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Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - 3-Color Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - 3-Color Sunburst?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - 3-Color Sunburst?

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  • from Niles, IL January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Bass Player/Drummer

    Squier Bass lV

    This guitar is an amazing piece of Fender history, I first heard one back in the sixties and was always impressed with it's sound. Whether you play bass or guitar, you will love the low down solid end it puts out. From what I've seen, most players don't take advantage of what this instrument can really do, and play it in the higher registers. From a bass players point of view, I like the bottom end growl it produces. It's a great example of Fenders commitment to reproducing vintage sounds. The fit and finish are absolutely perfect and IMO, is equal to my American basses. The service and attention provided by Sweetwater's staff (Chris N.) has always been at the top and a great buying experience.
    Thanks Chris

  • from LAS VEGAS, NV October 10, 2016

    Very Cool Sound

    Of course any guitar is only as good as the person playing it to some extent, as you also know each guitar has it's own characteristics. I wanted this review to be about Sweetwater because I have several guitars I've ordered online, all of them great. I hand - picked them so it would have been stupid to pick out something because I thought other people would think it was cool. I digress. Back to the point, The 55 point check Sweetwater got me the first guitar I've EVER received in the mail that I DIDN'T have to adjust the neck.

    Back to the Squier VI itself. There are 4 switches on it as you can see. If you're familiar with probability combinations, I extend the advice that if you find a sound you REALLY like, as the switch combinations can get out of control, seriously. So write down any combination of settings that especially appeals to you.

    A final note from me: the 3 pick-ups. Wow. They're bright, or they can be. (I just mentioned the finite but large number of potential switch settings.) The final note: I saw somewhere in the description of this baby that George Harison used one like it in the Beatles 'Hey Jude' video and that Jack Bruce used one in the early days of Cream. Yeah, if you play a standard Blues Scale (for a 6 string guitar) you can hear 'Badge,' taking form. I think that was on "Good-Bye." Whatever. I LOVE this guitar. I'm glad I bought it I really, REALLY hope you hear some original song played with it on the radio or something and I especially hope I'll be the guy playing it. (I can't say the band name right now due to a copyright not yet in place. You never know. Bottom line, if you're considering getting one of these, you won't be sorry, I'm pretty sure. AND if you DO decide to get it. THIS is the place to get it from. They've taken GREAT care of me so far. Not a single complaint. I hope and trust they will keep up the good work.

  • from Florida May 6, 2016Music Background:
    Berklee grad and former instructor there.

    Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI

    Great sounding and easy to play. I love it and highly recommend it. Not to replace a regular bass, but as an an added "tone" variation for guitar players who want a "baritone" sound. And the price is amazing!

  • from Sioux Falls, SD November 18, 2015Music Background:
    Rock, folk, various

    Fun tone machine you cant put it down!

    For $350 and the Squier name, you sometimes think this cant possibly be a quality instrument. Not so - the Squier Bass VI exceeded my expectations for playability, build quality, and tone! Oh, the tone you get from these...its so much fun to play. There is just ONE thing that is an absolute must: change the strings immediately, then re-adjust action & intonation. Not sure what Squire/Fender is thinking putting a whimpy 84 on the low E...its floppy & buzzy. Get yourself a set of Kalium bass VI strings that are balanced. I used: 98,73,55,41,31,22 but they also have heavier like 102-23 and even 106-24. But I really like the 98-22 set I put on them. Just right for keeping the low end, but still being able to easily play occasional chords and leads higher up the neck. You can play this with your fingers, albeit a bit of a challenge, but a pick is much easier and gives you a better attack and clearer mids & highs. Its hard to put this bass down once you start playing it. I just ditched the whammy bar...it just falls out, and I dont find it useful at all. Some people replace the bridge with a Staytrem, which I'm actually thinking of doing. The stock bridge isn't horrible, but it's a wonky design and a bit tricky when trying to adjust intonation & action correctly. Overall, I am completely satisfied with this instrument!

  • from penna. February 18, 2015Music Background:

    great product, great service

    the bass is very good sounding and playibility is off the charts. and it looks great too. the service from Sweetwater is the best. I would not hesitate to call them for any music need I have.

  • from Baltimore, MD September 15, 2014Music Background:
    Lead guitarist, Songwriter, Producer.


    An amazing addition to my guitar arsenal for so frickin' cheap! One thing: It never hurts to have a luthier set it up for you I found that the nut wasn't cut right and had it replaced. Spend another $135 for the setup- and fly!

  • from Nashville January 14, 2016

    Very cool instrument

    I've always wanted one of these since I can remember. But the vintage market...well, you can guess. I was disappointed with recent Fender reissue w/ humbucker in a Jazzmaster shell. I wanted the authentic "Tic-Tac" sound of the old 1960's country and Wrecking Crew recordings. Squier got it right. All it needs is LaBella flatwounds and we're back to authentic. It takes a little time to get used to playing it whether you're a bassist or guitarist. Yes, intonation is a bit of a challenge on this bridge, but better than the originals from what I've heard. If yours does not have a tremolo arm, a standard Jazzmaster/Jaguar trem arm does not fit in this. It is a special order item from Squier. Your Sweetwater tech can help you out with this.

  • from United States May 14, 2015Music Background:
    5 years bass, 3 years electric guitar


    I personally love this bass. It can go from deep bass lines to guitar-esque solos in the flick of a switch, literally. I can barely put it down it's so fun to play. It also makes you think in a different way. As an electric guitar and bass player, I've almost combined the two to rip out some pretty cool bass solos. A must have for any guitar or bass player. The one thing I would recommend though is getting a 1.00 gauge for the low E instead of the 0.95 as it feels very loose and actually can be nudged out of it's place on the bridge.

  • from October 28, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer

    Finally, my holy grail.

    I chose the Squier over the Fender due to the Squier's true-to-the-original configuration and Squier continues to surprise me with their quality. They have just been ON IT lately! The construction is solid and it sounds like I dreamed it would.

    The only gripes I have would likely apply to the Fender Pawn Shop or the original models as well. The biggest is intonation. Setting it up is very difficult, particularly the low E, which is flat at the fifth fret. The thickest set of strings you can find, at least on Sweetwater, is .84, which is a bit too light. Fender really needs to bring back the 95 gauge set as well as make some cases for these. It's tough to tune as well. On the three different tuners I have, it takes some time to get it precisely in tune. The tone knob, as another review mentioned, doesn't do much unless it's high up or low down.

    All in all, to have paid 350 for an instrument that would set me back several thousand if I wanted the real deal is awesome. The Bass VI with chorus/flange, delay, and reverb is the tone I have been craving for years. Now, I can finally put this tone into my music and pretend to be Robert Smith of The Cure all day. All in favor of a Robert Smith signature Squier Bass VI based on his black model, say "aye."

  • from Columbus, OH USA October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Great Guitar for Bassists, and an even better Bass for Guitarists

    Squier has scratched an itch a lot of people have had for years now. There are few aspects of the Vintage Modified Bass VI that are not fantastic. The construction and wiring are both solid, and the neck feels great (it feels more like a bass in open positions but starts to fall back into guitar territory as you enter the baritone range). Tonally, it presents a lot of variety through various switching combinations, though the tone knob itself doesn't do as much as you'd expect. This thing basically begs for some chorus.

    I use it primarily as a bass, and once you get around the string spacing (easier than you think) it works admirably in about any context you can come up with. As a guitar it's great for country, rockabilly, and surf, though if you really crank the gain you'll be the envy of every 7- and 8-stringer in town.

    Aside from the tone knob issue above, the only real issue I have is that the switch from .96 to an .84 for the Low E hasn't done any favors to the instrument. The low E is very floppy and doesn't handle aggressive playing very well at all. However, given the Bass VI's recent Renaissance and the abundance of string options I think this is a minor gripe, particularly when the rest of the package is taken into account.

    Overall, the Vintage Modified Bass VI is a versatile instrument that will fit well in any player's arsenal, guitarist or bassist.

  • from Allentown PA September 7, 2015

    amazing guitar...

    Playing for over 50 years this is the first bass guitar I have purchased. I'm recording in a home studio and needed a bass and saw this unique instrument. I was intrigued in that it would give me full 6 string range in standard tuning. I have found all sorts of new avenues to explore and am surprised at the quality and value in this budget priced guitar. Sweetwater did a great set up as well.

  • from WASHINGTON CROSSING PA March 14, 2015Music Background:

    strange brew

    a very strange instrument indeed. i had heard of these but never seen or played one ( original fender bass 6 that is). i am a long time bass player who has switched over to guitar years ago. long scale basses now feel large and clumsy to me and short scale basses string gap too wide. this is a guitar players bass and i am looking forward to recording with it. i opted for the squire rather than the pawn shop version because of greater tonal capabilities. the blade type pick up selector on the pawn shop version does not allow use of pick up 1 and 3 together without pick up 2 and at about half the price. the instrument is a blast to play, is well made and really cool looking. as always sweet waters service is fantastic and the sales reps go out of their way to make you feel that your order is of the utmost importance to them. kudos all around. ps. the STRANGE BREW reference is a nod to the great jack bruce who was supposedly fond of the fender bass 6.

  • from Turnersville June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Bassist, Weekend Warrior

    Neat instrument

    I've gotta say these Squire instruments are very well-made nowadays. This thing looks good, plays good, and sounds good. I'm just not sure exactly what to DO with the thing now that I have it. It's not really a bass, and it's not really a guitar. I have a feeling it will sound pretty awesome recorded, especially when used with the right effects (have not yet had a chance to record it). Low end is pretty good live through my Markbass Little Mark II/Epifani 2x10 combination, but if you are gonna play bass, a "real" bass gives you more bottom end. So what do to?? Guess I'll have to figure it out.

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI - 3-Color Sunburst?

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