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Mackie SRM650 1600W 15" Powered Speaker Reviews

3.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Mackie SRM650 1600W 15" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the Mackie SRM650 1600W 15" Powered Speaker?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Matt
    from New Lenox July 22, 2016

    Great Product

    I"ve bought 2 of these with on Mackie SRM1850 SUB, setup sounds awesome. I went to sweetwater to try few options, EON615, prx715 but, for me SRM650 sound best and price was good. When tried at store SRM1850 did not sound as good as prx SUB but, i think that it is just sweetwater mixer setup. I used it with presonus 16.0.2 and the sound crisp clear and powerfull. once again, Great Product!!!

  • Kyle Aucoin
    from Louisisana December 21, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect balance of lightweight and power

    I did my research before purchasing a pair of these. As far as the power to price ratio, it was an obvious choice.
    After receiving the speakers I set them up outside and was blown away by how loud and crisp the sound quality was as well as the convenience of having an AUX input to plug my phone/laptop into for quick setup at friends gatherings.
    Far larger gigs such as clubs or weddings I have them paired with 1 or 2 mackie srm 1850 subs. Its a clean setup with plenty of power to cover small to large events.
    I would highly recommend them to anyone! If you are doubtful because they just came out or they are "cheaper" than other high quality speakers, don't be skeptical. You will not regret your decision!

  • Pamela Watkins
    from Castle Hayne, NC December 10, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician, studio engineer

    Mackie Power

    so far just a few gigs, but blown away with the bass and power, weight wise a treasure, we almost went with the 12's, but so far didn't need any woofer with these 15's, will be trying them in a bigger venue this weekend.

  • Nathaniel Van Vogt
    from Pomeroy, WA September 22, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Live sound engineer, Musician

    Exceptional Quality

    I made sure to do allot of research before getting these, and I was a little hesitant due to my loyalty to JBL. A loyalty that no longer exists. After about two months of owning a pair of these, I can officially say that these speakers perform flawlessly with no hitch. The sound quality is not only unparralled, but it stays that way, even when I push the speakers to the limits. With that being said; knowing that the smart DSP keeps them from exploding, I have an incredible peace of mind knowing they won't fail. I have truly pushed my pair to the limit (DJ-ing, allowing friends to use them for a concert, traveling with them all over the place, using them during a windstorm) and they have not failed nor shut down. The versatility on these is also impeccable. Whether you're sending straight from the mix, snake, daisy chaining or even playing off a phone, the interface works perfectly. The only thing I can't boast enough is the clarity. Sooooo clear, and perfectly balanced. I've used JBl, Yamaha, and L Acoustics most of my life, and these blow those out of the water. Hands down, this is a best investment to anybody looking for a phenomenal loudspeaker experience. I would advise you to get 650's over 550's. Though they're both great, but the kick is much more prominent on the 650's. Thanks for reading.

  • Phil Davis
    from South Bend, WA USA December 14, 2013Music Background:
    Recording & Performing

    Absolutely Amazing!

    I had been waiting quite some time for a multi-use, compact & loud powered speaker system: It had to be light, overbuilt in terms of ruggedness, have fidelity like powered studio monitors, a ton of power, and look great. In as much as Mackie is one of my all-time favorite manufacturers, it did not surprise me that they totally slayed this configuration in the SRM650. But did I expect to be this totally blown away by their sonic performance? Certainly not to the degree that I am! These are truly an incredible accomplishment, whether it's a small out-front system, powered monitors, end-fills, keyboard monitors, cd playback.... you name it; these things just kill! Pick your favorite heavy rock band and plug the cd inputs into the backs of these babies, TURN IT UP.... and be prepared to be blown away, particularly by the mid's, highs, and ton of kick-butt bottom end. I couldn't be happier with them. So Once Again, "Well Done, Mackie!"

  • Ben Backwards
    from Pittsburgh, PA January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound, recording, DJ, musician

    Great powered speaker

    Pleasantly surprised at these. I purchased two of them to go along with two 1850 subs to be used as a b-rig for dual system nights. They worked flawlessly in small/medium rooms, in the last few weeks I have also used them as floor wedges and as side fills. Very versatile. Do yourself a favor and turn off the feedback destroyer if you have eq on the source material and leave the speaker in pa or flat mode! My wife can lift these on poles when she does DJ gigs, and plug a laptop and wireless mic in and be setup without my help. Very versatile!

  • Randy Blake
    from Leland, NC May 14, 2017

    srm 650

    I love Mackie. Been a fan for years. Durable, reasonably priced, and fantastic sounding. This however may be my last Mackie item. After about a year of ownership, I flipped the switch one afternoon and it wouldnt power up. Thanks to Sweetwater getting it sent to Raleigh for a repair it came back and a couple months later, boom. No warning, or weird activity, just would not power up. This time I sent it to Sweetwater and it came back quickly and correct. This morning after 2 years and 2 months, and no warning, No power. I kind of wish I would have gone with the 450. I have 2 450s that I have used for over 6 or 7 years with flawless performance. I figured when I upgraded to the 650, "if a little is good, more must be better". I was blown away with the clarity and sound but I have never had so many problems with one peice of equipment. Still love Sweetwater. FYI, my equipment does not travel with me. They are stationary.

  • Allen
    from NJ October 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional DJ

    Not good speakers after a year

    I purchased two Mackie SRM650's after owning the 450's for almost eight years. Loved the 450's but was very impressed with 650's sound. Very clear with much more bass. Only problem is, after just a year one of them just died. Stopped working. Went to the shop and was repaired. Well, six months later, it has died again. Mackie should have put the amp on the outside of the cabinet like the 450's. These are just not reliable.

  • M Barham
    from Tulsa October 20, 2015Music Background:
    20 years of live music

    I agree with first review

    These speakers sound and work amazing....till about a year after then they just suddenly die. They should of put amp on outside or a heat fan like the JBL prx series. I would go the extra dollar and get the JBL 715s that will last for years!

Questions about the Mackie SRM650 1600W 15" Powered Speaker?

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