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PreSonus Sceptre S6 6" Powered Monitor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the PreSonus Sceptre S6 6" Powered Monitor?

Questions about the PreSonus Sceptre S6 6" Powered Monitor?

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  • Jonathan Appleton

    With my Sceptre S6 monitors, my monitoring "sweet spot" is now big enough that I don't have to sit in just one spot to get the perfect mix. Their stereo imaging puts instruments exactly where they belong in the stereo field and the clarity brings out the slightest details in every recording.

  • from FL April 18, 2017

    This is super awesome

    These speakers are absolutely mind blowing accurate! I, unfortunately, don't have a very well treated room - so was skeptical about how these will sound. They are very accurate and making it easier for me to find flaws.

  • from South Louisiana September 21, 2016Music Background:


    I came from using Yamaha HS80's for almost seven years. My mixes took a little work to get right. It was control room, car, control room, boom box, control room car- a lot. I'm not knocking the Yamahas and I actually still use them in a separate room. It just took a while to make my mixes happen with them. I decided to bring in these monitors after doing some in-depth research. I've had them now for a couple of weeks and already my mixes have gone from control room to car then mix- with everything I've done so far! I AM blown away! Accuracy should be the number one priority for an audio engineer. I was always guessing about the mid-range with my prior monitors. Now it seems I don't have too! Some have said these are slightly "mid forward" or that the midrange seems to be more present than other monitors. It's probably because these are pretty flat across the spectrum. I did see someone's results from running pink noise and doing an analysis and these are pretty flat! So that's what I want! Accuracy! That's what I got in the Sceptre S6's!

  • from September 20, 2016

    Amazing image

    These revolutionize the way i look at stereo speakers. As monitors they work really well for their size. I was expecting quite a bit less. However, they (a pair) did not quite give me enough oompf to play a guitar thru them and it feel right. When used and playing acoustic rock drum with them playing a backing track nearby, they barely get out enough. I am not unhappy tho, this is not their intent and they do the job of nearfield so well, i was just hoping. THEN i added a single temblor 10" to the mix. I figured i would get some nice bass response and help my hip hop fix too. Well, it did. Paired with the single 10" (which is pretty darn tight and loud to 40hz easily) and using the crossover to ease the below 100hz on the s6, allows them to go MUCH louder with clarity. I can now easily use these with my guitar fx unit w/o another amp in the studio. I can play my drums loudly and they cut fine. The on/off switch on the temblor helps prove it. These s6 are amazing, but add a sub to relieve some duty and they freaking scream, not in a shrill way. Great sound representation at high and low levels. Pricey maybe, but these are not your typical monitors. I am hearing instruments and back ground noises in songs ive listened to for years, but never noticed. These won't let you hide behind a bad mix or poor recordings. Hooray!

  • from Nashville, TN March 8, 2016Music Background:
    audio engineer

    Better than my Focals

    I hate to admit this but I like these better than my Focal cms65's. Wider frequency response, more low end, more open. They just make music sound alive. I have mine upside down. They sound better to me like that because upside down the woofer and tweeter is closer to my ear level.

  • from Ashburn, VA December 20, 2015Music Background:
    50 + yrs musician/producer/engineer

    Par Excellence' - Pretty Darn Good

    Par Excellence means "being an example of excellence; superior; preeminent:" This is what the Scepter S6 are to me in the range of small to medium project studio monitoring. I presently own a pair of DynAudio BM5as and Event 8" 20/20s studio monitors. I just recently purchased the Scepter S6. I like the detail of the DynAudios and the stereo imaging of the Events but the Scepter S6s take you into an entirely different world of the studio monitoring experience. I have put them through the paces with music from Alan Parsons to Rush to Pat Matheny to movie soundtracks like Braveheart, Pirates of the Caribbean and Oblivion and even classical. Each instrument is clear and distinct with no mush in any frequency that these ears could detect. It's hard to describe the stereo imagining and instrument detail except to say for you to try and picture yourself inside a large recording studio with your back to the control room glass. Your eyes and ears begin scanning the room listening to each and every instrument, in the periphery of the room from left to right. That's what it is like. Every instrument and sound has its own individual niche in the stereo spectrum. I have never heard anything like these monitors. They are perfect for the smaller to medium size studios and have plenty of power. I don't even use a sub. I can't say enough about these monitors. One of the best purchases of my 50+ years in the business for what I do now.
    Also, I want to give special thanks to my Sales Rep Wayne Davis. He always gets me the gear I need and always follows up to see if I am pleased with the purchase. He has a wealth of knowledge and if not, knows where to get it. I've been a Sweetwater customer since 2004 and love the excellent customer service and especially the candy that comes with each and every order. Try the Scepters; you won't be disappointed. In their price range, there is no equal, in my humble opinion.

  • from December 12, 2015

    Fantastic Tools!

    I was expecting these monitors to sound good after all the praise I read about them online, but I was completely blown away after listening to them for a few hours. The soundstage is just huge, and the detail you hear is incredible. I was a little nervous about bass response, but the speaker is very balanced, and making low end choices is very easy in my room. Mixing on these takes so much less time than my old Dynaudios, and translation is spot on. If you're apprehensive about purchasing monitors from Presonus, don't be! These are fantastic monitors, that do what monitors are supposed to do. Allow you to make the best music possible!

  • from Sacramento June 4, 2015Music Background:
    Mix Engineer, Dave Pensado's previous assistant

    Mix Engineer's Dream

    As a professional Mix Engineer at Beta Collective, I've used a ridiculous amount of studio monitors (NS10's w/ Bryston, Adams, Proacs, Dynaudios, Events, etc), both low and high end, and these are some of the best monitors I've ever used. They are some of the most revealing and best imaged speakers I've come across, and I don't say that lightly.

    As a heads up, they 100% need to be broken in for quite a few hours for them to sound even close to right. I did about 24hrs of pink noise at 85dB and off and on for hours over the next 2-3 days. After this, they opened right up. The high's settled in to be detailed but smooth, mid range depth was something I previously only could get on a Avid HD system w/ high end monitors and a tuned room. Plus the low end was clean and punchy, but still huge and accurate, even at lower volumes!

    They are hands down my favorite thing in my entire studio. I dub them the new age NS10's.


  • from Brooklyn, NY December 11, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Record Label Owner & Producer

    Amazing sound!

    These monitors are a huge improvement over the KRKs that I had for years. Much more detail in the sound, and a much better representation of the music. I love these a highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great pair of monitors are a reasonable price.

  • from Atlanta, GA October 8, 2014Music Background:
    Heavy amateur


    Simply amazing speakers. The imaging is the most impressive and accurate I've heard. They play loud, and have far more bass punch than I could have imagined from anything this size. The amplifier is quiet at low to medium volume. Using them as monitors for my Roland vDrums and they sound amazing. Couldn't ask for anything better, even compared to their high-end rivals (Focal, Genelec, and M-Audio)

  • from Orlando September 20, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    I had only demoed these speakers against the Adam A7x studio monitors and was completely amazed with the stereo imaging! Everything was balanced perfectly. I was listening to a Jazz track and could point out in the exact location of the piano or the trumpet or saxophone. They definitely can compete with the ADAMs. I would highly recommend these monitors for anyone who is serious about there music and who have a well treated and spacious enough room to handle the power from these monsters!

  • from September 18, 2016

    Scepter 6 good sounds

    These sound WAY bigger than they are. I was skeptical about getting 6s over 8s. No worries, the bass is amazingly there in such a small format. I dont have a temblor yet, but i can say these sound great by themselves. At loud volumes you may miss a little clarity, but we are talking LOUD and these are 6". Best part is how accurate they remain as you listen at low volumes. I am listening to music ive had for 10 years and am hearing instruments i NEVER KNEW were there. I catch myself looking around and being unbalanced a bit by the clarity of these and the way they fill a room. For mixing and listening, these show WHY they arent generic or cheap. Even more clarity than my fav headphones. Pretty solid and they even cut themselves down when you do the NONO of unplugging or unpowering cables while in operation. Total thumbs up. Kind of worried for the future, going back to 'basic' monitors may never be an options again. No rubber feet on the top or bottom and they scratch easily so be careful.

  • from Ohio April 22, 2016Music Background:

    Super Clarity

    I upgraded from Event ASP8's here to the Sceptre 6's. The clarity throughout the range is crazy good and you can hear all the subtleties to make very fine adjustments in the mix. The low end is tight and not tubby and the mids are slightly forward so you can hear them well. The top end is very open sounding. You have to get your mix right before they will allow you to turn them up if you will. Things will poke your ear until you fix it in your mix. Definite upgrade here for sure, LOVE THEM!!! Just mixed 2nd EP for a guy and these mixes are much better than the last one.

    CONS: Room adjustments on the back are a little bit finicky as you have to hold them in pretty well to get them to change positions. Also, the input trim should have a 0dB detent on it or at least marked well so you can see it.

    95% love them. I will probably add the Temblor T10 soon. Highly recommend these. If you cant get a great mix on these then it is your mixing skills not the monitors

  • from Farmington, NH March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Musician.

    Nice speakers

    These are great speakers. Plenty of options to get them to sound good in your room. I took advantage of the promo where you get a free monitor station if you buy a pair. I filled out the paperwork online and got the monitor station a week later! I've taken advantage of promos from other companies and it has taken up to 2 months to get what they were offering. Presonus has top notch customer service and support. I own a ton of presonus gear and don't regret purchasing any of it.

Questions about the PreSonus Sceptre S6 6" Powered Monitor?

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