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Focusrite Scarlett Solo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett Solo?

Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett Solo?

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  • from North Carolina May 3, 2017Music Background:
    playing guitar since 1987

    just what I needed

    I have recently switched over to complete software-based music creation & the Focusrite Scarlett Solo is exactly what I needed to get my guitar signal into the computer. PLUS, the FREE software packages included are more than worth the price alone, so it's like I got the interface for FREE. The installation was a snap & it's powered thru the USB connection, so there is one less cable to manage/trip over. The box itself is very solid and feels like it will last a good long time. **The ONLY thing to mention is that you WILL need a direct injection or DI box as today's hot guitar pickups will clip your signal inputs, despite the adjustable input gain controls.

  • from February 2, 2017Music Background:
    Bass, guitar, foley, electronic shenanigans.


    Set it up in a couple of minutes, which considering I set it up on linux is saying a lot. No downloading a bunch of dependencies or going crazy trying to find work arounds. Jack just knew what it was (although it was loathe to give it a proper name -generic USB device.) Ardour knows what it is by name.
    I swear the sound is cleaner than my old Firewire Solo, but maybe I'm just better at recording. I have been recording bass directly from my Ampeg PS-500 head and through Amp emulators from a Behringer V-amp and have found some great sounds on both.
    I'm glad to be able to have my Linux laptop participate in the music making process.

  • from November 17, 2016

    Great! and it's red!

    This does exactly what it's supposed to do. I use it with Windows 10, Sonar Professional, and NI Komplete - works great, sounds great, and, yes, it is red!

  • from Lacey, Washington November 16, 2016

    Awesomely nice!

    I love my Focusrite Scarlett Solo! It sounds incredible, there is zero latency, the illuminated clip rings are very nice and functional, it is built like a tank and looks very nice.

  • from November 10, 2016Music Background:
    Church music leader, home-studio nerd.


    This interface gives you an amazing bang for the buck! The built in preamps are great! If you know how to mix, automate, use your plug-ins and have a tight recording, it's totally possible to make a recording that sounds completely professionally produced.

  • from Orlando July 23, 2016

    Perfect for podcasting!

    This little amp may be small in size but what it does for my podcast is HUGE! It was a breeze to set up (I was kinda in a hurry.) This baby paired with my Shure SM7B mic and stand make at home recording easy and professional sounding. Great recommendation from John at Sweetwater Music and Jared at ZChord Studios! Thanks!

  • from Indiana July 17, 2016Music Background:
    Both bloodlines consist of semi-pro musicians. Working on continuing the tradition, and raising the bar with new content for the community.


    For an aspiring artist, songwriter, and player on a budget this is a must have! If you pair it up with some monitor headphones and an instrument or microphone you are on your way. It is much better than using a usb-instrument cable because the latency is virtually undetectable. It is compatible with most if not all of the popular DAWs out there, so whether you are recording or practicing it is a must have for starters wanting to get into the game. It is faster than having to manually sync your waveforms to stay on rhythm. If you want to practice your rudiments and cover songs, you can use your DAW software to stereo separate the song with your inputs, and adjust levels on the fly to make sure you are playing along with the professionals. This is the next step after Guitar Hero and Rocksmith if you want to start getting serious!

  • from Albuquerque, NM March 24, 2017

    Solid Interface for Single Channel

    I bought this for a home studio, for single channel recording. It replaced a cheap plastic USB interface I purchased years ago, for nearly the same price! The upgrade is fantastic. I have experienced no latency when recording, a big improvement from my old interface. Plus it is easy to use and in a solid metal case. It was exactly what I needed, since I only record one channel at a time anyway.

  • from Massachusetts March 13, 2017Music Background:
    Voice over

    Above and Beyond

    For voice over work, I was looking for a small portable unit that had decent mic pres. I got that and more. The first thing that hit me was how solid and well built the unit is. I plugged a mic into it was impressed with the quality of the mic pre. Since then, I've decided to use this as my primary interface, replacing my old Digi002.

  • from San Diego, CA March 18, 2017Music Background:

    It's Good

    This is a really solid entry level interface. Top notch Bit and Sample rate, just the inset for guitar has really bad latency. It makes it impossible to monitor while you track.
    Clear sound though, and really an ideal for a startup. If you are more of a vocalist i'd say get this, if you need the instrument in, look into 2i2 or 2i4 and see if the latency for guitar is better there.

    Paired this with the at2020 and the M-Audio Keystation, and use Logic Pro X and MainStage 3. I'd recommend that set up for anyone starting because you get very competitive gear to make great sounding music.

  • from September 16, 2016

    Not something I would recommend for Windows 10 users

    I am a aspiring voice actor, I have to constantly update the drivers and it's quite annoying. It also doesn't work well with any recording software

    But for some reason it works perfectly fine on Mac

Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett Solo?

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