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Line 6 StageSource L2t 800W 2-way Smart Speaker System Reviews

4.5 stars based on 24 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L2t 800W 2-way Smart Speaker System?

Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L2t 800W 2-way Smart Speaker System?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Temecula, CA November 3, 2016

    Great FRFR for use with Helix

    I was somewhat hesitant to purchase this for use with my Helix as I have a DT50 that I was going to use. After reading several reviews on FRFR speakers I thought I'd go with it. I hooked up both with the L6 Link and there really is no comparison between the two - the DT50 was good but the L2T just has an awesome sound. Can't wait to gig with it.

  • from August 9, 2016


    Solid piece of gear, very versatile,, sounds good. I use this as my floor monitor. I run Helix to the board then the entire band back to the L2t. With 800w there is plenty of power and headroom. With the L6 link i/o and built in 2 channel mixer, this speaker can be used in a variety of ways. Can be set at 2 different angle via the handle or 2 retractable legs. I like this product.

  • from Az March 7, 2016Music Background:
    30 years playing guitar in metal/punk/alternative/rock bands.

    Love it!

    My L2t is pulling double-duty-- my band plays both electric and acoustic shows and the Stagesource handles both superbly. For electric shows I play a Les Paul or a PRS Custom 24 into a Line 6 Helix (incredible unit!) into the L2t. It's louder than I'll ever need, sounds superb and has a wider spread to the sound than a 4x12 or combo amp. The best part is I can fit my whole rig in my trunk and can be set up in about 5 minutes. For acoustic shows it's even easier-- all I need is my guitar and L2t. I plug into the mixer so I have EQ and can add reverb or chorus, it sounds awesome. Switching from one setup to the next is simply a matter of hitting a button on the back and turning on (or off) the feedback suppression. It's solidly built too, I've never had any kind of issue after 2 years of steady gigging with it (I used an HD500X with it before I got my Helix).

  • from Louisiana January 3, 2016Music Background:
    Austin, TX

    Awesome speaker

    I was skeptical in the beginning because I loved the sound of my tube amp. However, this sucker really surprised me. It sounds awesome. I'm very glad I got it.

  • from San Antonio, TX July 7, 2015

    Perfect with the HD500X

    I actually own the Line 6 HD500X and L2m bundle. But when the other guitarist in my band bought a HD500X as well I quickly bought the L2t so we could both be rocking the same awesome bundles that we both use in live and recording situations. Nothing but praise for this product when I hooked it up to the HD500X. The mixer controls on the side were just an added bonus. I hooked up my Ovation to the side panel and was pleasantly surprised at the acoustic modeling feature. If you own a HD500X, you need this speaker to take full advantage of the L6 link feature. When a HD500X and L2t are connected by the L6 link connection the default setting is electric guitar combo. Switch it to studio direct on the HD500X and House PA on the L2t and you will have a close representation of the dream rig.

  • from Indianapolis, IN March 28, 2015

    Love it!

    this piece is amazing. The versatility of this is huge. I like it some much this is the second one I purchased.

  • from Grants Pass, OR February 17, 2015Music Background:
    pro musician - singer/songwriter/performer

    Perfect for a Singer/Songwriter/Performer

    1st: A shout to Yuval, my sales rep at Sweetwater and the sales team for all their input - you guys rock!

    Okay - The L2T: 5 Stars! - it did not take long to get blown away by this.

    You can dial this thing in, in (literally) minutes and start performing... if it needs tweaking while you are playing... it's easy to do on the fly as the controls are right next to you, or in reach... depending on how close you choose to be to it. I like it to my right about 3 ft away and about a 18 inches in front of my mics. (It's just me, my guitar and my vocal... so this works quite well)

    I borrowed a friends Sampson Q7 mics... one for vocal and one for my acoustic guitar. I play a Martin cut-away. I did plug it in direct to test the modeling device and I thinks its very good. I simply prefer a mic on my acoustic. The Q7 is a Super Cardioid mic - so it focuses in on the sound of both my voice and the guitar and picks up NO surrounding noise - and the L2T sounds absolutely fantastic. Once you get the EQ setting for your guitar and your vocal... they really only require minimal tweaking at each gig depending on where you are performing.

    Side note... I will be buying two Sampson Q7's as they DO NOT feed back... also - because I place the L2T diagonal and to the side of my mics (as needed when using super-cardioid mics) this keeps the mics from feeding back. The Q7's really sound nice on my vocal and my Martin... but enough abut the mics.. and back to the L2T

    The reverb sounds great and the mod sounds very good also. On my voice I can dial in the verb as needed... basically it's a "Hall" setting. I almost never use verb on my guitar (although it always depends on the venue), but I do dial in a small mount of mod and my Martin sounds wonderful!

    The L2T has one High, 2 Mids and one Low... and it is really all that's needed (at least for me in my set-up) and they dial in quickly. My Martin mic'd with the Sampson Q7 and dialed in with the EQ settings on the L2T really blew be away... very, very accurate reproduction of my Martin. Same goes for my voice.... crystal clear and "spot-on" accurate reproduction of my voice.

    You've got a Master Gain in back... and then two main gains for each channel. One vocal and the other for guitar. You can mic the guitar (which I prefer) or you can go direct and use the acoustic modeling, which (I think) sounds fine... but I don't think sounds as good as any acoustic when mic'd. But that my preference.

    I did read one review where the person felt it wasn't loud enough. I have yet to fell that way.

    I play wineries and small venues maybe 50 to 150 people- sometime more - and I find this projects more than adequate and as needed. I also bought a stand for the L2T and so it sits at about 4 to 5 ft high at any particular venue.

    There is still more to the L2T, but for now... this is a basic review and I hope it is helpful to anyone in the market and looking at the L2T

    Like I said this review is really for the singer/songwriter/performer. If this is you... then I think this is the way to go.

    I think weather you are a beginner or pro - as a singer/songwriter//performer... the L2T rocks. You won't be sorry if you get one!

    ... and one more shout to the guys at Sweetwater... I have talked to them about mics... the L2T and more... and they are always friendly, helpful and never pushy. they really do a great job!

  • from El Paso, TX October 27, 2014Music Background:
    Semi- pro guitar player for 5 decades.

    It was all true!

    I've bought too many items with great reviews and praises from players. I needed and wanted something to cover my acoustic guitar and electric to minimize what I'd take to a gig. The videos made the L2t so tempting and player reviews from pro musicians made it seem too good to be true. But I made my choice and placed my order. I have no regrets.

    This is the beat portable system my acoustic (with an LR Baggs Lyric mic) has ever sounded through. I tried other brands with high hopes, but walked away. Line 6 is giving a full range sound that represents my guitar!

    The big surprise was how well my Don Grosh electric guitar sounded through the L2t without a POD or any pre-amp pedal. The other players were amazed too. I hope I can grab another in the the next year and go stereo.

    It's more than loud enough, exceptionally clean and user friendly. The positive things I read and watched were all true.

  • from Rogers Arkansas June 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Perfect Solo System

    Wow. Exactly what I've needed all along. I am a vocalist/guitarist. I use a vocalist 2 for harmonies and a drum machine. Of course I plug my vocals and guitar into the 2 dedicated channels. I plug my drum machineiinto the input on the back. I discovered this speaker measures 23 1/2 inches tall. So, I made a "seat" to fit perfectly on top out of 3/4 plywood and painted it to match. Now it also serves as my stool. Talk about a small footprint! I utilize the built-in feedback suppression at the "medium" setting. I can play as loud as needed with no hint of feedback, and I can hear everything great. I play a lot of outdoor venues (farmers markets etc.) and I've been asked on more than one occasion to turn it down. I get numerous compliments on my awesome "sound". They all say the "sound" seems to appear out of nowhere. In addition, when I want to record to my Tascam DR-40, I simply plug into the output on the back that carries the "mix" from all 3 channels and I get a perfect recording every time. You simply can not go wrong with this system. I will own more of these and the subs as well in the future. They are soooo versatile. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

  • from Columbus, Ohio June 2, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging/Touring Musician with 25 years of experience

    So Glad I Purchased This!

    I've been gigging for 25 years and I have had all kind of equipment. In an effort to scale back my gigging rig, I decided to check out the L2T and L2M, with the L6 Link cable and a Pod HD500X. Wow, I am glad I did. I've had several practices and a couple gigs with it. The FOH sound was amazing and my tone on stage was great. Plenty of clean headroom (800 watts!) and a perfect FRFR set up!

    Don't hesitate!

  • from Northern, CA April 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Line 6 L2t

    I have been struggling my whole career with sound for keyboards. I won't list everything I've used (too much to list) but I will say that I've stayed away from big/large systems...it's my back you know, like so many others. This new L6 L2t is as close to perfection as I've ever encountered. It is so pure and balanced that I can hear how terrific my keyboard actually sounds - its virtues and its shortcomings; it's like getting a new keyboard, and I love it! I'm only playing through one right now and intend to add one more 'L2m' so I can take advantage of the stereo link feature these have. You need to play through one to appreciate it...I suspect you'll love it too. Although Line 6 seems to place an emphasis on guitar players with these units, I can tell you this is a 'do it all' system and works great for keyboards - tons of punch and pure, rich, accurate sound - simply put, the best speaker cab I've ever played through! Best, R

  • from North Coast of CA, USA March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Amateur Live & Recording Engineer

    Very Versatile Speakers

    The L2ts are great for mains, monitors, as well as working extremely well in the place of guitar/acoustic guitar/keyboards/etc amplifier cabinets.
    I replaced 4 amplifiers with 2 of these L2ts, and am very pleased!

  • from MO December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar hacker for 30 years

    Killer acoustic sound

    Love the flat response and note separation. It sounds like my guitar only louder, perfect! Had a relative that owns a Bose system that he paid 3 times what this cost.. He liked the Line 6 better!!!!

  • from Myrtle Beach, SC November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Sound Engineer, Pro Performer, DJ.

    Just what the Sound Doctor ordered!

    Not only are these babies clean and loud, but the sound is pristine and as close to 'studio quality' on stage as I've heard. The accelerometer DOES work! I had one set up in a small room on the floor and slightly leaned back against the wall. During the set it managed to slowly slip down until it was lying flat on the floor, but the sound NEVER changed. It took 20 minutes before I even noticed and that was by looking over at it. The gentleman who had a problem with low volume on his piezo pickup probably needed to use a pre-amp before plugging into the Line 6. I'm using an LR Baggs acoustic pickup on My Guild F47M with NO problem whatsoever. I could go on & on, but here's the thing, I run sound for all kinds of acts and I regularly use JBL,EV, Bose, Peavey, Yorkville & Carvin systems. The Line 6 L2t beats them all hands down!

  • from Bay Area October 18, 2013Music Background:
    More than a garage band, not quite semi pro

    True FRFR for the guitarist

    I just completed the Dreamrig by purchasing an L2t (JTV-69, HD 500, L2t). I recieved it last Thursday and played it Saturday at a gig. I have never been so excited, out of the gate, after buying a piece of equipment and using it for the first time.

    First the ease of setup.

    It took me only 10 minutes to be ready for our gig. The L2t is so easy to haul. It wasn't cumbersome like a 4-12 cabinent, a Marshal head or even a 50w combo 2-12. The handle was beefy and the small package was well balanced.

    When playing, the clarity of sound cut through the mix, regardless of the patch. Accoustic tones were precise and and very nuanced, there is no doubt it was an accoustic guitar. I also, played an electric mandolin through my same accoustic pathes. Amazing. The chourus on the electric guitars tones shimmer and and when you want to get dirty the growl is throaty and has balls.

    Whats is most impressive is the way the rig lets you play the dynamics, close your eyes and you can feel the "amp and guitar", just amazing. It has 800w of power! Hook up your modeler, set the volume on the L2t and Rock. I love my JTV and HD. But I will never give up my L2t

  • from Providence, RI USA August 28, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio Engineer

    Soundsuch bigger than it is.

    I bought this to simulate my Vetta HD rig with two 2x12 cabs and two 4x12 cabs AND two m-Audio PA cabs (for guitar synth and reverbs&delays). Using my POD HD500x and two L2t speakers, I can simulate my big gig rig and throw it all in the backseat of my wife's Nissan Altima. It really sounds big. The HD500x cranks and sounds like an amp, and the reverb, delays and GR55 guitar synth sound clear...never mushy. I lve my big rig and nothing will ever replace it, but this comes really close...and it fits in my backseat...pretty cool.

  • from San Francisco April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Pro Performer, techno geek.

    Much more than most powered Speakers

    I have owned every brand of speaker made ranging from Yamaha to QSC and have been doing liver performance for 15 years.
    This speaker not only sounds better it does so much more. It has three inputs, with volume control over to of the channels, and effects on two of the channels. I purchased this for music playback but it works really well as a guitar amp. I am l selling all of my other equipment. The only thing this does not have is the heavy bottom end of the QSC K12 but the low end bass response is still very good. More importantly you can don't need a mixer to adjust the sound. It also is amazing that you can expand the system by literally plugging in another line 6 speaker and it will create stereo sound automatically.

  • from Upstate, NY August 11, 2016Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Great Versatile Little Speaker

    This speaker is so versatile.. It is kind of a "Go to Speaker".. I have much PA Gear and use different configurations but I will say that it is very rare that this thing doesn't go to a gig with me. I have used it as an Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, A keyboard amp, A monitor, A self Contained PA system for quiet gigs and have even used it as an Electric guitar amp once (with a Tech 21 RK-5 pedal). The different modes work very well to shape the sound on a stage.

    My only complaint is that it doesn't handle really low frequencies as well as my K10's do..

    It is built like a tank! Though the cabinet is a bit heavy and bulky, the Rubberized top keeps the speaker looking pretty. The handle is solid and the wood cabinet gives great tone. The Grill is super strong and durable. The controls are recessed perfectly.. Some serious engineering went into the cabinet alone..

    The built in channel controls are amazing. From Acoustic ensembles, Solo acoustic quiet settings, to Rock and Roll shows, Practices for acoustic, Keyboards or lined in guitars... This speaker always has a use and is one of the pieces of equipment that i feel I truly have got my money's worth out of..

  • from Huntington Indiana January 9, 2016Music Background:
    Local Band's play guitar/keyboard's 30 year's

    Stage Source Lt2

    Very happy with this speaker,wasnt sure about the 10" driver in it. useing it with a JTV69 and a hd 500 plus keyboard's. It handled everything very well, Would be nice to grab another one someday. can't go wrong with this in place of a guitar amp.The L6 cable is a nice option.

  • from Seattle, WA December 15, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Impressive, but miss a couple of features

    Sound-wise this speaker is decidedly superior to my old PA, which in all fairness was great, and the best available at the time I bought it. But these speakers are much fuller. A few things I don't care for are really around the bells and whistles, at the core this is a fantastic speaker. On my nit-pick list:
    - No mute button
    - No phantom power on either channel
    - guitar modeler doesn't hold a candle to my Fishman Aura Spectum, but could be useful if you don't already have one.
    - Just one easily covers a 300 person room.
    - Great mixer
    - 12 channels of feedback, not that you should ever need that many, but can be a lifesaver in difficult rooms.
    If you are looking for a powered speaker with built-in mixer you can run as a single or a pair for guitar/vocal, this is for you.

  • from Browns mills , Nj April 10, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician, home studio recorder

    Compact, crystal clear , speakers. Must try!!!

    If you are thinking about these bad boys just do it. Sound quality is superb. Plenty of volume when used with my studio live mixer. I originally bought one to use as a frfr solution for the pod hd and bias. Now I have two and use them for everything from playback, monitors , guitars, it's my new go to. There are a couple things I wish were a bit improved.
    1. When using the internal mixer on each speaker you have to have two line 6 link cables attached. This one bugs me for speakers that talk digitally why can't this be done on one cable. Kinda minor but one more thing that has to be hooked up.
    2. The speaker modes need to be changed on each speaker. Again kinda minor but wish they would stay in mode left them in. And if they are linked should only have to change one.
    3. Lastly bass response is good but won't blow you away. I wasn't expecting much from a single 10. They are good, but I'll probably be adding a sub down the road.

    That's it. Try them overall they are the best pair of pa speakers I own. If you are concerned about bass get a sub or try the lt3. For guitar or standard pa use these things can really sing !!!!

  • from Charleston,S.C. USA November 1, 2013Music Background:
    I played trumpet in many bands and my son has been in bandstand

    My son loves the Line 6 StageSource L2t

    I bought this for my son.He is very happy with the sound of the unit.He likes the ease of use and for him it is simple to under stand how it works.He likes that you can build up your system with other components.The Line 6 StageSource L2t will allow him to perform without having to lug a bunch of equipment every time.

  • from Kansas City January 15, 2014Music Background:

    Line 6 Stage Source L2t

    I like the sounds I'm getting out of my jazz guitar and vocals. I'm still trying to figure out how to dial in a better sound on my acoustic selmer (gypsy) guitar. I'm using a Schertler dyn pickup and am not really happy with the overall sound. The L2t is great. It's very versatile, nice sound and easy to dial in.

  • from Los Angeles March 12, 2015Music Background:
    Part-Time Pro

    Good... While it Lasts

    I agree with the other reviewers, this speaker has amazing sound, is a nice mate for POD users and great for solo performers in general. The issue with mine is that after little more than a year, I started getting intermittent dropout (silence) on one of the channels. I really didn't expect something like this from a product in this price range, not to mention so soon and with very light and careful usage. I'm not planning to buy any more Line 6 speakers (or products) in the near future.

Questions about the Line 6 StageSource L2t 800W 2-way Smart Speaker System?

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