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Kurzweil SP4-7 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 21 customer reviews
  • Homero Martinez
    from Laredo, Texas February 17, 2017Music Background:

    Homer's Review..Best semi-weighted keyboard

    Very lightweight & portable....I midi the SP4.. (which itself really has an excellent sounding selection of sounds)..( especially the pianos), with the sounds from my Roland Sonic Cell expansion module that has a"Complete Pianos" sound card (SRX11).. Combined via midi, and I am blown away.
    Even by themselves I consider the Pianos on the SP4 are really good.. So are the other SP4 sounds. They are also excellent.. The effects are great as is the ease of using the Modulation wheel and the Global Parameters..(even if you are not an expert keyboard user). You'll find that 76 keys are enough and the semi-weighted action is good.. even though I miss the weighted accelerated action of my Steinway L. But if you want a very lightweight piano that has very good and easy to use functions and great sounds,... for the money...Buy it.

  • Barney Conway
    from Eastern NC - USA February 11, 2015Music Background:


    I needed a lighter weight keyboard that had true acoustic piano sounds and great classic electronic The SP4-7 was exactly what I had hoped for.

  • Shahrin Shahriar
    from February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Music composer,song writer,singer.

    great synth...with great sounds...

    Im a music composer,song writer,singer and a pianist. I just sold my Yamaha MM6..and bought Kurzweil for gig...I did perform with mm 6.....nut I wasn't impress..!!I needed a synth with the piano keys,so decided to buy a synth with the piano keys,Im a huge fan of yamaha..I didn't use kurzweil before,but when I saw the review,I really loved it..great Organ,piano,strings,very good pads and choir tone.I can tell you its a pro synth for the gig.....

  • Dana Prater
    from Sheridan, WY USA December 8, 2011Music Background:
    Music teacher, horn player, and arranger

    Kurzweil SP4-7 sounds fantastic with great features

    I've had the Kurzweil SP4-7 for about 3 weeks and played my first concert with it last night. It delivered the great sound I was interested in and which our audience loved. It is easy and quick to switch between the programs (voices) that you use the most and I am beginning to put together some pretty useful presets too. Another member of our ensemble is interested in getting an SP4-7, and I will definitely send her to Kyle Manship for help with a purchase.

  • Jose R. Ortiz
    from Puerto Rico March 14, 2011Music Background:

    Kurtzweil SP4-7

    I bought this keyboard recently and I really feel very honored for the string, organ, and the pianos sound that I been looking for. The price is very acceptable.The only complaint was the the shiping price from UPS to Puerto Rico besides that I close my eyes and feel very proud with my new love the SP4-7..........

  • Jose R. Ortiz
    from Puerto Rico March 14, 2011Music Background:

    Kurtzweil SP4-7

    I bought this keyboard recently and I really feel very honored for the string, organ, and the pianos sound that I been looking for. The price is very acceptable.The only complaint was the the shiping price from UPS to Puerto Rico besides that I close my eyes and feel very proud with my new love the SP4-7..........

  • Ken Beaumont
    from Williamsburg, Va November 15, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    This ones a keeper!

    The sounds are excellent, the organ is much improved over the SP3. The attention to detail is phenomenal, as a controller they just didn't give you 4 independent zones, they made them easy to setup and you can enable and disable zones on the fly. So each setup is in affect 4 variations of that setup! The board is light, but solid! Except for the end caps its fairly thick steel. The key action is excellent and you have 7 velocity curves. Want more or different sounds? Kurzweil doesn't stop after they release it, they are going to release an os update soon that will allow you to upload PC3 sounds even ones produced 3rd party.

  • Tiffani
    from Pittsburgh August 28, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist/solo keyboard/songwriter

    Kurzweil SP4-7

    As a Yamaha digital piano owner, I wasn't sure about purchasing a Kurzweil. I was looking for something to take on gigs that was easy to carry around. I'm very happy with my purchase of the Kurzweil! Great piano sounds! Love the layer features as well. The semi weighted keys still give you a piano feel without the extra weight added to the board which makes it easy for transporting to gigs. The only thing I miss is the ability to record direct to the board, but not a deal breaker by no means. Great purchase and great dealing with Alden at sweetwater!

  • William LeCato
    from Nassawadox, VA February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, writer, producer, performer

    Like reuniting with an old friend

    I gigged for years with the venerable PC88MX and later the SP88, along with K2000VP's. The Kurzweil quality was something I quickly got used to and expected.

    When re-entering the gig scene recently, seeing a lightweight and full featured workhorse board like the SP4-7 was automatic, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

    Organic, expressive sounds, that to me...just sound beefier, less processed, and "earthier" than the competition.

    The rhodes and organ sounds have even gotten better than previous models with the expanded soundsets.

    You'll be hard pressed to find a better, friendlier meat and potatoes board than this. If 76 keys doesn't cramp your range, here's your board.

  • David Keeney
    from United States December 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician / teacher

    Great gigging board, buy the Hammond bag.

    Went from a larger keyboard to this one, love being able to carry all my gear in one trip from the car. Great sounds, great feel, easy to get your patches, layers and splits while performing. (Not SO easy programming them in the first place, but OK)
    Midi AND USB, stereo line outs AND headphones, sustain AND cc pedal inputs makes it versatile.
    Get the bag for the SK1-73 key Hammond keyboard, it fits this 76 perfectly (check specs on Sweetwater) @ 1/3rd the price of other bags.

  • Bill LeCato
    from Virginia June 8, 2014Music Background:
    Part Time Musician

    Workhorse board

    I've gigged with Kurzweil for years (PC88, K2000VP, SP88), and when I threw my hat back in the ring after 10 years, it didn't take me long to figure out their core sounds are still the best. Something about the earthy full sounds of Kurzweil that still appeal to my ears, solo, or in a band mix. This board is super friendly...great footprint, weight, and a good compromise between synth and semi weighted keys. No frills, just meat and potatoes in a solid reliable rig. If pianos, organs, & eps are your thing this is hard to beat. The SP8-4 is there if you have to have 88 keys, but I'm totally pleased with the portability, sound, feel, and user friendliness of my new Kurzweil board. The tradition continues.

  • drawbars
    from Ashby, MA USA October 11, 2011Music Background:
    40+ years as a gigging musician.

    Great sounds, great size

    This is a terrific performance keyboard! It's small and light enough to schlep around to gigs, but still provides both great sounds and a usable master keyboard. The programming interface is a little off the beaten path, but is quite usable if you plan ahead. The MIDI control is better than some dedicated master keyboards. I've been looking for a second keyboard to cover a lot of bases in classic rock band, and this one does the job nicely.

    One a 0-10 scale, using several $2-3K keyboards that I own as reference ...

    Features: 7.5 -- great sounds and a rugged, semi-weighted keyboard in a small footprint for under $1200 leaves the SP4-7 with little or no real competition. Full-size Pitch and Mod Wheels are nice to have. The display is small, but very readable, even on a stage. This 76-key product is smaller than some 61-key competitors, yet I don't miss the extra 12 notes of a full 88. Splits and layers are easy to make. I wish it had a few more controls for live use.

    Sound: 8 -- great acoustic pianos, brass, and strings. Very good Rhodes, decent Wurli, fair Clavinet and Hammond Organ. Not a lot of synth sounds, but there are some useful ones, and you can layer them to make more complicated lead patches. If you know someone with a PC3 or PC3LE, they could make more sounds for you. The only reason that it doesn't get a '9' or '10' is the library is kind of small (so far, anyway).

    MIDI Control: 9 -- four zones, which can operate locally, or send separate channels of MIDI to external modules. Each zone can react differently to pedals, the Mod Wheel, and the control knob. The only thing that would make it better would be 4-5 knobs; the round-robin selector button isn't all that live-performance friendly.

    Programming: 5.5 -- You can get what you need out of this keyboard, but the programming interface is far from intuitive. Also, there aren't many editable parameters: You can change the delay level, for example, but if you want a different delay *time*, it probably requires a new patch -- which can't be generated from the SP4-7. In addition, while each patch has five adjustable parameters (timbre, modulation, envelope, effect, and reverb), most of the current patches only provide 1-2 adjustable items. If you have access to another Kurzweil keyboard from the SP3 family (and the newest OS), you can build patches on the other keyboard and download them to the SP4-7. For the rest of us, we're stuck with the onboard patches, and 64 more that are on Kurzweil's website.

    Reliability: 8.5 -- I haven't had it that long, but the chassis is very solid and the keys feel substantive. Not a lot of things sticking up means not a lot to break on the gig.

  • David C
    from Ontario March 18, 2011Music Background:
    composer for film, concert works

    Excellent controller WITH great sounds

    This is one terrific package. I love the light weight action, perfect for ostinatos that I write for orchestral sampled libraries. I actually bought this simply to replace my StudioLogic VMK188 because I found its action too heavy for 90% of what I do (mostly film scoring) and thought the SP4-7 would be better suited. what I hadn't bargained for was how superior the SP4 is as a controller. Setting up zones, controllers, pedals, is in fact more flexible and quicker than the VMK which was a dedicated controller. I'm also loving the built in sounds that I figured would be a nice addition but hadn't planned on using them. Now, I'm using them on almost all of my tracks. I created a combination custom Setup using the glock and piano to create a patch that almost totally sounds like my Omnisphere sound. Terrific! My only beef is that some of the keys sort of stick when first played after a time of not playing the board. The M-Audio Axiom line also suffers from this but I expected Kurzweil to be better than M-Audio as far as quality goes. The action of the PC3LE is a bit better for non-weighted action but that's $400 more and only a 5 octave board.

  • Phil
    from Charlotte, NC July 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Kurzweil SP4-7

    This is an excellent choice if mobility is a concern. I use mainly piano, e piano, and organ sounds, which are pretty good. If the organs are a bit harsh for you, a download from the Kurzweil site has one with a smoother sound (less vibrato). Press the sustain pedal for a Leslie effect. The feel of the keyboard is not bad for one this light. I prefer piano action, but I can enjoy playing this on a gig. I ordered a red Nord case and it fits it like a glove.

  • Kevin Tippets
    from Riverton, Wyoming March 4, 2012Music Background:
    Instructor, Music Director, Performer

    My favorite gig board

    I've had the SP4-7 for about four months and use it for live work - rehearsals and gigs - 2 to 3 times each week.  I carry it in a Nord gig bag with backpack straps and the schlep factor for this board is EXCELLENT: lightweight with a small footprint.  I had been searching for a good sounding, light-weight, semi-weighted, 76 key board for gigs and the Kurzweil is perfect for my uses.  

    What I like: I like the less is more approach.  I don't personally use but a fraction of the 1000's of patches on my other workstation-type boards.  The SP4-7 has 192 sound with 64 of those being user slots.  The 64 'new' sounds made available on the Kurzweil site are excellent, are some of my favorites, AND easily changed out via USB through the computer.  I especially like the Wurlys, Strings, Pianos, Synths and Mellotrons.  All of the sounds are easily split/layered/zoned in user setups where you can also assign a nice selection of effects (they are preset effects, but you can control the amount of send to each of 4 zones...).  This is a good controller with full MIDI functionality for controlling external gear.  I like the semi-weighted keys, in general, and find them to be a good compromise for piano vs. synth or organ.  The board is mostly made out of metal - not plastic - thank you Kurzweil!

    What I like less: The Mod wheel squeaks as does the included pedal.  The screen is small: but the navigation system is logical.  However, scrolling through the 900-some effects is ridiculous and programming complex setups can be fiddly.  There is no software available to interface the SP4-7 with your computer, so everything must be programmed on the board.  The control knob - like the screen - is functional, but not great for real time performance use as you have to scroll down to the parameter you want to get to.  The CC pedals I own don't work well (Yamaha and Roland) so I ended up buying the Kurzweil CC pedal - cheaply made.  Time will tell how it holds up.

    I did have the board develop a strange anomaly where the Mod wheel would stop working and the user setups would become inaccessible.  Kurzweil tech support is awesome!  They were very prompt and responsive and helped me get it sorted out quickly via email and phone calls.

    In summary, this continues to be a great gigging board for me - light weight, well built, great sounds (with the ability to swap out 64 of those sounds), programmable enough (with splits, layers and effects), some real time tweakability and great customer service.

  • R. George
    from Virginia Beach, VA August 16, 2011Music Background:
    Performer, composer

    Almost excellent

    I did alot of research on 76 key "stage-friendly" synths, and the SP4-7 came out as the best choice. I already have Roland and Alesis units, and Kurzweil's reputation along with the capabilities seemed near perfect. My only complaint, however, is a big one for me personally. Synthesizers, by their very nature, should be able to work outside the norm sound wise as compared to an electric piano or dedicated organ. The SP4-7 will not hold sustain on any organ patches except for pipes. This is the only synth that I am aware of which has this limitation. Since I compose prog rock, that lack is a real hindrance. Even with the rest of the great sounds, I would not have bought it had I known this.

  • Dave in DC
    from Washington DC February 27, 2011Music Background:

    Good keyboard for the price, and lightweight -

    I've been waiting for a lightweight (25 lbs or less) that can do good piano and electric piano sounds, as well as a reasonable selection of other instruments. The pianos seem to get mixed reviews, but they work fine for me - I particularly like the grand. I agree with the poster above that the sides of the keys are poorly designed and the rough edges can scratch you - this is the biggest detraction, in my view, but I seem to have gotten used to it - it doesn;t really bother me any more.

    BTW, if you need a soft case, the Nord Electro 3 case fits it like a glove - literally.

  • Laura
    from Northern New Mexico May 21, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician

    You get what you pay for...

    I was in need of a keyboard quickly, and did not have a lot of money to spend. The price point seemed right, and I had a comfort with the Kurzweil name.

    Unfortunately, this was a mistake. I found this product to be cheaply put together, evidenced by the fact I had to send it back to the factory for a major overhaul after the keyboard failed. It took weeks to sort out the issues, though I did get it back, eventually, in working order.

    I've had keyboards for years that never saw the inside of a repair shop; so I was extremely disappointed.

    As far as the quality of the sounds, I was underwhelmed. I demand high quality piano groups, and in spite of the hyperbole surrounding Kurzweil, it fell far short.

    For the average user, I'm sure this keyboard will suffice. For a musician with higher expectations, save up for a longer period and get something that will impress right out of the box.

    Finally, I really, really miss the extra octave.

  • Customer
    from Hartford November 20, 2010Music Background:

    rough edges detract

    I thought I finally found the perfect instrument. It's nice and portable and the action is okay. It has some good, usable sounds. But I use a lot of octaves in the right hand and guess what -- the undersides of the key corners, which your fingers brush against, are scratchy and abrasive. I've owned Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Casio (Privia) and this is the first time I've experienced a keyboard that was actually painful to play! It's such a shame as it is otherwise a decent gigging keyboard. I will either try to take some fine sandpaper to the keys or return it so that I'm not bleeding by the end of the next Latin gig. I'm surprised that Kurzweil wouldn't have some pianists test out their designs -- after all this time! But if you don't play a lot of one-hand octaves you may not need to worry about this.

  • Steven Dougherty
    from May 24, 2017

    Kurzweil Sp-76

    I am a music teacher and thought this keyboard sounded ideal for school classes and my own playing, they were for awhile. Very usable and students could use presets and transpose easily. Pretty good sound etc.

    After buying three of these within 12 months all three had electronic problems. Sometimes stopping, one had pitch issues and one just burnt out something.
    The school got rid of them and now has Roland keyboards.

    Unfortunately what can I say Kurzeil is rubbish, have a look on utube.

  • Dennis
    from United States November 23, 2014Music Background:

    I returned it

    I ordered this keyboard because it would fit in my trunk. I was disappointed with the sound, as well as the touch. I own an 88-key Yamaha CP-33, which I like, and played middle C side by side with the Kurzweil. The Kurzweil SP4-7 sounds thin by comparison. Sweetwater was gracious in the refund.

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