Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Lithium Ion Powered Fuzz Pedal

Guitar Fuzz Pedal with Die-cast Aluminum Enclosure, Volume and Fuzz Controls, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cell, and True Bypass Switching
Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Lithium Ion Powered Fuzz Pedal image 1
Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Lithium Ion Powered Fuzz Pedal image 1
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Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Lithium Ion Powered Fuzz Pedal
Special Order

Can't live without Ruby (Fuzz)

The Red Witch Ruby Fuzz guitar pedal serves up her own delectable fuzz recipe. A member of Red Witch's affordable Seven Sisters family of ultra-compact, rechargeable guitar pedals, Ruby is easy to live with. Just plug her into any regular guitar pedal power supply for four hours, and she'll happily fuzz up your guitar signal for up to 300 hours. Ruby's silicon transistors let you easily dial up anything from mild silken fuzz to a full-on saturated pyroclastic surge. If you're an electric guitarist, you gotta have fuzz. Get yours from Red Witch's Ruby Fuzz.

Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Guitar Pedal at a Glance:
  • Juice your tone arsenal with Ruby's brand of fuzz
  • Two dials are all you need
  • Ruby is rechargeable
Juice your tone arsenal with Ruby's brand of fuzz

Red Witch's Ruby Fuzz is a simple, great-sounding fuzz pedal that's uber-compact and ultra-affordable. From classic rock to contemporary fusion, the fuzz pedal has been applied to guitar signals to weave a unique musical texture - either by itself, or to aggravate the input of an already overdriven tube amp. You know that in your mix, nailing the right sound for a guitar part is often as important to the overall song as the part itself. Fuzz is an essential effect you should definitely have in your sonic toolkit.

Two dials are all you need

The Red Witch Ruby Fuzz guitar pedal has but two dials. The Volume dial controls your, uh, volume. The Fuzz dial controls amount of, well, fuzz you get. What's really great is the way these two controls interact with each other. You can dial up everything from relatively tame, silken fuzz to snarly, sputtery, full-on nasty saturation. Ruby is also, um, responsive, and she cleans up nicely. Lastly, Ruby Fuzz is easy to operate - you can nail the perfect fuzz effect for your guitar in seconds. And time - as we know - is music.

Ruby Fuzz is rechargeable

Aside from her size (petite), Ruby Fuzz is remarkable for her eating habits. By that, of course, we mean power consumption. See, Ruby Fuzz - like all her Seven Sisters - is rechargeable. Simply plug her into a regular guitar pedal power supply for four hours and she'll reward you with up to 300 hours of nonstop musical delight. Check out Red Witch's Ruby Fuzz. She wants to perform for you.

Red Witch Ruby Fuzz Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Easy to use, musical-sounding and affordable
  • Rechargeable - simply connect Ruby Fuzz to a regular guitar pedal power supply
  • Charge for four hours and get up to 300 hours of actual use
  • Lithium Ion cell and internal charging circuitry (just like your cell phone)
  • Compact and pedalboard-friendly (I/O is on the end, for a neat wiring setup)
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • True bypass switching
Put Red Witch's Ruby Fuzz in your pedalboard and let her scream!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Fuzz
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cell
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number SSRU001

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like any redhead.... takes some getting used to (and yes, I can say that, I am married to a redhead). I received this pedal and the Eve Tremolo for Christmas (see my review of Eve). Wow, was this a disappointment initially! Scratchy and absolutely killed the volume. I had to have the volume knob pegged to get ANYTHING out of the amp. Fortunately, when I registered the pedals -- which bumped the warranty to 4 years, by the way -- I read the Red Witch FAQs. The one and only FAQ for Ruby was what to do if the pedal was too scratchy and had low volume. Thank the guitar gods! You have to dismantle the poor thing to get at the pots but in doing so you see that the construction is really top notch. You could probably drive a truck over the case without destroying it. Adjustments may take a couple tries (and the pots are tiny, tiny, tiny) but worth the effort. Instead of returning it as defective I will continue to explore the potential. I don't think this will ever be my favorite pedal (I am, admittedly, an acoustic player primarily) but my inner Jimi Hendrix may yet win out. For the price point and the size (OMG its tiny! All 7 of the Seven Sisters will easily fit on my Gator four pedal board plus more!) this is a great line of simple, effective pedals. Just buy one and see, you won't be disappointed.
Music background: hobbyist with some paid gigs
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