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Samson Servo 120a Power Amplifier Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson Servo 120a Power Amplifier?

Questions about the Samson Servo 120a Power Amplifier?

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  • Customer
    from May 17, 2016

    Great amp to power near field monitors

    The only two amps I could find that were 1U and at least 60W as this and the Carvin. This one kicks *** on the Carvin (I know because I had the Carvin and on of the amps was intermittently bad and finally blew). This is a clean amp with plenty of power for my purpose--which is to power my passive near field monitors. Great buy for the price.

  • anon
    from No. AL January 11, 2007Music Background:
    active musician

    excellent little amp

    I'm waiting on my 2nd 120a to arrive today. I've run one hard for over a year in a small teaching studio and it's been fantastic. well built, sturdy, clean. it does sound a touch brittle in the 12-15khz range, but not bad. lows are fine and actually push the little 12s well into the 40z realm with no breakup. now, my speakers are 96db/watt, so their efficient, maybe that helps, but as mentioned, I like this one enough to pick up another.

    from WESTLAKE, LA. February 5, 2016Music Background:

    PA AMP


  • Bill
    from August 22, 2013Music Background:
    non-audio engineer, once worked in commercial sound

    Samson Servo 120A

    These amps will not be used for traditional audio, but to deliver short duration beeps as stimulus in a an experiment. Since these will spend 99.9% of their lives idling, convection cooling is great, no fans to fail. Independent channel gain controls also important. One will be used in bridge mode to power a 100watt/11ohm PA horn. Tried it yesterday with a resistor dummy load, and it can deliver up to 127 watts@1000hz into 11 ohms without clipping. Very pleased about that.

    They appear to be solidly constructed and have short circuit/DC protection circuits on the output, another plus that I don't think was mentioned in the ad copy.

  • Rick
    from Syracuse NY June 3, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Owner

    Good amp, but quality is questionable

    The first amp they sent me had a faulty TRS jack. The male TRS would not go in all the way. When my replacement arrived, I noticed someone from the factory did not tighten the bolt on the bottom of the unit that holds the power amp in the unit all the way, and it was shaking around inside. I then plugged it in, and the unit itself had a annoying electrical hum. So I called for another replacement. This amp had a good TRS jack, was dead silent, but the binding posts were a bit sloppy. For some reason, the male binding post bolts that you use to tighten your speaker wires are not a consistent diameter. So I had to take them off my second replacement amp and use them on this one. Really Samson?! Really?!?! You forget to tighten a bolt for the power amp and your other binding post bolts are inconsistent? Amazing. We all know this is mass produced junk, but we have very few other options. On the positive side, this amp has no annoying loud cooling fans (like the ART SLA series) and they are dead silent. You can't even tell your speakers are on unless you jam your ear into the tweeter. And I am happy with the overall sound. Only thing I can do now is hope it doesn't fail in the near future! And last but not least, thank you to all at Sweetwater for the smooth transactions for my replacements. You cannot beat the customer service of Sweetwater. I rate this amp 3.5 stars and the customer service department 5!!

Questions about the Samson Servo 120a Power Amplifier?

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