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Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Modern Classic - Cherry Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Anderson, SC June 5, 2015Music Background:
    Serious Amateur

    Gibson Hummingbird

    The only thing I changed was to replace the Tusq saddle and Nut with bone. The set up was by Mike Weems in Anderson, SC. When the guitar came back it went from very good to, "OH MY HEAVENS!" People stop me every where I play it an ask me why my guitar is so loud and well balanced. I have had several Collings and Bourgesois owners tell me they thought it was one of the best guitars they ever played. The sounds is awesome and the action is more like an electric.

  • from Centre Alabama April 1, 2015Music Background:


    Back in 1972 I bought a Yamaha fg300 from the" Music Mart" in Smyrna Ga. As you probably know, this was a knockoff of the Gibson "Humingbird". I loved the way it sounded not being able to play at all then, hell I was impressed! Anyway, as the years went by and I raised kids and ran my business, I never found time to even learn how to play at all. In 2012 I found myself retired and suddenly seemed to have time on my hands. One day about that time I pulled the old guitar out from under the bed where it had quietly
    and patiently spent most of it's life. That's when I decided to try my hand at learning a little. I started trying to learn some of my old favorites from Prine, Kristofferson, Waylon, and so many more I hadn't even begun to realize just how many truely great songwriters there were. Anyway, as I progressed little by little over the past few years, my wife actually began to sit and listen. She would even ask me to play this or that and seemed to enjoy my efforts. All the while I'd occasionally mention that though my Yamaha sounded pretty good to me, it still wasn't the "real thing". Imagine my surprise and the blown away feeling I had when I came home one day not too long ago to find this big ole box in my closet. My bride had sought you out and purchased for me a beautiful Gibson "Hummingbird"! I just hope I'll someday be able to do it the justice it deserves. I love it !!! She told me how helpful and knowledgable you guys were and how you made it easy to get just the right guitar. I now have "The Real Thing" Thank you so much!
    John Forrest

  • from Northwest PA December 10, 2014Music Background:
    Retried Studio Musician

    Best I played

    I've owned To many acoustics according to my wife. One thing however I know a good one when I hear. I bought my Humminbird used it is a 2014 model. I love the feel of the neck and the nut width. If the neck is not comfortable you won't be happy with how it plays. My Hummingbird plays fast and easy. The sound is awesome the bass much deeper than I expected and it has great tonal balance. Unplugged it can be a powerhouse if you need it to be. I changed the saddle to a custom fossilized saddle and also did the same with plastic pins it came with. The strings I went with a medium/ light gauge over the light gauge it came with. This really upgraded the sound and volume of the Hummingbird. The finish is beautiful and over all workmanship is outstanding. This Hummingbird plays as good as it looks. To me it is the best I have played and I own several top of the line models mostly Martins. Don't over look the Gibson Hummingbird it is one amazing acoustic.

  • from Central PA June 30, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, collector

    Gibson Hummingbird

    I've wanted a Gibson Hummingbird my whole life. I've owned an Epiphone HB, and it was a good guitar, but it just wasn't a Gibson. The Gibson is outstanding in every way. The looks, the finish, the set up, the sound - everything. I love this thing!

  • from Manhattan, KS June 28, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome service

    Just wanted to say that I just bought my Gibson Hummingbird today and the customer service at sweet water was exceptional. I bought the guitar at 1:00pm on Wednesday and it arrived in great condition at 10:00am on Friday. Hell of a job sweet water, you haven't disappointed me yet....

  • from piedmont,sc/29673 July 6, 2010Music Background:
    Hobby,play with some freinds, finger pick too

    Gibson Hummingbird

    I own a Gibson Hummingbird ,a 1995 year and it has gold tuners on it. Plays and sounds better then any of the others guitars I own. It is in top(new) shape,and still smells brand new. It is in +A condition a light color ( not Cherry Sunburst) and would never sell it for I don't beleive I could replace it. I had a pick-up put inside so you can't see it and the plug in is where the strap goes, so no extra holes.Bought it used, was only a year old,had it checked out. Did it come new with Gold Tuners or did someone replace them. Has no dings, no blems. Great Guitar.

  • from Ohio March 25, 2009Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Musician


    I think this guitar is brilliant. Studio use its amazing, i dont really plug it in so i cant really say how that sounds, but wow.....the tone is sooooo even

  • from Carson City, Nevada November 16, 2008Music Background:

    One of the best!!!

    I had a new Hummingbird in 1963. I sold it to take a trip to Las Vegas in 1964. I really couldn't afford to replace it at the time. I just bought a new one, all I can say is, "wow", I won't be selling this one. It is a keeper and will stay in the family. I will say that there are better electronic available but if you just want to hear a great sounding guitar with no frills, this is it!

  • from Covington Georgia September 18, 2006Music Background:
    songwriter, guitarist, singer Walnut Grove Bluegrass, Classic Country, Pine Valley Boys


    Best guitar I have ever played. I have martin , laravee, etc and nothing comes close to the sound and beauty of the Hummingbird. And with the pickup its a must for any type of music. Ive playted with some of the best players in the biz from bluegrass, gospel to country and they all say nothing but a Gibson

  • from monticello, ny November 15, 2009Music Background:

    Gibson Hummingbird in live performance

    i have been playing out with this quitar for about a year and it has held up exceptionally well. inevitably the quitar will get dings and scratches and many will not want to subject such a beautifull guitar to such abuse especially since the price of this guitar has risen so drastically in the past two years. The pickup systen is a simple one with no eq built in. It has a volume control placed on the inside edge of the soundhole which prevents the use of a feedback buster which will present a problem for live performance if the stage volume is high.

  • from Monticello, new york November 15, 2009Music Background:
    pro musician

    tips for owners of the Gibson Hummingbird Modern Classic Guitar

    It's important to keep new strings on this guitar to bring out the sweetness of the tone which is quite delicate.

  • from monticello, N.Y. December 20, 2008Music Background:
    pro musician

    an honest assessment of this guitar by a professional musician

    gibson has placed a volume control in the soundhole which makes it impossible to place a feedback buster there which is a big drawback for live performance. the sounnd of the guitar is quiet and a bit on the dead side. the main selling point of this guitar is appearance and reliability. it does not have a brilliant ringing tone.

  • March 1, 2004

    Gibson Hummingbird

    AHH its SO nice! Michelle Branch plays it too!

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