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Ibanez SRC6 - Walnut Flat Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez SRC6 - Walnut Flat?

Questions about the Ibanez SRC6 - Walnut Flat?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Tremonton Utah December 9, 2016


    Alright, so here's the rundown here. This thing is constructed magnificently and is pretty solid but surprisingly lightweight. The finish isn't for everybody, it's not incredibly durable but looks great and will hold up fine if you don't beat your instrument up. The pickups can literally do anything from straight up bass lines to heavily distorted low tuned guitar tones extremely well with the 3 band EQ they have in these. Awesome versatility, you can get nearly any tone for any style you want. I went as high as drop A as a guitar and it destroyed my actual baritone guitars, and then set it up for bass and it slayed down there too, has better tone and presence than some of my full scale basses surprisingly. Bottom line is, this will do anything you need it to and will do it very very well, from bass to guitar to anything between. And it plays like heaven on top of that. Grab one, they're amazing instruments.

  • from Austin December 10, 2015


    I put a set of heaven guage guitar strings on this thing and it is absolutely amazing. Hard to bend on the 1st fret but great otherwise. I would highly suggest this for a metal guitar. I play with it in drop B. When's the last time you saw a guitar with an on board active eq? Also the emgs sound outstanding.

  • from austin March 20, 2015Music Background:
    recording, engineering, prog, rock, metal, and other things 'n stuff

    very awesome!

    I received my package right after work and only an hour before band practice. it only took two days for it to be shipped ground from Ft. Wayne Indiana to Austin TX. not bad fedex! anywhoo so I didn't have time to check intonation before leaving to band practice but the action was just right with no buzzing when I tuned it E-E. I checked the buzz factor when tuned C G C F A D. still no buzzing. awesome! so I left for band practice with the drop C tuning. plugged it in at practice and holly crap it sounds so amazing. it sounds more like a regular scale bass and better than my yamaha bb415. the 30" scale makes thos thing super easy to play. nearly like a guitar. nearly. the instrument only falls short for a rythem guitar type sound but sounds incredible for leads. one question people might ask is "does it do djent guitar?" yes it does but not well in drop C. it sounds good for it in standard E though. of coarse it sounds awesome for djent bass though. the preamp is highly adjustable and has a huge range. you can get super beefy lows or a piano like sound or anything in between really. the emg pickups sound outstanding. the wood is so nice and well manicured with no visable tooling marks. the fret edges are very smooth. the inlays look great too. now for the (very minor) gripes.... the bottom strap button screw is slightly stripped inside the wood. not a huge deal because I plan on putting strap locks on which have slightly larger diameter screws so no big deal. also the tuners seem to be a lower gear ratio than I'm use to so I may get some high gear ratio tuners for finer tuning. the tuners are very smooth and nice though. the bridge is fantastic. low profile and smooth everywhere so you won't cut your hand on any pesky screws. so long story medium length.... this thing sounds amazing and has a very high quality build. so go buy one and make these things more known!

  • from United States February 8, 2015Music Background:

    very nice guitar for the money

    this goes beyond reading my mind, i couldn't have thought up a more perfect guitar for me, the color on this thing is gorgeous, the eq works great and is easy to get good tones out of, strings could be better, will be getting some with a 95 for the E string since it's the biggest that will fit. the bridge is fantastic. as a guitarist that also loves playing bass, the 30" scale is better than i thought, 25.5" feels like a toy now. very happy with my purchase and chose sweetwater because they let me see and choose which one i wanted and when it comes to wood grains i'm very picky, i will definitely be ordering from sweetwater in the future

  • from Las Vegas NV January 10, 2015

    Very nice.

    Even though I am not a professional musician and cannot appreciate the full potential of this instrument I gave this a 5.0 rating based upon my satisfaction. In a previous review I assessed the SRC6 based upon how I received it. There are few reviews that I found for the SRC6 that would help a person decide if this niche instrument would be a good choice for them. I have spent some time now evaluating this guitar. This bass guitar was finished to a high level of quality, better than I had expected. Based upon the quality of this instrument I would not hesitate to purchase any guitar that has been manufactured in Indonesia. The body size itself is somewhat deceptive because it is actually smaller than a standard SR bass body. I measured my other 4 string SR and this is about an inch smaller all around. It is also a lot smaller than a telecaster body. This really seems to have been designed for guitarists because the overall proportions are more like a guitar though the shape is more like a bass. Quite an illusion. The electronics of the EQ system are solid and did not seem to have suffered from any shipping abuse. The 5 knob EQ electrics are of the same design used on the SR series bass guitars. There is no fret buzz that I was able to find anywhere along the neck. The harmonics were satisfying and somewhat better than a Standard guitar and below that of a Standard bass as you would expect from a 30" scale. This is a very unique guitar in that it is able to create a wide spectrum of tones and sounds. I plugged it into a modeling amp and was able to get some tones that I was never able to achieve with a standard guitar. I used a Blackstar CORE ID 10. I downloaded a preset and modied the preset slightly to achieve tones that emulated a 70's Rickenbaker. This bass guitar is 1 octave lower than a standard guitar but still allows you to achieve rich deep bass tones. I was able to achieve the deep bass sounds for Yes's Heart of the Sunrise intro bass lines exactly using some online tab I found. I think that guitarists would adapt to this more readily than a bass purist (the lower registers of this instrument obviously are above the frequencies that standard tuned 5 & 6 strings bass produce). It is tuned E to e like a Standard guitar and its string spacing is also spaced like a Standard guitar. By changing out the strings you could get a piccolo bass (A Standard bass tuning up an octave). By doing that you've gone full circle and now have a bass closer to a guitar than a guitar closer to a bass. Even though I was put off by the un-boxing experience and found that this SRC6 had been subjected to unnecessary shipping abuse, I was relieved to determine that it had not affected the instruments electronics. I'm very satisfied with this instrument overall. Would changing out the strings to a set for a Baritone guitar allow you to go even further in experimenting with this? I don't know yet but if it can achieve that then this guitar is even more valuable for its potential uses. As it is, it's a great choice that will add ways to explore and experiment with music. If you are a guitarist looking to find something really unique that can open up a greater range of tonal possibilities then this is for you, and if you're a bassist you would need to try this out to see if it offers something that your other basses don't. Lastly, my Sales Engineer addressed my questions regarding the possible shipping damage with timely responses to my emails. Perfect.

  • from Fairfax, va June 14, 2014Music Background:

    Dude..I am in love...

    After playing hundreds of basses and guitars over the past 15 years...it has been a while since I have been seriously inspired by something. I like the classic vi's but never was impressed by the low E string sound, but with this Ibanez with its active electronics, I am more than pleased...playing the cure, surf, blues or bass in general it is amazing. The short scale makes it easy to play, and the string spacing is close enough for cords, but wide enough to play finger style. While it is an amazing tapping machine, it is a little tricky to slap. I play it through a SWR Redhead, and a Randall SC212, and both sound great depending on what sound you want.

  • from Seattle WA March 8, 2014Music Background:
    40 years with some professional time.

    It's a Bass, No It's a Guitar, No It's a Crossover???

    As a short scale bass player this beautiful instrument fits the bill of my ideal bass. The pickups are very responsive to any stimulus. They go low and they sparkle. The tones are from twangy clean to deep boom. I can find so many sounds with this. The strings are close, but it didn't take long to get used to them. I have played with different picks and attacks, taps and slaps, and this baby just sings. Playing bass lines interspersed with some melodic rifts get peoples heads turning...This does it all. I'm in love.

  • from Cleveland April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician for forty years.

    The right choice

    I've been a bassist and guitarist for over forty years. My cover band's rhythm guitarist quit a couple of months ago and we debated on whether or not to replace him. Since I play bass in this band but am also a guitarist, we thought if I could fill in with chords in a number of songs we could get by. I was always intrigued by the six string bass concept which had been used by Jack Bruce in the early days of Cream and also the Beatles on some songs. I happened to see a Squire Bass VI at a local music store and tried it out. I liked it and it was relatively inexpensive but the sales guy asked me if I'd seen the Ibanez SRC6. Even though it was twice the price the difference in sound, weight and quality was huge. I sold enough unused gear to come up with the price and ordered one from Sweetwater since I got a 2 year warranty, 55 point check out with no tax or shipping for the same price. I got it the next day and have used it at practice twice already. My band mates were blown away with the sound and looks of this thing and it only weighs 6 pounds. With a little high end EQ you can play bar chords that sound full and clear which is exactly why I bought it. The Sweetwater gallery also let me pick between the two that were stock. The reviews for the Squire kept mentioning the poor quality nut and crappy bridge.The enlarged view on the photo gallery let me see up close this was the case. The Ibanez bridge is awesome and the close up of the nut showed it to be much better as well. The price difference is not as great if you need to replace hardware on a new instrument. My only complaint is that the EQ knobs look a little crooked from the playing position since they're placed right where the body starts to curve. I'm real happy with this bass and Sweetwater.

  • from Fairhope, AL August 22, 2016

    Wasn't at all impressed...

    I ordered one of these (got here quick - Sweetwater wins again!), and the first time I played it, I could literally watch the headstock moving from just the pressure of my hands. I think they just attempted to make the neck to thin to suit the instrument - I've played Ibanez basses before, and thought they were pretty good. I like the concept and design of this instrument, but I thought the construction was a bit flimsy for the price. I really wanted to like it, but ultimately I sent it back. If it was showing that much movement throughout the neck in my living room, it would never survive as a gigging instrument. Maybe I just got a lemon; I don't know...but definitely wasn't happy with it.

  • from Las Vegas NV January 9, 2015

    Some comments about....

    This 2.0 rating reflects my first impression of the instrument. I'll may or may not submit a later review on its sound and electronics. First off, I believe that Ibanez can do more to protect their instruments for shipment. This particular instrument was manufactured in Indonesia. To the U.S., a distance of thousands of miles, pretty much assures that it will be subjected to a lot of shipping conditions. I assume that the carton that I received was the same one that it was shipped in from the manufacturer to its destination location for sale. The instrument was inside of a thin sleeve type bag. It is only a few mils in thickness so that in itself does not insulate the instrument from drops or impacts. The first thing that was apparent was that the bottom strap lock of the bass had been continually impacting the inside of the box and had actually worn through to the outer box. You would think that Ibanez would consider investing in some protective high density foam protection for upright shipping. My assessment regarding this damage is that the instrument was subjected to a lot of impact jarring from being dropped on its end. I had an issue with another Ibanez bass that Sweetwater addressed to my total satisfaction. In reference to this, a Mort from ND left this comment regarding his SR506 electronics through a review on Sweetwater: " Every single one of my Ibanez basses have had to have their wiring fixed at some point and time (Usually just after the first year, they work fine after that), so I'm a little worried about that regard." This troubles me since I had the same issue and now see the evidence of shipping impact damage to the carton. There is no logic for a corporation to manufacture a product and then fail to protect that product until it reaches its point of sale by NOT adding a minimal amount of insulating foam. Ibanez ought to know that it cannot ensure that the instrument will be shipped horizontally flat once it leaves their facilities. If Sweetwater had not added an outer carton and materials for shipping this could have been a worse scenario. I still have to evaluate this electronically before I'll commit to owning this. The actual bass design, niche musical purpose of this bass are not in question here. Ibanez may have a good vision for creating these workshop bass instruments but as a corporation they fall far short on executing their final mission to ensure a product free of potential issues.

Questions about the Ibanez SRC6 - Walnut Flat?

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