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Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Right Side) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Right Side)?

Questions about the Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Right Side)?

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  • Joseph Secu

    I'm in love! The Focal SM9 is the speaker I've been dreaming about for quite some time. I finally got a chance to hear it and was blown away. Vocal imaging was crystal clear. Bass was powerful, deep and clean. I can't wait to buy a set for myself.

  • from August 23, 2016

    Focal SM9

    If I was producing music for a living, this is the monitor I would use.
    Articulate and neutral.
    Do you know how much romance they add? None.
    Funny thing for the French to build such a thing - makes sense though.
    Let the source do the romancing.
    Get a pair of ADJ2 stands, they need it.
    I have not heard better, so far.

  • from Weston, CT USA June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

    Just Incredible!

    As usual, I was hesitant to pass up the Genelec 8260's. My Sales Engineer Ryan Sloan kept at it telling me "you have to try the Focal SM9's." I told him I have never heard of these monitors, so why should I take your word for it? His reply: "Because you'll be blown away"...

    Turns out, HE WAS RIGHT ON THE MARK. I have never experienced REAL truth coming from ANY sales kinda guy. But once in a long while, new events occur that blow your sox off in all respects...

    Nice goin' Ryan and Sweetwater. What Ryan doesn't know is that I'm going to purchase my second pair to complete my monitor set up in my Studio!

  • from Lexington, KY April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Producer

    Thank you Focal!

    I've been using the SM-9s for four months (after previously using the Focal CMS 65s paired with the Focal CMS sub), and the SM9s are humiliatingly perfect. Meaning that they reveal all of my flaws in my mixes and force me to deal with reality. I left all the EQ settings flat initially to ease in (the break in process took a few weeks), and tweaked them to my room after the first month. Very detailed, very good quality and deep. These are NOT loudspeakers however. I am about to purchase another set of monitors that just get straight up LOUD because the SM9s won't go there...they get right up to that threshold where they're about to get loud and then they begin peaking, so if you're a producer in the EDM scene who's looking to feel your mixes while you're working on them, look elsewhere. If you're in the recording, composing and mixing/mastering world, you won't find something as detailed as these.

  • from Washington, DC USA / International August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Dj Jazzy Jeff

    There is no more hiding!!! The SM9 reveals All.

    They are finally here! If you are planning on ordering these monitors please remember to purchase a nice stand for them. The Ultimate Support MS-100 is what I use and they work great. My History includes the Dynaudio BM Series, Event, Adam A5x, A7, and my most recent setup were with the Genelec 8240 DSP. All these monitors are great but there is just something special about Focal's product line. They really shine in revealing the true nature of your mixes. I played a couple of mainstream tunes through them after the break-in period and MY GOD I was amazed. Its almost like that feeling you get when you are with that special someone. The Clarity is TIck Tack ( ON POINT). No wonder why they have been in production for over half a decade and still triumphing. The Monitors become room friendly with the EQ controls on the back. I had to re-evalueate all my reference mixes that I thought were spectacular. The SM9's simply revealed all their flaws. I would have to say this is one of the top monitors I have listened to. The biggest advantage the SM9 has is the accurate extended LOW END it packs due to the passive radiator and the 3-Way Speaker design. There is ABSOLUTELY no need for a SUB as this beast boasts all frequencies between 30Hz-40Khz. Please always listen to any monitor before making a decision for it is all based on the operators preference. -Lapo

  • from February 5, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Sound Engineer

    They are up to the Hype.

    I have a set of Solo 6s and Yamahas MSP5s but these speakers are on another level, they have solved all the issues i found on my SM6s. The response is very smooth across all the freq. range, no litle jump in the mids like the SM6s have, no needs for working with subs. The 3 way design just blew me away with the deep, solid bass and i really started to think if i ever need something better than this ? What i can say for sure is that these speakers really translate in a faster workflow.

  • from New York September 6, 2012Music Background:
    Dj producer remixer

    Focal Sm 9

    Finally the speaker I've been waiting for and yes they are that good!
    I had the Focal twins before the SM 9s and I thought these where incredibaly revealing speakers especially in the midrange but these speakers are in a different league all together. The front to back depth is amazing, the bass is deep with very fast transients the hi end is a lot smoother. Great stereo image and 3d quality! The fact that you can use these speakers in focus mode is like having 2 sets of monitors in one. I've actually haven't used my Yamaha ns10s as much.
    The real test has been how fast I have been able to mix and have it translate. I use to go back to mixes at least 5 times. What you hear is what you get. I highly recommend these speakers if you produce dance music or hip hop. For the price they definitely compete with the likes of Barfoot & ATC but at a cheaper price point.

Questions about the Focal SM9 3-way Powered Midfield Monitor (Right Side)?

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