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Martin SWOMGT Sustainable Wood - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
  • from Virginia July 11, 2016Music Background:
    long-time Martin player - bluegrass / folk

    Sweet Martin OM

    Been a Martin player since 1975 - D-35, D-12/18, as well as vintage Martins belonging to a friend. It took 40 years for me to realize that I wanted an OM-sized guitar. My D-35 now gets very little attention, as much as I love it. Its sound, of course, is incomparable. But I love my SWOMGT's sweet sound, and boy does it project. It's light and with the right strings - trust me that Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings sound the best and play the easiest - it is pure pleasure to play. I've had it for three years now (I see that the price has gone up about $500 since) and have tried just about every Martin string. Also, I have not had to have the action adjusted and tweaked, as I have had to on both the D-35 and D-12/18. One more thing: the guitar is headstock heavy and likes to slip downward when using a conventional strap. I solved that problem with a wide leather strap with a rough, unfinished side that grips my shoulder. It has a "full," well-developed Martin sound, but with a very light touch on the fingerboard and OM body. You'll love it.

  • from February 10, 2016

    an absolute gem

    I went into the music store wanting an 000-28 or some sort of 000. I played at least 20 guitars. Ranging from Martin to Taylor to Gibson. This was the last one I put my hands on. It expands so much off the already great Martin tone. I've never heard anything produce such a sweet tone. Fantastic and while the 2nd best I played was indeed a Martin 000-28 money and tone woods aside the cherry backed swom was out of this world. I believe it will eventually be one of those highly sought after guitars 20-30 years from now. If it cost 4 grand it would be the rave but because it is a bit cheaper it's often overlooked. People don't know what they are missing.

  • from Durham, NC January 13, 2015Music Background:

    Fantastic sounding guitar in sustainable Cherry wood!

    The Martin SWOMGT is hands down a great sounding guitar. It is a warmer sound to my ear than rosewood and is less bright mahogany. I really would recommend to anyone looking to give the sustainable cherry wood a try. It does not have the panache of rosewood but is great sounding and Martin finds beautifully figured pieces for the back. The faux tortise shell is a beautiful accent for the rosette and purfling but also for the bridge and endpins. To sum it up it's a beautiful guitar with great tone and sound.

  • from Coldwater, OH USA December 19, 2014Music Background:

    Thanks "Guitar Whisperer"

    After months of research I had narrowed my guitar search down to two models. I decided to come to the Sweetwater showroom to play them both and my sales engineer Tyler Berggren had them set aside and waiting for me when I arrived. I spent some time switching back and forth between the two guitars when a Sweetwater professional (that my wife nicknamed the "Guitar Whisperer") came in and watched me play. After watching and listening for a few minutes he began to ask me questions about what I liked about each guitar. Then he started having different guitars brought from the warehouse - I must have played six more that were not on my original list. When I was handed the SWOMGT, I knew immediately it was the perfect guitar for me. I asked the Guitar Whisperer how he knew I'd like this guitar and he said he could just tell. Thanks Sweetwater and the Guitar Whisperer!

  • from Texas May 29, 2013Music Background:

    Martin SWOMGT is a winner!

    I currently own 5 acoustic guitars and play them all regularly. When I received my Martin from Sweetwater...it was delivered in perfect shape. The guitar is a work of art and sounds amazing. It was perfectly set up and feels like I have been playing it for years in my hands. It's effortless!. It's hard to describe the sound...it's bright yet mellow. Every time I play it, I find it hard to put it down. This is in my opinion the most guitar you can get for the money in the Martin line. Get one...you won't be disappointed.

  • from Eastern PA September 12, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Player since 1975

    A really nice guitar

    A sweet sounding, nice looking and easy to hold guitar. When you get a new guitar home and open the case they usually smell like paint. This one smelled like Grandpa's wood shop. This is my first Martin and not the last.

  • from Portland, OR US May 27, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer.

    One of the best sounding OM out there!!

    Here's my simple review:

    1. It's bright, but not tiny like some T****r out there. Perfect for finger-picking.
    2. It's warm, but not muddy like some Cedar top guitars. Perfect for strumming.
    3. It's got good amount of bass, but not snappy like some G****n out there. Perfect for solo.

  • from Nixa Missouri December 24, 2010Music Background:


    i bought this guitar for my wife when i retired a couple of years ago. Since i have started taking lessons and this is the easiest guitar to chord i have ever picked up. It almost plays its self.

  • from Seattle WA USA April 23, 2009Music Background:
    Long time pro; teacher, player and collector.

    Whoda thunk?

    I got this guitar used at a great price in a trade situation so wasn't heavily invested and didn't have any great expectations. Later, after putting on new strings and sitting down with it for about an hour it dawned on me that this guitar was WAY better than anticipated. It caught me totally off guard. I wonder if they're all this good - if so they're the deal of the century! I will now be selling my '64 00-18 and keeping the SWOMGT - and the 00-18 is no slouch let me tell you! My only complaint is the cheap pixeled material used for the faux tortoise pickguard, but this can easily be switched out for something more elegant, which I intend to do - the guitar deserves it!

  • from Florida January 21, 2009Music Background:
    I play semi porfessionally Blues, Rock, Pop, and Folk

    MArtins Best Sounding Guitar

    I had several Martins. A D-18, A D-28, and an Eric Clapton 000-28 which I recently replaced with the SWOMGT. Yes the EC 000-28 looked great, but it was not enjoyable to play. I was floored by the sound of the SWOMGT. Who would have know cherry wood was such an excellent tone wood. Plus you are helping the envirnment and saving trees. I did have the action lowered and replaced the nut bridge saddle and end pins with bone. I also had a fishman elipse blend installed and now its my go to guitar. Its light as a feather and the latalox fingerboard and bridge feels like ebony. I rosette is blue white and tortoise as is the head stock overlay, binding end strip and heel cap. Martin took no shortcuts with the construction of this guitar save for the satin finished sides and back. The cherry wood grain is gorgeous. the back is book matched and has beautiful grain. The case is the geib knock off by tkl with beautiful dark gree plush lining. You will not be dissapointed with this guitar and you will save a bundle and still have that great Martin sound. I highly recommend this guitar.

  • from Santa Barbara, CA February 24, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best for the money

    I have owned every type, brand, and shape of acoustic guitar--this one blew me away from the first time I played it. It has a great crisp sound, beautifully transparent when recording with it, and the volume is just right when singing along with it. The size is even perfect. All bass and treble are evened out in this guitar like no other before it--and for the price--a total no brainer.

  • from New York April 18, 2013

    Love it!

    So happy I got this guitar, the tone is beautiful, the guitar itself is beautiful, and it stays in tune great!

  • from Oak Hill, WV February 20, 2013Music Background:

    I love this guitar...

    I love this guitar. I've had it for two years. Very easy and beautiful to play finger style. Strums nicely too, as well as flat picking. Neck is smooth. Overall gorgeous. Case is fabulous too. Action is a bit high for me, so I'm thinking I'll have it adjusted at my local authorized repair shop. Otherwise, five stars. FYI - Changed to Elixir strings, but plan on going to D'Addario's as the Elixirs are too bright for my taste.

  • from March 4, 2011

    Not That Great..Thin..Thin..Thin

    I bought this guitar a week ago. It sounded nice for a few days then it went down hill. The guitar is very thin sounding and gets even thinner after the strings are a few days old. Now when I finger pick, the bass strings are very faint sounding on open notes and the high strings sound ....well....extremely thin. I'm not sure I'd buy this guitar if I had it to do over.

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