Blue Sky SAT 6D 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor

450W Powered 2-way Monitor with 6.5" woofer, 1" ring radiator tweeter, and DSP - Each
Blue Sky SAT 6D 6.5
Blue Sky SAT 6D 6.5

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Blue Sky SAT 6D 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor
Special Order

Monitor Right

The Blue Sky SAT 6D is the satellite component of the company's Star System One professional monitoring system. From 2.0 to 7.1, the Star System One is an ideal scalable solution for audio professionals in music, film/television post, gaming, and more. Sweetwater knows that while there are many monitors out there that sound "amazing," there are precious few designed give you a surgically precise rendering of what's "in the wires." And by themselves or in concert with the matching Sub 12D subwoofer, that's just what the Blue Sky SAT 6D does. Sporting premium drivers bi-amped with 450 watts of Hypex UcD amplifier power with trickle down N-core technology, the SAT 6D tells you the truth about whatever signal you feed it.

Blue Sky SAT 6D Active 2-way Studio Monitor at a Glance:
  • High performance starts with quality components
  • So, your room's not perfect?
  • You've got connections - and control
  • Sophisticated digital circuitry for superior sound
High performance starts with quality components

The SAT 6D features a 6.5" cast frame woofer with a radial neo motor, a 1" Scan-Speak ring radiator tweeter, and 450-watts of Hypex UcD amplifier power with trickle down N-core technology. Despite its compact size, the Sat 6D delivers clean, low-distortion output up to 108dB SPL and at typical monitoring levels, the SAT 6D runs nice and cool.

So, your room's not perfect?

An effective monitor system won't perform optimally in a seriously flawed acoustical environment. That's why each SAT 6D (and Sub 12D) gives you the tools to calibrate the system's performance in your working environment via powerful onboard processing with full 1/3 octave graphic EQ plus eight bands of parametric EQ and filters. And the tools are delightfully easy to use, thanks to Blue Sky's Speaker Manager PC software, included with every system.

You've got connections - and control

Featuring both XLR analog and AES/EBU digital inputs, the Blue Sky Sat 6D automatically switches to digital if both analog and digital inputs are connected. In addition, you've got onboard digital pass thru and digital stereo L/R selector switches. The DSP crossover filters are derived using Blue Sky proprietary BOO optimization software, which includes driver time alignment. The Sat 6D also has a USB data port for speaker settings, updates, and room correction input which includes a 1/3-octave, 31-band digital graphic equalizer, selectable parametric EQ, a pink noise generator, adjustable time delay, and gain control. When you're not using a subwoofer, you can set the Sat 6D to operate in full-range mode.

Sophisticated digital circuitry for superior sound

The digital circuitry of the Blue Sky SAT 6D utilizes high-quality components such as FR4 6-layer circuit boards, Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit converters, and a Cirrus Logic digital receiver and sample rate convertor. The Sat 6D even has a Pure-Digital mode for 48kHz and 96kHz operation, where the native input from the AES/EBU receiver is sent straight to the DAC. The result is performance that rivals some of the finest monitoring systems we've heard. We're confident you'll be impressed, too.

Blue Sky SAT 6D Active 2-way Studio Monitor Features:
  • Analog input (balanced XLR) -10dBu/+4dBu switchable
  • Digital input (XLRAES 110 ohm)
  • Cirrus Logic sample rate convertor (32kHz, 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz, 192kHz)
  • Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit converters
  • FR4 6-layer circuit boards
  • National Semiconductor LME op amps
  • Analog/Digital Auto switching
  • Digital pass thru
  • Digital Stereo L/R selector
  • Adjustable gain control and time delay
  • Pink Noise Generator
  • Driver (woofer/tweeter) time alignment
  • Switchable DSP filters for 80Hz or extended range 40Hz operation
  • Switchable DSP filters and removable plates for sealed or ported operation
  • USB data port for speaker settings, updates, and room correction input
  • Hypex UcD power amplifiers with trickle down Ncore technology
  • 300 watts (woofer), 150 watts (tweeter); 600-watt SMPS power supply
  • 6.5" high-excursion radial magnet woofer, custom made for Blue Sky
  • 1" ring radiator tweeter, custom made for Blue Sky by Scan-Speak
  • MDF construction with full bracing
  • +/1.5dB 45Hz to 20kHz (full range input)
  • +/1.5dB 80Hz to 20kHz (bass managed input)
Monitor right with the Blue Sky SAT 6D!

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Tech Specs

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
LF Driver Size 6.5"
LF Driver Type High Excursion Radial Magnet
HF Driver Size 1"
HF Driver Type Ring Radiator
LF Driver Power Amp 300W
HF Driver Power Amp 150W
Total Power 450W
Frequency Range 45Hz-20kHz
Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)
Output Types 1 x XLR (Thru)
Enclosure Type Both (Removable Plates)
Height 13"
Width 8"
Depth 11.75"
Weight 20 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Sat 6d

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Compare to Quested, Focal Be, Eve Audio, Adam, Neumann, Genelec, Dynaudio, et al.

I've been using these for several weeks now in a critical editing and analytical environment. I've used these for the analysis and enhancement of severely compromised vocal tracks, recorded surreptitiously, and subsequent enhancement of said tracks for use by government entities. I've used everything from Mackie 8", Genelec, Tannoy, Focal (Be and non-Be models), JBL LSR series, Adam, Dynaudio BM12 mk III, BM-15, Eve Audio, Quested, Neumann, Dynaudio, and many others. The BlueSky Sat 6D offers a level of inherent vocal clarity that I've only found matched by those horribly fatiguing metal dome tweeters (Be domes aside, those are usually wonderful, and wonderfully expensive). The Scan Speak ring radiator tweeter is exceedingly smooth, revealing that inner detail and vocal texture/grit without bringing on listener fatigue even after editing for HOURS at a time at moderate volume. The midwoofer is extremely tonally natural, yet it hits like a 7"-8" driver. It has over an inch of peak-to-peak excursion (amazing to watch) and remains clean the whole time. You have the option of sealed mode, sealed mode with 80hz high pass filter, ported, and ported w/ 80hz high pass filter. If you can't get this to work in your space, you've got bigger problems than buying monitors. At that point, it may be time to move out of the cathedral. Overall sound is dynamic, revealing, detailed, and SMOOTH. With vocals and vocal intelligibility being the focus of my audio analysis and enhancement, the BlueSky Sat 6D brings me the detail I NEED without the hassle of ear fatigue, even after long listening sessions at healthy volume levels. I'm hearing the micro textures in voices, such as the rasp of somebody who is hesitating because they are preparing to be untruthful, or whether a speaker has the proverbial "frog" in their throat. The boxes are perfectly finished on all sides (even the rear) with a satin/matte greyish-blue with a subtle metallic flake. They are heavy and inert. I use them on Iso-Acoustics Iso Pods (the large 8200 model, which fits them perfectly). They can be used with their own Burr-Brown internal DAC's or a Cirrus Logic internal DSP. I use them with an RME babyface Pro (192 variant) in front, with some Kopul Quad Pro 5000 Series cables running analog signal between the Babyface and the Sat 6Ds. They are DEAD silent. No hiss. Nothing even with everything muted and the volume at max. Each unit has a silent fan that runs to keep the internal chipset cool in each monitor. If you place your ear against the rear plate, you can barely hear the fan. The monitors remain cool even when pushed hard. I am very pleased. These have all the smoothness of Dynaudio BM12 mk III's, and all the detail of the Genelec 8040's & 8050's, 8250's, and 8350's. Better highs and female vocals than Focal Solo6 Be's. Smoother highs than the Neumann KH120, but with equivalent detail (possibly even better, because you can play passages louder on the Sat 6Ds with zero ear fatigue). These had the same type of airy and 3-D upper-mids and highs as the current-generation Adam SVX-3 and A7X models...and the Eve Audio SC408's, but without any of the muddiness of the lows or lower-mids that the Adam models had...and with better imaging than the Eve's. The Sat 6Ds also held their overall tonality together (same bass-to-treble balance) better than any of the others mentioned. Possibly due to the excellent amps in the Sat 6D's. These are what happen when Genelec and Dynaudio and Eve and Adam and Focal have a baby, using truly premium components, that brings the best qualities of each of its parents. Built per each order (hence the wait time), prepare to be impressed. More importantly, prepare to do some of your best studio work yet.
Music background: Professional Forensic Audio analyst
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