Mackie SRM450 No Longer Available

12" 2-way 300W/100W Bi-amped Speaker (ea)
Item ID: SRM450

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Mackie SRM450 image 1

Sorry, the Mackie SRM450 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Mackie SRM450
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The Active Loudspeaker with Studio-Quality Sound!

For a lot of us at Sweetwater, it's impossible to sum up the Mackie SRM450 in one sentence. Saying, "The SRM450 is the ultimate sound reinforcement speaker and live workhorse," might be true, but it doesn't do justice to the SRM450's fantastic sound. And saying, "The SRM 450 brings the precision of a studio monitor into a live environment," doesn't do justice to the fact that the SRM450 is one tough speaker. But whatever you think is best about the Mackie SRM450, it's probably the most versatile, reliable, feature-packed speaker around.

Mackie SRM450 Active Loudspeaker at a Glance:
  • A portable PA speaker with studio-quality sound
  • Great response and dispersion from 12" woofer and titanium High-frequency driver
  • High SPL and low distortion with built-in Fast Response amplifiers
  • Internal electronics package protects speakers
  • Extra-tough enclosure fits anywhere, is easy to transport

A portable PA speaker with studio-quality sound
Why are Mackie's SRM450 speakers among the most popular powered loudspeakers in the world? Because the SRM450 delivers studio-quality reproduction to portable PA applications at an affordable price. With full, warm lows and crisp highs, the SRM450 sounds great in the club, the community room, the coffeehouse, the school auditorium - anywhere you need great sound!

Great response and dispersion from 12" woofer and titanium High-frequency driver
With tight, steel-fisted bass to below 55Hz and detailed, articulate treble out to 20,000Hz, the Mackie SRM450 delivers superb sound. Midrange is warm, natural, and free from ear-fatiguing harshness. The SRM450 has astonishingly wide dispersion that lets your whole audience hear clearly, whether they're in the front, back, or way out on the sides of the room.

High SPL and low distortion with built-in Fast Response amplifiers
Most of all, the SRM450 cranks! Without a hint of distortion, its FR Series Fast Recovery design amps provide superior control over clipping when the amp is driven to extremes. The result? The SRM450 effortlessly achieves a maximum SPL of 127dB, a level that would melt conventional speakers into a pile of molten slag. Rated at 300 watts RMS for low frequencies and 100 watts for highs, The SRM450's built-in power amps will perform night after night, gig after gig.

Internal electronics package protects speakers
The Mackie SRM450 features a premium collection of internal electronics for frequency management and speaker protection. A dynamic signal level-dependent filter handles bass rolloff. Acoustic Contour equalization is time-corrected and phase-aligned for crystal-clear output. The SRM450 includes a thermal protection amplifier shutdown circuit with, auto reset. 24dB-per-octave low and high-frequency crossovers ensure smooth frequency transitions.

Extra-tough enclosure fits anywhere, is easy to transport
The Mackie SRM450's unmistakable appearance is built around its super-strong polypropylene case. Its assymetrical trapezoid design provides optimum utilization of interior space for the drivers and amplifiers. In addition, the SRM450 is easy to carry, with molded-in handles. You can also fly SRM450s using the built-in M10 fly points.

So mount it anywhere, use it every night, and slam it into the van - the Mackie SRM450 is one tough loudspeaker that does the job every time!

Mackie SRM450 Active Loudspeaker Features:
  • 2-way bi-amplified, optimized active system
  • Built-in FR Series 300 and 100-watt amps
  • Built-in precision 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
  • 12" long throw low-frequency transducer
  • High-output precision titanium compression driver
  • studio quality maximum dispersion horn design
  • High SPL output/extremely low distortion
  • Electronic time correction, phase alignment and equalization
  • Servo feedback controlled woofer
The Mackie SRM450 is a workhorse loudspeaker with high-quality sound!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 090-132-90

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