Pro Co Sign Off

Latching Microphone Mute Switch for Dynamic Microphones
Pro Co Sign Off image 1
Pro Co Sign Off image 1
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Pro Co Sign Off
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This Mic Mute Switch Is Perfect for Singing Drummers!

The Pro Co Sign Off represents a name change for the original Pro Co Cough Drop L version, a passive latching microphone muting switch (press to mute, press again to unmute). To operate, your microphone cable is plugged into the Sign Off and the Sign Off is plugged into the sound system. If you need to cough or clear your throat, simply step on the Sign Off to mute the microphone's signal. Pressing the switch again unmutes the microphone and resumes regular communication with the audience. Especially useful for singing drummers, the Sign Off will work well for any entertainer who needs a latching rather than a momentary microphone muter.

Pro Co Sign Off Microphone Mute Switch Features:
  • Latching foot switch that allows the operator to turn a microphone on or off at a press of a button
  • NOTE: Can be used with condenser mics requiring phantom power but may create an audible pop when muting/unmuting.

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number CDSO

Customer Reviews

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Good foot switch

Switch works exactly like it should. I use it with my Shure WH20XLR headword mic. It is built very sturdy and I expect it will perform well for years. I considered cheaper alternative switches but this one allows easy switching on/off while my hands are busy. I mostly play solo and I don't find the lack of a on/off light to be a problem like some do.

OK... I'm Sold.

I'm currently a lead singer/guitarist in a 3 piece rock band. For most of my life, when I step out from behind the mic to dance across the stage I've suddenly had an extra mic on my guitar amp (when the sound man doesn't catch it... or forgets to turn it back up when I start singing). This has eliminated that problem. Very quiet (no click when switching on or off), and requires no power. Just made our sound more consistent and removed a major headache. My rig is loud enough without extra help. I_like_it.

Pro Co Sign Off Works Great!

I use for voiceover and it's excellent. After purchase I tested with various engineers while on ISDN. They were surprised on how well it cut sound compared to other products.
Music background: Voiceover talent

Good, Easy to Add Power Indicator

The one drawback of this mic mute pedal is that it does not have a LED to indicate when it is muting. If you take the cover off you will see inside that there is a hole for an LED light that is covered. It is easy to add an LED light that is wired to the foot switch. I added an LED light and found an old AA battery holder to create 4.5 volts and with a little soldering, it now has a functioning LED indicator. This modification took about 10 minutes. Didn't give it 5 stars because I had to modify to add the LED indicator. This could easily be added to the standard product without much additional cost.
Music background: Hobbyist

Works as promised.

The Sign Off works perfectly. I'm a singing drummer, using a condenser mic that feeds a splitter for FOH and an A&H MixWiz for my ears. The A&H normally has a notorious phantom pop when a condenser mic is pulled or phantom power is toggled. There is NO NOISE whatsoever, either in my ears or to FOH when I toggle the Sign Off. Perfect functionality. I was going back and forth between this and the Power Mute. For the purposes of a foot activated on/off switch, I think I made the right choice. The Power Mute is a simple mechanical switch in a sturdy steel box. I don't see how it could break or fail and if it did, I can fix it easily. Whereas the Power Mute is electronic, adds unneccessary complications, and costs twice as much. One thing: the literature needs to be updated. The manual talks about dip switches for dynamic/condenser selection, but there are none. Also, the literature looked like 10th generation re-copy, so it was unreadable. Folks, can you print me a fresh PDF, please?
Music background: Drummer, FOH Engineer, for 35 years...

Sweetwater Advice

Ryan Murphy

Touring bands that play on large stages like to have microphones setup so band members can talk to each other through their in ear monitors. But if you have a live mic that is open all the time that will just create unwanted noise. So when you want to talk just step on the sign off to open the mic up and step on it again when you're done.
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