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Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10" 500-Watt Bass Cabinet with Horn Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10" 500-Watt Bass Cabinet with Horn?

Questions about the Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10" 500-Watt Bass Cabinet with Horn?

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  • David H
    from Sacramento CA April 18, 2017Music Background:
    Part time/Full time touring musician since 2010


    I've had an ampeg 8x10 classic for some years now and have always been happy. Touring so much had made it difficult to lug around so I knew I had to get a smaller rig to accomodate that need. I looked at many other cabs and in the end decide "if it ain't broke don't fix it" that's the old adage right? So I picked up the 4x10 HLF by ampeg cause it was the perfect size and allowed me to keep that amazing ampeg sound and power I've had for years. Couldn't be happier with my purchase all around. This was my first time with Sweetwater but I thought I'd give it a shot. The customer service was beyond anything I've ever experienced and I couldn't be more satisfied at this time. Sweetwater has made me into a regular customer now. I have 5 stars because of the product purchase and customer service experience. Thanks again guys you rule!

  • Sam Romagnoli
    from Mansfield Ohio December 23, 2015Music Background:
    Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes player over 40 years full time. Currently playing bass and keyboards after a five year retirement.

    Ampeg SVT-410HLF Bass Cabinet.

    Lately I have tried many combinations of cabinet configurations by Eden and others. Fortunately the
    Ampet SVT-410HLG was the backline amp suppllied at a show along with an Ampeg 500 watt head. The extra low-end extension waa perfect for my bass needs. I also played Fender Rhodes through this combination and it sounded beautiful. I purchased my first Ampeg, a V-4B back in 1970 with two 2-15" cabinets. I have regretted selling that old gear and will be finding a way to buy this new cabinet.

  • Kyle
    from Tucson, AZ October 1, 2015

    Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10

    I purchased this about 6 months ago, and have been gigging regularly with it. Although it may be made in China I haven't had any problems with it. The cabinet itself is well constructed, and I do not see the design flaws that other reviewers have mentioned. Most importantly it's loud enough for mid-sized or large room, and holds up well compared to the 8x10 I use to lug around (my back thanks me for picking up this 4x10). I'm running an SVT CL head at 4 ohms and have no problems getting the tones I want. If you swear by Ampeg this comes highly recommended.

    Shoutout to Nate Edwards from Sweetwater, an excellent sales engineer!

  • Customer
    from April 20, 2015

    Amazing cab!!

    For a 4X10, this cab sounds outstanding, I was blown away from the moment I played the first note out of it. I replaced an 8X10 cab with this one and I don't have a single regret.

  • Stan
    from Warrior, Al July 15, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Does Its Job And Does It Well

    I've used Ampeg bass amps since the mid seventies, and now this SVT-410HLF Classic cabinet for the past five or six years, in small, medium and large venues, inside and out, without the first issue. I believe mine is one of the first of the China made cabinets and I haven't experienced any of the issues one of the reviewers mentioned. The tolex is still firmly in place (a couple of nicks), and it remains solid and stable despite hundreds of loadings and unloadings. I do have a cover that I religiously use before transporting and idle time storage though. I use two different amps, a Fender Bassman 400 and now mainly an Ampeg SVT-450, and both match up well with this cabinet, however I prefer using the Ampeg because it is less complicated to dial in. When other musicians take the time to compliment your sound it's very satisfying, and I believe a big part of that is this cabinet. I honestly think it is the best all around 4X10 you can get for the money except for maybe the more expensive Heritage version. Not sure about the quality of the newer ones, but I don't have any regrets in purchasing mine. It's been a good one.

  • Steve Taylor
    from Central Florida December 14, 2010Music Background:

    Can't Go Wrong

    I've owned and used a number of ampeg products. I originally used an 8x10 and loved it. However, not having roadies and/or a semi truck to lug it around in was quite unfortunate. I then had the 6x10 HLF and it sounded great, but it was still a tight squeeze to fit in my car. The 4x10 sounds just as good and fits in my car nicely. Also, its heavy, but its not so heavy that you can lift it into your vehicle by yourself. The sound is superb quiet or pushed to the limit.
    Two complaints - first off, the previous reviewer is right on about the cover peeling off. Honestly, mine started to peel not long after I purchased it, but hasn't really peeled past where it started since, and its been about 2 years now... It doesn't really bother me though.
    Second, and this does bother me, is rolling it around on the casters is a real pain. Unless you are a midget, the handle is way to short to comfortably roll it around, kicked back on the casters. But, what I have learned is a cheap-o guitar stand makes a great handle extension if you put it in between the rail and cabinet correctly.
    All in all, the sound this cab produces is sweet buttery ampeg goodness. I've had nothing but praise on my tone running an SVT-4 into my 410HLF. I don't care if the tolex peels completely off and its down to the bare wood, it still has tone in spades and that more than makes up for it.

  • Howard Stafford
    from Detroit, Michigan October 1, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Come back to America Ampeg.

    I own a 1976 Ampeg SVT 8X10 cabinet and 300 watt tube head. I also own a 1972 B-15 portaflex with the inverted tube head. They have been with me for 41 years and are truly the most devastating amps for their intended purpose ever created. I purchased a SVT-410 HLF to fill the gap between my B-15 and Big Bertha. It has done the same thing another reviewer commented on. The tolex cover has separated from the seams on the cabinet. I use this cabinet in my studio and it never gets moved. I thought it would fill better when recording the rhythm section because the B-15 is less than 100 watts and has to work hard to keep up with the drums and synthesizer. The sound is great, not necessarily monstrous. For the money it is a good buy but I will not be buying any more. Oh, the other reviewer commented on not knowing the company that bought out Ampeg. That company is "Loud Technologies". I wish musicians ran some of these companies.

  • greg
    from Los Angeles, CA October 15, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Beware: Made in China

    Having always been a huge supporter of Ampeg, I have owned a number of their products over the years and was always very pleased with their gear.

    This cabinet has given me second thoughts however. I have the 500w 4x10 SVT-HE (US made) that I bought 3 or 4 years ago and needed to add something that would cover a lower freq rang which the 410HLF does. I recently purchased the SVT-410HLF and the first thing I noticed when I got it home was the construction - the thickness of the plywood is 1/2" - not 5/8" like the US made 410HE. This got me wondering what the inside was like so I pulled the back panel off and sure enough, the speakers are Chinese as well - they are not the US made Eminence speakers that the older US made 410HE or the older 410HLF have. You can flex the front edges of this cabinet easily with one hand due to the thin plywood.

    The plywood is NOT Baltic Birch Plywood as stated in the details of the product - It appears to be some sort of plywood with a mahogany venier or something similar. It looks nothing like my older cabinets that are made of birch plywood. Birch is heavy and this cabinet is very light for it's size - if it were made of birch it would be much heavier. My US made 410HE which is a smaller cabinet is about 20 - 25% heavier and it is made with birch plywood and has US Eminence speakers. The tolex covering on my 410HE is thicker and will never separate from the wood it covers. The covering on the 410HLF is slightly thinner but the real problem is the fact that all of the seems are spearating and coming unglued. It will only be a matter of time before the covering will be history and I have only had this cabinet about 4 months. I have Tuki covers for my cabinets so the cabinet is covered at all times except when playing and is stored in a climate controlled environment - it is not abused yet the tolex is coming off due to the cheaper manufacturing processes and products used by the Chinese manufacturer.

    I paid much less than the current price for my 410HLF brand new so I feel that the price matches the quality but I would be very disappointed if I had paid the current going price. The full retail price is robbery and Ampeg should be ashamed to suggest that as a retail price. Ampeg was purchased by someone (I'm not sure who) and the decision to move most of the manufacturing to China was made by the new owners.

    My reccommendation to anyone considering this cabinet is to hold off, save another $100 and buy the Heritage or Pro Neo version of this cabinet, they are both still made in the US and should have the build quality we are used to seeing from Ampeg. At least you will get the US made speakers and the Tolex covering will not peel off after a few months.

    Aside from the build quality, the sound of the cabinet is OK but the Chinese speakers do not sound anywhere near as good as the US speakers in my 410HE US made cabinet. If I had known what I know now I might not have bought this cabinet except that the price was right.

    The build quality will prevent this cabinet from lasting as long as the US made cabinets - another reason to purchase US made products. We can only hope that the new owners of Ampeg don't send more of the product line off to China for manufacturing. I would stay away from any musical products made in China if you can avoid it. That is the only way that we can send the message that we want quality for the money we spend - this cabinet is over priced for the quality and will not last as long as its US made counter parts.

  • Customer
    from June 1, 2015Music Background:
    15 years playing bass in bar bands-classic rock

    Too boomy

    Owned mine since 2008. The good: vs turfy rugged construction. Love the casters and handle. The bad: too low/muddy. While it doesn't sound bad paired with my svt cl, it doesn't sound as great as you'd think. Very 'boomy'.

Questions about the Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10" 500-Watt Bass Cabinet with Horn?

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