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Mackie SRM150 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 53 customer reviews
Questions about the Mackie SRM150?

Questions about the Mackie SRM150?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Kurt R Hansen
    from IL December 26, 2016

    Just what we needed

    The title says it all. The first time we used it, we couldn't believe the clarity. It is so easy to connect and use.

  • Nick
    from Massachusetts June 22, 2016Music Background:
    38 years of learning, playing and performing classic rock, blues, and folk

    Great stage monitor

    Ordered this to hear my vocals in an acoustic duo situation and could not be happier. The full-range speaker really cuts through, and this unit can get LOUD. I especially like the mic stand mounting, allowing you to get this closer to where you need it - the unit is angled, and when placed on a stand is easy to find that sweet spot in height to really hear your mix. I have not used this in a full band situation, but anticipate no problem hearing myself with this powerful little unit. The two front XLR/1/4 inch inputs are perfect if you just want to plug in a mic and an instrument and use as a small PA (which I intend to do) for small locales. There is even a stereo RCA input for additional sound sources. The unit also has a 'thru' jack that was handy when linking another powered mixer, and a 3 band master EQ. Highly recommended if you are looking for a compact PA or small stage monitor - and say goodbye to your power amp and passive 12 inch monitor floor wedge (which I had difficulty hearing most of the time).

  • Bob S
    from Joint Base Lewis McChord March 14, 2016Music Background:


    I am not a musician. I use the Mackie as a small portable PA system when I teach any where from 10 to 500 people required education in the military. I use it to speak but mostly to play subject matter videos from my apple computer. It has never failed me. Had it for 4 years and love it. Loud and clear and easy to carry around.

  • Customer
    from November 13, 2015Music Background:
    Local Pro....


    Great little monitor. I'm using these in a 5 piece rock band (2 guitars, 4 singers). They cut through so well and we each have our own. Also nice to have extra floor space on stage and they only weigh a couple of pounds so goodbye to lugging full-sized monitors around.

  • Thomas Durick
    from Scotts Valley, CA January 14, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Outstanding small monitor!

    We needed something smaller and closer to our keyboard player in church for a monitor and one that she could control volume of the feed being sent. This Mackie SRM150 is perfect for this. Mic stand mounted it sits right next to the piano, great height, easy adjustment to volume and OUTSTANDING sound quality! Add in the 3 separate front mounted inputs for rehearsals and she doesn't need to fire up the entire church's sound system and can plug in her phone for music for the singers to hear for rehearsing!

  • jody
    from Indiana November 15, 2014

    awesome product

    Cant believe the sound for such a small unit. Very pleased with ease of functions. Quality seems excellent.

  • Scott Corey
    from Billings, MT November 11, 2014Music Background:
    Coordinator of Music and Art, SD#2

    Great classroom tool!

    The SRM150 is used by many of my elementary general music, beginning band and orchestra teachers, as well as some of my high school choral instructors. It is a great system for amplifying the accompaniments from our band and orchestra books. It has enough power to be used for performances to play accompaniments. It is very portable, so my itinerant teachers can easily transport it from school to school. All in all, a great little speaker.

  • Renee Manning
    from Brooklyn, N.Y September 28, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Vocalist, Composer and Educator

    Sweet PA Speaker

    I am a vocalist who sings in many different settings and instrumental combos. The clarity and power is amazing for a small speaker. I use Neumann and Beyer microphones and love the fact that it has phantom power and EQ. A guitarist and bassist used it once and was impressed by the sound it delivered. Small and very easy to travel with!

  • Michael G.
    from Fayetteville, AR USA December 13, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Electrical Engineer

    Amazing sound for the size and price

    I bought this to carry on the plane for out of town gigs. It's all I need for small events and sounds great with vocals and acoustic guitar. It's a lot of bang for your buck.

    This was the first item I have ordered from Sweetwater but I was impressed with their personal attention and speedy delivery. One of their reps actually called me to let me know they were shipping it the next day.

  • Charles K. Walker, Jr.
    from United States October 16, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist musician

    Out of this world!!!

    Purchased the SRM 150 a few days ago, play around with it for a day or two. I must say this unit is astounding. For it's size, and price it really packs a clean, clear and when needed loud (150 watts) sound. I was impressed so I decided to take it to band practice to see would it really hold up. Not only did it hold up it surpassed all my exceptions. I was bombarded with questions about the PA. As I had told everyone I am getting up in age and lugging heavy equipment around is a no-no as long as I can help it. The SRM 150 fits the bill with weight too. Weighting in at 7.6 lbs Many who have seen and heard the SRM 150 asked where did I buy it and what did it cost? Naturally I said $249 at Sweetwater music, They said "I got to have one". It is perfect for the small venues as the amp I play through or as my monitor in a large venue. Not needing a DI box is a plus. I can say I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Mackie is right on target, a real bulls eye!

  • Bernie A
    from New Orleans, LA September 10, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Singer, Experience Sound Engineer..


    Incredible. People are blown away with the sound. I am blown a\way by the sound. I have use these in medium venues and they are awesome. I hid one behind a tall plant and I am tickled to see that no can see them and yet you have a beautiful sound. 5 5 5 ...
    I love them. I can't say enough good things so far....I use to carry around the QSC 12", JBL's, and they are all excellent speakers...but they are heavy. These are so light and very powerful. Others can say what they want, I am satisfied with these. I don't even have them cranked up in the medium venues.

  • Robert Griffin
    from NC, USA August 24, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    Mackie SRM150

    as good as it gets for performance and versatility

  • Ron M
    from Sydney, Australia June 28, 2012Music Background:
    Over 40 years as a Sound Supervisor/Audio Director, mostly live and on location.

    Five Things That Almost NOTHING Else Can Do...

    ...From one tiny box:

    1) Achieve a perfect mix from EITHER of these two combinations:

    a) Two mics, (48v Phantom or not) plus a replay unit, plus a line level source from its rear XLF socket, or

    b) Any instrument pickup, (no DI box needed) plus one mic, (48v or not) plus a replay unit, plus a line level source from its rear XLF ... and then...

    2) Accurately MONITOR that mix prior to passing it on, hum free, (at either mic or line level) to another speaker or an FOH console.

    3) Sit atop its supplied non-twist spigot attached to an On Stage Stands Posi-Lok mini boom (MSA9502 for a mic stand, or MSA9508 for clamping to almost anything else) to achieve perfect monitoring ...in exactly the right place, ...from exactly the right angle, ...with virtually NO footprint.

    4) Fill a small to medium-sized venue with crystal clear, coherent sound from something roughly the size of a shoe box, that only weighs about the same as a six-pack.

    5) Save the world.

    ...OK, ...so (just possibly) the fifth may be a slight exaggeration...

    ...And I heartily advise AGAINST Mackie's suggestion of using their flimsy, short, dual-threaded pipe adapter to place this speaker in the "middle" of the boom stand that's holding a vocal mic above the SRM150.

    In my experience, that simply does not work.

    I have, however, successfully HUNG an SRM150 from an On Stage Stands MSA 9508 carefully (but securely) screwed into the Mackie's plastic top thread.

    So, on what have I based the more reasonable four of my assertions?

    I own two SRM150's that travel as a kit in a diced-foam lined Gator Utility case that also houses their IEC mains leads, a pair of pre-angled Posi-Lok Mini Booms (with Mackie's supplied non-twist spigots attached) and assorted adapter cables.

    Have done for six months.

    Lethal force will be required should anyone wish to deprive me of them.

  • Todd Scott
    from Brookfield, WI May 29, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Director

    Powerful Little Package

    I picked up my first SRM150 for a personal monitor for the conductor of an orchestra and it works great. Since then, it has really found a niche as a monitor to support computer presentations all over our campus. It fills large classrooms easily and with RCA jacks, it interfaces well. The 3 band EQ helps us get great sound when presenting videos. We bought another one, with the bag, so we can take it "on the road".

  • Derek
    from Rochester, NY May 8, 2012

    Love them

    They're quiet, powerful and will mount on a mic stand. They also look great in a pit!

    No complaints.

  • Marco Guarino
    from Richmond, VA March 30, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Sound Production Director, Technical Systems Director at Bethany Place Baptist.

    Great quick spot monitor

    Wow, this is one great speaker! Take any full 12 or 15" floor wedge, take that and a small loss of bass, and you get this thing. Perfect for sitting on the side of our grand piano, or on a micstand for the choir director and orchestra musicians. Outstanding volume and clarity, and deff. worth the price. Great buy, and sweetwaters shipping is amazing as always :) Another pleased customer :)

  • David Moody
    from Mesquite Texas August 27, 2009Music Background:
    Live, reorded, music mixing and editing and oh year......MUSIC ENJOYING!

    The best monitors period!

    Being a "Fogie" musician, I am always on the look out for ways to decrease equipment bulk. After trying out the SRM150 I realized not only did I succed in lowering my equipment load but improved my monitor operation unbelieveably. I have since bought monitors for all for the entire band. No more wedgies for me.

  • TiannaHallDotCom
    from Houston August 1, 2007Music Background:
    Full Time Professional Jazz Vocalist / Jazz Quartet Bandleader

    wonnnnnnnnnderful little PA

    I purchased this little PA to use on gigs while my BOSE PAS system was being repaired and have been blown away by the power, quality & size of this women's shoe box sized PA provides. I gig 5 or 6 nights a week, so it has been a lifesaver. People keep looking around me and my trio to figure out where my "big PA" is. They can't believe that this itty bitty thing is what is producing all that sound! I reccommend it whole-heartedly and am beyond thrilled with this product. I'm not a reverb using kinda girl, so not having onboard effects/reverb is fine with me. I use the FABulous Neumann KMS105 every night with this PA but was happy with the sound with my Sennheiser "Evolution Series" E935 as well as the good ol' Shure SM58. I would have been happy with a PA with half the quality of this one considering the tiny price tag. Don't think about it... just get it. You won't be sorry.

  • Z T Williams
    from March 31, 2016Music Background:
    Singer, audio recorder and mixing engineer

    Mackie SRM150

    Very good active PA system for it size. I used it during rehearsal for our youth group and adult choir.

  • SM
    from PA October 19, 2015Music Background:
    Bassist: Rock, Ska, Original and Cover bands

    So far it's great

    I started playing with a band a few months ago and we do a lot of 3 part harmonies. We use the guitarist's PA most of the time and he and the singer do not typically rely on monitors, so most of the time they don't bring them. For me that can be tough since I wear hearing protection at all shows so to pick out my harmony parts from the mains alone is extremely difficult to impossible.

    After a time I decided I needed to invest in some type of personal monitor to deal with this. I researched a couple an decided to go with the Mackie. We had a practice last night and I decided to bring it along and test it out in a full band setting. It worked phenomenally well. The band was not blasting but not playing quietly either. and I could hear everything I was singing with my earplugs in.

    When I purchased the unit I was intentionally concerned it was only 150 watts but the fact it is designed to be used mounted on a mic stand pointed directly at you mitigates that. The positioning along with the volume most people sing makes this unit more than powerful enough for solid monitor volumes. Now if you are playing in a band with half stacks and super high volumes this unit may not be enough but for a three piece cover band in a small bar it's just the thing. I had the mic gain set around 1 or 2 o'clock and the main set at about 9:30 and all was well. All that being said if there was a unit with an 8 in drive and 200 watts I probably would have opted for that, but all things considered this unit has very much met my expectations and I am quite happy with it.

  • Timothy Mott
    from Buffalo, NY March 12, 2015Music Background:
    A/V/L Consultant

    perfect solution

    Purchased two SRM150s for Worship sound stage in a small rural church. The end users are delighted with the tight controllable sound for spot monitors.
    The power cord is a little stiff to dress up on stage but otherwise a great solution for their needs.

  • RP-Austin
    from Austin, TX February 4, 2015Music Background:
    singer-songwriter; rock-n-roll/Brit-pop band frontman/guitarist; 1/2 acoustic duet

    Mackie Delivers Once Again

    Jonesing for a portable mini-PA to replace the balls-to-the-wall Bose pillar for my happy hour gig in an east-side bar, I'd been looking at this Mackie SRM150 for a while. I play acoustic guitar and sing and the speaker handles both with ease. Lots of headroom, way more than I use: I run the guitar through an LR Baggs Para DI 5-Band EQ and Direct Box and the vocals directly and MAYBE I turn the guitar to 9:00, the vox to 12:00 and the master to 12:00. The little devil cuts through the noise of an all cement floor/wall bar with aplomb. Best thing is I can slide it into a bag and carry all my gear from car to gig in one trip (PA, guitar, backpack and "everything box"). Gonna experiment with some inline vocal effects this week.

  • Craig Allen
    from United States October 29, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Pastor, Keyboardist, recording/mix engineer

    Great Keyboard monitor

    This is my first choice monitor to use with keyboards. I've bought them for 3 churches to be used weekly. Get the stand adapter. Mount it on a music stand. Feed one input from your D.I. keyboard output and feed the other from a board monitor feed (perhaps via a barrel attenuator), and you can easily control the balance between your personal sound and your monitor mix. For quick listening, plug in to the RCA jacks. Sounds great for the job. Lightweight and packs easily. EQ. What's not to like?

  • Dennis
    from Philadelphia June 8, 2014Music Background:
    Praise and worship guitarist.

    Worth it!

    Very happy the purchase. It's light and it has power. Amazing 5.25" speaker. Controls are simple. Connected to my Roland Gr-55 Guitar Synth and it sounds great. Live performance and it's lined out to the house PA. Great for acoustic guitar. Great for guitar processors that offer amp modeling. I use the Zoom G3 or the Boss GT-10. I can only imagine having two for stereo sounds.

  • Scott Corey
    from Billings, MT February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Coordinator of Music and Art, SD#2

    Great sound in a small package!

    I have purchased several of the SRM 150's for my music staff in the district. They have been a great tool in beginning band and orchestra classes for playing the accompaniment CDs. The choir/general music classes use them for accompaniments and various other activities. All my teachers really like the portability and the great sound they put out.

  • johnny
    from NH November 5, 2012


    Years of loud music makes it hard for me to hear the floor wedges (not to mention it's hard to get a decent mix that I want). This solves the problem for me. Volume is fantastic, I can point it at me and not disturb the other singers and I can get the mix I want (mostly my vox, lead singer vox, and guitar). Sure there's a lot of wires hanging out of it so I need to wrap them around the stand to look a little neater but I love this monitor. I've also used it as a portable PA for speaking engagements and it serves small rooms extremely well.

  • Customer
    from August 30, 2012

    Exactly what we need

    Received item next day. Very happy with help from customer service.

  • Customer
    from June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, Hobbyist home studio


    I got tired of lugging around a huge floor wedge. I haven't gotten a chance to use this on a loud stage, but I'm impressed by the volume and I think it will be adequate. If it's not loud enough than I should be using headphones and protecting my hearing anyway. It's very small and lightweight - I was surprised when I got it out. It's just flexible enough for me. I love the handy input controls and the 3 band EQ. I'm a trombone player and this would be perfect for playing in pits. You can put it close to ear level to keep the volume down. It has a very small sweet spot, which can be a good and bad thing. It angles up quite a bit on a mic stand, so if you are seated you will need to get a shorter mic stand. You have to be directly in front of the speaker to get the full high range. I like that aspect of it, but someone who has to move around a lot might not like that. This is also the perfect portable setup for simple voice amplification.

  • Stephen "Bruno" Brunson
    from High Springs, Fl. July 19, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Perfect Monitor for Drummer

    I explained my need to my sales rep Jason. We discussed several options. My band does not rely on volume but the stage noise can get muddy. Certain cues, like a guitar riff or a vocal prompt were getting lost. The Mackie SRM 150 sits on a mic stand approx. 2 feet to my side. I hear everything. And the other band members can't even tell it is on.

  • Mike Barden
    from Waupaca, WI USA February 17, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live/Recording Sound Engineer

    Loud and Clear

    This little monitor is the perfect mix of functionality, quality, clarity, and VOLUME.

    The other powered monitor I've used, with MUCH frustration, is the Fender 1270P. While the Fender is a feedback machine even at it's lowest volumes, you can turn the Mackie up and go for it without worry.

    I've used this on small intimate gigs, for vocals and keyboards, but I also monitored a vocal group singing on a parade float, where it had to cut through crowd noise, the truck pulling the float, and the generator used to power the sound system! I was really impressed.

    The only thing I want now is more of them to cover the rest of my band.

  • Lenny Everett
    from MD February 9, 2017

    Mackie SRM 150

    Like all of the Mackie gear, the SRM150 is rock solid and built-like-a-tank.The versatility and sound quality are pretty good. I only gave it 4-stars because the Behringer monitor with lower wattage, generally the same frequency range, and a control section that is the mirror-image of the Mackie is cheaper. A/B'd, the Mackie sounds slightly better than the Behringer...but not by much. It was reliability in the brand that tipped the scale in favor of the Mackie.

  • Customer
    from December 21, 2016

    Great little monitor

    I just bought my second SRM150. Great little monitor! Does everything it claims sonically. The only negative is the mounting system. It's designed to go on a mic stand and have the boom part of the stand attach to the top of the box. The threads in the top of the box are weak and the threaded part loosens from the box really easily. I just gave up on this feature and use an old short mic stand to get the box at a convenient height. It's a lot easier to get the monitor positioned in the sweet spot when it's not attached to the boom stand anyway. It sounds really good for its size and it's easily portable. I take it to every gig because house systems nearly always have crappy monitors and only one channel. The SRM150 fixes that problem nicely!

  • Customer
    from September 13, 2016

    Perfect for what I needed

    Wanted a small monitor for use in theater pits - was using a big heavy speaker and needed something more compact. This has worked perfectly and I am very pleased with the product and its features - especially appreciate the front controls and love that I can tweak sound some on such a small monitor.

  • Wayne
    from Logansport, Indiana September 9, 2016

    Big sound in a little box

    Needed a small powered speaker that we could mount out in our meeting room at our church that would play music before during and after service. This speaker ended up filling the whole room. We were surprised thought we may need 2 but 1 is more than enough for our needs. Thanks Sweetwater for your great service. Thanks to Wayne Davis.

  • Customer
    from May 31, 2016


    I use two of these as monitors. We play acoustic music so do not need much. These are great. Small, out of the way, plenty loud enough and each person can adjust their level. I also use it i my home studio when rehearsing with a person I play with who has a quiet voice that can be overwhelmed by two guitars.

  • Donnie Rod
    from New Baltimore,Mi January 19, 2015Music Background:
    Live Performer , Solo artist

    Great monitor

    The price was right the service also , I used it for the first time Saturday and it did just how I wanted. I had a quick adjustment I could do right there if I wanted to tweet the Volume , So smaller venues small stages Solo Acts it works perfect for , plenty of power , and great sound Quality

  • Customer
    from Chicago, IL USA December 9, 2014Music Background:
    musician, event dj, recording engineer

    Great mini PA!

    I love this little speaker. Sounds great. And oddly better from further away. Perfect for when you need to fill a small or medium room and can't deal with a bigger system.

  • Sharon Christensen
    from Lake City, Fl October 9, 2014Music Background:

    Mackie SRM 150

    Works great.

  • Stephane Gariepy
    from Missoula Montana September 9, 2014Music Background:
    semi-retired pro.

    Just what I needed

    I'm a sax and keyboard player and this little thing is just what I needed. It has lots of power,is easy to carry and thanks to the line out in the back of the unit I can connect my sax microphone into it and send a line to the sound guy and free myself from questionable monitoring system. Total independence. The quality is also surprisingly good for a speaker of that size. Some people have reported having trouble with the boom stand adapter but I use it with no problem.

  • Andy Blunden
    from Australia November 6, 2011Music Background:
    Playing since 1968 - currently live duo with big sound

    Looks good, solid build and integrates well

    Solid build, heavy duty plastic, made for the road. Lots of options which make it great for fold back or practice. Clear front and graphic easy to use on stage. I like it. Not sure if it really puts out 150 Watts though....

  • Andy
    from Western NY USA September 23, 2011Music Background:
    Karaoke host.

    Nice little monitor

    Great sound for a little tiny lightweight speaker. I can set in on top of one of the carpeted boxes on my table and point it at the karaoke singers. It's amazing how much better some people can sing when they can hear themselves.

  • Loren Davidson
    from San Francisco Bay Area, CA June 15, 2010Music Background:
    Songwriter, performer

    Excellent, with one exception

    In six months, this has become the only amp I use for my shows. Next time I'm in a bigger venue, I'll probably need to drag out the big PA, but this has handled every small- to medium-sized venue I've been in. When I get more money, I'll get something like a JBL Eon and use this to power it. As-is, it's cut the amount of stuff I need to schep to one trip most of the time - essential when parking isn't right up close to the venue.

    My one complaint is about the threaded connector at the top for a boom mike. The threads have stripped out, after only six months' use. And I've tried to be careful. There's no easy way to fix it.

    Even when using it, I was at the mercy of wherever "tight" was, which affected how I had to place the amp on its mike stand.

    I will continue to use it and love it, but now I will need to take a second mike stand to shows or use my headset mike.

  • Bob Lieberman
    from Portland, OR August 20, 2007Music Background:
    Performing electric and acoustic violinist

    Essential for violin on a loud stage

    I recently purchased this unit after trying a TC-Helicon VSM-200. THe VSM is voiced for vocals, and I found it both muddy and sluggish for electric violin. The Mackie is much clearer. Also, the on-board EQ (that doesn't go out the pass-thru to the board) is very helpful in bringing my sound up front in my personal mix without driving the sound guy crazy. Our salsa band is very very loud on a small stage. I play horn parts along with a trumpet, two saxes and a trombone. With the Mackie I can let the PA worry about the warmth of my violin. What I need in a personal monitor is to hear the notes or my intonation will be off and I will start to hide on stage. I have the Mackie on a mic stand at armpit level about 3 feet from my right front. It's just perfect. I used to rely on either the PA monitor, or my own amp on stage. But a violinist needs to hear himself loudest always and hear it before everyone else, in order to have correct intonation. With the PA or the amp, we all hear me at the same time. With the amp, I was blowing away the poor soul who was standing next to me. I've found, in my 20 years playing, that the band never wants the violin monitored as loud as I need it. But the Mackie has solved that problem. It's light, easy to mount and unmount, and fits in my all purpose carry bag with my other gear.

  • RP
    from Austin, TX May 26, 2017Music Background:
    Singer-songwriter; resident happy hour performer

    If your unit stays healthy, you'll be pleased with it.

    This is a terrific little PA speaker. Until it stops working. There are only a few parts that could fail, but if any one of them goes you'll have to weigh the cost of repairing the thing against saving up a little more money to replace it.

    I mainly use my SRM150 for solo acoustic performances (vocals) or duets (also vocals). These gigs are usually outdoors, and the Mackie has enough oomph to be heard across a busy yard. It's even better, obviously, in a coffee shop setting (indoors).

    Sadly the unit stopped working mid-gig a couple of weeks ago, when its amp failed. It's just over two years old (maybe it sensed the end of Sweetwater's coverage?). It's been handled with care (transported in a padded bag) all its working life, so I'm disappointed, especially b/c I'm a Mackie brand loyalist -- I have a 1202-VLZ mixer and another smaller Mix8 (also for these acoustic gigs).

    I'm prepared to shell out the $$$ at my local fix-it place and give the SRM150 another chance, because it's easy to set up and use and sounds great (when it works).

    Mackie prides itself on robust products with lots of headroom. I'm not so sure about the "robustness" of the product now, though as I said, I'm going to give it another chance. Bottom line, if your unit stays healthy, you'll be pleased with it.

  • Elliott Kayne
    from Florida September 17, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Gigger

    GOOD but plastic

    Loud, good weight, good sound.

    BUT ... dont like the cheap plastic connections to mic stands and boom. They should have had a slot at the top for easy on/off of boom rather than a plastic threaded screw, that is sure to get stripped for gigging use.

  • Barry Levine
    from Massachusetts July 3, 2016

    Good mini-PA and personal monitor.

    I bought one of these in lightly used condition from a local musician. I play saxophone, and this works well as either a personal monitor or as a mini-PA at small gigs. I also own a NADY PM200A. The Mackie is a bit smaller and lighter, more portable, and the built in dual preamp makes it a more flexible item - I don't need preamping for the sax mic - although for both I usually also use a small mixer-preamp with reverb & delay, since neither amp has any effects. The Nady's stereo power amp is configured to power a pair of extension speakers, and it thereby functions more flexibly as a small PA. Both these can mount on a mic stand, but the Nady has a built in mount underneath that fits on a standard mic stand end, whereas the Mackie requires its own special mic-stand adapter, which you don't want to lose.

  • Joel
    from Florida July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound, Amateur Musician

    It's Pretty Good for Such a Tiny Speaker, But...

    I am using it as a vocal monitor and I have to blame my ear for scoffing at it when in presence of JBL EON XT drivers, but it still sounds a bit tinny. Adding gain from the bass control helps a little.

    It is what it is at only a maybe 7" driver. Lots of inputs though and you can daisy chain the unit. I suppose it will do the job to provide some side tone to the vocal, but it's clearly out classed by the large drivers.

  • Al Diaz
    from SF Bay Area, CA March 18, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer.

    Great active monitor, with some limitations...

    We use 5 of these for personal monitors with each performer getting their own mix. But due to design limitations of the SM-150, our configuration is an SM-150 on a stand, a separate direct-box, and a separate mic stand, and in some applications a separate headphone amp.

    The primary monitor source is a line-level mix using the main input on back. The issue with this arrangement is that I'd like to use the SM-150 mixer for an acoustic guitar or keyboard direct box send to the FOH mixer...this would eliminate the need for a separate direct box. Unfortunately, the "thru" connector sums the mixer inputs with the rear main input and this cannot be defeated. So, when used as a monitor in a larger system, the mixer inputs are essentially useless.

    We do run the instrument out from the direct box to the inputs for a "more me" monitor mix, but the gain slope on the inputs is pretty lousy...it goes from not loud, to not loud, to not loud, to BAAAAAM. I initially thought it was a bad unit, but all five are the same...definitely not the "mackie" preamp quality I expected.

    The mike stand threads on top are not worth using. It's impossible to get the stand tight in the right position...so the boom has to be perpendicular to the front face and then you hope it doesn't move... Best to think of this as a monitor on a stand and plan on using a separate mic stand.

    A headphone output would be nice...but that's mainly because we use these in a fixed installation and some performers use the linked direct-box "station" with in-ears and don't need the speaker.

    With a little more Mackie quality on the mic pre's and a few design upgrades, Mackie could have hit a homerun with the SRM-150. But in my house, they came up short of the fence.

  • Blair Barrett
    from San Jose, CA July 24, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Musical Director

    Good sound but fragile

    I've owned two of these so far. I use it as the main output for my wind synthesizer. They sound great but you have to baby them a bit or they'll stop working. They look rugged, but I've found they aren't very road worthy. They're great if you don't move around much.

  • Ed
    from Independence Mo. May 25, 2010Music Background:
    Been Professional Touring Musician with Major Country artists, but now play locally for fun

    Mackie SRM150

    I love the sound, and the weight, but mine pooped out right in the middle of practice, not stressing it AT ALL...I play country gospel, so you know we weren't kicking it too hard..there's a neighbor right next to the church where we practice that calls the cops when we get too loud...anyhow..the solid state unit just crapped out, this SRM 150 is only a couple of months old..so now I'm kinda wary

  • Bob Jorgensen
    from Westwood, MA December 6, 2015Music Background:
    75 years of big band and combo work.

    Not reliable

    Great in every respect except reliability. This is the third time mine has quit and I don't plan to have it repaired again. I'm looking for a different brand.

  • Chris C
    from New York April 19, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Don't expect great things from this monitor

    I bought this monitor with great hopes that it would become an integral part of my live stage rig. I've used it three times now and only twice mounted to my mic stand with a boom. For the working musician who is constantly setting up and tearing down at gigs, this is not optimal.

    First, the bottom mount on the monitor is a sleeve for the 4 pronged male mount that screws to the mic stand base. This slides in and does not lock down which means the whole (now top heavy) unit wobbles a bit. Not a good start.

    The top mount is a double threaded nipple that connects the monitor to a boom. The double adjustment ensures you will have to fiddle with it nearly forever to situate your mic in the position you need. If you accidentally bump it (because that never happens in a gig) the boom will easily swing out of place. In addition, you have to deal with 2 very small and narrow thumb screws to make tiny adjustments in a small cramped space. No matter what I did, it was impossible to get a tight fit.

    To further complicate things, the threads on the nipple and thumb screws were poorly machined and did not line up well with one another. So unless you handle it very carefully, you will quickly strip the threads.

    Conclusion: By the set up of the second gig (about 3-4 setups and tear downs prior) it was completely impossible to use the monitor as intended. I could not get my boom into position (it kept flopping over causing the whole setup to be very unstable) and I had to resort to gaffers tape to hold everything in place.

    If you are setting this up in a permanent position (a church choir for example) I guess it will be ok. This is not for the gigging musician at all.

  • Customer
    from November 6, 2016

    Did NOT work Again at Wedding Show Today Nov 5, 2016!

    Had this repaired and it worked at our rehearsal, then had the most
    important wedding gig today and it failed again in the middle of our set!
    Very frustrating and unreliable!
    Should I recycle or get it repaired again for a 3rd time.
    In reality, I hardly use it and have a few wedding gigs.
    Buy something else.

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