Crane Song STC-8

Discrete Class-A Compressor/Peak Limiter with Enhancement Circuit and Transformerless, Balanced I/O
Crane Song STC-8 image 1
Crane Song STC-8 image 1
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Crane Song STC-8
Special Order

Improve your Mix with the STC-8 Class-A Compressor/Limiter

Crane Song STC-8 - Clipping can sometimes be a good thing in the analog realm, but when you're dealing with digital, clipping is the deathblow to the perfect take. Lucky for us, Crane Song's STC-8 provides overload protection, and a whole lot more. Like the Trakker (above), the STC-8 can emulate vintage compressors or be used to sculpt unique new tones. We situated the STC-8 in the recording chain and pushed it hard recording a bass guitar. The end result was a fat and punchy bass line that was perfectly "seated" in the mix. Next, we put the STC-8 to work on the mix bus, and it magically tied the mix together, perfectly preserving the dynamics and actually improving the mix.

Crane Song STC-8 Standard Edition at a Glance:
  • Discrete Class-A Compressor/Peak Limiter
  • Switchable analog/tube enhancement circuit
  • Sidechain allows simultaneous compression and peak limiting
  • Transformerless, balanced I/O
Class-A Compressor/Peak Limiter

The STC-8 is a high quality stereo compressor combined with a remarkably dependable peak limiter, providing overload protection critical to digital recording and broadcast transmitters. The STC-8's compressor is engineered to provide musically transparent gain control, but is also capable of emulating vintage equipment and creating distinctive new sounds.

Switchable Enhancement Circuit

In addition, a switchable enhancement circuit creates analog and tube like warmth to enrich lifeless audio and digital recordings. This vast flexibility is simplified by the inclusion of several optimized presets, allowing fast, easy set-up on a wide variety of sounds. It can operate in true stereo or discrete independent mono, accessible by a front panel switch.

Simultaneous Compression and Peak Limiting

The STC-8's sophisticated side-chain allows both compression and peak limiting to take place simultaneously, using the same proprietary gain circuit. High signal quality is maintained by utilizing a discrete Class A audio path, and by eliminating any VCA or optical gain control elements.

Transformerless I/O

The STC-8 requires 2 rack spaces. All inputs and outputs are transformerless and balanced. The toroidal power transformer is UL approved and allows four line voltages for international use.

Crane Song STC-8 Standard Edition Applications:
  • Digital & Analog Mastering
  • System Overload Protection
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Project Studio DAW
  • Stereo Bus Compression
Crane Song STC-8 Standard Edition Features:
  • Simultaneous Compression/Limiting
  • Discrete Class A
  • Balanced/Transformerless I/O
  • Quick & Easy Presets
  • 'KI' & 'HARA' Sounds
  • Transparent Overload Protection
The Crane Song STC-8 delivers consistent gain control without sacrificing musical definition or harmonic richness!

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Additional Media

Signal Processing Buying Guide
STC-8 User Manual

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Controls PK Threshold, Preset, Meter, Gain, Threshold, Attack, Release, Shape
Frequency Response 5Hz-55kHz
Side Chain Inserts Yes
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 X XLR
Sidechain I/O DB-15
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 12.5"
Width 19"
Weight 19 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number STC-8

Customer Reviews

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Great piece of gear for any studio

I got the chance to use this unit while I was an intern at a recording studio which recently added the STC-8 to their rack. Testing it mainly for mastering my own electronic tracks, you can use this unit incorrectly and not be able to tell... it has the ability to add large amounts of clean gain with no distortion. IMO, the layout of the preset knob is the most confusing thing about the STC-8 to understand, just consult the manual and you will be able to choose your desired preset. Using the STC-8 on Variable mode while mastering a track adds a noticeable amount of gain over the presets (C preset in this case). The KI mode does add that vintage warmth, but I wouldn't jump to use it on every track as it noticeably cuts the high end. If i had the cash, I'd be adding an STC-8 to my studio immediately.

STC-8 - this compressor is so good for mixing or mastering it's scary

It is rare that I am impressed enough to write anything let alone an unsolicited review. In this case, I have to tell you, this compressor is nothing short or amazing. It has it's own character but can be totally transparent. I've used it to track and it can do both RMS and Peak Limiting in one path! I've also used it to do basic mastering (this is what many big mastering houses use) and although we don't do a lot of mastering, it did the job flawlessly. If you can only have one compressor, this would be in my short list for sure. I't just plain scary how good it is.
Music background: Owner of commercial recording and production studio
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