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Ibanez SR505 5-String - Brown Mahogany Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez SR505 5-String - Brown Mahogany?

Questions about the Ibanez SR505 5-String - Brown Mahogany?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Dave Brow

    I LOVE this thing! I wanted to add a 5-string to my arsenal, and I can't put
    it down. It plays so smoothly and feels great. The Bartolini pick ups give it
    a broad tone range. It is so good it has become my main bass. Exceptional
    value for any level player.

  • from February 26, 2017

    Get one

    I was in the market to step up to a five string bass. Always been a Fender fan - still am, however, a friend suggested I try out an Ibanez to see what I thought. All I can say is wow. I always looked at Ibanez as more of a low budget line but I was really mistaken. The quailty is very good - frets are all nice and smooth on the edges, neck is superb and easy to adjust. I set mine to have really low action and it is a gem to play. The tone is exceptional for this price range, and you can really get about any tone you want with these. The Bartolini pickups in these are very warm and responsive. I highly suggest if you are looking for a new bass, give Ibanez a look, you won't be sorry. I will purchase another one, but next one I want to try the Nordstarnd pickups, so I'll be spending a little more.

  • from May 23, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, recording

    Great bass!!

    I had been looking for information about this bass for a year. Previously I used a Peavey Grind BXP which served me for a decade. I'm a guitarist and I was struck by the weight and scale of this instrument. I thought it would be good the transition from guitar to bass because they were smaller arm measures. So I decided to buy it and just took a few days practicing on it. In fact, the transition has been very good. It has made me very easy to settle down to the scale. The weight is much better than the Grind. I think that with this bass you can play any kind of music because Bartolini pickups are simply excellent. The variety of colors you will find in the pickups of this bass is incredible. I play Latin music most of the time and although their sound is quite different to the Grind, I had no trouble finding the perfect sound for me. Yesterday a record a track with it and I have to say that it blows de Grind. The adjustment made by Sweetwater was very good. I just had to slightly adjust the intonation on one string. The Brown Mahogany is the perfect looking color. I loved!! I highly recommend this bass to anyone that play guitar and need a solid bass that fit your hands.

  • from October 25, 2015Music Background:
    Lead guitarist, and vocalist for tear from grace, and waiting for never, all around musician.

    It's a power house!

    This is my 1st SR 500 series, which is the better of the ibanez basses, just under prestige. I'm completely shocked by the looks and sounds of this bass! These pick ups are just fantastic, I love them, extremely articulate. The active pre amp gives you so much dynamics that you can make this bass sound so good it's stupid! Then we get to the looks, and let me tell you, I have had other SR series with maple necks, and they don't hold a candle to this jatoba bubinga neck. The body looks just as sweet, with the beautiful walnut color. Bass isn't too heavy, just right, and balanced perfectly. Usually new guitars come with crap strings, but this came with really good strings on it, so I haven't had to change them out yet, I just recorded with this bass and it's the best sounding bass I've ever owned. Even better than the k5 I had. The fret board inlays are done just right and give it that added flare. For the price, you can't ask for more. I totally recommend this bass!!!!

  • from New Castle, DE February 5, 2015Music Background:
    B.A. Degree in Music Performance. Play many genres!

    SR505 - - Sweet Retreat!

    Just picked up my SR505 yesterday and brought it home and to my rehearsal with my music unit and it was like BLAM!! POW!!! POP!! This bass rocks! Smooth, lightweight, quick action and sounds like a more expensive ax! I love it. It looks a little mysterious with its mahogany color but I can't wait to get this baby in my church!!! I highly recommend this bass to bass players. It will exceed most bassist's needs!! Thanks!!

  • from Birmingham, AL June 12, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Gospel, CCM, R&B

    SR 505

    After being away from bass playing for several years, I decided to pickup my bass again. Since I play primarily gospel, ccm, r&b I wanted to move up to a 5 string. I'm sooo glad I did...I can't put it down! I can't believe I hadn't made this move before now. As soon as I opened the box and picked up this bass, I was amazed at the look of it and how great it made me sound. The first thing I noticed when I played it is how well the strings resonated through the body. It plays so smoothly and feels great. The Bartolini pick ups give it a broad tonal range.
    I LOVE this thing! It sounds so good it has become my main bass. Love the mid switch feature for quick tonal change to slap style.

    Thanks to Katie at sweetwater, this bass has changed my whole bass playing world!

  • from Rock Hill, SC USA March 15, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer,


    When I was looking for a bass guitar I knew that I wanted Ibanez bass guitar because I like how it looks and of course I can get pretty good instrument for a reasonable price.I got SR505 and I was really surprised with this instrument. I picked up this bass and I was amazed. The Bartolonis are very well balanced and I play metal and slap usually. This is the stuff what I like. The wood looks great and tuning holds perfectly as well. The EQ is just astonishing and I can get any sound I want without any pedal. I already tried to record with that and it sounds killer. Anyway I'm actually a guitarist and I appreciated the size of the bass.It has an easy access in each position for me and I can play without any afford. It feels almost like playing a guitar.Nobody would regret to purchase this beauty I guarantee!

  • from South Jersey June 6, 2012Music Background:
    10+ years playing all types of music

    great bass!

    For the price..solid deal and a great sound! Even better with the Ibanez 18 month no interest deal on right now too

  • from bakersfield ca August 10, 2011Music Background:


    DUDE! Just got this baby and jammed with the boys for a good four hours. The tone is fantastic with good range. Worked well with rock, country and the songs we wrote ourselves. Thanks to Mike at sweetwater, I got a gigin bass for a lifetime! Thanks bro!

  • from Albuquerque, NM September 27, 2010Music Background:
    Musician / Songwriter / Home Recording Engineer

    Great playing and great sounding bass at this price ...

    After being away from music for several years, I recently bought this inexpensive Ibanez bass thinking that I would try to get back into it and if I did, I could always pick up a better bass along the way. Well, after plugging this baby in and playing it extensively, I am so overwhelmed at the quality and the sound and the ease of play, that I'm not sure I need a more expensive bass guitar. Instead, after looking extensively for an adequate bass amplifier to handle the low end Hertz of a of 5-string, I decided to put the money into a pair of powered 400 watt JBL subwoofers instead. I discovered that most bass amplifiers only provide a low end frequency response of around 45 Hz to 50 Hz. The low E string on the 4-string bass vibrates at 41.2 Hz and the low B string on the 5-string is right at 30.87 Hz. So, even though you will still hear those two strings you are really testing your speakers and the sound you get will be more like a thud than a clearly distinguishable note. No wonder it's hard to tell when those 2 strings are in tune. But, my JBL ES250P subwoofers are providing a frequency response of 25 Hz allowing me to tune that B string down to an A (27.5 Hz) and still have adequate head room (or bottom room as the case may be) which results in one of those bass sounds that you feel and that seems to just spill out into and surround the people on the dance floor. And I can clearly hear all those beautiful sounding low notes coming out by my Ibanez bass and I can tell that it's still in perfect tune. If you select this bass, and support it with adequate amplification, you are going to get a lot of comments on the great sound your putting out from the other bass players in the crowd.

  • from Tallahassee, FL February 23, 2010Music Background:
    Educator, Recording Engineer, Pro musician


    This is the FIRST product review I've ever written, mainly because this is such an awesome deal. I played about 40 basses before I bought this one, from $500 to $1000, and this easily blew them all away. Great clean, punchy tone, and great neck. At several gigs I've had other musicians tell me that I have the best live bass tone they've ever heard (running straight into a Fender Bassman 2-10). I'm not here to sell basses, but if you plan on spending less than a grand (or more?), try one of these babies out!

  • from Kansas City Metro March 4, 2009Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Manager, Musician

    Best Bass Under a Grand

    I never give 5 stars to anything, but this bass deserves all of them. Something about the combination of the tonewoods and the Bartolinis in this thing combine to make it a killer instrument.

    The first thing I noticed when I played it is how well the strings resonated through the body. That resonance is translated by the pickups as a warm, "woody" sound.

    The funny thing is that I bought this bass for the smaller neck and not the sound. Even after I bought my MusicMan Bongo, I kept this around for its wonderful tone.

    Turn the volume up and set everything else at the center detent and you will be good to go.

  • from August 17, 2012Music Background:
    all the above

    Guitar players looking for a bass?

    Do you play guitar, do studio work, &/or play live?
    Do you want a great bass with tons of tone control & playability & not have to break the bank to get it?
    This model is a great start.... As a guitar player, studio/live performer,,, the first thing I needed was playability & tone control.....
    In short folks,,, if you're in the same boat, don't hesitate to drop the 7 bills for this sweet piece of gear... I say go out & do your homework,,, you have to find what's best for you of course,,, but make sure you check this bass out last before buying.... She's a fantastic mid-road bass for beginners or for seasoned players...A great bass for guitar players looking to expand, she's wonderfully comfortable & easy to get used to,,, well balanced, fantastic tone control, with a fast comfortable, smooth neck...
    Scale & modes are a breeze when you get used to the fret spacing...
    So if you're in the market for a sweet addition to your gear,,, look no further,,, she's a quality investment....

    & make sure you talk to Jared here at Sweetwater for further details & a great deal....
    I,,, for one, am very happy with the Ibanez SR505 5-string Jared hooked me up with....
    Thanks to Jared & the other Gents at Sweetwater!

  • from Buffalo Ny July 3, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician,Teacher

    SR 505

    This is my second Ibanez SR 505 actually. They are good basses, but do have some issues I would love to see worked out. The frets were pretty good, but a couple high ones keep this bass from it full potential, this being said no company sends mass produced instruments out with perfect frets. The electrics are improved with the mid cut switch, but are noisy, especially when the treble boost is set above flat. The big thing that is bothering me is how soft the body is, also contributing to its lightness (7.8lbs) and a big reason I wanted this bass. The front strap screw has needed tightening 3-4 times in a month of having the bass, not good as it feels like it keeps loosening, I am worried it might fail during a gig. Now I really like the bass, but with theses issues I find it hard to give it 4-5 stars, but if theses issues were not here that needed attention it would get 5 easily, so if you want to spend a little on fret work and some shielding of the electronics, you will have a bass that plays and sounds amazing.

  • from May 31, 2016Music Background:
    Studying music since 1982

    Great Feel & Sound / LOUSY bridge

    I was absolutely in love with this bass for two years. Exceptionally light and comfortable, super fast and smooth neck, huge tonal variety - but I was surprised by a HUGE FRUSTRATION with the quality of the "accu-cast b25" bridge.
    Though always kept it properly adjusted (standard tuning) and safely in its case when not in use, I was perhaps struck by bad luck - or indeed just a quality issue with the alloy? - but the truth is: with absolutely no sign, bridge simply collapsed on the D string while resting in the case!
    Easy to find part for replacement? What a joke...
    For an Ibanez, this is definitely not acceptable. Or has it become?....

Questions about the Ibanez SR505 5-String - Brown Mahogany?

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