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Ibanez SR1206EVNF SR Premium - Vintage Natural Flat Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from New Mexico April 26, 2015Music Background:

    Everything I hoped for

    The Ibanez SR1206 plays, sounds, and looks as good as I had hoped for. I had a Padouk body/wenge-bubinga neck 5-string Soundgear that I got in the mid-90's that cost me around the same money (more money actually in 2015 dollars), and the SR1206 is better than that old one in almost every category. The pickups sound fantastic, the EQ is very useful (when I'm not bypassing it which is most of the time), the MR-IV bridge is easy to adjust and sounds great, the neck looks and plays fantastic. Running it through a digital multi-effects box to my vintage tube 2x15 I am blowing my mind with the sounds I can get. I actually restrung it higher E - E and it works great, I can play the same chords and pieces that I play on classical guitar. Pure low bass lines come out sounding like a dream too. Pretty much totally satisfied.

  • from August 29, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Ibanez SR 1206E

    Just recently purchased Ibanez SR1206E.This bass is fantastic to say the least ! Awesome sounds and not overly heavy. A must for any serious bass player.

  • from Gaeinsville, FL October 9, 2012Music Background:
    Gospel, R&B, Jazz

    Ibanez SR1206E is a BEAST!!

    I literally cannot say enough great things about this bass. It is a tonal MONSTER! Its pretty much an SR506 on steroids! I actually upgraded from a 506 because it was stolen. But, instead of replacing it, I decided to bump up to the premium and it was worth every penny! This bass is one beautiful piece of wood man! From the 5pc wenge/ bubinga neck to the mahogany body with that killer ovangkol top to the gold hardware, this bass turns heads everywhere I play. And its not just its good looks either. This bass gets down. I play a lot of Gospel and R&B with a lil bit of Jazz and this bass covers me on every gig. These big single Nordstrands deliver and the EQ gives you a ton of versatility. This bass has plenty of low-end bark and great sustain. One of the biggest things I like about the 1206 is that it doesn't take a lot of adjusting to get a good slap tone out of this bass. Most of the time, I don't even adjust my EQ or I'll dial in a lil more highs, and I get the tone that I want every single time. If you're thinking about one of the basses, don't hesitate. It's the absolute best bass in its class for the ridiculously low price tag it has and its the finest bass I've ever played! Get it- you'll love it- you won't be sorry- I promise! IBANEZ SR's FOR LIFE!!!

  • from February 25, 2014

    Wow... Just Wow!

    I bought this bass as an upgrade to the SR506 and I have not been disappointed. I love the feel of the SR six string basses mainly because of the light weight and well balanced necks. I can comfortably play both basses for hours, with a decent strap of course. The necks (same size and shape between the two) are flat and wide with a good taper for my long fingers. If you have small hands then these basses are not for you but, then again, your probably not looking at six string bass anyway... but I digress.

    What really shines about the 1206 is the fantastic tonal range that the electronics afford one's fingers. With the built in EQ turned off, this bass goes from P-bass thump to more mild rock tones with a spin of the balance nob (which I use to find a good tone to stand out in my band's mix). When I flick on the EQ, I have a ton of tonal control that I mainly use during recording. I have yet to play this bass through effects but I'd be willing to bet your could find a good tone for whatever effect that you choose.

    And don't even get me started on the looks! In a word: gorgeous!

    To date, I have only found one thing that I don't like about the 1206... replacing the 9v battery requires a screwdriver. However, I have to give Ibanez props for thinking to include a great multi-tool for tweeking just about anything on the bass.

    All in all, I think that this is the best value in a bass I've ever found.

  • from Davidson, NC February 1, 2014Music Background:
    Worship bassist (upright bass, electric bass), cellist

    Ibanez got it right

    Purchased from Sweetwater (thank you, Mark Stein) about a year ago, but have been playing mostly upright bass during this time - so took a while to rack up enough experience to post a review. I've used this bass for both live worship sets and in studio.
    First, I love Ibanez necks. For me they're just intuitive - especially for a wide neck like this one. The single-coil Nordstrand pickups and active 3-band EQ (and mid-switch) provide me with plenty of options for getting the sound I want in the worship sets I'm playing with electric bass (Hillsong, Crowder, Tomlin, Jesus Culture, Bethel, etc.). I'm also able to get nice slap tone - though the string spacing is a little tight for that IMHO. Excellent sustain - the low B can hang forever.
    Ergonomics are well suited for me. Weight and balance are nice. Good access to upper frets for chording. Knobs and switches are well located and I like the angled cable jack. The bass just "feels good". Aesthetically pleasing appearance - dig the wood for visual appeal and tone.
    Don't have any cons - this is an excellent package for the price if you're looking for a 6-string bass. I do recommend getting some GruvGear fret wraps, especially if you're using this in the studio - makes it easier to manage ambients from the additional strings.

  • from orlando January 29, 2013Music Background:
    pro Musician

    Ibanez SR1206E 6 string vintage

    Well...It certainly is a lot to rave about considering the price of the bass,ALSO not considering that.The pickups are great.They have a very wide range of sound.The neck actually feels very comfortable to play.I like the mono rail bridge it cleans up the sound a bit with no "overhang" from other strings when you playing.The weight is just right for a Six er. Just the slightest bit neck heavy but also quite unnoticeable.Action is dead right.This bass can hold its own with any of my other 12 basses and that's saying a lot..Yet,to each his own.This is a great bass to play on some jazz or fusion gig,or where you would like to play some chords and have an extended range to solo or do chordal work.That's what I used a six for in the early 90's playing in a trio.I was able to play chords which filled out the sound quite a bit.Would I take this on a Motown gig?Probably not.A show gig?Maybe.I would have to extend my reading chops for that.My 5 string US Lackland has more punch and bottom end for a Broadway style show or Motown.(Lacklands which are basically a more modern version of Musicman/Fender really cover a lot of genders.)In the case of the Ibanez,I'm not sure if it's the pickups or the strings or just the bass,but it has a lighter sound yet well rounded and useable.I have not used this bass enough but from spending an afternoon these are my conclusions.Off course my wife had to remind me that this is bass number 13 not 12!They all different animals and have different voices.They speak there own language and I'm always happy to hear anyone of them in any appropriate conversation.The Ibanez 6 string is a great bass to have at any price.The Mike Pope Fodera has similar woods some new ideas ie pickups, neck preamp,Yet priced at over $12000.I drive a BMW not a Rolls Royce.
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  • from Versailles il. usa June 26, 2013Music Background:

    nice sounds


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