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Kurzweil SP4-8 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Kurzweil SP4-8?

Questions about the Kurzweil SP4-8?

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  • Paul Cambre
    from Woodstock, Ga. September 5, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician/Instructor

    Kurzweil SP4-8

    Awesome keyboard with incredible sound quality and features for the money!

  • Wayne Collins
    from Barberton, OH September 4, 2013Music Background:
    Worship team musician, keys in a small band, hobbyist

    Fantastic for its role

    Nice bread and butter sounds, although the default Rhodes and Strings are a bit different than I would prefer. (This was easily corrected with the downloadable sounds from Kurzweil's website...) The keybed is convincing enough for nice expressive piano playing, and it is built like a tank. This makes a great addition to my existing Kurzweil rig: PC88, PC2R, and SP76, and fills a needed spot in terms of helping me avoid too much gear schlepping by letting me practice on one and keep the other at the venue. The addition of the Soundtower Editor gives so much more capability, and should be required. The price point is a no brainer. Buy this.

  • Henry
    from Vancouver, WA June 28, 2013Music Background:
    Part-time Pro Musician

    Excellent Stage Piano

    Excellent samples, nice touch, and configuration/layout is easy to use. The SP4 is a definite improvement over the Korg SP-250 and Yamaha P105, that I owned previously. The feel is just like any of the latest weighted key systems. I do find it less stiff than the Casio and Korg weighted systems and more comparable to the Yamaha. It seems to be easier for me to play a soft ballad with a lighter touch. I've been working with my EQ on a 200 watt amp, and I've got a nice, well rounded acoustic piano and electric piano sound to play in the swing band. As I develop and expand my chops, I'm looking forward to playing the synths and organs, doing some rock or blues. The sample quality in this keyboard keeps me wanting to practice and expand my abilities. The local certified repair shop rarely sees Kurzweil boards come in for warranty work or otherwise. I've found a high quality keyboard for life!

  • mark allen morris
    from Fairbanks, Alaska July 13, 2014Music Background:
    played professionally for 0ver 16 years, played keyboards for 40 years and am composer, always writing and recording.


    love my 1300 dollar investment so far, kurzweil sp2x, great action, great sounds, ep's are good, piano's are alright not as good as alesis fusion,not the quality, strings are light compared to old korgs. A good low end keyboard that's pretty durable.Good controller as quoted by discmakers recording magazine.Power supply, someone at the door of my apt turned my keyboard setup into mush, with some kind of electronic device. Only one channel working. How did they do that? What do you have to pay to get a power cord,3000 and above. Power supply to easy to ruin a keyboard players night.
    Great keyboard for low budget line.
    Mark Allen Morris

  • Steve Cantrell
    from Richmond VA January 30, 2013Music Background:
    Road musician for 44 years

    Kurzweil Sp4-8

    I own 6 other keyboards, always impressed with the Kurzweil. After testing the Sp4-8, I had to have one. I use it on every gig!

  • Michael Gallagher
    from Kansas City, MO November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Player/performer; Instructor and Studio Musician

    Kurzweil SP4-8 Is OK But.......

    I recently purchased a SP4-8 after using a Kurzweil PC2X and a PC1SE for years. I really needed a 73 or 76 key hammer action keyboard that is multi-timbre and can split in at least 3 zones. But, just cannot afford the new Stage 2 76. The SP4-8 has a very good Fatar TP100 key bed that is a newer design. The Nord Electro 3 HP uses one too, but Nord made some aweful changes to it and I found ti too loose for my liking. It has all of the horns and whistles that you need to make your patches sound the very best, but not very user friendly to make those patches. However, Kurzweil has a fantastic Programming Editor Software Program that costs about $69 that makes everything setup in a very short time. I think it should have come with the keyboard for the price that is being asked for it. The acoustic pianos are OK but could have been a little better. The electric pianos are not the best that are available from the PC3X at all. However, you can switch out pianos from the editor online library and get what you want. I have layered two acoustic pianos and am very happy with the results. The Clavs are very good but need some added effects which are available with a lot of scrolling (you need that programming software to make it easy). The brass is very limited but good and of course the Kurzweil Orchestra patches are the best in the industry. I have already had a problem with the power supply connection and must switch out for a replacement piano. Seems that I have read somewhere that this is very common with these new SP series keyboards. It is built in China and not in Korea, so I have some concerns about how this will hold up because I work all the time. I bought the Kurzweil suggested case, but it is not the best fit unless you go buy some more foam.
    The keyboard is lighter than what I have been using, so I am happy with that. Also, the feel of the action is very good. Let me also say kudos for the KB3 Mode Organs and simulated Leslie Speaker Rotor effect - Excellent!! I think this will be a very good "giggin" keyboard for those that do need to use a full 88 keyboard. Only time will tell if these are going to hold up like the previous Kurzweil Pro Line Keyboards. I love the blue backlight on the LED screen - the screen itself could have been a little larger for editing use. The new wheels have a very solid feel and are probably much improved over past wheels used by Kurzweil. Generally, seems to be a very good working musician's keyboard. Go for it!

  • Wes Fletcher
    from Boston, MA April 25, 2012Music Background:
    Classically trained composer

    Does what I need

    I had a Kurzweil PC2X before I bought this, which lasted me a good 12 years. For some reason, I have already preferred Kurzweil's "hammer action" to the much praised Yamaha ones. As a classically trained pianist, I enjoy the resistance the Kurzweil gives.

    As for the sounds? They are not stellar, but I am not happy with any piano samples out there, so I'm going with what feels best to me. It's hooked up to some sort of sample library most of the time anyway.

    It's also a good deal lighter than my PC2X was, for which I am extremely pleased, since I do lug it do orchestra rehearsals on occasion.

  • Dave Leslie
    from West Linn, OR USA August 24, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    good value for the price

    For the price this is a fine gig keyboard. The default piano sound is actually quite good. The keyboard feel isn't quite up to the Fantom X8 I use in the studio, but is convincing enough to make me forget I'm not playing a real piano. The electric piano sounds that come with the rig aren't very good, but there are some much better ones available at the Kurzweil web site for download. All in all this meets my needs quite well.

  • Dat Dude
    from April 26, 2017

    Not that great

    The keys suck, midi & USB don't always work. Don't waste your money. Polyphony is terrible.The piano sounds are good however.

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