Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive Demo

Overdrive/Distortion Pedal with Frequency and High Controls
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Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive image 1
Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive image 1
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Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive
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Your New Secret Weapon

This isn't just another distortion/OD pedal. The Fulltone Secret Freq handles everything from clean boost to overdrive to distorted rock tones. It gives you a sweet and juicy lower gain tones and boosts and lush, touch-responsive high-gain sounds. Secret Freq also offers a patent-pending Freq control. This control introduces up to 20db of active, narrow-band midrange that lets you sculpt amazing tones and cut through the mix. Not just another mid control, the Freq control adds more sustain and helps you dial in your ideal tone. Bring a new weapon to your audio arsenal with the Fulltone Secret Freq

Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive/Distortion Pedal at a Glance:
  • Amazingly responsive for amp-like feel
  • Big, fat germanium tone
  • Create amazing tones with the Freq control
Amazingly responsive for amp-like feel

The Fulltone Secret Freq doesn't just give you a wide range of overdrive and distortion tones to play with, it responds dynamically to your guitar and your playing. Roll off your guitar's volume knob, and the Secret Freq cleans up just like your favorite tube amplifier. Dig into it, and the germanium transistors give you vintage distorted tones without the vintage noise and hiss.

Big, fat germanium tone

Germanium transistors were the first choice for guitar pedal manufacturers in the '60s and '70s, and are known for their smooth, warm character when overdriven. The Fulltone Secret Freq uses germanium transistors for vintage tones, with the reliability and low-noise operation gained by modern manufacturing techniques. At lower settings you get great, soft-clipping OD, but as you hit the strings harder the secondary clipping kicks in with great germanium character.

Create amazing tones with the Freq control

When the Freq knob is fully-counter-clockwise the Secret Freq is a transparent overdrive/distortion unit. When you start turning up the knob, the midrange boost lets you conjure up classic tones from guitar heroes like Jimmy Page, Brian May, Tom Scholz, Robin Trower, and more.

Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Features:
  • Overdrive and distortion pedal with a tone-sculpting midrange control
  • Germanium transistors provide smooth overdrive with a warm, vintage vibe
  • Ultra-rugged design will take a licking and keep on rocking
  • True bypass operation
Create hard-to-find midrange tones with the Fulltone Secret Freq!

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Additional Media

Secret Freq Overdrive Pedal User Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Distortion, Overdrive
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number Secret Freq

Customer Reviews

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What a great pedal, Im blown away by the true sounds this guy makes without taking away from my tube amp, that is a Grand Meister 36, I have a tube screamer, soul food, and others that I won't mention (not worth it) But this one is a great pedal I was going after the Fulltone OCD but they were out so I stumbled on this guy and so glad I did,

A really great pedal

I've never done a gear review before, but I like this pedal so much that it prompted me to write one. I have no affiliation with Fulltone or any other music vendor/manufacturer. I've been playing for about 25 years and and gig out as a hobby; I'm a decent player but nobody will confuse me with a guitar hero. It is a really versatile pedal (it is not a one-trick pony by any means), but my favorite use is getting that mid-70s mid-range distorted sound -- it works as advertised there. Zeppelin from '69-'75 is really in its wheelhouse, as is more compressed Brian May and Tom Scholz-type sounds. With the gain pulled back and the "Freq" knob rolled back, it works well as an overdrive pedal -- just a different tone. I've tried many times to emulate those tones without much success, but you can do it pretty easily with this pedal. I run it with an analog delay into a Marshall JTM 30 2x10 on the clean channel. I've also tried putting a low-gain overdrive pedal in front of it to cascade the gain, which creates a different tone, but that set-up has a bit of noise to it and I think I prefer the pedal as a stand-alone (still experimenting, though). I'll be keeping this one.
Music background: Hobbyist/Semi-Pro


i don't give 5 stars Vary often from start to a paul it has the MOJO! !
Music background: pro

Freq me out!

Fat, fat,fat tone. This box lives up to the hype, and does what it claims,and then some. The harmonics are what really blow my mind, even at low volumes. If you play a tele or strat and want to fatten your tone, get the secret freq. and you'll love what you hear. It's the pedal that will rekindle your fire for playing. Fulltone steps it up to produce the finest pedals I have ever worked with, do yourself a favor and get some.
Music background: Semi pro for 25 years

Sercret Freq goodness!!!

This pedal is a must have for any pedalboard. This guy is a super transparent, juicy, chunky, rich and smooth pedal. it can do it all The best of thing abot it is that it cuts through the mix like none other but still retaining you guitars tone without killing it. Please do yourselves a favor and check this pedal out!!!
Music background: session player
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