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Ibanez SR506 - Brown Mahogany Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez SR506 - Brown Mahogany?

Questions about the Ibanez SR506 - Brown Mahogany?

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  • from Indiana July 2, 2016

    Great bass, great sound, great price

    After logging many hours playing this bass, I am still amazed by the tones this bass produces. The pups produce a warm, dark sound and are articulate on low notes and don't bark. Playing jazz chords in higher registers are also clear and have nice blend; the chord tones don't get muddled or overpowered. Ibanez really hit it out of the park with this powerful, diverse bass. I've played some slap, rock, and jazz on this and it is more than adequate sounding. So if you're a vertasile player who wants a versatile bass without breaking the bank, this bass is a must.

  • from Mechanicsburg, PA April 2, 2016Music Background:
    Youth Ministry Bassist.

    The Best Bass for the Budget

    In the realm of basses to obtain for under a grand, the Ibanez SR506 is the sole ruler of that realm. I will explain this in the best of detail. First star goes to the weight. When you play a bass it should not give your back any difficulty for extended playing. The weight of this bass equals a feather, and gives your back that ease of comfort. Second star goes for the pickups. When looking for a set of Thor's almighty pickups (which is about 99.9% accurate). The Bartolini MK-1 pickups from do not disappoint. As stated in the description, it can do the earth shaking lows to the crystal highs, and everything else in between. Third star for the wood used. Ibanez held no quality wood back from crafting this masterpiece. The body itself is comprised of a nice brown mahogany, the neck is a FIVE piece Jatoba/Bubinga (bolt on), and lastly the fingerboard consists of the all warm/biting tone Rosewood (and have I mentioned Rosewood is the best!). Gotta love that Rosewood! Fourth star is earned for the price of this killer bass. While most decent basses sell for at least a grand or two, the Ibanez SR506 model is in affordable range of wallets. And lastly, the 5th star goes out as a thank you for the guys at Sweetwater. My sales engineer Mike worked with me for countless weeks on finding the right bass. I play bass for a church youth group, and this bass was the ticket. Can't thank Sweetwater enough for the customer service!

  • from Lynchburg, Virginia January 10, 2012Music Background:
    Active Musician/Educator

    "Best High End Bass for a Lil Money"

    I have owned and played one for the last 5 years. No regrets, no problems. The Bartolini Pups are GREAT!! You can dial in any sound you want. I own Tobias, Yamaha, Schecter, G & L, and Ibanez Basses. As a matter of fact, I own two of this same model. I manage and play for a R & B, FUNK, and Jazz in a 12 piece active band. I'm a 57 yr. old active musician and educator. Depending on what you are looking for in a bass, you can't go wrong with this one. You can dial in the same sounds as any $5000 bass in my opinion and I have owned and played other major brands than the ones I currently own. Play one and see what you think. Your desires may be different from mine, but to each his own. We have several bass players on our group and they all love the feel of the neck, the voicing and sounds of this Ibanez..

  • from Chicago October 24, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    I have owned this model for 2 years. Best $630 six-string I've ever seen. I play mainly classical bass guitar. This instrument is very playable and light weight. Electronics are solid and allows for tons of tweaking. A good setup was key. Read the directions make all measurement accurately and by all means use a strobe. Your reward will be a fast, smooth, and clean (no frett buzz) playing instrument. Weather playing the most complicated Bach or the simplest blues this instrument represents hard. I am currently looking to purchase two more for different tunings.

  • from Union, KY February 28, 2017

    Best Value Six String Bass

    I made the transition from 4/5 to 6. What I like about this particular Ibanez is that the neck is not wide. While there is a definite learning curve if you are used to slapping and popping on a 4-string, the neck is still a marvel and within a few days, it feels like butter. Very thin body and neck, the body does seem a little small in proportion to the neck, but it still has a nice balance with no neck diving. Very comfortable to play for hours.

    Out of the box, I only needed to lower the action just a slight bit and it was ready to go. I love the Elixir strings, their smoothness and tone make this a winning combination. I have had this bass since October 2016, and I love it. The band members were floored when they saw it. Can't say enough about the tone and flexibility of this bass! I ordered the IBW100SR case, it fit but was a tight fit. I am not sure if they carry that case any longer.

    I use this bass to play Jazz, Rock, and Blues. I am able to obtain most any sound to fit the genre's I play. Can't go wrong with Sweetwater, my Sales Engineer is Dennis Konicki and he was most helpful. Dennis kept me updated on the shipment since I had to wait a few weeks for this popular bass to be in stock for shipment.

  • from Stateline NV June 22, 2014Music Background:
    Working bass player

    Affordable excellence

    Ibanez has come up with a truly winning combination, of a great sounding and playing bass, at a price point well below what might be considered normal, for a pro grade axe. The pickups, and on board preamp, work together beautifully. This bass begs to be slapped!! It automatically has a great modern slap/thump tone. With the balance control, it is easy to get that growly P bass tone with the front pickup, or pan to the bridge pickup to get a jazzier sound. Although to my ears, the bass sounds very hifi, rolling off some treble and using the mid slector in the 250HZ mode, with a little boost, gives a retro kind of bass tone. The beauty of the bass, is how easy it is to control how much or how little of a particular sound you're looking for. OK, the neck....it's Asymmetrical, which means thicker on the side with the heavier strings and very slim and fast on the treble side of the neck. The neck is solid, sustain is very good. Punch and clarity are excellent! I can't tell you how much I love the neck on this bass! This bass has really got it going on. Don't be surprised if you are an older musician like me, if you find yourself looking for what it takes to de-modernize the sound a bit, at least on older style songs. The fit and finish are very good. Craftsmanship has the good qualities of modern CNC construction. Probably not a lot of meticulous hand work, but still good. Finish is good, but not great. It has a rather thin satin coat on a body that could stand more time hand perfecting the grain etc. but is really fine as long as we aren't paying thousands of dollars; and we aren't doing that here. Six string with 16.5MM spacing at the bridge is pretty tight, but I'm learning that it also makes some bass lines almost too easy! It's the thumb slap work that takes a lot of accuracy in where you hit the string. It takes a little getting used to that. The thing is, if it were wider, playing chords on the bass would be MUCH more difficult. And lets face it, that is one of THE big reasons to play a sixer. All in all, I would say that this bass makes exploring a six string bass really fun and affordable. If you become a "monster" at playing six, you could always upgrade someday, but it would probably not really be necessary. Oh and BTW Sweetwater is the best company to buy from on line! (Thanks Jim Watson!!!)

  • from North Dakota December 29, 2009Music Background:
    College music performance major.

    Great bass.

    I've been playing bass for five years now, and am currently majoring in musical performance. I was the recent recipient of this bass as a Christmas gift(The buyer, my mother bought it off this site according to her). I feel that while I've only had this bass for a very short time, I feel that aside from long term issues this bass might have, I can give a good review off of my first impressions.

    I'll start off with sound. Very versatile. I use a Hartke 410 Bass cabinet with a Hartke 2000 head. Its very easy to dial in whatever sound you want, and it all sounds very good. I can imagine using this bass for any style of music. Great deep tones, for jazz / hip hop. Nice meaty mid range front pick up tones, that will work great for standard rock and punk. Mid pick up is nice and crisp, great for slap tones. The crispness works well for metal as well. The rear pick is less corky sounding than I expected it too. I personally haven't decided if this is a good or bad thing as of yet. The strings have a great balance in volume. Its a fairly punchy sounding bass. Everything is well defined sound wise. It also shipped fully intonated, which is nice. There is some minor fret buzz issues on the D string, however.

    This is easily the best Extended Range bass I've played. The action is quite low, and fast. The neck is very thin and fast playing. Transitioning from Four string to this didn't feel like that much of a hurdle because of how easy it is to play. The high frets are perfectly accessible. They playability is probably the best thing about this thing. I feel its just that good.

    Cosmetically, this bass is kind of bland. Not important to most but I do think it warrants a mention. I looks fine, the mahogany looks good, and the hardware looks fine and uniform with everything. I do wish it had a bound fretboard and some other cosmetic frills. I suppose to get an instrument that plays and sounds like this at this price you have to make some sacrifices.

    I do wish I could comment on the short and long term durability of this bass. Every single one of my Ibanez basses have had to have their wiring fixed at some point and time (Usually just after the first year, they work fine after that), so I'm a little worried about that regard. It certainly feels solid, though others comment on the soft wood body wears down rather easily.

    The only real complaint I have is that there are some fret buzz issues on the D string. I also dislike the strings it was shipped with(Elixers I believe).

    This isn't just "a great bass for the money". Its a great bass. If you're looking for to move from four or five string to six, I would really recommend this bass to you. Great tones, great playability, great bass.

  • from Turks & Caicos Islands October 25, 2007Music Background:
    Live Sound Eng., Musician


    I have been playn bass for over 3 years now and by far this is the best I have played for such an incrdible price. any other six string in its league comes close. Great quality, the feel, sound (damn those pickups and eq are crazy)and its nice and balanced. I got this for churchn hooked up to an 18" and a gallien kruger i rok the house with this thing. Get it than youll know that im talking about

Questions about the Ibanez SR506 - Brown Mahogany?

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