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Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer?

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  • Kenny Bergle

    The Si Expression 3 is a great board with SO MUCH flexibility and great Soundcraft audio quality! Just the fact that you can lock out the trim pots on the mic pres makes it a great choice for any venue that uses volunteer sound people (like churches). Also there's a really cool feature that Soundcraft calls "FaderGlow®". It makes pretty colors on the fader strip, color-coded and clearly defined colors for FX, Stereo, Linked Mono, GEQ, POST Fade Aux, and PRE Fade Aux. Not only are they very cool to look at, it's now easy to tell at a downward glance where in the mix you are. With included Lexicon Reverb, BSS GEQ, and other Harman partner advancements, it is THE board to get! I'm STILL not believing how affordable it is as well! AND with all the optional expansion cards (including AES, Firewire/USB/ADAT, AVIOM, CobraNet, BSS BLU Link, Dante, optical MADI), it's an audio recording computer interface extraordinaire! With a Soundcraft Mini Stage Box, you've got a whole snake/console solution for a fraction of former analog pricing with modern digital audio quality and computer connectivity/control. Wow!!

  • James Cameron
    from November 5, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist and Sound Engineer

    Top Notch

    This is a well built console with great FX, bright and easy to see glowing faders so you can't get confused on what sound you are mixing and tons of processing power built in. It sets a higher standard for digital consoles nowadays.

  • wb
    from San Diego,CA U.S.A June 16, 2016

    great product!

    We use this mixer at our church and so far so good,and sounds great without any issues! the only issues we've run into every now and then is just the learning curves that come with an awesome technology. Other than that,I highly recommend it! The only wish that I would like to add on to this mixer is,the capability to use iphone/android apps for individual monitor mixes. Hopefully soundcraft is working on that. As always,Thank you Scott Bennett(X1738) for your wisdom and providing us an excellent sweetwater service...

  • Rob Rhoades
    from Enterprise, AL November 17, 2014Music Background:
    FoH Engineer

    A LOT Of Bang For The Buck

    This console is a LOT of bang for the buck and is a great value!! I am very impressed! The layout of the work surface and architecture are very intuitive and the color-coded faders make it very easy to navigate, especially for those who are either new to digital consoles or for "green" volunteers. As an example, I had a relatively new volunteer with zero experience with digital consoles almost flawlessly mix a show with only 15 min of instruction (and that was during sound check).

    The construction is solid and the processing capabilities are impressive, especially for a console in this size and price range. The few limitations that I found (none of them "show-stoppers") were all things that I would not have expected to find in a console in this price range and there were work-arounds for all of them.

    The I/O's make for an easy DIY installation, if you are replacing an existing console. The Visi Remote app is very responsive and provides almost complete control with virtually no latency.

    I am very impressed!!

    from SARASOTA, FL September 20, 2014Music Background:
    Hip hop producer

    This is a producer best friend

    This unique looking mixer will blow your mind with colourful faders and powerful 3d effects will rock your world, get the multi card and connected to your favourite DAW instantly

  • Koshima antoyoki
    from December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Reliable and Good sounding console.

    I like this console very much because of various good products under one console like the Lexicon fx processor,BSS geq etc.Excellent sound quality with good reliability.

  • Sean purple
    from nyc May 8, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer,Pro Musician

    Highly Recommended!!

    First I was confused between choosing sc vs yamaha(As a pro live sound engineer I would never think of Behringer :D Finally I had taken demo of Yamaha ls9 and SC expression.To be honest I fell in love with Expression instantly!!SO AMAZING,FLEXIBLE.LOVE IT!!

  • Ears Malone
    from Cincinnati OH March 17, 2015Music Background:
    FOH Engineer/MixForPix/Video Producer


    Pros: easy to configure, intuitive layout, sonically incredible (it's a Soundcraft, after all), great preamps, Lexi effects, flexible,
    Cons: no limiters, some configuring limitations, small screen

    My bio: 40 years experience, from THE Midwest punk club in the 80's to stadium & arenas, from TV programs with live bands to theatrical performance.
    I use two versions: a 16 channel for a weekly live TV remote and a 32 for my church. I love 'em (in spite of a few configuring limitations) because they are so quiet. I can slam the compressors for the TV show and they don't pump. The musicians at church love that they can WIFI control their own mix (we do 8). Our all-EAW system is QSC & Crown powered (!!,000 watts). I recently mixed on a Allen & Heath that cost 8 times a much and I like the Expression 3 better. The A&H had some modes that tripped me up. I thought, REALLY?!?! Sure, iLive144 has a lot more flexibility and sweet functionality but it's $24k. At $3.5k, this one does everything I need: lots of mixes, sub masters, matrices, Lexi efx. What more could a grey haired FOH fella want? Ok, maybe subs that'll really do 20hz...

  • Robert Nicholson
    from IL. December 1, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician

    Design for 24 bit, 48KHz. Only?

    It's a beautiful designed board, I love the features and the quality in making this an effective design. I was disappointed that when demoing the board I ask questions about specs that I did not see mentioned; namely the Bit rate and Sample Frequency. I was told that it was a 24 bit, 48Khz. (code for 44.1 KHz.). Base on the work put into it's design, I assumed that is would be capable of 32 bit, 96Khz. Sadly disappointed, although still at the right price. The preamps sec very nicely, maybe it will come later as an upgrade.

  • Customer
    from June 5, 2017Music Background:
    10-year of experience in live sound, moved from my old analogs yamahas to M7CL 32 5 years ago, then had in my hands a D-show for a year and recently purchased the x32 and Si for nightclub gigs

    Amazing hardware, only

    This console is a bunch of bright, pristine and robust hardware jailed in a poor software definition, screen is too small and it lacks in a fully parametric Q for bands 1 and 4

    I like the great processor engine (can handle up to 64channels simultaneously with a external digital snake) with dynamics and EQ each,

    It also lacks on simple isolate features in gain and 48v that other brands perform good, I might think its easy to resolve so I had touched base with Soundcraft support but no response so far from them (1 year ago)

    This is makes this console to be kept for really small applications with tons of unnecessary chanels

    I have an Si expression 3 and a x32 and definitely I would go for a x32 once more if I need to choose again

  • Brandon
    from Branson MO October 27, 2015

    Choose anything else if your doing more than just a bar gig!!!

    This console was no where near up to par with even the Behringer X32! It was being used in a theater that does multiple shows a day with turn arounds as well, so different patch set up each show. This console has very weak scene management and poor resolution on everything! EQ, Compressor, Faders. Also show files were not being saved and recalled correctly. It would be hit and miss everyday. We now have upgraded to the Allen & Heath GLD 112 and all is well once again. Please try before you buy to make sure that this will work for your situation.

Questions about the Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer?

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