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Antelope Audio Satori Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Antelope Audio Satori?

Questions about the Antelope Audio Satori?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Lawrence
    from Seattle January 31, 2017

    My Favorite Monitor Controller

    I have owned a Dangerous D Box, Drawmer MC 2.1, Mackie Big Knob, and Presonus Monitor Station and I like this more than any of them. I don't leave reviews in general but I figured I would write one since it was so difficult for me to find reviews when I was looking to buy it. The Satori is in a different league sound-wise than any of the above mentioned controllers except the Dangerous D-Box which is comparable in sound quality but does not have a dedicated output for a subwoofer which is important to me. I didn't think I would use the software much but I find myself messing around with it daily. The build quality of the unit is top notch and the optional remote control is beautifully designed. Clients have actually commented on how good their headphones sound when many of them didn't know I actually switched monitor controllers. At the lowest of volumes you can hear EVERYTHING.

    I have read a few complaints about being able to hear the relay switches. It is exaggerated when I watch review videos with unhappy customers displaying the sound. It's minor an inaudible unless you are looking to hear it. I have not had the opportunity to test the summing on this unit, but that's not what I bought this for. My only complaint is that I would like to see more firmware updates. The remote control can be a little buggy since it needs the software to work and I have seem a crash or two in the last month of use since purchased. But that't just the remote, NOT the main unit. Main unit always works perfectly. I would like to see more firmware updates in general. I believe the last update was a year ago and that makes me nervous about future product support.

    Other than that the Antelope Satori has my highest recommendation.

  • Carlos L.
    from Savannah, GA October 24, 2015

    Money Well Spent

    First I want to clarify that you CAN set the headphone levels on the hardware unit itself. You simply push in the volume knob and it cycles through BOTH sets of headphones. Now for my review. I recently purchased an Orion 32 which of course has no volume controls. I researched for a few weeks and went back and forth between the Satori and a D-Box. The summing feature is 4 stereo pairs and not 8 mono sums. However, you can solo each sum and do volume controls which is super useful and handy. That question is asked a lot so I figured I would answer it in case you're looking.
    The sound is superb as it should be. A few years ago I had a command station and one day while bypassing it noticed a serious difference in sound. This puts out what you put in it so that is what I was looking for. I was not looking for anything to color or hype my mixes as I prefer transparency while mixing. Again, the sound quality is simply amazing if you prefer to know what's really there. Yes, there are cheaper options out there but if you already have an Orion 32 then this is the perfect compliment to it. I wish the summing could be for 8 mono or 4 stereo which is the only reason I'm giving it a 4.5 rating. Definitely, not a deal breaker though.

  • Andrew
    from Boston August 31, 2015Music Background:
    Dj, producer, mixing engineer, recording engineer

    Not all good

    I have a project studio and I pondered for weeks about adding a new piece to my studio. I wanted to upgrade my presonus central station to a more professional grade monitor controller. As always sweetwater did a great job of getting me this unit as promised. I was really excited to added this piece.

    Unfortunately this product did not operate as advertised for one. Minimum controllability of headphones 3 and 4 only through software and not through hardware. The software meters seemed to have a lag and was not responding at the same rate as program material. Mono/MS is miss represented on hardware. Internal talkback mic is not loud enough or clear. I tried to use an external mic with the jack on the back and it still was low and didn't have any clarity. I did like the summing and the overall clarity of the unit itself but unfortunately I wanted all the features as listed to operate correctly. I can see Antelope address some of these issues via software but I also wasn't happy with how antelope tech support handled my questions and issues with the product. I don't recommend this product as is and was not pleased to say the lease with their customer support.

    I eventually returned this product and am currently waiting for another reputable product.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    "Satori" is the Japanese word for enlightenment; illumination; comprehension. Not only are these all desirable things if you're a spiritual seeker, but they are also equally important when you're attempting to divine the truth about the audio that you are creating, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. This makes "Satori" the perfect name for the new mastering-grade monitor controller from Antelope Audio.

    A single-rackspace unit that can be remote-controlled via USB using an app running on your computer, Satori offers eight balanced stereo inputs, four balanced monitor outputs, a subwoofer out, four independent stereo headphone outs, and three different options for talkback: built-in mic, external mic (there's an input jack for one on the back of the unit), or USB mic from computer. You can choose to use stereo inputs 5-8 as an 8-channel stereo summing mixer if you like, and you can adjust each input's and each output's level +/-6dB to balance things out for accurate monitoring and comparisons. Speaking of accuracy, Satori features digitally controlled analog signal paths, with 0.5dB accuracy.

    Extra features include monitor dim and mute, the ability to route talkback to any or all of the four headphone outs, independent source assignment to each headphone out, and unique mono functions that allow you to invert the polarity on either or both channels, reverse left/right channels, and monitor in mono either by summing or subtracting the two channels -- making it easy to identify phase problems.

    The functions you need to access are available from the front panel, or to dig deeper, just use the free remote-control app. You can even shrink the app window down to a compact floating window that always stays on top when you're working in your DAW and gives you access to volume, mute, and talkback.

    In short, Satori provides all the I/O and functionality you need for even the largest studio, with convenient control capabilities and absolutely stellar sound quality. To achieve audio enlightenment, look no further than Antelope Audio's Satori!

Questions about the Antelope Audio Satori?

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