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PRS SE Custom 24, Exclusive Finish - Santana Yellow Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Eugene OR September 14, 2015Music Background:
    Wish I played like I collect

    Unreal guitar/Unreal Customer Service

    How could it take so long for someone to offer numbered pictures so you can select THE guitar you want. I waited late to order a Fender Swirl and got a total POS (not from Sweetwater). To be able to know exactly what I was getting was a dream come true. Oh year, the guitar plays and sounds amazing. It's my second PRS and won't be my last

  • from UT July 22, 2015

    Wowed by this guitar

    This guitar feels awesome and sounds great. For the price you can't beat it. I put on locking tuners because, once you've had them you can't live without them, and this guitar stays in tune perfectly. The finish and feel beats any other foreign-made guitar and I have owned a few. I bought the Santana yellow and love the looks, it hangs on my wall like a piece of art in between sessions.

  • from Oregon coast December 7, 2014Music Background:
    long time player, just play for my own pleasure, jam occasionally.

    beautiful.articulate, responsive

    Guitar is a beauty, fine craftsmanship, spalted top and Santana yellow finish give a unique appearance. Sounds great, coil tapping adds more options , coil tapped neck pick up is really bluesy. Does a fine job for jazz, blues, r&b, and rock. The pick ups are articulate, responsive. The vol and tone controls give a nice palette of tones to work with. I am very pleased with this guitar.

  • from Delray Beach, FL August 17, 2014Music Background:

    PRS sweetstock SE Custom 24

    Wow! I was nervous ordering a, guitar on the internet without playing it first but was completely blown away by the incredible quality of this guitar. This is my first PRS guitar and I was somehow expecting to be disappointed with a Korean version of a PRS guitar. Hands down this is the finest guitar I have ever played. I have always been a fender man and I am ready to sell every other guitar I own. There is no comparison! I have the Santana Yellow and now want to order one in the natural. I cant imagine anyone not loving this guitar.

  • from Kansas, USA July 9, 2014Music Background:

    Stunner Looks and Amazing Tone

    I was first attracted to this Sweetwater exclusive guitar because of the striking spalted maple top, and later decided to order one (a demo model) because of the overwhelming positive reviews on the net for the entire SE line. I was nervous about buying a guitar over the Internet, but Norb, my sales engineer, walked me through the process--and even called after I received my guitar to make sure that everything was fine. And indeed, it was. The SE Custom 24 was exactly what I wanted--amazing tone, easy playing, fast action. In addition, the guitar is stunning, with a great finish and attention to detail throughout. Even though this is, frankly, a value-priced guitar, the craftsmanship equals that of other makes of guitars costing three or four times as much. This is the first PRS guitar I've owned, after having wanted one for a long time, and I'm pleased with the amazing and versatile tone; it has rich harmonics, robust pickups, and it easily pushes my tube amp into a creamy overdrive. In short, this guitar sings. The SE Custom 24 has everything that makes a PRS guitar special. It may be the best value in guitars, period. Add to that a stunning limited edition, free shipping, and top-notch support from the folks at Sweetwater.

  • from Justin, TX May 1, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Enthusiast

    How sweet it is!

    This guitar is unique in many ways but what stands out the most is the spalted top. No two guitars will look the same and with the Guitar Gallery you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. This is an SE model Custom 24 but that should not deter you from buying one. The fit and finish on this beauty is immaculate and the playability is incredible. It has a high gloss finish including the back of the neck. It comes stringed with 9's and the nut is slotted for 9's as well so if you want to put on heavier strings you will need to widen the slots or replace the nut with a GraphTech TUSQ. Some other reviews I have read mention replacing the tuners but I have not had any tuning problems. I did put on Dunlop Straploks as I do with all of my guitars. Overall, I am totally satisfied and highly recommend this or any other SE Custom 24.

  • from Mexico January 23, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Producer.

    Excellent looks and easy neck

    The guitar is excellent, the spalted maple gives it a unique look for the price, the neck is really really fast, better than any of my Ibanez, Fender or Schecter guitars, the trem is good and the tuners too, but don't expect perfection, if you use the trem bar a lot it gets out of tune as most guitars without a Floyd Rose style trem, the nut can be improved too.

    The only downside are the pickups, don't expect to get the tone of a Custom 24 USA with these, these are less defined than the american version, definitely swapping them for 59/09's!

    Overall and excellent guitar.

  • from TN January 12, 2015Music Background:
    Been picking for 35 years.

    Sapphire SE Custom 24 with Trem

    This review is for SE Custom 24.
    Mine is the Sapphire finish, which is the only difference between the other similar models.
    With the PRS Designed Tremolo and PRS Designed Tuners.
    For starters, I picked mine up during day after Thanksgiving sale for an INSANE price.
    For the money I paid for mine, you could not get a better guitar anywhere on the planet. Period.
    The guitar plays and sounds extremely well. I've been playing electric guitars for a good 35 years.
    Never was into the expensive electrics. I save that for acostics (own a Taylor 814ce).
    Let's just cut to the chase.
    Looks. No one makes more beautiful axes. Period.
    Dollar value. When you're finished with this, you'll have an 1100 dollar guitar that you would not be able to get with ANY other mfg.
    Sound. On par with a big heavy les paul.
    Playability. Plays like a dream.
    (1) While I understand PRS for trying to get the absolute best tone out of a guitar (and they do), it comes at a sacrifice.
    The bridge is in the exact center of the body (by weight), instead of further down towards the bottom, like most other.
    This shifts a TON of the weight to the bottom of the guitar!
    What you end up with is a guitar that is extremely BOTTOM HEAVY at the leg rest when sitting down. Even worse than a les paul.
    Don't believe me, pick up a strat and play it sitting down - them pick up a Custom 24 and sit down with it.
    The strat will rest on your leg almost balanced, while the Custom 24 will fall right off you if you let go of it.
    (2) PRS Designed Tremolo + PRS Designed Tuners = fail. Doesn't stay in tune, at all, period.
    Forget about the stock tuners if you get this model. Go get the phase 2 or 3 locking tuners from the PRS Accessories com and you'll be set.
    Yea, you'll have to drill a few tiny holes in the back of your headstock. So what.
    (3) Gig bag. WHY companies don't give you an upgrade option for a real case... boggles me.
    I buy a case, and throw the gig bag away.
    Final thoughts:
    If you spend a LOT of time in the chair playing, I RECOMMEND you try one of these guitars before purchase, as they are REALLY bottom heavy.
    I just wear a strap playing sitting in a chair to overcome this, which is pretty lame.
    Standing up is no problem, it actually feels better than most others in this way.
    You don't "need" to upgrade ANYTHING on this guitar, except for the tuners. That's it. Pickups are fine. Brigde is fine (once you have locking tuners).
    AND buy yourself a hard case.
    I would have given this guitar 5 stars had they put locking tuners on it.
    I guess their design team don't really play these things... floating trem with wound tuners = does not work.
    At the end of the day, you'll have less than 1100 in this thing, and it will be better than anything you could touch for 1500 or more.

  • from Honolulu, Hi November 23, 2014Music Background:
    Frontman, Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

    What a steal!

    From the beauty of the build to the sweet sound, I am in love with my new PRS guitar! Sweetwater let me choose the exact guitar online by photos, serial number and all. Badass! Now I must say, for under $1000 this guitar holds its own with ANY high end Gibson, Fender, G&L, Etc. The only reason I gave only 4 stars is because the Korean made pickups, they just don't sound as good as the high end PRS pickups. So for $300, I can order the good PRS P/U's and slap em in here to make this guitar a 5 star glory!

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