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Ibanez SR300 - Roadster Orange Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Customer
    from May 22, 2015

    Great guitar for a low cost

    The look is nicer than it is in the picture. Surprise me with its sound. Still exploring what all the nobs can do. Love it.

  • Paul Sabre
    from St Charles, IL February 10, 2010Music Background:
    25+ year Weekend Warrior and Burnt-Out Old Rocker


    This bass has me shaking my head.
    As a weekend warrior who could never afford the Alembic I always wanted, I've been thru my share of basses in the 25+ years I've been gigging. P Bass, couple of Jazz Basses, Peavey, Gibson, and some others I can't even recall.
    This bass plays and sounds better than anything I've ever owned. Plus, it's light! I just can't do a Jazz Bass on my shoulder for 4 hours anymore.
    The posting rules say not to mention price. But I will say, at this writing, Sweetwater sells this thing for less than anywhere else. Shipped to your door! Even at the higher price this bass is a great value. In my humble opinion, it's the steal of the century for a quality bass.
    And I do mean quality. The price says "starter bass" but you'll want to gig out with it. The finish is much better in person than in the pictures. It has 3 band eq with sweepable mids right on the bass. No more fiddling with the amp to get the sound you need. And it's light weight and comfort won't wear you out after a full night of rocking.
    You simply can't go wrong here.

  • Jeff Swanson
    from Chicagoland, IL USA February 21, 2010Music Background:

    Very Nice

    Great bass. I ordered this as an item as 'out of stock' but had it in three days (Sweetwater does rock!).

    I'm a guitar player with a little bass experience. I needed something that would allow me to go from guitar to bass comfortably. This is a very comfortable transition, The neck is great. Felt very much 'at home'. Very smooth, fast and given some of the differences in a guitar versus bass neck, did not feel foreign at all.

    It sounds great! The various tone controls on this thing are outstanding. I have yet to really get them down but it gives you a wide range of tonalities. In short, however you want to color your low end, I think this will do it. Quite a feature for such a reasonable cost .

    I demo'd it through a bass amp sim (Ampeg SVX) and I had this rolling, rumbling and slapping at no time. The pick ups. from my limited knowledge, put out the kind of beefy but defined sound I look for. I like that throaty sound. I also noted that I could get some more old school, 'motown-y' kind of overtones too. I should also say that in the instances where I needed to find a little upper end in the bass register, it stayed nice and defined too.

    It's versatile, suffice it to say.

    Finish. Well done and quality. I was hesitant about the Roadster Orange but glad I got it. Looks really cool. Pics don't do the color justice. It's very much that early 70's Corvette orange. I wouldn't want a different color now.

    Great value, easy to play, sounds good and looks cool. What's not to like?

  • Pat Mahoney
    from Tecumseh Nebraska August 20, 2012Music Background:
    Musician for 43 years


    For a lower end bass this really is a good choice for someone on a budget,,,like me..The neck is fast and smoothe, no sharp edges, and you can taylor the tone to just about any style you like using the sweeper EQ. No this is not a 2000.00 bass but I would put it up next to any high end bass out there. Ibanez has been around a long time and I own several of there quality instruments so you cant go wrong with a name like Ibanez.The roadster orange looks really coo, it just oozes Rock and Roll. This came set up nicely right out of the box, ready to rock. Sweetwater is a top notch company with customer service second to none. Thanks Sweetwater and keep doing what you do best, putting quality instruments in front of musicians around the world.

  • Don
    from Conway, AR USA December 1, 2011Music Background:
    former gigging musician

    It's all true

    I had only one issue with my order. When I opened the box, I had to adjust the truss rob because the strings were sitting on the frets. But! I have since been recording with it and am impressed with this bass.
    Great tone throughout the spectrum. For the money you can't go wrong!
    However if you're inexperienced at adjusting truss rods you may want to have it set up by a pro...

  • eMILIO
    from April 24, 2011

    Has plenty of versatility for the money

    Bang for the buck here, being an inexpensive bass it did not come set up/playable. Knob fell off right out of the box, after an hour of playing another knob fell off.

    I love the low end capabilities of this bass, I do not care for the very cheap knobs. I am not a fan of the orange color, I ordered a white one, after a week of waiting I realized the white one did not have humbuckers, so I settled for the orange. My Sweetwater contact was great, they treated me well, I do not blame them for any of my troubles. I would spend the extra 2-300 and upgrade to something a little better. If you want a good sounding bass and can live with a few pains in the a**, this is it.

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