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Shure SRH1840 Open-back Mastering and Studio Headphones Reviews

5.0 stars based on 20 customer reviews
Questions about the Shure SRH1840 Open-back Mastering and Studio Headphones?

Questions about the Shure SRH1840 Open-back Mastering and Studio Headphones?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Tyler Berggren

    Just flat out amazing. I've never had a pair of cans impress me like my SRH1840 headphones do. Amazing top end clarity, midrange definition, and very tight bottom end. Even on familiar source material I've heard over and over, I can always hear new details - usually reverb tails, echo diffusion, etc. I never thought I could trust a pair of headphones like I could a set of studio monitors. Now I'm not so sure....

  • from NYC August 18, 2016Music Background:

    #1 Reference!

    These headphones are a huge asset to any mixing or mastering environment! We can become so used to listening in a specific room and compensating for issues we have learned to hear beyond. These headphones allow you to have a truly honest perspective wether or not your room is acoustically treated.
    They are very light and super comfortable you'll forget you even have them on at times! As a professional I often find at least 1 or 2 things I don't like about a pair of headphones. This is actually the first time I can say an item has been designed to a standard of excellence very few are able to accomplish. You will not be disappointed with the Shure SRH1840's... JN

  • from Chapel Hill, NC August 12, 2016Music Background:


    This may show my inexperience, but when I first started using these to make techno and electronica I also noted the lack of low frequency emphasis and parked these for a bit. Then, after a few mixing mistakes, I gave them another try -- I really listened to reference tracks vs. my (then) latest track. I've never gone back.

    The clarity / detail is game changing. You can distinctly hear the important parts of your bass that are hidden on other solutions. Transients are clear, reverb tails clear. It takes some self-training and discipline, but then these cans are mind blowing. Also very comfortable and well made.

    Confirm the bass levels on consumer-grade equipment until you get experience with them. Then you won't really need to (but of course, where's the fun in that?)

    Also, using these taught me that I had the sub bass turned way too high on my Yamaha monitors.

  • from Milwaukee July 13, 2016Music Background:

    Excellent Cans for Mixing and Mastering!

    I was looking for a neutral flat pair of headphones for mixing and mastering. These were recommended to me by my Sweetwater Sales rep Tom. These headphones are light, don't clamp hard on the sides of your head, come with a 1/8 and 1/4 adapter and an awesome case.

    My ears are very sensitive to bright and harsh headphones that emphasize the high frequencies, these cans are not bright at all. The highs are perfect, the mids are balanced and give you a good idea of how the vocals sit in the mix and lows that don't disappear. These are not bass heavy so if you're looking for that I'd suggest looking at something else. The imaging is excellent. I got use to the sound bylistening to classical music and each violin, cello, triangle, flute and piano had it's place without stepping over other instruments. I'm used to the closed back headphones and the soundstaging on these are incredible! They expand outside your head and you can get lost in the music. Perfect for getting an idea of the panning in your mixes.

    Don't hesitate to give these a look, you can't go wrong.

  • from Canton, GA March 17, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar Player and Songwriter


    Warm and articulate midrange that reveals detail that opens up new enjoyment of music you might have thought you had heard before. Shut your eyes and your favorite bands, singers and music will surround you with a lively performance that is accurate, intimate and personal. I have a half dozen headphones and have auditioned dozens of higher end and "professional" sets, only to find that they favor one frequency range over another - some with great bass and crisp high ends only to have the midrange to be overcome by the extremes. Others have amazing meds, voices are critically accurate but that sound cold and devoid of life. These headphones are lively and reproduce the entire spectrum of sounds without loosing the details of the entire frequency range of sound. I can't stop smiling as I listen to some of my favorite music - acoustic guitar, raw vocals and harmonies that all sound as if the were recorded and mixed with these headphones. Wow is an understatement, these are a transforming experience for those who long to really hear their music as it was created to sound.

  • from AZ February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend warrior and home recording enthusiast

    These are GREAT!!!

    I've had the SRH1840's for over a year now and am still impressed by them on a daily basis. Solid construction and ergonomically they feel great. I've worn them for up to 4 hours with no physical strain on my ears/earlobes.
    They yield an excellent, detailed and uncolored image. I highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to upgrade their headphones.

  • from January 9, 2016Music Background:

    You might wanna read me...

    If you're in the pursuit of perfection, but on a budget, I hope you get this message. If you're starting out and want to hear your music as clear and honest as possible, it should at least cost you 3,000 to get a "descent", (not top notch) monitoring setup. This is my setup: Apollo Quad (Silver), Focal CMS65, Presonus T10 Sub, and a Descent Room...

    All I gotta say is that my first day with these headphones and I already know I improved both my mixes and my masters by at least 25%. I mean, I opened the box, trusted the headphones and immediately heard the results. Can't wait to get more hours with them to get accustomed.

    So what I'm trying to say is, skip the speakers and sub and instead get these. At least until you can save enough to get a top notch speaker pair (like focal Solo6) and a professional sounding room,

    I'm so happy, I'm writing this review for someone who's like me. After years of purchasing equipment here this is the first time I felt the responsibility to let someone know they gotta get these.

  • from NY November 22, 2015


    Night and day difference between these and my Beats. The build quality is fantastic. Lows are there but not over the top. Very accurate sound. Comfortable to wear. I am proud to own these.

  • from San Tan Valley, AZ November 4, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic Music Producer, Mix Engineer

    Great Product

    I have been getting into mastering and was told by several people that i needed some open type headphones to really get an accurate sound as opposed to closed headphones where they can be build-up of the lower frequencies. My previous headphones are Focal Spirit Professionals, which were life changing for me as it is. But the open style headphones really changed the game for me. I can hear so much more and it has a more natural sound. You can turn it up louder if you need to and are not bombarded by the low end. If you want to be able to mix and master and maybe you cant always turn your studio monitors on, these will get you almost there if not all the way there. Again my Sweetwater rep Jared has not let me down and provided me with a great product.

  • from New York October 23, 2015Music Background:


    I loved these. Really clear and detailed, nicely separating every aspect of the mix. The a clear in the top end without being fatiguing and go all the way down to a clean and detailed bass. By far the best headphones I've used.

  • from Near Hollywood, California September 28, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician, audio engineer


    The SRH1840 'phones replace Sennheiser HD600 mastering headphones that spontaneously stopped working despite meticulous care. The Shure 1840s were one of two replacements I considered and my rep, Jeff Barnett, strongly recommended them on the basis of his extensive comparison of all Sweetwater headphones. Once again Jeff came through: The 1840s combine the HD600's neutrality and smooth, accurate reproduction but offer noticeably greater clarity. Many Sennheiser headphones sound as though they have a flattering "layer of velvet" between the transducer and your ear. Shure's 1840s are very open sounding, never harsh, but much more revealing. They are now the best mastering tool and by far the most accurate headphones I own. They also excel for audiophile use.

  • from Alabama July 9, 2015Music Background:
    songwriter, producer, engineer

    Game changer for the home studio

    If you are like me, you don't get to do most of your mixing in a $100,000 studio with an acoustically balanced control room. If that's the case, no matter how good your ears or your command of your mixing tools, you are inevitable EQing your recordings to compensate for the anomalies of whatever room you are working in at the moment.

    But with a set of headphones as accurate as these SRH1840s, you can mix virtually anywhere and get something similar to the acoustical honesty you would receive in a high-end control room. Compare the cost of building and treating a control room, verses mixing on these headphones, and it's a no brainer.

    I've been able to take my mixes up to the next level using these phones. I work between them and a pair of Event 20/20s in a decent room. But I still do most of my detail work in these phones. I've had them for almost a year now, and they are still comfortable and sound great.

  • from Portland OR July 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist, composer, arranger

    Great, Articulate Headphone

    Great, articulate headphone. Love it! They don't hype the bass or high end- things sound tight, crisp, smooth- representative of the actual mix- you can really hear the reverb tails, etc. Really good clarity for a 500.00 headphone. Highly recommended.

  • from Greater Chicago February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Former semi-pro, hobbyist

    The Best I Have Heard

    My migration to open back headphones is now complete. For years, I have tried a number of open-back cans with mixed emotion. I found the Sennheiser HD650s to be a bit thumpy and the mid-range recessed. The Audio Technica ATH AD900X were pretty good but after wearing a while, I feel that they're slipping down my head - since the wing-style headrests can't be adjusted this is an issue. ANd these are the ones I kept! Grados, AKGs. other Senns have gone away. I usually have fallen back to Ultrasone Pro 900 or Shure SHR940 closed-back cans.

    However, after the second listen to these I'm a convert to the open back. They fit extremely well and the sound reproduction is fantastic whether I'm listening to music or mixing with my home equipment. The bass is there but isn't thumpy. The mid-range is more forward in the mix and the highs are pristine (at least to my 60-something R'n'R ears.

    It should be noted that all my comments about the other phones are based upon use with very good headphone amps and/or DACs.

  • from Fountain, CO November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer

    Nearly Perfect!

    Have owned these for a year now, and can truly say that they are the closest thing to mixing with monitors that I have found, yet. As an experiment, I mixed a song with these headphones and then mixed the same song from scratch with Focal 50's and Sonodyne 100's. The results were astonishing. These phones don't have "blow me away" bass, but when you want your mixes to translate...these are as good as it gets, plus music just sounds good on them! Highly recommended.

  • from Idaho March 23, 2013

    Shure SRH1840

    Great accurate sounding phones - the best I've heard and extremely comfortable to wear for extended mixing sessions - A+

  • from Los Angeles March 3, 2012Music Background:
    Piano, coronet, bass guitar, former AES member.

    Shure SRH-1840 Stereo Headphone

    I really like the sound of the SRH-1840. It has a generally neutral sound over most of its range, but differs from its predecessor the SRH-940 in the following ways:
    The 940 has significantly stronger bass.
    The 940 has significantly more energy in the lower highs around 5 khz.
    The 940 has less upper midrange emphasis around ~1 khz.
    The 1840 sounds slightly better on upper harmonics.
    The 1840 is lighter and more comfortable, but is open-back.
    The 1840 looks much nicer.
    The 940 is more portable (can be worn around neck all day).

  • from United States November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer, Project Studio Owner, Audiophile

    Nearly Perfect Mixing Headphones

    Sound Quality 10/10
    Really, there's no getting better in this price range. Just know what you're buying: Open back headphones, with very modest, flat bass response. The treble shimmer and clarity will blow you away and make you forget how you'd ever mixed without these great cans! If you want headphones for listening to music, you'd be better off finding a more colored pair of phones, but if you need accurate response Mastering/Mixing phones, there's really none better in this price tier.

    Build Quality 8/10
    Upgrading from the plastic-made SRH940s, these are a HUGE improvement. The lower priced Shures with their plastic headbands are prone to cracking and are borderline defective for their terribly short lifespan. If you want Shure headphones, save up the money and buy these or perhaps the 1540s for more bass and the closed back. I'm deducting 2 points because the cushions at the top of the headband seem to lose their shape very easily and will probably wear out with more use. Also, the two cable connectors attaching to each ear will occasionally cut out momentarily if you are moving around while wearing them. It's a little annoying, but a sincere nitpick and not enough of a negative to say it should deter you if these are the phones that you have your eyes set on.

    All in all, I recommend highly. Very worth the purchase, and happy with the investment

  • from Pensacola, FL March 13, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Very Detailed and quite bright.

    First, let me be sure to state that i am writing this review after having only heard these cans for less then an hour.
    Thus, there is no burn in or relaxing of the tone as of yet regarding these cans, so, what im telling you is what im hearing the first hour, exactly as you will hear it the first hour you try them out.

    Now, Its strange that i find myself seemingly alone in my assessment of the SRH 1840 as some of the brightest headphones ive ever heard.
    Now im not describing sibilance or harsh brightness, im referring strictly to a big upper midrange bump and extended treble frequency.
    Im using a ResonEssence Concero HP and a Woo Audio Fireflies to listen to them.
    They are absolutely brighter regarding their upper midrange and treble response then Shure SRH 940s, NAD Viso 50s, Senn 551s or 600s, AKG 702s or 712s, or Beyerdynamic DT 770s or DT 880s.
    Or KEF M500s, or ThinkSound ON1s, or Focal Spirt Pros, or HIFi Man HE-400s or the new PSBs.
    The Shure SHR-1840 also sound better then any of those headphone in the list. !!

    The sound of the SRH-1840 phones, to my ear, has been definitely finessed around the 3-5Hhz frequency so that you get stunning details and articulation.
    Everything they produce sound-wise has this bright sounding sheen of clarity that is punching your ears with sonic clarity as you listen.
    Guitars, vocals, cymbals, snare, bass, violin....its all being translated via the SHR-1840s upper midrange brightness bump that impressively increases clarity but also recreates everything as having an upper midrange boost.
    Incredible clarity, oh yes.....but you end up with so much upper mid domination and treble extension as their overall sound that the effect is perhaps too much.
    Perhaps its not, but its definitely obvious.
    The (mid) mids are ok and unrestricted, and the bass extension and detail is slightly above average.
    The SHR-1840s are great tho bright sounding headphones. Their comfort level is excellent, build quality is very good, box and accessories are nice.
    They are a good value for the money, but dont expect them to sound warm or sweet.
    These headphones are all about the upper mids and and outstanding overall clarity which they absolutely do provide for the money.

  • from Metro Manila, Philippines November 19, 2012Music Background:
    Record Producer, Musical Director, etc.


    I have a pair of headphones that I've considered to be my favorite one for a long time. Let's just say that those aren't my favorite anymore.

    I don't mind using my SRH1840 for long periods of time. The high frequencies are so smooth, and not tiring at all. It's such a joy to use. Obviously, they're not my first choice for iPods, but in my studio, it's going to be used a lot! :-)

  • from LA, CA USA September 24, 2013Music Background:


    Bought these as I had issues with my Sennheiser HD 650. Heard these were even better. Def better on the Lower mids and higher. Lower mids actually very accurate and not muddy. But the bass end is lacking, ie frequency range vs the HD650 is not as wide. Using HD650 and these are actually a perfect (but very expensive) pair.

Questions about the Shure SRH1840 Open-back Mastering and Studio Headphones?

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