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Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6?

Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6?

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  • David Alexandr Benavides Zadorozhna
    from Mexico April 19, 2017Music Background:

    Best Audio Interface for a Home Studio

    At first 2 mic inputs seem like it's not enough but after reading the specs and finding out this interface is expandable via S/PDIF I fell in love with it, it's perfect for me, I was in a tight budget and couldn't afford an 18i20, so I wanted something that I could use later even if I get something better (like a Scarlett 18i20) and this was my decision, all I need are two mic inputs to record guitars (stereo) and one mic to record voice, I have and AT 4040, I have never heard such audio quality, all I had back then was a Behringer Xenyx.
    Let me tell you, you can't go wrong with the preamps in the Focusrite Scarlett, they're clean and low distortion, just amazing!. Thanks to Connor Smith for all the advices.

  • Brian
    from January 31, 2017

    Great upgrade!

    It's hard to believe I am getting this much quality for such a small price. My Firewire interface finally lost its battle with the ever evolving Apple OS. I kept is running for as long as I could. I kept seeing the good reviews on the Scarlett 2nd gen series. I needed the MIDI ports as well as two headphone jacks. The software could be a little clearer to operate but I watched a couple of Youtubes and set it up in a flash. This box delivers the sound - very detailed converters. The mic pres are also clean and detailed. What I really appreciate is that whenever I turn the unit on it engages the software and switches the output to the 6i6 without any confusion. That was not the case with my previous interface. This is a financial no-brainer, you'll like it!

  • John
    from December 16, 2016


    My second Focusrite. I enjoyed the Saffire 6 USB. This is superior. It is full and gorgeous. No regrets. No brainer.

  • Larry Allen
    from O.C. California November 4, 2016Music Background:
    6 shows a month

    Focusrite loyalist

    This is my 2nd Focusrite, I had a Pro24 DSP that I used for a very long time. The green=go level setting is great, and I love the fact that you save and recall different sets I/O and mixer settings. The line inputs and S/PDIF allow me connect all of my gear so I never have to re-patch.

    Oh yeah, it sounds great too :)

  • Skytown jonnie
    from Skytown October 13, 2016Music Background:
    Long Time Player

    Get It

    I've had mine a little over a week and couldn't be happier. Latency is amazingly low!
    Has ample power do drive my JBL LSR308's like a champ.
    Had a pre-sale question for Focusrite support and got the most detailed and accurate answer. Gave me the confidence to purchase. Also had another opportunity to contact support (just something I didn't understand). Again, support was courteous, responsive, and accurate.

    My only issue is the new Focusrite Control. I wish that had a manual that JUST covered the 6i6, rather that one that covered all models. I'm not finding the new mixing software to be as intuitive as I would like.
    Overall.....Awesome product and support!

  • Customer
    from Salt Lake City, UT March 9, 2017

    Great first audio interface

    This is a great first audio interface. It's affordable, popular, has good specs, and has good preamps. Additionally, it comes with a lot of free software. You get everything you need to get a nice recording setup up and running: 2 DAW's (free versions), lots of good plug-ins, and virtual instruments. It's a good workhorse at an affordable price.

  • Chris W
    from Charleston SC October 10, 2016

    Quality Audio Box

    Excellent sound quality, low latency, enough inputs for a stereo keyboard, stereo DAW, a mic, and still has room for another mic or instrument. Software is flexible as you'd expect. The GUI is a bit arcane, with tiny nomenclature, but not hard to learn.

  • Chris White
    from Charleston, SC September 9, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Team Keyboardist

    Great Box, UI needs work.

    The latency on this thing is negligible. Even listening to the final live mix with a microphone plugged in to the 6i6, routed through the computer and Ableton for reverb and effects, then back out through the 6i6 there was no discernible delay.

    Playing live with it, though, I'm not a fan of the low-contrast gray-on-black 'material design' on the Focusrite Control software. The button and slider icons are very small on a 15" screen, and the chosen colors don't help visibility. Forget checking the positions at a glance. Though the bright green level meters are plenty visible, they further obscure the slider positions right next to them.

    Another small thing is that the inputs you choose are global - they all stay visible no matter which output you have selected, though muting and volume are controlled separately for each output. This arrangement might make it easier to change inputs on the fly, but it makes the feel kludgy, as the display doesn't represent your chosen routings. Larger, more contrasty controls would help this, as would dimming muted channels, but I still think allowing unused inputs to be hidden per output would be more direct and intuitive.

    Still, these are very small issues in a great overall product. Most people running live will set the routings once and use a mixer or DAW to change levels, if they don't have a sound person doing it. If you're using it in a studio, these small UI issues become less than noticeable. Excellent low latency makes the direct monitoring feature, though nice to have, hardly worth mentioning, and the build quality is superb.

  • Matt
    from January 31, 2017

    Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

    So far - Awesome... really simplified some things I had struggled with. everything simply 'works'. USB Midi driver works great with Win7 - recognizes and supports my MOTU Midi-Express and old Ensoniq EPS midi keyboard.. Pre-amps sound warm with my Sm57s, i have now lined in guitar from my old Line6 POD - works great. The audio in from the EPS sounds good.. Works great with Reaper. all the plugins-are great... Nothing at all to complain about, just does exactly what you want and expect

  • John
    from Seattle September 24, 2016Music Background:
    Long-time home recordist

    Plug and Play

    I got this interface to use with a new Windows 10 PC. Installation was easy, and it worked perfectly right out of the box: no clicks, no glitches, no tweaking required. I don't know how the sound quality compares with more expensive hardware, but the 6i6 sounds good to me and definitely better than my old Delta 1010LT.

    Great combination of features and quality for the price!

  • Scott Spencer
    from California September 7, 2016

    Little Red Box

    I was forced to the market because of an operating system upgrade that let my project studio interface unsupported. I needed something quick so the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 seemed to fit the bill small inexpensive and able to meet the minimum requirements. For me what set this piece of gear apart was the routing software LOVE IT. No more pulling cables to reroute. This little beast is a project studio winner.

  • Kevin
    from Fairmont, WV July 11, 2016

    2nd Gen is a winner!

    I must say that this has much lower latency that the previous model. I had an 18i8 and was not happy with it so I sold it on eBay. I was saving for an RME Fireface when I saw that the 2nd Gen was coming out soon. I decided to try out the Scarlett again and I'm glad that I did. The 6i6 should do just fine for recording at home. I would recommend it to a friend.

  • Dave
    from Ormond Beach, Florida December 18, 2016Music Background:

    Their drivers are a mess

    I have had issues with Focusrite audio interfaces. I first had a 2i4 which had bad pre-amps and had to be replaced. OK, I got a bad one. No big deal. Then, I upgraded to the 6i6. For a while it worked fine but then I started having latency issues. I contacted Focusrite technical support and they had me load a beta driver. It worked fine for about a year, but then, all of a sudden, it wouldn't initialize the driver when my DAW booted. Windows 10 must have changed something that affected the beta driver. Technical support worked with me again and this time one of the beta drivers updated the firmware on my 1st generation hardware. Once this was done, nothing worked. I had horrible latency issues no matter what driver I installed. After updating the firmware I could also no longer run the stock driver off their website. I was able to fix this on my own by switching to a USB 3 port with the beta driver and upgraded firmware. It's stable now, but I shouldn't be having these kinds of problems and I should be able to use this interface with their stock driver and my USB 2 interface. It concerns me that I'm now stuck using beta drivers and can only use a USB 3 interface on my DAW without having serious latency issues.

    When the hardware works, it works well, however, their drivers are a mess. If I ever have issues again, I'm getting rid of this interface and purchasing something stable.

  • Steven Widner
    from Panama City, FL October 24, 2016


    It seemed nice at first. Then I attempted to run Pro Tools, as it came with PT First and some add-ons. Now, to be fair, I've NEVER been able to run PT. But since it was included, and had the gimmes, I wanted to try. It crashed, and I contacted Focusrite support. They linked me to a driver which was supposed to solve such problems. I installed the driver, and still no joy, just a different error message. And now, Sonar and Live Lite began to crash, along with various VSTs and games. I uninstalled all of the Focusrite drivers, using Revo Uninstaller, and reinstalled the Control Software. It worked fine for a minuter, but then I would get popping noises and nothing else. Today, playing Amazon Music, a horrendous feedback loop of some sort occurred, with nothing else even plugged into the device. So, I am over it. I am returning it, try to find something else.

Questions about the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6?

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