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Samson AirLine 77 Fitness Headset Wireless System - Channel N2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson AirLine 77 Fitness Headset Wireless System - Channel N2?

Questions about the Samson AirLine 77 Fitness Headset Wireless System - Channel N2?

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  • from Tuckerton, NJ November 7, 2016Music Background:
    Fitness instructor

    Quick delivery, awesome product

    I was supposed to receive on a Thursday, got one day early.
    Set up was extremely simple for a non-audio tech person like me. Quality sound.

  • from Loxahatchee ,FL July 3, 2014

    Great product!

    Great product. Very dependable , use it for spinning classes.

  • from Vermont USA June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Musician / fitness trainer...

    Careful setting up...

    Tiny switches & tiny battery mean you must handle carefully and precisely inserting the battery & turning on and off at the headset. Works fine in our Fitness Studio.

  • from Ocean Springs, MS June 11, 2014Music Background:
    Own Fitness studio

    Causion if you have more than one!

    The is a really good product, however if you have more than more in your studio MAKE sure to buy them on separate channels to prevent bleeding sound from one to the other. The customer service will not remind you of this really important issue.

  • from Fairfield County, CT March 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, A/V-Audio Installer, Recording

    Good headset

    Nice headset. Good quality audio, negligible feedback. Used on a spin class with the receiver a foot away from the headset, so cant testify to the range before the "pffft" factor. Mic arm gooseneck could be a little stiffer, you cant really adjust it and make it stay put. Multiple instructors use the headset, and be good if they added a few extra foam windscreen covers for sanitary reasons, but you can buy more from samson, which I did. Maybe a little high priced, but works well.

  • from North Carolina January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Contractor

    Needs refinement

    The concept is a great idea and other manufactures should follow suite. I would have to say, having used this head-worn version of the Airliner series it leaves much to be desired.

    I install these for my aerobic clients and have tested about 5 units out in the field. These clients average 5 lessons a day 5 days a week. The time in use was anywhere from 4 months to 2 years. This is very rigorous by usage standards. The biggest complaint I always receive is the power and mute switches breaking off or malfunctioning. The repairs on these headword units are not cheap and just buying a new headset cost almost as much as a complete system.
    I personally think that the unit needs a few things to attain a 5 star rating from me.

    They are junk. They are small and flimsy. If you use this thing once a week and are careful with how you treat the toggles, it will last a while. The switches need to be redesigned to be "sliding" or "tactile"(clicking on and off).

    2-Comfort and Fit
    The comfort level is not so good with this design especially those prominent mastoid process(bones behind the ears)or people with smaller heads. At times during aerobics, it will teeter causing the mic element to constantly be out of place with the mouth.

    3-Fixed frequency.
    This is a major disadvantage for me. If you get RF interference you will have to exchange the entire system for a new one when simply selecting an alternate channel would fix the issue. At this price point, not being able to have frequency agility is ridiculous. Look at what other brands are doing.

    4-Battery Life
    The older versions seemed to have longer battery life. For fitness environment I would prefer rechargeable batteries and a port so the battery covers would last longer

    Paint falling of and screws rusting from sweat. I had a few boom arms break too. At that point it was better to trash it than repair becasue the switches where probably broken as well. Marketed as an fitness product but the build quality for this type of environment is not there.

  • from Lindale, TX USA August 23, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, PA to world-class public speaker

    Mic more prone to

    My boss has used both this exact model and the previous one that operates within the 800 Mhz bandwidth. We upgraded him to become compliant with current frequency bandwidth regulations (too many problems encountered in the USA using the old 800 Mhz bandwidth version). I have 4 years+ experience with the Airline 77.

    Two KEY differences between this model and the previous (besides the obvious bandwidth differences)
    1. These new versions are FAR more prone to plumes and plosives. They REQUIRE mic foam to sound good, whereas the old models sounded (and looked) great WITHOUT the mic foam. Perhaps the new models utilize an omni, rather than a cardioid mic? I don't know. But the difference in plumes and plosives between the two mics in their naked states (i.e. without foam) is VERY noticeable (don't let anyone tell you otherwise...I've witnessed them both operate in all sorts of settings in the US and abroad, and this new one definitely needs mic foam).
    2. We got A LOT more battery life out of the previous mic version. (The old version used to be advertised at something like 12 or 14 hours per 1xAAA battery...in reality we got more like 5.5-8.5) With this new version you might get 2-3.5 hours per 1xAAA battery - a noticeable drop in runtime. Also, since rechargeable batteries don't seem to work with this mic (we've tried Eneloops completely unsuccessfully), you end up going through a lot of alkalines. When the battery needs to be changed (i.e. starts running too low) you may begin to experience intermittent noise problems. This can be a sign you need to replace the battery.

    Some of the good things about this mic are:
    1. No Hip Pack for battery! (It's on the back of their head!) This means no need to mess with running cables up the speakers shirt.
    2. It fits snug enough to do a standing backflip while wearing it.
    3. It only requires 1xAAA battery for every two hours of use (mute mode with power on may cut into this time)
    4. Both the mic and the receiver are fairly lightweight so it's fairly easy to travel with.

    Final comments. If you decide to purchase one of these, do yourself a favor and additionally
    - purchase and use with it a AAA battery tester
    - purchase and use only high quality alkaline batteries
    - superglue (carefully) the mic foam to the end of the mic (The mic foams tend to get loose over time and then can end up coming off easily; if the mic foam falls off during a presentation the sound difference is unpleasantly noticeable...you DON'T want to let that happen!)

  • from FLEX group fitness July 17, 2013

    review on sason airline 77 headband system

    This product works really well for fitness classes.

  • from Kingsport, TN June 28, 2013

    Love it

    Perfect for my exercise studio!

  • from Irvine, CA November 9, 2012Music Background:
    Fitness instructor

    Samson AirLine 77 Headband Fitness mic

    This was recommended to me by many of my fellow fitness instructors. I teach a cardio kickboxing class and needed a mic/sound system. I use this with my Ion Block Rocker and it works wonderfully! I am very pleased with the sound and ease of setting up. No belt pack and wires is a huge plus!! Considering I am doing air jacks, Sumo Burpees and jumping and dancing like crazy for an hour, it really stays put. I would recommend this!!

  • from Redding, California March 19, 2012Music Background:
    fitness instructor

    My equipment is wonderful!

    My headset is better than I expected. The sound is incredible and the fit is perfect. It doesn't move around at all when I am instructing my fitness class. The system is reliable and I can count on it to function every time! I love it!

  • from Manchester NH March 1, 2012Music Background:
    Line dance and Zumba Gold teacher

    Excellent headset mike

    I could not be happier with this headset mike. It works beautifully, the headset stays on with no problem and is light weight. Very nice to get rid of the wire to a pocket transmitter. Worth every penny.

Questions about the Samson AirLine 77 Fitness Headset Wireless System - Channel N2?

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