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Kurzweil SP5-8 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Kurzweil SP5-8?

Questions about the Kurzweil SP5-8?

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  • Walt
    from NC February 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio Owner, Producer

    Pretty good

    Got this last month to use in place of a Motif XS8 that was to heavy to bring back and forth to church. Looks wise it is ok if your into looks. The build quality is very good and everything is sturdy. The sound is the exact same as the PC3 as listed. The only two issues I have with this is the Keybed action which is almost like playing semi- weighted and the screen size. When playing this piano the higher you go up the lighter the keys get. I guess that is cool for people who need to play organ, synth, etc... Overall, I believe this is the best value and i RECOMMEND it for church and gigging because the sounds in this thing are top notch.

  • Bill
    from Virginia November 21, 2016

    I Have Two!

    I purchased my first SP5-8 over a year ago for my studio and performance rig in Chicago. Even though it has a bit of a learning curve, I found it to be very navigable. The sounds are terrific, and very rich; especially the piano and strings. I liked it so much I recently purchased a second SP5-8 for my home studio in Virginia.
    It is a great keyboard, and I highly recommend it.

  • Michael Gallagher
    from Kansas City, MO September 25, 2013Music Background:
    Musician Pro, Studio Musician, Instructor and Producer

    The Newest Generation Kurzweil Keyboards - Nice!

    I have been a Kurzweil guy for going on 16 years now - starting with the PC88MX then PC2X, PC1SE, SP88X, SP4-8 and now the SP5-8. This latest Kurz is layed out similar to my old PC2X but much better quality. The cabinet alone is superior especially the endcaps. The mod wheels feel much stronger. It has the best sounds out of the higher end PC3K including some KB3 Organs with rotary simulation. The strings, brass and synths are all that you would ever need. The stock setup split sounds could have been better - the bass is much louder than the pianos. I am hoping that some edit software is coming similar to the SP4-8. Overall, this is a much more complete performance keyboard over the SP4-8. My one complaint is that the newest Fatar Keybed is not as good as the older ones. Some keys sound like they are hitting metal. . The SP4-8 has a different keybed and it is the same in the Nord Electro 4HP (shorter version). For me, that is a better keybed. I will have a Kurzweil Tech deal with American Music & Sound to get the keybed issues fixed.
    It would be great to get a 76 or 73 version of the SP5 with a fully weighted hammer action keyboard. It is not always practical for me to take out an 88, so I still take out my PC1SE (the best 76 key fully weighted action ever). With the exception of the keybed problems on 6 keys on the treble side, I love this keyboard and plan on using it for a long time. The pianos are superior to anything Nord has ever introduced ( I have owned 4 different Nord Models). Thanks Kurzweil!

  • Kyriakos Souliktsidis
    from Greece April 6, 2017

    To move through zones you just hold select button and the press 1,2,3 or 4 zone. The parameter stays where it was. For example, if you want to adjust the level of the sensitivity, you go to that one parameter, ane holding select button and 1,2,3 or 4 zone button, you adjust that in the zone ypu select. Also, If you want to go to parameter 87, you don't have to press 87 times the button. Try to press both up amd down cursors at the same time! You skip every time you do this about 20 parameters. Spend more time with your keyboard! 😉

  • Tom
    from Lake Worth, FL June 27, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Engineer

    Fantastic sounds!

    Kurzweil is known for great sounds and this board continues that quality tradition. Voices are realistic and the piano sounds are killer. Organ, EP, vintage and new synths... SUPER. I am not entirely familiar with user interface; steep learning curve. The manual is helpful but you have to go online to get patch list; too bad it does not easily convert to word processor. Will have to spend some time to get in depth and comfortable with the SP5-8. All in all a great keyboard!

  • Max
    from January 8, 2016Music Background:

    THINK very well what you WANT from a piano!

    Till now, i bought a lot of keyboards of most knew company like roland, yamaha, Korg and i was always happy about range price/quality/support.
    I decide to buy this piano cause i tried in the shop and i was so happy by quality of touch and sound.
    sure there is the limit of 64 voice of polyphony, but this is not the most problem.
    the REAL problems are 2:
    1) the (so called) "designers" wich projected the DISPLAY , the BUTTONS and the IDEA of menu - they have to be lashed in pubblic plaza.
    2 line of PATETIC display and NO cursors or button like "page" to navigate inside the menu, so if you want to modify layer 3, parameter 87, you have to press a button 90+90+87 times!
    well, ok.. but like any other Kurzweil Keyboard, sure there is the editor (like the seller told me in the shop)..YES? NO!
    2) the SP5-8 as NO EDITOR!! and this because KURZEWEIL decide to KILL this product and forget about who spend money in their piano. i am SHOCKED.
    Soundtower (and indipendent company wich realize editors for Kurweil) cannot work on an editor for SP5 cause Kurweil do not release an update of the OS. COMPLIMENT!
    So, if you will EVER decide to buy this, DO NOT DO.
    If you want a simple piano to let play your children , there are a lot that sound the same (or better like Yamaha) for less price
    If you need something more, just a little bit more, for example to create layers with piano plus strings, plus bell and need to modify the SETUP a little, you need to take HOLIDAY and work line per line for one day.
    thank you KURZWEIL.

Questions about the Kurzweil SP5-8?

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