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Godin Session Custom TriplePlay - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the Godin Session Custom TriplePlay - Black?

Questions about the Godin Session Custom TriplePlay - Black?

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  • from Grapevine, TX USA November 14, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Vocals... Hobbyist..

    Godin Session Custom TriplePlay Guitar

    I'll write this in 3 parts:
    Part 1 - The Guitar - Omitting all MIDI items, this is a nice guitar with a good action on the neck and surprisingly flexible pickup arrangement. I had concerns about the single coil in the bridge position as I prefer a humbucker in that spot normally. I'm glad I didn't let that stop me from buying this because it really does get maybe the widest range of tone styles of all of my guitars. My Fenders don't do much of a job of sounding like a Gibson, and vice versa. Similarly, my Hamer SS guitars don't really get a very good Fender sound although they do copy Gibson tones pretty well. This guitar can really get the tonality of any of them, so very happy with that. About the only thing I didn't like about this instrument is the back of the neck feels ever so slightly sticky to me. It's improving as I play it though so I think it's just one of those things where it will need to be broken in a bit more. So for part 1 I give this guitar very good score as a guitar by itself.

    Part 2 - The Midi - Connects super fast no issues whatsoever. Tracking is very good but I think I need a beefier PC as occasionally I get glitches. I think the glitches are occurring as a result of trying to run the sound engine though, not the MIDI connection to the Godin. If I have one complaint about the MIDI implementation on this guitar it might be that the control pad on the surface of the guitar doesn't seem to have any markings on it to tell you what's what. On the triple play instructions from the Fishman website the orientation is shown based on the clip on version of the Tipleplay product so I'm not quite sure which way the x/y controller pad is oriented. When I push one of the buttons I don't get the patch changes that I'm expecting so I suspect the controller in the owners manual is being shown from the perspective of somene standing in front of the guitar, not someone looking down on the guitar while holding it in playing position. It's not a big deal to me though as I didn't really buy this for performances, and with patience I'm sure I'll figure it out.
    Part 3 - Software - I found this to be the worst part. Authorization/installation was a pain in the butt but I guess that's typical of software these days. I'm still having problems getting some of my VST sounds to show up in the Tripleplay software. For example, I can get the Arturia Prophet V to show up everytime but the EasyKeys pianos show up sometimes but not every time. Probably my biggest complaint is the notation software (Progression from Notion Music) which is the main reason I wanted this rig in the 1st place... to record in tab my playing as sort of 'dictation' for when I think of a cool riff. Problem I've found is it records the tab incorrectly in that if I play on the 5th fret of my B string (which is an E note) it shows this in tab as an open high E string, which is correct pitch-wise, but NOT what I played. So if you fret a bar chord at the 3rd fret it just takes all the notes and moves them down wherever possible to their open stringed equivalents. I suspect there's an option in the software to change that but haven't found it yet. So the main reason I bought the whole rig is kind of 'jacked up' until I figure that out.

    In summary, great guitar, great MIDI controller, software is a pain... but I think I'll figure it out. I'd give this a solid B+ or maybe even an A on the whole thing. Oh... the soft case for the guitar is actually really pretty good quality. I'm not a soft case kind of guy, but would say I was pleasantly surprised on that.

Questions about the Godin Session Custom TriplePlay - Black?

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