LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI

Acoustic Preamp/DI Pedal with Analog Saturation, Filtering, and Multiband Compression,
LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI image 1
LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI image 1
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LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI
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Perfect Acoustic Tone Is Just a Pedal Away!

Because we can't all have personal engineers standing by to provide the best possible acoustic guitar tone, LR Baggs offers you the next best thing: the Session Acoustic DI. Thanks to its series of simple, one-knob controls that cover complex processes including saturation, multiband compression, and selective resonance filtering, the Session Acoustic DI lets you dial in a professionally smooth and vitally warm sound in seconds. Other great benefits include a variable highpass filter, onboard VU meter, and a mute switch that's really handy when you're swapping out guitars. And with both 1/4" and balanced XLR outputs, the LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI is an ideal addition to both your live and studio recording rigs.

LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI Preamp Pedal at a Glance:
  • Ease your guitar tone into the mix with analog saturation
  • Multiband compression adds essential polish to your dynamics
  • Must-have tools help fight feedback and clean up your sound
Ease your guitar tone into the mix with analog saturation

Acoustic guitar may be about the last instrument on Earth you'd consider saturating, but many seasoned professional engineers swear by saturation as a way to make many acoustic instruments sit perfectly in the mix. Lucky for you, the LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI makes this process incredibly easy - just roll on the saturation dial and enjoy the natural, analog warmth.

Multiband compression adds essential polish to your dynamics

As a concept, multiband compression is pretty simple: you divid your signal into separate frequency bands, compress them individually, and sum them back together. The results are impressive, allowing you to seriously rein in your dynamics, without squashing the life out of your tone. In practice, multiband compression is one of processes that normally requires both software and a fair bit of understanding how to use it. The LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI's Comp/EQ knob takes all the headache and guesswork out of multiband compression. As you increase the dial, a pre-programmed 3-band compressor goes to work, smoothing out your guitar, without tarnishing your tone, allowing you to dig in with all the intensity you want, without overloading your gear.

Must-have tools help fight feedback and clean up your sound

While most of the Session Acoustic DI is devoted to making good sound better, the guitarists at Sweetwater couldn't help but take note of the handy tools onboard that let you fix less-than-ideal tone and put the kibosh on feedback. For starters, there's a variable highpass filter that lets you cut out boom and rumble that can easily build into thunderous feedback. Speaking of feedback, there's also a Garret Null notch filter onboard the Session Acoustic DI, which carves out the specific resonant frequencies that most often cause trouble, and if that's not enough, there's a phase flip switch you can kick in too. Finally, because sometimes, ground loops just happen, LR Baggs put a simple ground-lift switch on the other side from the highpass filter, letting you cut out hum and buzz.

LR Baggs Session Acoustic DI Preamp Pedal Features:
  • And all-in-one tone enhancing preamp/DI pedal for your acoustic-electric guitar
  • Optimized for guitar but works great with all of your acoustic instruments
  • Add vital warmth to your guitar's natural sound with real analog saturation
  • Multiband compressor smooths out your dynamics, without damaging your tone
  • Variable Garret Null notch filter and phase switch combat show-stopping feedback
  • Variable highpass filter lets you cut low-end boom at 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, or 200Hz
  • All discrete signal path includes both 1/4" and XLR outputs and mute footswitch
  • Ground lift switch effectively eliminates ground-loop hum
  • VU meter lets you visually optimize the input gain for your instrument
  • Powered by phantom power, 9V battery, or external power supply
  • Ruggedly built from aluminum, steel, and ABS plastic
  • Custom carrying case included
Get studio-quality acoustic sound with the LR Bagg Session Acoustic DI!

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Acoustic
Number of Bands 3
Height 1.75"
Width 4"
Depth 6.25"
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Analog Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4"
Manufacturer Part Number Session DI

Customer Reviews

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L.R.Baggs Session Acoustic DI

This pedal is exactly what my 80's Ovation needed.It injects a new life into an otherwise limp sound.I run the line out through a chorus pedal and directly to my monitor.While the XLR goes directly to the mixing board.My sound is big and lush.Stated simply,I LOVE IT!!!
Music background: Singer/Songwriter 25 years

This is a GREAT pedal!

I saw this pedal demonstrated recently by a singer songwriter and between sets I was asking him how he was getting his tone. He described the pedal to me and it seemed to be exactly what I needed. Basically, the pedal evens out all the rough spots, louder strings, harshness, etc that your guitar, pickups and amp generate. Everything is smoother and much more palatable to the ear. When I got my Taylor 616ce and the new Expression System 2 I was having trouble getting it to sound warm and pleasing to my ears as it was (and is) a very sensitive pickup that let's everything through...string squeaks, minor mistakes, etc. This pedal eliminates a lot of that harshness in favor of a much fuller, warmer sound. It also evens out volume issues when you switch between playing with a pick and fingers in the same song. This is a must have pedal for someone who performs regularly and wants the guitar/amp to sound like what is in your head...wonderful product! Thanks to Phil Schwan for his assistance in getting this and other products.
Music background: Gigging musician

Incredible Unit!!!!

First I must say that I'm a professional touring musician that plays about 150 shows a year. The majority of my work is done on the acoustic guitar so my tone is extremely important to me and I'm very picky about my gear. I was fortunate enough to get on the pre-order list for this unit as I am a huge LR Baggs fan to begin with. This unit is nothing short of amazing. I've tested and used (in the past) the Fishman Aura pre, a BBE 386, a BBE Sonic Maximizer, the Baggs Para Di, and the Baggs Venue Di throughout the years, and they all have there place for different applications with the BBE 386 and Para Di being my overall favorite by a long shot. This LR Baggs Session DI is a complete game changer. It's very similar, to me, to the Para DI with two huge improvements. The saturation and comp eq. The saturation allows you to really dial in your tone and add in as much warmth as you want to. The saturation isn't muddy at all and does not distort but just puts a wonderful warm sheen over the tone. Think of as the difference between plugging a mic straight into a DAW soundcard vs. through a Neve 1073 with a "give me more Neve or less Neve option". It's really huge in both sounds and impact. The comp EQ is INCREDIBLE and probably my favorite feature. It fixes the long annoying problem of volume difference between finger picking and strumming really hard. It's not a "hard" comp and is very subtle but really is a game changer. For years I've been fiddling with clean boost to overcome this issue but not anymore. The coolest thing is that you never here the comp kick in. I'm really not sure how they pulled this off but it is brilliant. All an all you will be incredibly happy about buying this unit and will never look back. It's the best product on the market and at this price point is a ridiculous steal. Get it!!! You won't regret it at all
Music background: Professional

Great Product

I'm normally a lead electric guitarist. Recently started doing acoustic sets. I have a Taylor 114ce. Depending on the venue and what equipment the house is running I would get all kinds of results. The session DI just took it to the next level for me getting me consistant great sounding results without having to do the whole learning curve thing spending a lot of time and money on products I'm not happy with. I followed the directions and right off the bat I got great results. The comp EQ knob is amazing. Hard to pin point what exactly is going on with the pedal but I noticed a more balanced EQ with greatly enhanced dynamic response to my playing. For me it exactly what I was looking for.

I never write reviews...

I love Sweetwater and have been purchasing mass amounts of gear from them for a while now.. While I always love their service, I don't love all the gear (not their fault, just a downside of online shopping with no way to try stuff out beforehand). I rarely write reviews, but this had to be said! I bought a wonderful new martin with them that has been a dream. Had all the specs I've ever wanted in an acoustic. I'm a full time traveling player, so I had a big wishlist of specs.. Only thing not stellar is the Fishman preamp on board. So, I went hunting for some relief in pedal form and I found this. The saturation/distortion is a neat idea, and although I don't need it with the Martin it would have been great to warm up my old Ovation. Adds a very subtle desirable noise element (think overly clean electric vs slightly overdriven = sweet!) The king feature here is that Comp EQ.. It normalizes my string to string volume wonderfully and calms down my overly mid ranged eq curve from the Fishman (I have only one dial on the guitar for tone and it goes bright to dark, no mid scooping option).. I have that dial at %100 wet and it brings my guitar to life!!!
Music background: Full Time Pro
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