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JBL SRX712M Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from D.C. May 1, 2009Music Background:
    semi-pro musician (bass)

    We use these as Mains!

    These are really great speakers and on a recommendation from another band we decided to purchase these and use as our mains. They sound great and are much smaller than our previous speakers, which is important for loading up the car. We play swing, and jazz, and only mic the singers, sax and piano, occasionally a little bass or bass drum. For the smaller gigs we just use one speaker. They're marketed as monitors but work great as mains.

  • from Albuquerque, New Mexico May 26, 2008Music Background:
    Professional musician since 1981 - sound engineer since Aug. '07

    SRX712m's are the workin' man's speaker...

    When I decided to make the jump from professional drummer (for 26 years) to sound engineer, my main goal was to make bands sound their absolute best. In addition, tired of the wimpy drum mixes I always heard, I wanted to make drum kits sound massive...NOT loud, I wanted light-weight, versatile, powerful, components. "Versatile" meaning that any amp and any speaker could do any job - as mains, monitors, side-fills, etc. PLX3602's were the perfect amp choice, and the perfect speaker choice was the SRX712m's. Using the PLX's built in processing (crossover point - 100Hz), in a club, rock band environment, for mains I use 4, 18" subs, a pair of the SRX712m's, and 3, PLX3602's in bridge mode (which comes out to 1800 watts per enclosure). I've mixed some LOUD rock bands and I have to say that I'm blown away at how well these teeny-tiny SRX712m's keep up with even the loudest stage volume. When the band starts playing, and I'm thinking to myself, "This is just too freakin' loud," the singer will start singing and amazingly, his/her vocals are crisp and clear. I'm HUGE on making sure a vocalist can be heard. I actually had a buddy tell me a couple weekends ago, "Dude...I can smell your speakers." So yeah, I run 'em hard. I pump a little 2k into the kick drum and the SRX712m's just pound the audience's chest. I presently own 6 of these babies that I mix-n-match as mains and/or monitors. My last outdoor show I used 4 SRX712m's in conjunction with 6 subs and the sound was superb. Everything was crisp and clear, even all the way back at the sound board 100' away. Next outdoor show I plan on adding a 3rd pair of SRX712m's, which should absolutely insure an incredible sound. My advice is don't waste your money buyer and reselling inferior speakers like I did. Just go for the SRX712m's (give them lots of power) and you will be absolutely happy.

  • from Pismo Beach, CA November 18, 2007Music Background:
    Musician first, everything else second.

    A compact and intelligent design with beautiful sound. JBL all the way Baby.

    I'm running a pair of these with a Yamaha P7000S Amplifier through two channels of my Mackie 1640 Onyx mixer. If you listen to these speakers with a flat EQ, the sound is truly flat. What really warms these up is a +4db boost at 80hz. Wow they sound really nice with that little bump. A couple of details that stood out for me was first and foremost the ability to use these speakers as monitors or mains. These speakers each have 2 seperate speakon inputs. One on the botton and one of the side for monitor use. The second aspect is that these really do have a nice, small footprint in terms of their size and weight. You can carry one in each arm no problem. With 800 watts per speaker you'll hardly complain about a lack of power. I have heard some comments about the 12 inch woofers having a lack of bottom end. I disagree. These 12's kick out nice lush low end frequencies. I have yet run a kick drum though these but am looking forward to hearing it. Again, small, light weight, nice evenly balenced speakers with BIG JBL sound. Well worth $2000+ for a pair on my $50,000 per year salary. I'm very happy.

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