Serato DJ FX Kit

Bundle of 5 FX Packs (45+ iZotope Effects) for Serato DJ
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Serato DJ FX Kit image 1
Serato DJ FX Kit image 1
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Serato DJ FX Kit
Delivered In Minutes!

Get Every Serato DJ FX Pack!

The Serato FX Kit upgrades your Serato DJ rig with a comprehensive set of killer effects. We're talking about all five FX Packs in one bundle with a value that's too good to pass up. You get classics such as echoes, auto filters, noise generators, and tons of lo-fi goodness — a total of 45 effects crafted by the processing gurus at iZotope. Sweetwater has a long history with iZotope, who make some of the most popular DAW plug-ins out there, and the custom DJ-ready effects in the Serato FX Kit more than live up to our expectations. Your Serato DJ setup simply isn't complete without it!

Five Amazing Serato DJ FX Packs in One!

Base Pack

All the essential effects you need. Here you'll find industry-standard echoes, solid filters, delay, reverb, and more. It's a total must-have collection.

Wolf Pack

This FX Pack comes loaded with the rest of Serato's key effects. Tear up your tracks with a classic Bit Crush and the buffer-overriding Shredder, while additional options let you morph your sounds, slam on the brakes, and tap into an extra dimension of echoes.

Back Pack

Even if you aren't spinning dub, you can't go wrong with timeless dub effects. There's the analog-style tape echo everyone knows and loves and wacky tape-style pitch looping, plus you can pull off some crazy tricks with the sound-scrambling shuffler, time freeze, and truly twisted delays.

Jet Pack

Energizing your mix has never been as exciting or as easy to accomplish as it is with the Jet Pack effects collection. Fire up the noise pulse, slam on the Shepard filter, and create other craziness

Chip Pack

Love lo-fi sonic destruction? So do we! And when you unleash Chip Pack effects, so will your audience. These effects include iconic 8-bit reduction, dazzling delays, and sweet chiptune morphing. Plus, the Noise Sweep lets you craft epic transitions.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number SSW-FX-PB-DL

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