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Kurzweil SPS4-8 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Kurzweil SPS4-8?

Questions about the Kurzweil SPS4-8?

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  • Tom
    from Philadelphia, pa May 19, 2013Music Background:
    Classically trained pianist, field recording engineer, and voice student

    Straight forward quality keyboard

    I purchased this for my teenage son. I think its a great board to start with as the sounds are quite good, it has a solid midi implementaion, and (in my sons case) the addition of speakers are quite useful. I am no stranger to keyboards as i have several From varios manufacturers (Kurzweil, Yamaha, Korg, Novation, Roland).

    This board does not have as many sounds and bells/whistles as other boards. However, the sounds are quality, not mediocre. The interface is clear and intuitive. The manual is straightforward. Its easy to get going quickly. And inlike that more sounds can be downloaded from the Kurzweil website for loading into user presets.

    I was considering a Yamaha MoX board along with this. The Yammy manages to cram more features in than you can shake a stick at. However, this comes at the expense of a less clear and inuituve interface and a manual that is difficult to navigate (yes, i read it and thought my son would not navigate the complexity well).

    Bottom line - this is a quality keyboard that is a pleasure to use. The sounds are very good.

  • Cameron Hizer
    from Atlanta, GA January 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Dimensions and weight from the manual

    Thinking of purchasing, so I downloaded the manual. Size and weight are a consideration for me so I found the correct figures (different from Sweetwater's page).

    H - 3.4"
    W - 43.6"
    D - 11.4"
    weight 24 lbs.

    As I already have a PC2X, I will purchase the SPS4-8 in the future to replace the PC2X. I give it the rating above based on previously owned experience (PC88mx and K2500R) only.

  • Larry Calame
    from Portland, OR March 13, 2014Music Background:

    good solo piano

    I replaced my old PC2X with this, and overall, I'm satisfied. The keyboard is much lighter than the PC2X, and the onboard amp/speakers are quite good - sufficient for small venues. Unlike the PC2X, the sounds, which are selected from the PC3 series, are not editable. The accoustic pianos are similar to the PC2X, The one named "standard grand" is quite good, probably the closetes analog to the PC2X program named "solo grand piano" - a bit brighter but still quite good for solo piano gigs. The EP programs are a mixed bag - some better some worse than the PC2X. IMO, the vibes and basses are clearly worse than the PC2X. Also, the effects, while numerous, are limited to a single effect in use at a time - even in a multi-timbral setup. And of course the SPS4-8 only has two controls - a rotary knob and a slider. So overall the SPS4-8 does not measure up to the PC2X for multi-timbral performance. But for solo piano - it shines.


    1. The manual is wrong when it states that audio is routed from line ins thru to the line outs. The reality is that whatever you route thru line ins is ONLY routed to the onboard speakers. Silly manual!
    2. Sweetwater thumbnail listing says "built in drum patters" - wrong! There are drum kits among the programs - but no patterns. In fact no rhythm/clock of any sort (e.g. no metronome)
    3. Sweetwater thumbnail states "Large LCD sreeen". There IS an LCD about it's about 8 characters on a single line - longer names scroll.
    (the above caveats are not critical to me, but I offer them in case they are to you, dear reader :-))

    Summary Ratings (0-10)
    Keyboard Action: 5 (decent touch, responsive, but a bit noisy)
    Weight: 9 (love how light it is!)
    Pianos: 8 (std grand is a 9)
    E-Pianos: 7
    Other Tones: 5
    Amp/Speaker System: 8 (probably the best on-board sound to weight ratio out there!)

Questions about the Kurzweil SPS4-8?

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