Rivera Sustain Shaman 2-channel Compressor Pedal

Compressor and Sustain Pedal for Electric Guitar, with All-analog Signal Path, Tone Control, Blend Control, Super Sustain Mode, and 2-channel Operation
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Rivera Sustain Shaman 2-channel Compressor Pedal image 1
Rivera Sustain Shaman 2-channel Compressor Pedal image 1

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Rivera Sustain Shaman 2-channel Compressor Pedal
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Studio-quality Compression Plus Infinite Sustain

The Rivera Sustain Shaman compression and sustain pedal will make your electric guitar sing as long as you want, with a studio-quality compressor circuit and all-analog signal path. You'll love the amazingly low noise floor, even at heavy compression levels. And thanks to the Sustain Shaman's two switchable channels, you can have settings tailored to both rhythm and lead playing ready to go. You've already got great tone from your guitar amplifier, right? So let that great tone sustain for days with the Rivera Sustain Shaman sustain pedal.

Rivera Sustain Shaman Compressor and Sustain Pedal at a Glance:
  • Studio-quality compression circuitry
  • Switchable 2-channel operation
  • Super Sustain mode for near-infinite sustain
Studio-quality compression circuitry

Paul Rivera Sr. was adamant about only using top-notch analog circuitry and components for the Sustain Shaman. You get low-noise operation with amazing headroom, meaning your tone won't be mangled as with some lesser compressor/sustainer pedals. In fact, the Sustain Shaman's Blend control lets you mix your dry, uncompressed signal with the compressed signal, allowing you to retain the dynamics of your playing while getting extra sustain - and no matter how you blend your signals, your tone will always sound as it should.

Switchable 2-channel operation

While most sustainers only give you two options, on or off, the Rivera Sustain Shaman lets you set up two separate, switchable compression settings. Set up just the right amount of subtle compression for general use, and have a long sustain at the ready for solos. You'll especially love the Sustain Shaman if you gig out live with multiple guitars - have one setting fine-tuned for your single-coil pickups and one for your humbucking pickups, and you'll be ready for anything!

Super Sustain mode for near-infinite sustain

When you want increased sustain that still tapers off in a reasonable amount of time, you'll be sticking with the standard operation of the Sustain Shaman. When you want endless sustain, just flip the Super Sustain switch. Your notes will ring out loud and clear as long as you want - you'll most likely get tired of holding the note before it ever dies out. Plug into your favorite tube amp, crank it to overdrive, and turn on the Sustain Shaman's Super Sustain mode, and you'll get all of the gloriously controllable feedback you could ever ask for.

Rivera Sustain Shaman Compressor and Sustain Pedal Features:
  • Add studio-quality compression or near-infinite sustain to your guitar rig
  • All-analog circuits and components have high-headroom, low noise, and are sonically transparent
  • Tone control gives you adds extra sound-shaping capability to your rig
  • Blend control lets you mix your dry, uncompressed signal with the compressed signal - maintaining dynamics while adding sustain
  • Super Sustain mode gives you near-infinite sustain without altering tone
  • Dual-channel operation lets you set up 2 separate compression/sustain settings and switch between them
Your guitar will never stop singing until you want it to with the Rivera Sustain Shaman compressor and sustain pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Compression/Sustain
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.25"
Width 5"
Depth 4"
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number Sust Shmn

Customer Reviews

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best compressor i have used

i must admit my experience with comps for guitar has been pretty basic.2 knob comps.. this is the only box that i tried out that gives you that endless creamy smooth long lead sustain that you hear from so many great guitarists... i like the 2 channel concept using the first fir a very basic rhythm squash to keep dynamics under control on clean stuff.. and then the b side is maxed out super sustain for leads and it delivers.. all in all im very happy with it.. but i have a lot to learn about compression and how it is really used.. but so far so good...runs quieter on batteries than ac power tried it with a one spot but was happier with the sound of battery..8 screws is a bit of a pain so im leaving the bottom four out i don't see a need for 8 screws holding this thing together its well built.. and solid i have no fear of breaking it...the guys in the band noticed the change in sound immediately and are impressed .. recommended...
Music background: Pro 30+ years

Not for ameteurs

Rivera ss First thing you want to know is how does it sound right? Awesome x3! And I'm a compressor snob! Its the opposite of most compressor pedals, where you have to fiddle around til you find the one or two usable settings. Thats reversed. On this one you have to try hard to find bad sounds. Just amazing. Ive only had it a few hours and Im already in love with it. It does everything all good comps should do, from subtle to squish. I ran thru the usual approaches, chicken pickin, funk, hard strumming, fingerpicking, chord comping etc, all sound fantastic. The sound is defined and punchy without loss of dynamics thanks to the blend feature. Though if I want brick wall crush its right there. Whats especially cool are the harmonics it lends, very true to my guitars, transparent yet...More. That elusive studio sound. Unlike say, the inexplicably in vogue Keely types which add saturation in the upper mids color the tone and sound like fancy Dynacomps. Its also a lot quieter on most settings than the flavor of the month comps. The super sustain really shines with slide, I set the amp clean but pushed to just under break up & kicked it on and it transformed into a pedal steel... Just bloomed so organically and rang forever into a slow wavy vibrato. Its the pro slide sound I've always wanted. But heres the thing, I didnt buy it for any of those sounds. I bought it to use with my acoustic guitar when Im plugged in at high spl levels to smooth out the transients and add sustain without losing dynamics or feeding back. A very tall order I assure you. Ive been through 8 other comps for this including high end rack gear and the Rivera nailed it. The failed units tended to sound "dull" as comps can. This one has whispers of that but the tone control adds quite a bit of air before getting harsh to compensate. It definitely can get nearer to that added excitement of a high end studio box with a lot less tweaking than I usually need to do. Dings: Its nice having 2 compressors in one very small pedal to a/b but separate level controls would have been nice to use for boosts. The noise floor swell can be an issue with an extreme sustain setting, but taking another note or switching to the other comp will head it off seamlessly. Bottomline- This unit is quieter, more versatile and vastly more musical than the highly overated overpriced keely types, love it.
Music background: Recording/Live sound engineer, musician.

Rivera Sustain Shaman

People usually says that the compressor kills the good EQ of the guitar well if that the case this one kills the one that I don’t like and highlight the ones that I like. Killer compressor the best that I’ve tried, quite and very adjustable. Down side it is pricey and they use stickers for the control labels. 4 1/2 due to the price.
Music background: Pro

Not what I was hoping for especially for the price

I got this pedal hoping for the long sustain they advertise. I tried every possible setting and with the channel 2 full on, only gained 1 second of sustain over having it not plugged in at all. Additionally, the pedal is a wee bit loud and will require a noise gate. I had an MXR Dyna Comp that was quieter, better sounding and had MUCH longer sustain than this thing has. Dyna Comp = $70.00 new. Rivera = $300+ after tax/shipping. You do the math.
Music background: Musician
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