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Line 6 StageSource L3t 1400W 3-way Smart Speaker System Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L3t 1400W 3-way Smart Speaker System?

Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L3t 1400W 3-way Smart Speaker System?

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  • from Richmond. Indiana July 4, 2016Music Background:
    Played in a band for 21 years, and have been performing as a guitarist/vocalist for 16 years.

    Top Quality Sound for the Guitarist/Vocalist

    I am a guitarist/vocalist and have been using a Fishman SA220 for about the last 5 years. It is a fine piece of equipment and if you are looking for a light weight, excellent sounding PA, it is the perfect choice for the guitarist/vocalist.

    I just picked up a Line 6 L3T and am very impressed with the sound. If you don't mind the extra weight (57 lbs versus 25 lbs for the Fishman), it puts out a noticeably fuller, clearer sound, with more power than the Fishman, and with the Smart Speaker selections it allows you to instantly change the overall sound for different rooms or set-ups. (for use as a floor monitor, front of house speaker, backline amp, or a standalone PA system.) I bought an Ultimate Support TS-70B speaker stand for it.

    The set-up I use is a JTV69S Variax guitar, Fender Mustang IIIV2 amp, TC Helican Voice-Harmony GTX, Shure SM58 microphone,and the Line 6 L3T.

    When I have the JTV69S on an acoustic guitar setting I run it through the Line 6 L3T and use the acoustic modeling control....for all other settings of the JTV69S I run it through the Fender Mustang IIIV2.

    I set the L3T directly to the right of me and, with the controls on the side of the PA, I can just reach over and easily make any adjustments that may be needed.

    The Line 6 L3T is very well constructed and the carrying bag is well worth getting with it. There is a flap on the bag that opens so that you can carry it by the handle on the speaker, and it also has wheels for rolling it over smooth surfaces.

    I highly recommend the Line 6 L3T and I recommend getting it from Sweetwater Music. They give you a free 2 year warranty, free shipping, and free tech support.

  • from Minnesota March 22, 2016


    I've been a Fishman SA 220 user for about 4 years... After it stopped working I decided I was ready for an upgrade... Initially I tried the new Mackie Reach system but that didn't work out too well and I had to return it... My salesman Derek Kemp hooked me up with the Line 6 L3T instead (same price) and all I can say is wow!! What a difference ! This is how an acoustic rig should sound! My Taylor 914ce sounds amazing without any adjustments all controls set flat.. Vocals are clear and crisp...again with very little adjustment needed.. Plenty of power and then some... It's a little on the heavier side but I had no problem hoisting it up on my speaker stand (and I'm really not a big guy).. If I knew how incredible this thing sounds I would have gotten one a long time ago.. Just waiting for my gig bag now and I'm good to go.. Thank you Sweetwater and Derek Kemp :)

  • from SF Bay November 22, 2015Music Background:
    Pro gigger

    Thats what im talking about

    Ok so i show up to a small gig, little band---just brought the one speaker. Place turns into a straight dance party. Got asked to turn down twice. Kicking bass and keys and vocals thru it -- sounded great, clear and loud! Gonna get a second one just to blow peoples heads iff if needed. Great keyboard amp too!!! Thanks to Delvin Wolf for keeping me happy, ive been thru a lot of speakers lately and now ive found mine. Amen!

  • from Stockton il May 8, 2015

    Dream sound

    The quality is high this is sound with little to know sound distortion. I use this in combo with the Behringer xr18 what a combo.

  • from Castle Rock, CO December 15, 2014Music Background:
    Player, engineer, pro, and hobbyist

    Great for keys

    This is one of my few no-regret music equipment purchases. I went ahead and spent the money this quality powered speaker, and it's like I can hear all my keyboards for the first time.

  • from Lafayette. September 21, 2014

    Clear, Clean and Prestine Sound

    My wife and I have a music ministry and I needed more than just a PA. I needed a Sound station that was quick and easy to set up and light. And the most Important it had to be crisp at a low volume, it's easy to get a good sound when you are pushing the power but the proof of really good equipment is when you sing in a small Church and with the volume Low , low and the sound is Prestine. I love mine, I will soon be getting another to link together. Can't wait to hear that. Try the line six you will not be disappointed.

  • from North Coast of CA, USA October 19, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Amateur Live & Recording Engineer

    Simply Amazing

    Simply amazing! Loud and clear! Used these with L3s subs and m20d mixer, and the L6 Link. Was a bit sceptical about the 10" speakers, but was blown away with the clarity of these and this system.
    Had them mounted on the short poles on top of the L3s on either side of the stages. You'll want to get the poles, even though they look like they sit flush when on the short poles, for stability, especially in earthquake country. Had these up on an high stage, mounted as such, when an earthquake struck. These and the subs didn't budge with the posts, but I can see where they could've toppled without the posts, as everything else in the room was swaying heavily.
    All the bands, and myself, were quite satisfied with the sound from these & the system.

  • from Los Angeles August 30, 2013Music Background:
    gigging musician singer

    So good -I hate to tell you

    I bought 2 and connect them using L6 Link cables. Sound is loud clear and you can use the line input and also the RCA input at the same time as the mic inputs. They are perfect dimensions and load in car easily and fit in tight spaces and I have placed them behind the band without feedback issues and no monitor. They're heavy, but I use the air stands to assist in raising up to correct ht. The handles are sturdy and rubber bumpers work well. I also own the stagescape mixer and 4 L3m two L3s speakers and wanted these for smaller gigs.

  • from Hesperia, CA April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Pro for 40 years

    Love these speakers!

    Let me start out by telling you that I am a loyal Line 6 user and have been since I bought their first guitar amp in 1996. I know the quality of their gear so when my old Carvin PA needed replacing, I purchased two L3t speakers and am very happy with my choice. The fact that these speakers can take care of absolutely any amplification situation is a big plus! I have tried all the applications I could think of. Hey, they even work as recording monitors and even though I put them on stands at first, they sound great just sitting on the floor. I'm only using them for recording right now but I wouldn't hesitate to use them on stage. I think my next purchase will be the new mixer that really lets you use them to their full potential.

  • from Youngstown OH October 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording/Live sound

    Serious Musicians Only

    This speaker is a must have for everyone from small vocal/piano or guitar duo in a hotel lobby to band at a large venue. I have used it for both, and let me just say that this is just rediculous.

    I had QSC k series and they were great no complaints at all. These line six speaker are just in another ball park. I have the complete system. 2 l3t, 2l3m, and 2 l3s. I also have the M20d Stagescape (check there for review)
    this systems greatest feature in my opinoin is L6link. WOW!!!!!!! I dont have to do anything in the line of setting up for the gig. This saves so much time and yields such great results, you will not be sorry.

    The reason I said serious musicians only was because this system is a lot of money. Sure you can get one speaker and enjoy 10% of the benefits But to get the full spectrum, You Need The Full System. Guitar/vocals wont be disappionted with L3t at all.

  • from SoCal August 4, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Great Sounding

    I already had a couple of Stagesource L2t speakers that have worked and sounded great. I wanted to pick up the L3t as an extra option. I couple them with a Behringer B1200D subwoofer (or two) and these things are just great. Clean, clear vocals as well as whatever else I put into it including some kick drum, overhead, bass and guitar. The sound dispersion is great - not quite 180 degrees like my Bose system, but pretty darn good for me! I like the punchiness that it brings, while also maintaining the clarity of the vocals. And like the Bose, I've placed this right by the drummer with the Bass Amp next to it and myself on the other side of the drummer - No floor monitors needed!

    I've been able to use just the L3t and the B1200D for outdoor patio/backyard shows with no lack of luster or punch.

  • from Upstate NY February 26, 2015Music Background:
    just a parent of a young seasoned guitar player

    acoustically speaking

    Originally purchased an acoustic guitar amp for my son. He has a show coming up in school. The amp had really good sound but not enough volume for the school auditorium. I contacted David Cochran to make the exchange for the L3t. David got this done in only a few days turn around time. I chose the L3t over the L2t just because I know Matt will grow into this. We are so happy with this thing. So much better than a dedicated acoustic amp. He will grow into this and probably get the other side and have the beginnings of a pretty nice pa. I gave it 4.5 stars now but soon I would think 5 will be in order. Just would like to use it and see but Matt and I are feeling really good about this purchase. Thanks David Cochran for all of your help.

  • from Longmont, CO May 26, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Musician

    Well worth the money

    I have nothing but good things to say about these speakers. I have used them for general PA at motorcycle events and as a part of live sound for a progressive rock band and the StageSource speakers are great. One of the hardest things to control when multiple people are using microphones is the feedback. On one event, the band before us had people grabbing for their ears with a couple feedback episodes. With the StageSource speakers you can almost walk directly in front of the speaker with the microphone and no feedback. Of course the sound is amazing as well. If you need speakers that have a great sound, no feedback, and the versatility to be used as PA, monitors, or for small gigs, your whole sound system, these are the speakers for you. At 1400 watts per speaker, you can't go wrong. I will be adding more of these to my live setup.

  • from Worcester, MA May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Musician in a band

    Awesome -

    I bought this primarily for use as an acoustic amp and for when our band does small shows. Bass player plays upright and he's going to get one too. I'm hoping we can tie the vocals between the 2 of them if and when he gets one. So far last night we had a rehearsal with it. Prior to that I was going from Fishman Aura Pedal (the big one) into a K12 which sounded pretty **** good. But this thing is the cats ***. My resonators have highlander pickups and I go from those into the Aura, into the mixer portion of this speaker. I found the setting (pa) not (acoustic) guitar to work best for what I'm using. I suppose that plugging my J45 with matrix UST pickup would have sounded good with the acoustic setting but with the aura pedal, set as PA mode seemed to sound best. All Eq were set default or flat and the thing sounded amazing. Even with our "hit em hard as you can drummer" we could hear this thing no problem, even with the volume set at 12:00. I realize I'm not using it for it's primary purpose, but this is a unique speaker that can do it all, and it's about time someone came up with something good like this. It's sort of like a Fishman soloamp but on steroids. At 1400 watts, this is what intrigued me about using this as an acoustic amp. Now I can use my Mesa MKV for the heavy stuff and this for the acoustic stuff. Loud as **** and sounds stellar. All across the tonal spectrum. Nice warm bass, no harsh top end and nice scooped mids even with default settings. I like it so much I might get another as well. What I'd love to see is some variation on the reverb. There's only one setting and I like my reverb a little more dense. Seems to sound thin for vocals, but that's not the primary reason I bought it. What they call modulation effect is just chorus, sounds decent. The price is right too, for what you get, but the bag is a tad expensive. I could see like $80 for the bag, but > $100 is a bit too much. But I hate having stuff unprotected, so I got the bag as well.

  • from Walla Walla March 13, 2013Music Background:
    DJ, Promoter

    Great Speaker

    This thing is solid. It seems built well and it is easy to manage. It has a large comfortable handle on the side and places to grab on both ends. The settings on this thing are amazing. I have not been able to utilize all of what it can do yet.
    Only con is that the clip light comes on usually around half way. I was hoping this speaker would have been a little louder. (But it is still quite loud).
    A potential design flaw, the knobs for the mic settings, acoustic guitar etc. are on the opposite side of the handle. This could cause a problem if carrying the speaker and setting it down (handle up) on something.

  • from Alabama January 9, 2017Music Background:
    bedroom player, church player

    L3t is perfect companion to POD HD 500X

    I was looking for a way to reproduce at home what I hear on the PA at church so that I could tune the sound on the POD 500X. I previously ran it into a CyberTwin at home, but no matter how I set it, the sound was always different(of course). Using the L3t, I am able to more closely replicate the sound and tune accordingly. Not to mention that it just sounds great, whether cranking it up or just at low volumes (when trying not to wake the family late at night).

    Also, If I ever need to play anywhere other than the house, it can do that. And it can play music from my phone, but not as well when playing guitar through it - it goes into guitar mode, which distorts the sound of the mp3s. And it works perfectly well as an acoustic guitar amp.

  • from Racine Wi. U.S.A. September 3, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend musician for 40 years

    Great sound

    I use the L3t as a stage monitor for vocals and it sounds as good as the mains. I like the reverb it has and the feedback suppression seems to work great too. I can see me later getting the sub and building a PA for soloing.

  • from Martha's Vineyard, MA August 16, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician, composer,engineer

    DEPENDABILITY ! ! ! Not with these guys....

    When I first received my first L3t I was amazed at the clarity and functionality of the mixer and speaker. Though,a little heavy ,the handle performed well and speakers got loud and clear. Bought a 2nd a few weeks later. After about a month of limited use (my main PA is all QSC 'K' series-excellent!) The voice-coil in one fried,got a replacement. Another died-solder joint from amp to speaker, then a 3rd-input module crackling. Now my 4th has developed an input crackling problem. What gives Line 6???Sweetwater has been a gem and Jeff Law and Sara Hood have bent over backward to make this right. I blame LIne 6 quality control! The design is great, but execution poor with shoddy components!

Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L3t 1400W 3-way Smart Speaker System?

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