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Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - Olympic White Reviews

4.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - Olympic White?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - Olympic White?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • William F Nappi
    from LAS VEGAS, NV October 10, 2016

    Very Cool Sound

    Of course any guitar is only as good as the person playing it to some extent, as you also know each guitar has it's own characteristics. I wanted this review to be about Sweetwater because I have several guitars I've ordered online, all of them great. I hand - picked them so it would have been stupid to pick out something because I thought other people would think it was cool. I digress. Back to the point, The 55 point check Sweetwater got me the first guitar I've EVER received in the mail that I DIDN'T have to adjust the neck.

    Back to the Squier VI itself. There are 4 switches on it as you can see. If you're familiar with probability combinations, I extend the advice that if you find a sound you REALLY like, as the switch combinations can get out of control, seriously. So write down any combination of settings that especially appeals to you.

    A final note from me: the 3 pick-ups. Wow. They're bright, or they can be. (I just mentioned the finite but large number of potential switch settings.) The final note: I saw somewhere in the description of this baby that George Harison used one like it in the Beatles 'Hey Jude' video and that Jack Bruce used one in the early days of Cream. Yeah, if you play a standard Blues Scale (for a 6 string guitar) you can hear 'Badge,' taking form. I think that was on "Good-Bye." Whatever. I LOVE this guitar. I'm glad I bought it I really, REALLY hope you hear some original song played with it on the radio or something and I especially hope I'll be the guy playing it. (I can't say the band name right now due to a copyright not yet in place. You never know. Bottom line, if you're considering getting one of these, you won't be sorry, I'm pretty sure. AND if you DO decide to get it. THIS is the place to get it from. They've taken GREAT care of me so far. Not a single complaint. I hope and trust they will keep up the good work.

  • Rich Williamson
    from Chicago September 18, 2016

    Every Bassist Needs One!

    I'm primarily a bassist and I absolutely love this instrument. While these don't quite deliver the level of depth that a traditional bass does, there is zero doubt that you are in fact playing a bass once you plug in and let the first notes ring out. The Bass VI's are more than capable of providing solid bass live or in the studio. No, this won't completely replace a standard bass in most ensembles and nor is it designed to. The Bass VI is designed to offer a bassist tone color variety they deliver! My favorite use for this instrument is as a compositional tool, it's nice to be able to pick up a bass and be able to write music without having to compromise the chords you want to hear. I've heard a number of players comment in videos that these aren't great for chording but I don't find that to be true whatsoever, in fact that makes absolutely no sense. Another great advantage to the bass VI is the fact that they are considerably more comfortable to lug around in public than my Jazz basses, I love that I can sit in a local coffee shop, plug into an ipad and work on tunes without having to settle for composing on a guitar because it's simply easier to carry around when I know I'm going to be out and about. I can't say enough nice things about the instrument. Typically they need a decent setup out of the box and you may find one or two little issues concerning the construction but they tend to be extremely minor things like a loose screw and in most cases a quick once-over does the trick to correct any issues. The sound quality is great and the instrument feels solid and road-worthy. I can't say enough nice things about it and I urge any bassist to check one out.

  • Charlie
    from South Central Kansas July 7, 2016

    Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI (White)

    Love it! Just what I, as primarily a guitar player, wanted and needed, in an instrument, for occasional
    "Bass" (and Baritone) needs, or duties. Fit, finish, playability (right out of the box) and versatility, also, are outstanding. Love the 30" (short) scale, as well! I've only had it a short while, but it's a KEEPER, for sure! Congratulations, (Fender) "Squier," on a Great, Modern interpretation, of a outstanding bass format! It's an absolute "Hoot" to play! Nice weight (not light, but not too heavy, either), and good balance! I use a Levy Neoprene Bass strap, and it's all very comfortable.

    My "Sales Engineer," Jon Faloon @ Sweetwater, was great to deal with, and upheld the Sweetwater CS traditions, nicely! Thank You, Jon! We'll be doing more business, in the future, I'm sure!

  • Ronnie
    from So. Ca. August 10, 2015Music Background:

    Squier Bass VI

    Received this beautiful instrument from Sweetwater in perfect condition,
    as always the Sweetwater guys are great to work with, good people.
    the instrument is really nice, after adjusting my playing style,
    I really got some unique and wonderful sounds.
    flawless build , compares to anything else. I love it

  • patrick
    from saint paul, mn April 18, 2014Music Background:
    luthier, noodler

    Squier deserves praise for this one

    i gave this instrument a 5 star review, that being said the guitar shipped to me in a weak box (almost no reinforcement/padding) and the setup was unplayable. i took it apart, shimmed the neck, reassembled it and i now have my favorite instrument. i played it so much the first week that my fingertips hurt. i have no idea how they make this for $349.

  • Dr. G. Roger Davis
    from Maimi University Oxford, OH May 17, 2016

    Squire Bass VI

    The fit and finish of Fender's Squire Bass VI is world-class. I have several American made Fender basses, and I love them all. Comparing the American made instruments to this Indonesian made Fender bass, I rate the latter at 98% of what the American made Fenders are, cosmetically and functionally.
    Get your pick out, this is a guitar.... Chords and guitar (melodic) figuration sound great!
    That being said, switching on the neck and middle pickups, produces a sound similar to a 1950s Precision Bass. So yes, this is also a bass. Playing it will require new technique, if you have never played a guitar. This instrument is worth the adjustment period.
    Ths first Squire VI Sweetwater shipped to me had very bad intonation on the low E string. No kind or amount of adjustment fixed it. The low E string also had a pulsing cancellation of the fundamental (frequency). Strange!? I drove up to Sweetwater from Cincinnati, took the instrument back, and was treated like royalty from the moment I stepped in the door. Really, this company runs like a Bugatti.
    I picked out one of the two Squire Bass VIs that I tried out. The new bass has none of the problems the old one did. A parting caution: the Squire Bass VI does not have the punch of a full size bass. This is most noticable when playing on the low E string. What you do get is an instrument that has a beautiful singing quality that makes you want to cling to each note and let it's expressive potential blossom. Use that vibrato bar! Don't know how? Learn how.
    Sweetwater, and the Squire Bass VI: world-class.

  • Robert Bowden
    from Paris, TN November 3, 2015

    Oddball Bass VI is a great value!

    The good reviews this oddball instrument has gotten are well founded and the price point is way low for what it delivers. The fit and finish on the one I got has no issues and the set up out of the box was very good. Thanks Sweetwater Inspector! A little truss rod tweak was all I had to do which is expected on a brand new instrument that hasn't "settled" yet. The electronics sound better than I expected and, while I may upgrade the pots and pickups eventually, I'm getting some good tones right out of the box through my studio bass rig.

    I've always wanted a Fender Bass VI after having played one many years ago but the price was always prohibitive considering it's something I won't use every day. This Squire version is what I've been waiting for. It's not going to replace your bass completely. The guitar like string spacing almost forces one to use a pick but, I've played both guitar and bass for many years so the transition isn't hard for me. Think of it as a hybrid guitar/bass that can fill in the spaces between and make some new sounds all it's own.

  • Customer
    from South Bend, Indiana April 9, 2015Music Background:
    Multi-instrumentalist for 45 years plus, played full time, part time, studio session work, back up musician for national/touring acts, and have recorded 4 CDs of my own.

    Squier Vintage Modified Bass V1

    This baritone/bass guitar is absolutely a great value if ever there was. I've been out there playing for over 45 years with Gretsch, Gibson, Martin and Fender instruments and I was totally skeptical of how a low budget 'Fender' would be like.
    One could buy a vintage Bass V1 for a small fortune or even a new Japanese model for $1,700 BUT this Squier Bass V1 sounds, plays and looks good. Totally impressed with all! Will the chrome 'plating' last 20 years, probably not.... but who cares! Truly a serious 'bang for your buck'. For those guitarists and bassists who want to have some extra fun playing, well you will have a blast playing this most interesting instrument.

  • Paul Christofferson
    from Seattle, WA December 27, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician, Writer, Producer

    Bass VI is great!

    Build quality excellent, though as most know, hardware isn't top drawer and string gauge not optimal. Initial set up was fair, but after swapping out the low E string and trimming its intonation adjustment screw, it's fantastic. Stays in tune and the pickup switching, while a bit unique, works really well.

    Bass is my primary instrument, but I also play a fair amount of guitar. This is truely a hybrid instrument; you don't get all the fundamental low end of a standard 34'' scale, but the bass response is still strong. Chords played on the top 4 strings sound really fat, yet shimmery with the longer scale. So, bassist shouldn't expect this to necessarily replicate all the low end they may be used to. And guitarists, while they'll probably really dig partial chords on the upper strings, full chords across all strings aren't so satisfying. I kind of expected all this going into it so was not disappointed at all.

    Last thing, is I really appreciate Sweetwater's customer and sales approach. Specifically, the multitude of photos and weight of the actual instrument are provided. This allows me to look for the lightest weight instrument (a strictly personal choice) and see the neck wood grain (I look for quarter-sawn grain and/or figuring).

  • Mark
    from Ohio December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging musician, part-time

    Great sound!

    I'll admit, I didn't have very high expectations for this bass, since it is a Squier, but I was wrong. It may not be a Danelectro 6-String bass (usually considered the gold standard), but it comes very, very, close. The pickups produce some great sounds, everything from twangy vintage country and surf, to round mellow bass tones with piano-like sustain. The finish and playability are excellent....I am very impressed. Great job, Squier! Oh, and Sweetwater's service was excellent, as always!

  • Sprink
    from NorCal December 18, 2014Music Background:
    30 years

    Pretty Nice

    Ordering from Sweetwater is always a breeze. They have the best sales staff in the buisness.
    I've been looking at this Bass Vl for quite awhile and finally gave Brent a call.
    My bass arrived in less than a week in perfect shape. The white is beautiful.
    The bass was in tune right out of the box, the intonation and neck pretty good. But it has a pretty bad buzz and fretting out at the 10th + fret.
    I'm not worried though, this can be corrected.
    I've ordered a set of La Bella flats and once the Bass Vl is set up it should be a very nice player.
    The Bass Vl is fun to play through my Blues Deluxe but it really sings when hooked to my 4x10 bass rig.

  • Customer
    from January 11, 2017Music Background:

    Thank You Sweetwater

    Playing many stringed instruments as I do my Wife bought this for me as a holiday gift
    On arrival the guitar was missing parts, the neck was a "total buzz" .. questionable quality

    Sweetwater comes to the rescue !
    Let me personally tell you all that Sweetwater is the most caring loving group of professionals when it comes to your purchases. So Sweetwater Customer Service & Sweetwater Guitar Shop picked (3) of these Squire Bass V6 out of their stock. I even have the invoice reflecting these pulled from stock (GTR serial numbers.
    They called me, told me up front regarding an exchange and what they could do on an advance exchange and making a playable instrument.
    They did it all & more ... This Advance Replacement is night and day different Thank You
    New LaBella strings, a slight thicker gage cause the other Fender stings removed and the instrument has been tweeked up , stays in tune solid.
    ... and what is being pushed out of the factory who knows ?
    Sweetwater made this a playing machine
    Things I like
    1. Switches/ pick-up tone .. "Wow lots of tones" Even some nice total top & bottoms
    2. Output is clean ... Yeah
    3. The Sweetwater action, awesome folks, night and day from the first one we got.
    4. Varm works good, stays in tune after bends .. wow factor of 9
    5. The Neck... it is made cheap fast & quick . the inlay looks "pretty" there is still some fret buzz depending on how you play it on the neck. I have found some work arounds for both recording & live
    Using slightly more compression to fit playing style , adjust various device presets
    6 Some "ring" comes from the "tail" when your using the bridge pick-up so I put in a 1 inch x 5 inch foam pad strip just under the string guide when I record using that pick-up, live not needed.
    7. "The knobs" work very well

    No gig bag but thats ok.. I'd rather have some better quality put in at the factory if that could be done & pop for a case.
    Thanks Again Sweetwater

    from ROLLA ,MO. November 30, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro,school trained,don't hold against me


    this is an interesting instrument ! It has some unique possibilities for live and recording situations. I'm having fun with it, but I have some qualms about the bridge and intonation!!! All in all a pretty fair axe for the money.

  • Tom
    from Rockwell NC July 10, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player since 60s

    Poor quality

    First I was expecting to have to do something to this guitar. Unfortunately the sloppy neck pocket and junk soft grey plastic nut was a real deal breaker.

    Low E ran off fret board. Had the neck pocket been good I could have replaced the nut.

    She went back. later looked at review on Squier web page, first guy said same thing.

    just be prepared.

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