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Blue Sky Sky System One 2.1 System Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from South Korea January 3, 2012Music Background:
    Producer / Songwriter / Studiodesigner

    21st Century NS10 with Full Range

    I have been music professional for > 13 years and when the downsizing trend in the music industry began, and great Studios started closing by the week and with them the well designed room / speaker designs (especially in Britain and Germany where I worked then), I started searching for speakers that would still let me get the professional results I was after, on a budget that made sense.

    Reading Philip Newell's Book on Speaker design eventually led me Blue Sky products. Even great Sound Engineers usually don't know that things like Bass Reflex (ported designs) in small cabinets and things such as "digital correction" employed by most Monitor Makers these days are simply cheap tricks that make proplems in the reproduction chain appear to go away, whilst actually creating worse artifacts such as unwanted resonances etc. Also, understanding that size matters: in order to move air to create the same dB level, a small 8" woofer has to travel 5 times (!) as far as a 12" one, whilst creating tons of distortion and heat in its coil which introduces a form of compression that is not on the recording = makes you hear things that aren't there.

    Anyway, I ended up buying this 2.1 Set blindly against the advice of every dealer I called about them (their customers had complained that the spkrs don't sound "nice" enough).

    In Short: to me, they are the best as in : most honest Monitors one can get for that money and with some basic room treatment as in bass trapping, all mixes translate perfectly to the real world. No more listening in the car or other systems.

    Of course they don't sound nice. They sound honstest and simply repoduce the sound that comes out of one's DAW. Hence if what's been recorded is crap, this speaker will tell you: "It's Crap!".

    In other words: Hobbyists > this is not for you. Professionals who make a living from music: > this Product will save you hours and hours of time and give you a great deal of confidence that what you hearing is what's there.

    Maybe some ATCs are a fraction of a hair better but for a fraction of the price, these babies are the best that's out there.

    Lastly, the company who makes them, knows what they're doing, the people got a history in HQ speakers.

    For people who just edit Video, the next smaller setup will do but for Music, I recommend System one (small rooms) or bigger, depending on the Volume you like to listen to.

  • from Boise, Idaho April 5, 2010Music Background:
    Recordist, Musician, Owner "TaftStreet Studios"

    Multiple Pluses To Any Studio

    Like any monitor in this price range, as it should be, the Blue Sky System One 2.1 system a tight and transparent set up to monitor on, I will credit the THX certification as a real selling point in my studio. Most amateur musicians and producers (my base clientele) may not recognize the top boutique gear labels but even if you are not working in post, the THX label is an assurance of quality that almost every one can recognize.
    Further more my PC tech has $10.000s invested in audiophile equipment and was blown away by the build quality of the electronics and cabinetry alike, and is considering adding them to his screening room in the expanded 5.1 configuration.
    I have also found the people at Blue Sky to be attentive and patient in the dealing with customers. Check out the Blue Sky website and you will see that they obviously care about more than just sales, but to provide a service to their customers.

  • from New York City March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    True pro-quality monitors

    I bought the original System One several years ago. The only significant change since then is that Blue Sky has added tweeter protection to current models of the satellites. The sound is the same--very accurate and full range. In particular, having such a well-integrated subwoofer allows you to hear accurate bass all the way down to 20 Hz. I have often had clients bring in recordings and hear things in the bottom end that they did not know were there--rumbles, etc.

    In this price range, these speakers are about as good as you can do.

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