Korg SV-1 73 Stage Vintage Piano - Black

73-key Stage Vintage Piano with 36 Instrument Sounds, Amp and Effects, 80-note Polyphony, and 8 Instant-access Presets - Black
Korg SV-1 73 Stage Vintage Piano - Black image 1
Korg SV-1 73 Stage Vintage Piano - Black image 1
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Korg SV-1 73 Stage Vintage Piano - Black
In Stock!

The Gigging Keyboardist's Dream Machine!

The Korg SV-1 73 is the gigging piano you've been wanting. Inside, you've got the most in-demand keyboard sounds ever found on a single instrument - we're talking decades of essential analog and digital legends, plus all the modern mainstays. The SV-1 73 also has Korg's finest weighted keyboard, so you can play with expression. To fine tune your sound, just steer your tone using the hands-on knobs on the front panel. Amp models, effects, and a hot vintage look take this Korg SV-1 73 over the top.

Korg SV-1 73 73-key Stage Vintage Piano at a Glance:
  • Tap into 36 of the most in-demand instrument sounds
  • Shine up your sound with effects and studio processing
  • Get your hands on your tone with front-panel knobs
  • Editor/Librarian software lets you program, save, and load settings
Tap into 36 of the most in-demand instrument sounds

You know the 36 sounds in the SV-1 73 by heart; each one is an old friend. Rediscover hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines and, of course, pianos. The SV-1 73 serves up breathtaking grands, a real-deal upright, plus hall-of-fame electronic contenders. On top of the standard sounds you love, you'll find multiple, signature variations of many classic instruments, all designed to inspire your performance.

Shine up your sound with effects and studio processing

Enhance your sound with a whole collection of period-correct amps and effects. You've got a 3-band EQ on the front panel to get things going, then you can take charge of pre-treating your sound with Compression, Boost, U-Vibe, Chorus/Vibrato, Tremolo, and Wah. From there, put your tone through any of the SV-1's wealth of amp heads and speaker cabinets - you won't believe how tube-like you can get your tones, thanks to Korg's exclusive Valve Reactor circuitry. Super-famous Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, and Rotary stompboxes add nuance and motion to any SV-1 73 sound, then all the essential reverbs and delays - include classic tape echo - let you really cook up your vibe. Last but not least, you've got an optional limiter at the 6th step of the signal chain, ensuring your level remains balanced across all sounds.

Get your hands on your tone with front-panel knobs

The Korg SV-1 73's user interface has performance in mind! Every essential control is quickly accessible on the front panel, with no confusing menus or multiple button presses. Rotary knobs include illuminated LEDs showing the position of the knob, and you can press them to restore the original setting. For really quick changes, the SV-1 73 has eight car-radio style buttons to instantly call up your eight Favorite sounds and settings. Storing a Favorite is equally as easy. Simply adjust the controls to your preferred settings, then press and hold one of the Favorites buttons; when the button flashes, press it again. Your custom setting is now stored in your Korg SV-1 73.

Editor/Librarian software lets you program, save, and load settings

More tech-savvy players out there that would love nothing more than to dig in a little deeper - and the SV-1 lets you. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian software provides cool graphic-based programming, including access to many effects parameters not available on the SV-1 73's panel. In addition, the Editor/Librarian software allows each of the 36 sounds and the eight Favorites to be programmed and saved individually. This makes it easy for you to share and swap your favorite settings, and for Korg to supply more sounds in the future. The SV-1 Editor/Librarian runs on Mac or PC, and is included free with every SV-1 73.

Korg SV-1 73 73-key Stage Vintage Piano Features:
  • 73-key stage vintage piano with awesome vintage keyboard sounds!
  • Korg's acclaimed RH3 weighted hammer action keybed and 8 velocity touch curves
  • Transpose to any key in +/- 12 half-steps; fine tuning; 8 tuning curves
  • Korg's superb EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) Sound Engine
  • Sounds: 36 (6 banks x 6 sounds); Polyphony: 80 notes
  • 8 assignable Favorites for fast program recall
  • Effects/Processing: Five Individual Sections
  • Equalizer: On/Off Switch; Bass, Mid, Treble Knobs
  • Amp modeling, Valve Reactor tube (1 x 12AX7)
  • Extensive studio-grade effects, including Reverb/Delay
  • MIDI In, Out; USB/MIDI port
  • 3 pedal jacks: Damper (fixed), Pedal 1 (sostenuto; rotary speaker), Pedal 2 (volume/expression; wah)
  • Includes power cable, user guide, accessory disk, music stand, and DS02H damper pedal
Korg's SV-1 stage vintage piano: it's all about great sound and feel!

Additional Media

SV-1 Series User Manual

Tech Specs

Number of Keys 73
Type of Keys Weighted
Presets 36
Polyphony 80 Notes
Effects Yes
Audio Inputs 2 x TS
Audio Outputs 2 x TS, 2 x XLR, 1 x TRS (Headphones)
Pedal Inputs 3
Height 6.1"
Width 45"
Depth 13.66"
Weight 38.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number SV173BK

Customer Reviews

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Great classic and modern sounds

We're really happy with the keyboard. Although it has a lot of technology to it, it is easy to dial in the sound wanted with the selection and adjustment knobs. Way to go Korg! Less geek and more instrument.

Yeah. It's a keeper.

I've had the SV-1 73 for about 6 months now - enough to give it a decent review. I bought this specifically for the Rhodes & Wurlitzer sounds - and it nails them both. Key action is great; pretty stiff at first but it loosens up good after a few weeks. Solid (and heavy) construction. I like the fact that I don't need a degree in computer science to get killer sounds out of it. I had a Kurzweil that I sold to buy this - it was great, but I spent as much time programming it as I did playing it. I have simple tastes and needs - awesome electric piano, and a little bit of other stuff to fill the gaps. If strings, synth, or organ is your thing, there are certainly better choices - this gets the job done, but it's not gonna "wow" you. But if you want great acoustic or (especially) electric piano, I haven't found anything better for under 3 grand! Get a good stand! It's heavy!

Three Years - Rock Solid

A few years back, I decided to get back into gigging.I had been a videogame composer / producer / studio musician with an obsession for music technology. I love me some DAWs with Soft-Synths and Plug-in Effects. I enjoy the thousands of sounds, endless tweaking possibilities, matrix routing, etc. BUT, my new commitment to gigging wouldn't require any complex technology. Nope, I wanted to play in a Funk Band.I spent a month or so shopping and playing Roland, Yamaha, Nord, and Korg instruments. I chose the Korg for two primary reasons. The RH3 keybed The unique lookSo, it's been a few years now, and I've gigged a bunch and recorded two studio demos. How do I feel about the SV-1.It's Rock Solid.The instrument is very playable, with excellent action and dig-in-ability. The sounds are legit, and live sound engineers have often complement the richness of the Piano, EP, and Clav. I don’t mistreat my gear, but I do play hard and have broken semi-weighted keys on other keyboards. The SV-1 is a tank, and begs to be played like a grand piano (tickle and pound).As a keyboard player, I buy keys/synths expecting them to quickly fall out of fashion due to stale tech or dated sounds. I would never expect a keyboard to hold resale value for more than a year or so (ignore the miniKorg). BUT, like a guitar, this instrument is part "furniture". Not just because it's too heavy, but also because the SV-1 has substance, dare I say - soul. Today, a used SV-1 sells on craigslist for $100 less then what I bought it for three years ago.If you are on the fence about this instrument, let me give you a push.My Rig:Korg SV-1Roland VR-9Korg miniKorgTraynor K4K&M Omega
Music background: Videogame Composer / Producer / Session and Gigging keyboardist

Worth the Wait

Just unboxed my SV1 last night and couldn't stop playing it. I've had my eye on this instrument since it appeared on the market a few years ago, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. I've always wanted an instrument that could give me a really authentic grand piano sound and still have some other great sounds. In my experience a lot of digital pianos do one thing really well and they fall short in other areas. This piano does not. I will say that if you are looking for a piano that has 1,000 different sounds then this is not the instrument for you. It is meant for piano players who play live with other musicians. Gotta have that Steely Dan Rhodes sound? Got it. Want that Supertramp Wurlitzer sound? No problem. Can't live without that Hohner Clav sound from Cripple Creek? Done and done. If you want something with tons of horn and string patches then this isn't your piano. Keep it simple stupid, with the classic vintage pianos/organs that made all of those old records so great. I plan on recording very soon and I know that this SV1 will definitely be on every track. Also, thanks to the folks at Sweetwater for making the process so smooth. I will certainly be ordering all of my gear from them in the future.
Music background: Semi-professional musician, aspiring artist

Real Instrument

I've played keys for 40 years. Been through lots of technology. I've seen sound and capabilities reach new heights, but you know what ? With all of that, many times the most important "vibe" of a keyboard is sterile and lacking. We get caught up in what they can do and get lost in it. This board really brought me back to having fun playing. I haven't stopped playing since I got it. Totally intoxicating , from the simple interface and layout, to the feel, to the sounds and how it all comes together. Good job Korg. A brilliant classic instrument, that plays like an instrument, and not a computer.
See also: Electric Pianos, Korg, Korg Digital Pianos