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Korg ST-SV1 Keyboard Stand Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg ST-SV1 Keyboard Stand?

Questions about the Korg ST-SV1 Keyboard Stand?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Marc
    from WV August 12, 2016Music Background:
    Rock & Blues

    Perfect Stand For The SV-1!

    When I got my SV-1 I placed it on the X-Stand that my Yamaha PSR-E433 keyboard sat perfectly on. The problem was that the SV-1 is quite heavy (38.5 lbs.) and has a much harder action then the PSR. While I played, the X-Stand would rock back and forth just enough to mess with my playing. I also worried that my big cat might climb on it and tip the whole thing over.
    Rather than two narrow feet supported by a central X shaped frame, the ST-SV1 has 4 legs and bolts to the SV-1 with two large screws. The stand unfolds very easily and once the SV-1 is on it correctly (you feel it slip into place) it bolts down quickly. This makes the whole thing quite stable and made playing the keyboard easier.
    I’m very happy with the stand and with Sweetwater’s excellent service!

  • Ken Nielsen
    from Portland, OR (USA) August 30, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Lifelong Student:- )

    Carp!!! This is one strong - well designed stand!

    I've got the SV-1 and this is the perfect stand for it. Why? Because it fits the keyboard and is not made for something else. It's stronger than a piece of gymnasium equipment and is actually 'way strong' to hold the somewhat heavy SV-1 keyboard. Here's the cool part, it sets up in a snap, the keyboard attaches perfectly (because it was MADE for it!) and the thing folds down to the smallest configuration that you couldn't imagine so that it actually fits into the accompanying SV-1 keyboard bag along with the keyboard. Korg figured this one out right. The combination of the keyboard, the Bag and the Stand is an amazing set that will have you getting around like a pro, in style and your equipment will be the right equipment that matches and works perfectly together. I and my musician friends are amazed by it.

  • Hucky
    from Los Angeles October 18, 2013Music Background:
    Rock God

    Take a Stand

    This Stand is amazing quality, sturdy and very transportable to gigs. I wish it had a cross bar for the foot pedal, but great value overall!!!

  • Amy
    from St. Louis, MO July 8, 2011Music Background:
    gigging musician

    Sturdy but a pain to put together

    very sturdy yet not too heavy to haul
    nice looking
    bolts into the bottom of the SV-1
    folds up completely flat

    I never realized until I had used one of each type, but this 4-legged shape is much more comfortable than an X shape to sit at. No more bumping shins on the crossbars!

    Maybe I'm just spoiled by the no-brainer setup of a typical X shaped stand, but this thing is a pain in the butt to set up. There are several points to the design that I think could have been improved on. For instance, the 4 little cross-braces. When not attached to the leg, these guys can spin 360 degrees! Nothing stops them from flopping around and being incredibly annoying, unless you secure each one individually with (provided) strips of velcro. Why not just design it so they can't move beyond the range you need them to?

    I also found it somewhat challenging to align the keyboard with the bolts. (The manual of course insists that you use two people for this step, but i can't be relying on people to help me out at every gig.) It is doable with one person but the addition of some shallow cone-shaped washers on the base of the keyboard would have helped to guide the bolts to the correct spot.

    Finally, it seems that the above mentioned bolts stick out a LOT when the stand is folded. When trying to fit the folded stand into the CBSV173 case (which is supposedly designed to accomodate this stand), I found that I had to remove these bolts entirely in order to zip the case. Now I've got 2 small items loose in the case and easily lost.


    It's a nice stand, and well made in terms of sturdiness. But it seems that the designer wasn't forced to set it up and tear it down 10 or 15 times before signing off on it. I'm keeping it, but it seems a tad overpriced considering some of these design issues.

  • Lindsay
    from United States December 2, 2012Music Background:
    Pro performer, teacher, songwriter

    Sitting stand only

    I was excited to get this stand-- it looks great, it's super sturdy, it folds up easily-- but disappointed to discover upon receiving it that it cannot be raised to play while standing up. It is great for sitting and playing but if you like to stand and perform like me, this is not the stand for standing.

Questions about the Korg ST-SV1 Keyboard Stand?

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