a small box, this is it. I could not be happier with my purchase or Sweetwater's customer service.

  • from United States June 6, 2013Music Background:
    professional performance and education.

    the real deal

    this amp gets it. if you are like me and you are roughly the same age as slasher, then you came up in the 70's and 80's listening to all the same players and bands. this amp serves up that voodoo mojo tube tone needed for the classic les paul/marshall mix. you can't go wrong. get out your favorite crybaby and tube screamer and let it rip. its not bad with a strat but the best is with a les paul (go figure). in addition, its loud. if all you ever do is play in your house and jam around with a garage band this amp is all you need. but it will do well with small club gigs too. and plug it in to a 4x12 and it will scream. i also have a vintage modern rig so i checked it out with that cab. very nice. i am now debating getting a different marshal 4x12 cab for this amp. there is quite a difference in tone from the celesttion 30 to the greenbacks in the vintage modern cab. if you are considering pulling the trigger i say go for it. you couldn't invest $700 more wisely in the music world.

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