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Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
  • from Lexington, KY March 2, 2015Music Background:

    Great Audio Interface

    I'm no expert, but the setup was easy on my Mac and I was up and running in minutes!

    Controls and software are straightforward and easy to use.

  • from Chippewa Lake, OH February 15, 2015Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, recording engineer, producer, guitarist.


    Works perfectly, exactly as it should, sounds fantastic. Worth every dime!

  • from Kazakhstan, Astana August 10, 2014Music Background:

    Great sound !!!

    Great sound.!!Saffire PRO 14 installed without problems. With this interface, i can do home demo recording in excellent quality. Many thanks to the support group, in particular Kenny Stratton and David Askew.

  • from Gillette, Wyoming April 23, 2014Music Background:
    Recording & Mastering Engineer, Multi Instrument Musician, Pro Sound Tech, Mac guru.

    The Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 is nothing short of Amazing

    My sales engineer highly recommended (and rightly so) the Focusrite Saffire interface and it really delivers! Incredible throughput to my DAW utilizing the Focusrite software. I can easily use high settings using the Thunderbolt port on my Mac. Very easy to set up and use, and the included Scarlett suite of plugins makes this a truly sweet deal! Don't waste a minute thinking this one over... it's a high quality, heavy duty unit, and indeed a very worthwhile investment.

  • from Rochester, IL October 21, 2013

    Great Interface...

    Absolutely no problems installing and running this firewire interface. MixControl software is the bomb. Love the software loopback feature. The sound is superb, no latency issues at all. This hardware is a solid build with simple controls.

    I'm very satisfied with Sweetwater and Focusrite.

  • from RI April 9, 2013Music Background:

    Very Impressive Interface

    I've been very impressed with the Saffire Pro 14. After using a couple other products in the same price range, this is by far the most solid (performance wise) and easy to use unit. This is the first time I've used firewire instead of USB and I am very happy with the switch. The unit's design is concise yet functional, just the way I prefer it. The two inputs on the front are the ones I use the most, and I can plug my monitors and sub into the back outputs. Simple, reliable, speedy. Can't imagine a better buy for the price.

  • from Florida January 17, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineering and Producing Student

    1st time buyer from Sweetwater and It Was AMAZING!

    Not only did I get the product I ordered in a very quick amount of time but the customer support was very exceptional. They called me to see if i had any problems or needed any help with getting my Focusrite Interface set up. Plus it was really cool that they sent candy with my package. IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING SURPRISE! From now on I will only order my gear from Sweetwater.com

  • from PA USA November 13, 2012Music Background:
    One-time concert pianist/vocal accompanist turned EE

    Great Basic Gear

    This is one solid piece of basic gear to interface your audio and your computer at 24/96k ! Qualty of build and sound can't be beat! Better than 0.001% distortion plus 2 mic preamps with 48V phantom power.

    The only drawback, for some, is the Firewire interface. Those cables are stubbornly stiff and I don't think the plugs are all that swell, not that USB is anything to write home about mechanically , either.

    I would prefer a somewhat more substantial and flexible power supply wire, but other brands are no better. The impressively small 12V/1.25A wall wart produces impressively small hum that's 115dB down on a spectrum analyser.

  • from Atlanta, GA March 8, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter, Performer

    Love It!

    This interface is low end price with big end sound. I used to use an Mbox Mini, after that I used a Digi 002. The Pro 14 was less expensive than either of my previous interfaces and had better pre amps and converters.

    First of all let's talk about the pres. The pres are nice and clean. They also provide a good amount of gain without adding much noise.

    I also love how much it can push my speakers. I've tried other interfaces that can't wouldn't provide as much volume to my speakers but the Pro 14 does great.

    The midi inputs work great. Very responsive.

    The only thing I don't like about this interface is that I had to load the MixControl software from Focusrite to get it to work. I haven't used the MixControl much. I may like it once I get to know it a little better.

    Overall its a great interface. Can't see myself upgrading for a while.

  • from Minneapolis, MN June 15, 2011Music Background:
    Recording artist, producer, studio musician

    Best in its class

    A Pro 14 replaced a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS soundcard at home, and a Lynx II soundcard was replaced with a Pro 40 at the main studio. No comparision in fidelity, noise floor, features. I'm really impressed and very pleased with both units. And the "streaming" Firewire protocol versus "packets" data transfer with USB/Ethernet makes a huge difference.

  • from Columbia, TN June 8, 2011Music Background:
    Just a guitarist

    very good

    good piece of gear. Does what u need. no Complaints I'm happy w/ the purchase. not diapointed at all.

  • from VA, USA May 25, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Composer


    I never got so much bang for my buck. This think does everything I need it to and then some. Manufacturing is good solid quality.

  • from Long Island, NY May 7, 2011Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Excellent, full-featured sound module

    This is an impressive sound module. I was replaced a reliable but dated Aardvark system. I wanted to avoid USB due to potential bandwith issues and opted for Firewire. I had originally planned to get a similar Firewire module but I called Sweetwater to chat with them first before placing the order. I'm glad I did. The Focusrite hadn't really crossed my radar screen but I took a serious look at it after the SW rep suggested the device, did some more research and then decided to purchase the device.

    The device has an excellent build quality and is cleanly laid out. Three green status LEDs indicate connection status. I would have liked to see an LED for midi activity, but this is very minor.

    The first thing I noticed when I hooked it up was that there was no noise when the gain is turned all the way up. Even with a pair of headphones on the monitor out cranked all the way up there is almost nothing to be heard. Very impressive.

    I did have some initial trouble with noice coming from the Firewire line. This was digitial noise originating from my old music computer that coupled to the outputs on the Focusrite. I tried a stand-alone sound card but that didn't help. When I installed it the focusrite in my newer office machine, however the noise was gone. I wound up replacing the old music computer (I was going to do it anyway) and replaced it with a modern Gigabit/Intel IC5 machine; no noise and it works great.

    The fidelity on this thing is phenomenal. Again, I don't spend my days in a recording studio, but this device sounds far and away better than anything else I have ever owned.

    I run it at the fastest latency settings (about 3 ms in and 5 ms out) in Sonar on the new machine and it doesn't hiccup, even with all four analog inputs AND the SPDIF being captured. Pretty impressive.

    The driver software is very reliable and easy to use. The ASIO drivers have not given any trouble whatsoever.

    Overall this has been a great piece of gear and has brought my sound production to a new level.

  • from TX February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Very good Quality 4 $

    Very good quality , only draw back is the learning curve with the software.
    I had only used MBox with no software. Still learning but up an running. The Software Ableton is useless with Protools , the Saffire software is very good and works with Protools. Better then M-Box and I like the Monitor out as well as a headphone out . Worth the move up .

  • from Atlanta September 9, 2012Music Background:
    home studio guy

    impressive little box packs a punch

    I tried the Pro 14 out after returning an Impact Twin. The saffire box was plug and play! The sound is great and has clarity and definition -- a significant step up from my older Echo Mia soundcard. Some problems in my mix were exposed in more detail and more easily resolved. The saffire mix control may cause a bit of confusion at first, but you can find easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube. The only con for me is that the headpone output is a bit weak for my 250 ohm cans. You may need a headphone amp if you have high ohm cans. The good thing about Focusrite products is that, unlike some other companies, they keep up with driver developments and updates. Not to mention some of the goodies the come along with the pro 14 (vst plugin suite). And now I know I can buy from Sweetwater with confidence as they lived up to their no hassle return policy. Overall, I'm pleased as punch. This box is a tremendous value. Love it.

  • from Minnesota USA April 19, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar player, Home studio engineer.

    It does the job and then some!

    This thing is awesome Focusrites reputation is well deserved, the pre amps sound great and give me enough gain to get my ribbon mic up to a suitable level without distortion. Mix control gives you an amazing amount of flexibility for routing and especially monitoring, it lets you set up a mix of direct and the output from your DAW so you can hear your tracks and yourself without latency.
    The only thing I wish the phantom power was switchable on each channel rather than global. Ignore Ableton live it is a very limited version and almost useless.
    Over all this is probably the best interface you can find in this range for a home studio or any studio for that matter.

  • from February 1, 2011

    Great Quality, Great Price

    The construction of the Saffire Pro 14 is high quality. Everything from the knobs to the input jacks seem to be well constructed. Itís important to me to have rigid construction because it can withstand the rigors of clumsy users and the hazardous mess that a home studio can quickly turn into. Itís powered over firewire, however the people at Focusrite also provide a power supply with a few adapters for use in the US, Europe, etc. Thatís a classy move to consider a wide user base. It comes with plugins as well as a mixer that is used in standalone. The mixer software also allows a number of different mix settings, routing, loopbacks, and output scenarios. Loopback is awesome because it counts as a separate set of channels, which provides a lot of flexibility.

    I only have a few discrepancies with the interface, for one there is no power switch. I would like to be able to power it off with a switch, but you have to get the 24 model for this convenience. Also, I had to start up the mixing software before the interface would output audio when I first set everything up. I wasnít aware of this and it seemed a little odd. Itís no big deal, just something to be cognizant of while doing the initial setup. Sometimes it just stops working if my computer goes to sleep, but never while Iím working on music. It only did this twice so Iím not sure how prominent this is, or if itís even my OS and not the interface.

    Itís a great interface at a great price. I really like that itís constructed of metal and that it produces quality sound. It seems to me that you donít sacrifice quality when buying the lower end models from Focusrite, which is something Iíve been victim to in the past. The built-in mixer helps out a lot because it provides you with features like sample rate, level control, etc if you just want to jam a bit without ever opening up the DAW!

  • from Jakarta, Indonesia January 8, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Music Producer and Sound Designer


    This is THE best audio interface you can get for the price. I love the preamp as with other Focusrite's Preamp that utilizes it's years of award winning pre's. The preamp sounds very clear, does not colour your sound. It's what-you-hear-is-what-you-get thing.

    Worth it!

  • from Long Branch, NJ June 18, 2015

    Nice Interface

    Recently upgraded from an older AudioBox USB Interface, and so far so good.
    The old Interface had
    Input levels that were too hot all the time
    Horrible latency
    Low headphone volume
    Limited ins and outs.

    This unit has
    Perfect level controls
    Little to no latency
    Great preamps
    Somewhat complicated mix software, but I think it's due to my learning curve at this early stage.
    Firewire seems very stable, and I like the extra I/O's. (I wish it had an on/off switch)
    So far my impression is very good, and as always, Sweetwater customer support is second to none. ( I work with Steven Chamoun)

  • from k January 28, 2015

    Saffire Pro 14

    The device sounds great and is big improvement from the Mbox 2. Not a big fan of Mix Control at first but I get it and it does give a great headphone mix for vocals. But today I just updated the security software for OS to 10.9.5 and now mix control crashes when the computer goes to sleep. Before that I had got it to work quite nicely. The driver update has not worked. I am going to disconnect everything and reinstall and see what happens. I am impressed with the sound and how latency issue is addressed through the mix control software.

  • from Muscatine , IOWA December 1, 2014Music Background:
    engineer , artist , producer , song writer


    I dig the diff inputs which makes great for a versatile mix . I dont like the saffire mix control though to much , because you have to switch the I/O
    and samplerate settings for each diff session , mic pres are clean and I would consider standard industry . The A/D D/A section of the pro 14 is average. I own a pro 40 that took a dump on me just after a year from guitar center , so dont go there . but I bought the pro 14 from sweetwater because the quality of my saffire pro 40 was just as awesome till it died on me . Plus I got a 2 year warrant . Just asl for Ben Porter , he knows his stuff , and if you want the best quality of any audio gear id ask for Ben Porter ! ALL DAY!

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