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Ibanez SR5006EOL - 6-string, Oil Finish Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from United States August 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Amazed with the quality of this 6 string instrument...

    I must first say that I'm a professional musician with 39 years of experience playing almost everyday. I play nearly every style of music and utilize every fret, harmonic, string and chords . Now any musician with a lot of experience can tear apart anything if they want to act like a big shot and show everyone how smart they are, however i am giving this simple review for the gigging musicians and the young players looking for the perfect instrument for them to expand their abilities. 3 weeks ago I was getting ready to purchase a Fodera Emperor Deluxe ($9K) that I had waited for 2 years to be built, when it failed to arrive again I went to a local music store and played the model below this one. I was very impressed so i did some research and in my usual fashion decided to buy the most expensive bass available because I could send it back if I was not happy. When it came it was flawless. The only issue was the case was damaged but the fine folks there at SWEETWATER quickly sent out a replacement and all is good. The intonation out of the box is spot on. String spacing may be a little tight for sloppy slappers but I find it very comfortable. Chords are effortless. The pre amp is very good with good sweeping actions, perfect cutoffs and positive roll offs. The barts sound fantastic as always and are very quiet. Very fat sound with clear tones through the range of play. harmonics sound like a symphony with sustain for days. Im not a fan of gold hardware but that is a personal taste thing, and they have already grown on me. The weight transfer is very smart, with no neck dive. Very light and comfortable to play for long periods. I can even play this base lower on the body ( rare for a 6 string). This review is based on my knowledge and comparing them to my other basses like my Elrick Platinum Series Classic 6, F Bass Alain Caron 6, Ken Smith BSR 6. My amps are GK, Ampeg, MarkBass, Epifani, and Bergantino. Wenge and bubinga Tone woods are a combination made in heaven... the only negatives are there is no trap door for the battery, and with the recessed jack, my wireless device will not plug in... In conclusion, this bass costs $2,500 less than my least expensive bass and I haven't put it down in the last two weeks. Ibanez nailed it.

  • from WV October 5, 2010Music Background:
    Civil Engineer, Lustiest, Musican

    The Ibanez SR5006EOL

    When I purchased my Ibanez SR5006E Prestige, I hadn't played it, so I purchased it solely off of itsí looks.

    I already owned a couple of Ibanez six string basses and I knew that Ibanez produced a quality instrument, but man, when I got that thing home and did a super tight setup on it, the action is beyond belief. It has a very super light playing touch, with no fret buzz.

    The resonance from composite Mahogany body and Wenge top and back, along with the fast action just makes me want to play it all night.

    The EQ. is the bomb, if you get a chance check out the frequency response curves.

    And yes I was correct; it just looks so good when Iím playing it.

    If you donít know or heard about this axe you better ask somebody. I got mine, so you better get yours, cause my donít bass play for nobody but me, you dig.

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