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Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 90 customer reviews
Questions about the Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone?

Questions about the Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Brian Dillon

    I've recorded with a lot of great mics over the past decade, and the Shure SM7B is definitely on that list. I picked one up when I needed to make my vocals sound thicker, without throwing off the balance. * The SM7B was exactly what I was looking for. Unlike condensers, the SM7B doesn't pick up a lot of ambient noise. That makes it perfect when I need to record in rooms with less-than-ideal acoustics. And when I engage its presence boost, my vocals can cut through any mix, without sounding shrill.

  • Matt Emick

    When paired with a tube preamp, this is my favorite microphone for getting awesome screaming rock vocals. It also excels at aggressive rapping. If you're ready to rock, this is definitely the mic to check out.

  • Jeff Barnett

    You've heard the SM7 hundreds of times... Aside from being a very widely-used mic for broadcast, the SM7 is all over the best selling record ever made, Michael Jackson's, "Thriller." Bruce Swedien, who engineered the album, said: "When we were doing "Off The Wall", "Thriller," and "Bad" I ended up with six Shure SM7s. That is a fantastic mic."

  • Charlie Davis

    Easily one of my favorite vocal mics. However, the SM7B is far from a one-trick pony. If you can get two they make fantastic tom mics, but if one is all the budget will allow, they also work great on electric bass and guitar amps.

  • from June 5, 2017

    Great Mic!

    I have a deep voice, stupid deep ( I hate it btw ) but it has never been captured in its depth like with the SM7B. Even in pro studios, I have never felt my voice was so completely present.

  • from Chicago May 28, 2017Music Background:
    Touring musician/tech, home studio noodler.

    Classic mic at an unbeatable price.

    The best mic out there for an unbeatable price. Thanks to the best sales rep, Mike Godlove.

  • from Tucson, AZ May 5, 2017Music Background:
    CEO of Blaqman Records LLC

    Still An Awesome Microphone A Year Of Ownership

    First things first, go to a studio or pro audio dealer and test out mics to find the one that works with your vocal style. Now that that's out of the way, I've had this microphone for about year and it is simple awesome. Like any piece of equipment, you need to match it to the source and give it the right support. I use a Focusrite Liquid Channel, and this microphone gives me the accuracy in my vocals, (male, Hip Hop). This mic will take what ever you dish out, just don't use this microphone with a cheap noisy mic pre, then complain about the results, increase noise, etc. There isn't just one microphone for every purpose, so if you buy this microphone, get yourself a good preamp and cables and have a blast. You wouldn't put street tires on a dragster and expect great results would you! Don't short change yourself when purchasing equipment either.

  • from Indianapolis March 24, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar & vocals in OLAM the band. Music and performance coach.

    Yes yes yes

    Got this mic because of its reputation for handling "aggressive" vocals as well as its quality, durability, and versatility. First time I plugged it in to record a pass I instantly knew how it got its reputation. It's a solid mic. It's perfect for what I do (scream vocals etc...). It has that "built in compressor" feel to it. Pretty unique.

    I had been using Blue mics (condensers) as well as a Flux, and while they're great mics - this mic just wins over those for my application. I highly recommend this one for sure. So many possibilities.

  • from St Louis, MO region March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Studio owner and chief engineer, drummer, recording artist

    Shure SM7B

    I was personally exposed to this mic at a Sweetwater Master Recording Class where the SM7B was put up against several stellar (and significantly more expensive) mics of world renown, to choose the right mic for the vocalist. The SM7B was astounding to most of us in the class at how clear, open, and full it sounded. For a $ mic to compete head-to-head with a nearly $ Telefunken and a Neumann U 87 was astounding. I immediately purchased one for my studio--and haven't regretted it at all. It's a workhorse mic with great versatility and fantastic sound.
    I've used it on lots of vocals, many acoustic instruments such as flutes, Irish whistles, violins/fiddles, accordions, percussion, and even guitars, with terrific client-pleasing results, A number of clients have preferred the SM7B's sound on their vocals over my C414B-ULSs, my KSM44s, and my Lauten Audio LA320 tube condenser. I think it's a must-have tool for any reputable studio.

  • from Connecticut March 6, 2017

    Awesome Mic

    Exceptional mic, especially with the cloud lifter.. excellent for hard screamer vocalist. Thanks jimmy for all your help with selecting a mic for me..

  • from March 4, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Producer

    Kills it on Male Vocals!

    I have sung into many different mics, from a good old 58 to legendary high end Neumann condensers. While I love the sound of all of them, this mic really does something special. It has a warm sound that smooths over the rough edges that male voices can sometimes have...but in a way that classic, present full, and anything but muddy. It takes EQ very well, and also can shine in a variety of different rooms. I highly recommend this for home studios with no acoustic treatment. I tried it with and without the Cloudlifter, but found that I didn't need it when plugging it into my trusty Universal Audio LA610...that preamp is seriously a winning combo with this mic. If you are a male tenor, you owe it to yourself to try one of these out. You won't be disappointed!

  • from Dallas January 31, 2017Music Background:
    Owner Nomad Recording Studio

    The best bang for the buck!!!

    The Shure SM7B is a must have microphone for recording applications. Can't believe I waited so long to get one. In addition my sales rep Michael Baldonado recommended the Cloudlifter which boosts the SM7 and the mic really shines that much more. The Cloudlifter also works great when using the RE 20s, 57s and 421's. Simply awesome for tracking electric guitar . My clients love the sound and you will too!!! It's a winner.

  • from FL November 14, 2016Music Background:
    professional singer, writer, producer

    Awesome Mic

    I was using a Blu mic, and I read several articles that said the Shure SM7B was the best studio quality mic out there, and for the price, you couldn't beat it. I read that many artists from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston used this mic. One prominent producer said he used many mics, but kept coming back to this one, and I was sold, so I bought it. It immediately made me sound like a pro. The vocals sat in the mix without needing very much reverb or delay on the vocals. When you add in all the harmonies and overdubs, it almost creates it's own space. I only used dual compressors on the signal and a little bit of delay to get the great sounding dance mixes I dreamt about. I will not use my Blu anymore. Blu is good, and it sits in mixes, but it doesn't capture the way the Shure does.

  • from August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Engineer/ Studio owner

    SM 7B right mic for the application

    Needed a mic for screaming vocalists and roaring guitar amps and this is the right one. This mic with a cloudlifter into Avalon 737-SP is a great combination yielding the sound I was looking for.

  • from Chicago July 25, 2016Music Background:

    Treat Your Mic Locker Like A Bullpen and Add a Ace!

    I just picked this mic up the other day and I am glad I did. Recorded 2 different vocals on it and everyone was pleased. Like a previous post said, if you are in a home studio, why buy any other mic for vocals? Its under $500 first off and its worth way more IMHO. You do need a lot of gain as you know by now. I run it through my Focusrite ISA One. Sounds awesome. Also sounds great running through my Manley Core and its tubes.Doing rap vocals? You want this beast! You need someone who understands how to work the mic when doing vocals, for most of these high end condensers. This mic is very forgiving in that sense. Also it is very natural sounding and flat. It takes EQ very well. Go click the buy button already!

  • from Orlando July 23, 2016Music Background:

    Perfect for podcasting!

    This mic is all about quality voice - exactly what I needed for my podcast! It is unbelievable how much better the quality of my recording is with this compact little guy at my computer. Paired with my Scarlett Solo pre amp, and I can take on the world!! Thanks to John at Sweetwater and Jared at ZChord Studios for the rec!!

  • from Tucson, AZ May 14, 2016Music Background:
    Record company owner and producer

    Shure SM7B Owner

    This is one of those microphones that you definitely need to own. I hate the fact that I waited so long to buy this microphone. It allows the artist the shine and gets out of the way. You have the option of flat, bass roll off or mid range emphasis, all with an easily accessible switch. This is an awesome microphone and you won't believe it until you try it out for yourself, stop reading reviews and go test this microphone out in your studio, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Fountain Hills, AZ April 19, 2016

    Why in heck did I wait so long to get this mic????

    Got this mic about a month ago and have used it on several gigs, both indoor and outdoor. I couldn't be more pleased!!!!! My voice can sound a bit thin and nasally at times, but the SM7B cured all that and more. I have it set at the factory default settings and really don't feel the need to tweak them. I can be a good 6 to 8 inches from the front mic before the volume drops off considerably (I have a fairly loud voice) which is great because it eliminates the need to chew on the windscreen to get a decent vocal impact in the mix. In my case there is very little proximity effect boomy-ness unless I'm literally chewing on the windscreen. Back off an inch or two and it's gone. The off-axis rejection is also very good. Not as good as a hyper-cardioid mic of course, but excellent for a cardioid dynamic design.

    EQ-wise, I'm able to leave everything flat, which is how I prefer to set things when using your typical live budget board (Mackie/Yamaha/A&H etc.). Also works well with built in effects on these types of boards. Reverb and delay aren't mushy or brittle. which surprised me as well.

    As others have mentioned, I use a Cloudlifter to boost the gain to the board, which allows me to tailor the board's input gain and fader level thus setting up proper gain-staging.

    Haven't used it in the studio yet except to very quickly check it out enough to determine that the self-noise was low, and as expected, there is better detail of your voice when this mic is used in conjunction with pro-level signal chains.

  • from Coeur d'Alene April 13, 2016

    This is my new "go to" mic for vocals. I use a cloudlifter to boost the signal before my Langevin vocal combo. The result is a great vocal sound!

  • from Lawrence Ks March 30, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Home Studio Stuff

    Great Mic

    This Mic is real good and surprisingly versatile. It takes eq well - sounds great with overdone compression. It controls sibilance and is often the perfect thing. Very happy with my purchase. Exceeds its value.

  • from NJ January 26, 2016Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer

    Has quickly become my goto

    Bought it on sort of a whim, but so so glad I did. I've been using it for live and recorded vocals. It adds a beautiful presence and body to most vocals. As with most mics and vocalist, you gotta find what type of voice it suits best. And in using it with about 7 different vocalists already, only 1 of them I thought it maybe didn't really suit. But for the other 6, it is the go to for when they are on lead vocal for the day.

    I always have the presence switch on for the boost in the upper mids.

    Also, it looks really great and people are always asking about it. For the price, it's the best mic you can get.

    (In a live setting I run the SM7 straight to the board. When recording I use a Cloudlift CL-1 as it just seems to need a little more gain)

  • from Kingston, NY January 11, 2016

    Wonderful microphone

    The recording quality of this microphone is incredible. I bought it after reading reviews online and I am even more impressed after using it. I have been in the initial stages of getting a voice over career going and had been using the Rode iXY-l and Shure Motiv MV88 microphones paired to an iPhone 6 with Voice Record Pro for practicing/demos. The sound from those microphones is actually quite good, but pale in comparison to the Shure SM7b/Tascam UH 7000 preamp that I purchased from Sweetwater.com. Much more open and full sounding. Very pleased with this setup! Sweetwater is the best.

  • from December 16, 2015

    Shure SM7B

    Best mic i own right now. I've only used it on my nylon string acoustic and it was really awesome. I used it with a Cloudlifter and it really helped the signal level. Plan on using it for my main vocal mic on a recording in the spring.

  • from Louisiana November 28, 2015

    This mic is great!

    Upon purchasing I noticed my preamp couldn't gain this microphone as loud as needed. I did some research and bought a cloudlifter c1. That little amp made this mic sound amazing. I have never heard my vocals sound this way. So clear and crisp with little eq needed. Other mics have came and webt but this mic will literally always be a part of my home studio. Thanks sweetwater

  • from November 23, 2015Music Background:
    pro musician/engineer/producer

    Great microphone

    This mic lives up to its great reputation. It's especially good for vocals. It seems to lend a smoothness and warmth to vocals that is harder to get with a condenser. With the Cloud Lifter you get enough quiet gain so you don't have to push your mic pres too hard. Would love to go back and redo a lot of vocals with this mic!

  • from South Louisiana October 16, 2015

    In your FACE!!

    First of all, I have the cloudlifter.. which is a must have with this microphone. I was very surprised at the sheer clean sound of my voice through the speaker the first time I tried it. I haven't tried to mic any instruments or cabinets yet. Paired with the right preamp or cloudlifter: Best microphone in its price range for a stationary vocalist (live or in the studio)

  • from September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer - 10 years

    Killer mic!

    I bought this for two reasons - fattening up thin vocals and home recording. Pair this with a cloud lifter and you have a warm mic that offers great noise reduction due to it being dynamic. You'll see this being used in a lot of pod casts and youtube videos for that very reason. I've even tried it on acoustic with my SM57 with success.

    I use a high pass on my preamp so don't use the bass roll off and prefer to EQ in my daw rather than play with presence boost controls.

  • from Houston TX August 24, 2015Music Background:
    Studio dude

    Sure DONE DID IT AGAIN! :)

    Anyone that does not give this product at least 4 stars is crazy! This Mic is great for just about everything.
    Use it paired with a great preamp and you will not be disappointed. I would not recommend using it without a good preamp otherwise you'll be like "Ah Man, Zeke lied to me, this mic aint worth crap!"
    Preamps are everything in the recording world. GET ONE! You won't regret it.
    I use this mic with a 737. 6176, and I have used with through a distressor and a badass focusrite preamp.
    The response is great. The tone is pretty flat and natural. I use is for Rappers, Metal screamers and some back up vocals.
    I would recommend that every up-n-coming studio engineer add this mic to their mic locker. IT IS A MUST HAVE!
    Buy it and Rock out! :)

  • from Philly July 23, 2015

    Shure SM7B is a Beast

    I Love this mic and wit cloudlifter is sound like the beast

  • from Oyster Bay May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    That Old School Sound

    We are VERY impressed with the sound of the SM7B with our AEA RPQ500 preamp. I knew it would be great, but wow. I love that old school big rich pro announcer voiceover sound we're getting. I believe it will suit our male tenor and baritone very well. After trying it out, even our spprano, who strongly prefers the GroupDIY C12 I built for her, wants to use it for one dark moody vocal track.

    Of course I've wanted one since my college days, when my involvement in radio began. When not in the studio, it will live on over my desk/console on a broadcast style boom, just for show. No carrying case needed for this baby.

    Remember, you need LOTS of CLEAN gain for this mic to shine. It will not be useful with the average preamp with only 60 db max gain.

  • from N.H. April 26, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter/Studio Owner

    Shure SM7B

    I've been searching for a studio mic that would work for my voice. Male, raspy. I've never had much luck when it came to my voice, and condenser mics. This mic is insane. I recorded a track with it, and was just blown away by the results. For my particular voice, the best way to sum it up is that the SM7B is very forgiving. I've since recorded my vocal with the foam cartridge on, and off. When the foam cartridge is off, I use a nice pop filter. This method yielded some pretty cool results also.
    Now for the part of this review that I couldn't get an answer too when I was researching this microphone. The answer is YES, this mic works great with the Warm Audio WA12 mic pre, and the WA76 Compressor. And, no you don't need a Cloud lifter for this mic with the WA12. Crank the gain on the WA12 to 3 o'clock, and go. The WA12 is quiet so noise wasn't an issue at 3 o'clock. This mic also needs little or no EQ. If you're searching for a mic for this particular vocal style, don't hesitate. I haven't tried it with a female vocal yet, but found some youtube videos that sounded fantastic on a female vocal. This is one purchase that you won't regret. One other note, if you're not buying this mic for broadcast, put the big foam cover away somewhere, you won't need it. The smaller foam cover is a cartridge, it has a plastic ring around it that snaps to the mic, so taking it off, and putting it back on is a breeze.

  • from Allentown, PA April 14, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician 10+ Years

    Great Mic with the Cloudlifter

    The SM7B speaks for itself with it's reputation and worldwide use in both radio and recording studios. As many people will tell you, I can't recommend enough the need the purchase the Cloudlifter. The SM7B is known for having very low gain, which is fine, as long as you have a cloudlifter (or a high end pre amp). I have a review/comparison on YouTube, check it out. I run this through the Duet 2, with the cloudlifter, and it's incredible. It's super clear, and sounds amazing for vocals.

    One of my favorite, and often overlooked features of this mic is not needing to use a pop filter. All my other condensers need a pop filter in the studio, and this mic doesn't need it (at least for my vocal).

    I love this mic, and I'm glad I now have it as part of my collection.

  • from April 5, 2015Music Background:
    spoken word. underground rap

    rappers best friend

    Im a solo rap artist who has been recording for about 16 years. I've used every mic from neumanns to akg etc. This mic in the right setting is amazing. It is super natural and took some adjusting from the very high end high frequency mics. It made me go back to just recording without the worry of how the mic would perform. I highly recommend this mic. My voice sounds exactly like myself as it should. Don't be fooled by the new condenser standard cause this mic stands its ground. Believe the hype its worth every penny and more!

  • from Austin, TX December 26, 2014Music Background:
    10 years Recording Engineer/Producer/Guitar Player/Studio owner

    Guitar Amps, Vocals, This thing for everything! But for snar thats where it won my heart for good! I love this mic! Used it on snar on The Ventures record "Sounds Of Summer"

    I'll be buying more soon!

  • from Cincinnati, OH October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Need a mic for your vocals? This is the one! Worth every penny. Coupled with Sweetwater's service, you cannot go wrong. Thank you Charlie Davis.

  • from September 5, 2014Music Background:
    musician, songwriter, recording engineer, producer

    NOT just for loud vocals. All singing guitar players read this!

    I absolutely LOVE this microphone! I play mellow psychedelic folk, and have a somewhat deep, gentle voice. Ive had to sing into my other condenser mics at fairly close proxomity, because I play guitar at the same time, and ive had a lot of trouble getting clear, un-muddy vocal recordings which also don't sound thin or harsh after compensating for the proximity effect with eq. Its especially important I don't sound thin since my arrangements are pretty sparse and im not doing much double tracked vocals. With the sm7b my vocals sound fat AND clear! Like they should! Mic placement is a breeze with the sm7b, which has allowed me to focus more on guitar mic placement, so now everything sounds better! The sm7b's side rejection is seriously amazing! Get this instead of a fig.8 condenser for vocals!! What little guitar does bleed in isn't wet sounding. All in all this mic is smooth, warm, clear, natural, AMAZING! Even without bass rolloff engaged, proximity effect is nothing compared with my condensers. I usually don't even use the bass rolloff and I get a really clear natural sound. I do like to use the presence boost for a little kick and well, presence. It sounds so good raw, now Im free to eq to enhance, not correct. much more fun!

  • from Brasil August 31, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician.


    The best vocal mic I ever had. It sounds natural and clear. Also it's an awesome microphone for bass drums and guitar amps! It's really versatile.

  • from El Segundo, CA August 28, 2014Music Background:
    Band-leader, songwriter, engineer

    Thanks Tony Dayton Sweetwater Rep!

    Thanks again, Tony! This mic is 100% the best value for the money. The vocals were incredible and even better with the Cloudlifter you recommended! You are awesome.

  • from Elizabethtown Il. May 14, 2014Music Background:
    Owner operator The Rock Recording Studio.

    SM7b mic

    I just ordered and recieved my shure SM7b and am amazed. This thing is amazing. I have had three sessions since I got this mic. One of the singers loved the mic so much that she wanted to re record all of her previous vocals. Which helped pay for the mic. This thing is so pristine and clean. The vocals are so natural and I can have an acoustic playing right along side of this mic with just a very small amount of bleed over. Great separation for us engineers

  • from TX April 15, 2014Music Background:

    AWESOME - product & Sweetwater service

    RIGHT ON THE BULLSEYE with this SM7B. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Mine is a 'broadcast' type need. I didn't need any massive preamp either.

    And I believe I've found THE place for all my audio needs - Sweetwater, of course.

  • from March 9, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Audio Engineer, Guitarist,


    Needs Lots of gain but, it sounds perfect for Metal Vocals.

  • from Port Orchard, WA USA December 5, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, Guitarist

    The BEST purchase for your studio

    I originally purchased this mic after using it to record my vocals and it is hands down awesome.

    A few years later we went in to record our third album and this mic ended up on EVERYTHING. We used it on my guitar cabs, the bass cab, heck, we even used it on the kick drum. It just sounds good wherever you put it. I know that all microphones color the sound in their own way but this one is VERY true to the ear.

    I want to purchase a couple more, one as an additional and another for backup.

    Get it, seriously.

  • from Somerset, KY October 22, 2013Music Background:
    engineer, producer, studio owner, musician

    I was shocked!

    this mic has left me nearly speechless....i stumbled across it and was very intrigued by the reviews.....so i bought it.....placed it on my guitar cab and within seconds i was smiling from ear to ear.....you literally cannot get this mic to sound bad no matter where you place it on your guitar cab.

    rich, full, creamy and present without any harshness. this is by far the best mic i have ever seen to capture my guitar tone as i have ever used....it sounds like what your ears hear. so that you can put these comments into perspective here are some of the best guitar tones i love; EVH (dave days), eric johnson, david gilmour, george lynch, andy timmons, andy summers, alex life son, john petrucci, joe bonamassa, warren haynes and brain may. so if you agree that these guys have great tone most of the time then trust me when i tell you this mic is PERFECT to record your guitars with.

    now that leaves the vocals.......superb, once again, whether i sang or tried to nearly scream or sing as loud as i could the mic easily handled it and sounded as smooth as butter in the process. for this price EVERY studio owner should have this mic in their locker.....but it now, you wont be sorry.

  • from Florida August 12, 2013Music Background:

    Best Mic I've owned

    Pair with the Apogee Quartet this mic is outstanding for voice overs and vocals.

  • from Long Island July 9, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Songwriter

    T.Walker SM7B

    Best microphone I have used for my voice, I don't want to be that guy but I'd have to say, honestly, that this mic is UNDERpriced. Artists with unique styled voices, I recommend this this mic for you

  • from St. Petersburg, FL June 15, 2013Music Background:
    Retired Broke Professional Musician:)

    Shure SM7B

    This is the perfect mic for a singer with that raspy Steven Tyler/Chris Robinson voice...and in a home studio, you don't have to worry about it picking up the heavy bass beat of rap when a car load of teenagers drive by. I love this microphone and would recommend getting the cloudlifter for that extra 25db boost.

  • from Huntley, IL April 28, 2013Music Background:

    You can't go wrong

    I compared this mic to my BlueBird and the SM7b blew it away (for my type of vocals). I have a very mid rangy vocal and the SM7b with the Focusrite ISA one is a great combination. Love the different settings of filters. Had to adjust them to fit my vocal style so you have to experiment. I would recommend this mic to anyone looking for a multi purpose mic.

  • from Seattle, WA USA April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer, live sound engineer, producer

    Very cool mic

    I've owned my SM7B for about 3 years now and it is the very best mic I've heard on my own voice and most other male voices I've recorded. The mic gives a really full sounding vocal while somehow always being able to fall perfectly into the mix with zero eq adjustment.
    It also sounds grewat and gives a very cool vibe on acoustic guitar, bass amp, guitar amp, and it sounded really cool as a mono drum overhead.
    Highly recommended.

  • from Nashville, Tennessee November 14, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Awesome Miltipurpose mic

    The SM7 is the gold standard when it comes to a great multipurpose microphone. I have used it time after time on male vocals and it ceases to amaze me. If you are looking for a microphone that can tame any harsh vocalist this is what you need. The prescense boost and the HPF allow this mic to remain pretty untouched (processing wise) when it comes to mixing. Do you like to use an SM57 on guitars? Try the SM7 and you will never go back! Do you usually use a condenser microphone on HI-Hat? The SM7 allows you to set the mic up and never even touch it in mixing.
    No matter what your application, you will always get good results with the SM7.

  • from Houston, Texas June 3, 2012Music Background:
    30years as live pro musician and 20 years in home studio business.

    Amazed by this Mic

    I checked out this mic because I hear that Jeff Tweedy from Wilco used it on several of his most recent albums. I love the sound of his vocals so I checked it out. This mic is nothing short of amazing. Much more than I expected. I have been using a Studio Projects C-1 and though it is a good mic, I was having to wet it and EQ it a bit much. I recorded a vocal line and compared the two. The SM7B sounded much better without much less effects and absolutely no EQ. It was perfect. Clear and punchy but not too bright. This mic is perfect for my voice which is in the tenor range No more struggling with my vocal sound..Awesome. I am using this mic through a focusrite ISA one and it matches beautifully.

  • from March 21, 2012Music Background:


    This microphone is just what I've been looking for! At last my search is over. I feel like an idiot spending 100 dollars on a usb mic. I should have went straight for this one. The USB mic I was using is a joke compared to this baby.

    My Brother screamed as loud as he could into this microphone and it captured it perfectly. He sounded like a rockstar! Now I feel inspired to make music! This mic could easily be a 1000 dollars and it would still be worth it.

  • from Red Bluff September 23, 2011Music Background:

    LOVE it!

    Sounds even better than expected. Seems to work great for singing, screaming, and rapping. Never hear any pops, great and affordable!

  • from Cleveland, Ohio May 25, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    I hear the quality

    This is a good multipurpose vocal mic. It sounds good on most vocals I record. When it comes to recording I am always hard on myself when it comes to mixing music. But even if I mix down a song poorly (in my opinion) I can still hear the quality of the mic. If I had to mention one great thing about this mic it would be that it does a great job at rejecting background noise. I usually record teens and when they have their friends with them waiting and playing around and making noise the mic will do a great job of rejecting the background noise.

  • from Flora, IN April 16, 2011Music Background:


    Great microphone, I paired this with the Focusrite ISA One and vocals came out very clean. Glad I purchased it!

  • from August 28, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbyist Recording Engineer/Singer-Songwriter


    Honestly, when I saw the pricetag of this mic, I had some trouble believing it could really be as good as people say, but they are not lying, it is just as good. This mic is just perfect for male vocals, and is even better than my AKG C414 for strong male vocals. Be aware, it takes some gain from the preamp, but man, this mic is pretty awesome.

  • from New York, NY May 8, 2010

    Strong and subtle

    When it comes to dynamics, I go to Shure. Granted, that opinion had been because of their SM58 alone, but no more. When I was looking for a mic to handle what I call "long haul" digital narration projects (well, okay, that and I wanted to buy another pro-grade microphone. Can you blame me?), I ultimately came down to two mics (say 'em with me now): the Electro Voice RE20 and the Shure SM7B. My voice is low and at it's lower and quieter moments has a bit of a rumble, so after a few voice tests at a local shop, I went with the SM7B. It handles my voice perfectly with no thinning or dampening. I've never been happier.

    One note: you're going to need a good amount of clean gain to drive this puppy. I pair mine with a Grace m101 and it absolutely SOARS!

    This mic picks up all the nuance and character that I want while also providing amazing ambient noise rejection. I can record in any room in my house and the sound is nearly the same in each place. And while I wouldn't call this microphone a jack of all trades, that doesn't stop me from telling you that I love Love LOVE this microphone!

  • from Austin, TX April 4, 2010Music Background:
    Electro, Indie, Rock, Alt, Folk, Avant, Experimental

    Goodness the Mic is good!

    I rarely (in fact never) write reviews, but I was too impressed by this mic. Believe all the good things you hear about it, it's just so good. I've been experiementing and recording at home for some time, I've had a Rode NTK, SM58, SM57, Rode NT1a, Beta 87a, and a couple others. The SM57 is the only one I've kept out of the bunch, and it sounds good, but the SM7 takes it too a whole new level. You get a professional sound (tight, warm, clean, clear, even) without having to do much. All my other mics bled a lot, including the sm57, but the sm7b has most of your needs built right in. It is PERFECT FOR HOME RECORDING, where you may not have tons of money for other equipment or even know-how, this will help you get out a good vocal track without having to think to much (which is good when you're just trying to get demos down without sounding like an amateur).

    Thank You Shure

  • from NOVA March 4, 2009Music Background:
    guitarist, singer, writer, recordist

    useful mic

    on my baritone male voice, the SM7 does great in "rock" mixes. I set the presence boost to "on" and the bass cut also "on". I prefer other mics for sparser acoustic arrangements. This mic has also worked well on other male vocalists I have recorded, and on a nasty sounding guitar amplifier. I just love the sound. I agree with others who call it "ready to mix". the sound is warm, but present enough, and has a small footprint in your mix, leaving plenty room for your other tracks (this is a good thing). it's the magic shrinker, very useful mic. pair it with a good preamp and you're golden

  • from Texas January 25, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Big Big Big!!!

    This mic has a nice big warm sound to it and it sits perfectly in the mix. Some of my clients prefer this one over my MA-200 (which also is an awesome mic). I just can't believe the SM7 was only 350.
    This is my first choice when i have to record hip-hop, or grunge type rock vocals. I run it to my Blue Robbie into the MOTU and I'm good to go.

  • from Boston November 14, 2008Music Background:
    Professional Hobbyist

    Must have for home recording

    For home recording... this is the mic you need. Eliminates all background noise and electronic interference. Ideal for deeper voices and spoken word/ hip-hop, but also just a great all-around vocal mic you need not worry about isolating. If I must complain about something, it's that the bracket is very difficult to switch from it's shipped boom-stand position to floor stand, but I'm over it. The price... you can't beat it.

  • from Norway May 13, 2008Music Background:
    Pro songwriter 15 years, studio for 9


    Ok, got this a few days ago, bought it after reading lots of reviews on it, for a female screechy, loud, edgy like broken glass type female singer and this is the only one I've tried that can take that kind of beating, we're ok now. I've tried it micing up bass, el.guitars and both male & female vox, it's just great. Bono uses it, Michael Jackson on Thriller, Chili Peppers and now this incredibly difficult female singer. If I should have only one microphone in the studio, this would be the one. Thanks to other reviewers for putting me on the right track. Just a shout-out to others having these problems, this is the one. Nice and tight, warm sounding too, you won't regret buying this and I can see no reason why I'd ever wanna sell it, it's a keeper.

  • from Jasper,Indiana March 31, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, all around nice guy:O)


    A friend of mine has been raving about this mic for vocals. So I used it this weekend. just plugged it into my solo610 cranked the gain and POW sweet nector of the Gods. Did the same for snare gives a super fat sound. I LOVE THIS MIC!! a great secret weapon. I Will be adding this to my cabnet in the next few weeks

  • from New York May 8, 2017

    Great Value

    As advertised and then some.

  • from California April 4, 2017Music Background:
    Musician, Producer, Engineer, Student, Berklee

    Best Choice Under $

    This mic is just a workhorse when it comes to vocals and even guitar cabinets. I haven't had the chance to use it on much else besides those two sound sources, but I can tell you for sure that it's the best quality mic for under $.

    It definitely needs a heck of a lot of gain in order to get good levels, but I've been able to get enough gain from both a Behringer FCA610 (lowwwww end interface) and a UAD Apollo 8p (high-er end interface) with a little gain to spare.

    Again, this mic is great on vocals, hands down. It's not the pristine high end of a condenser, but it's got a nice flatness to it. It doesn't over-accentuate low end or high end, and it does have the internal bass roll-off and high end boost if you want to set it up right from the mic.

    I'd recommend it to anyone building their mic locker, it's just a good choice for vocals and guitar cabs. There's definitely other mics out there that might serve better for different uses and configurations, but I'd deem it pretty much universally necessary to have a SM57, and now a SM7B.

  • from Auburn CA August 22, 2016Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Mixer, Songwriter


    I'm very satisfied with this mic! It has replaced my C414 XLS as my go to vocal mic. A/B ing in solo the C414 sounds more transparent but in the mix the SM7B cuts through, sits forward, and takes the right space. For vocals I run it through a Universal Audio 4-710d with the gain around 8.5 and the level at 10 and with the mic's low-end roll off and HF boost active.
    For female vocals I used to combat sibilance with condenser mics. I don't have this issue nearly as much with the SM7b and the proximity effects some body. With male vocals it just sits well. Also no huge gigantor-kill- the-mood pop filter is needed :-D
    Drawbacks are that you need a lot of gain for this guy. If you don't have a pre with sufficient gain it wont hit the "sweet spot". My friend got an SM7b for his small PreSonus interface and it struggles to get a good level without floor noise. Probably needs the Cloud Lifter to boost the signal.

  • from July 14, 2014

    Phenomenal Vocal Mic

    This is an exceptional vocal mic if you're looking for in-your-face sounds. Clarity and loads of body.

    Be sure to pick up a Cloudlifter with it, though - this mic needs a lot of gain.

  • from NY June 2, 2014Music Background:
    Project studio owner for 15 years

    Does what it's meant to do

    Sounds fat and smooth on vocals. It's very forgiving on a loose performance. Great with a high output pre like an API.

  • from Ormond Beach, Fl USA March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Very Accurate

    This mic really sounds great for vocal applications its sounds very accurate to what your actually hearing in the room doesn't color your sound when you have the bass roll of switch engaged and roll of switch off for recording hip hop vocals. I don't even have to eq that much with this mic because its so accurate. You may need to purchase a cloud lifter before purchasing this mic for +25db of clean gain or just make sure your preamp has more than 50db of gain.

  • from United States August 5, 2013


    I like this mic a lot. It's good for many types of vocal styles as well as guitar amps, kick drum, snare drum. My vocal recordings are great but they still don't sound like nop notch when compared to professional artists. That may be because I'm using a firestudio project and not a million dollar board. It still sounds great and it's perfect for my small studio because it doesn't pick up too much room noise. I'd recommend this.

  • from Canton Ohio June 1, 2013Music Background:
    Project Recording Studio Engineer, Producer

    Solid Results - Great Rejections

    We've used this mic on male/female vocals and get great results. Everything from opera to folk ... it's genera proof. It feels like it's got a built-in compression at times ... the harsh or shrill over-tones are just not there. Works great for live recording w/ acoustic players. It's very directional and rejects like a champ. Make sure you've got a solid stand. A studio boom stand is helpful but not completely necessary.

    Great value.

  • from Girard, OH May 25, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, FOH Sound Engineer

    Shure SM7B - Shure obviously knows what they are doing...

    Shame on me for waiting so long... Plugged it up to my preamp and the rest was history. Truly a multi-faceted smooth sounding Mic. Is it really worth the money - "Yes!"

  • from Central Florida June 19, 2012Music Background:
    Working Musician for ages, Project Studio Owner

    A Good Flavor To Have

    So far, I've used this on my (male) voice and it has a mellower sound than the large diaphragm condensers used in the past. It demonstrates why some engineers use dynamics for vocals when called for. I bought the CL-1 Cloud Lifter with it and that's a good idea for this mic given it's low output. Because of the mellower tone, sibilance is much less of an issue. I'm really looking forward to trying this mic on many sources. Shure products that I've owned over the last 35 years have always been steadfast reliable for me and it looks as if this one will do as well !!

  • from Central Florida June 19, 2012Music Background:
    Working Musician for ages, Project Studio Owner

    A Good Flavor To Have

    So far, I've used this on my (male) voice and it has a mellower sound than the large diaphragm condensers used in the past. It demonstrates why some engineers use dynamics for vocals when called for. I bought the CL-1 Cloud Lifter with it and that's a good idea for this mic given it's low output. Because of the mellower tone, sibilance is much less of an issue. I'm really looking forward to trying this mic on many sources. Shure products that I've owned over the last 35 years have always been steadfast reliable for me and it looks as if this one will do as well !!

  • from Phoenix, AZ April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer / Producer

    Awesome mic for loud vocals & guitar's

    Great sounding mic! Use it for loud vocals & very forgiving for a room with less than perfect acoustics. Also sounds great on guitars & voice over work.

  • from bellefontaine,oh February 10, 2012Music Background:
    recording engineer, pro musician

    does what it's intended for

    I got this mic for recording vocals mostly. I've been using a nuemann tlm103 but it doesn't fit with everyone. On some it would bring out too much of that nasally whinny higher frequencies. I wanted a good dynamic to smooth that out a little. This does the trick, and it is also really good at separating sound sources for those live everyone in the same room type recordings.

  • from Phoenix, AZ January 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician


    This is a perfect mic for screaming vocals enough said!

  • from Chicago, IL February 13, 2011Music Background:
    Graduate Recording Engineer & Vocalist

    One ARROGANT Mic!!! (with the right to be...)

    There shouldn't be a mic cabinet or studio without an SM7 regardless of any budget or price range... It's in every commercial studio that I've been to and worked in, and it gets abused on daily basis... It's thick foam makes it impossible for plosives to get through, having no need for a pop filter. VERY VERY durable (don't test its durability by throwing it against the wall now), and PERFECT (the best) for a room/booth that hasn't been acoustically treated. It gets the most out of your vocals without picking up any of those exaggerated room sound that a condenser would. Sonically it sounds great, ideal for fattening whatever your trying to record and with good EQ'ing, even an amateur will hear the difference!! It makes a great impression, any talent walks into your studio and sees an SM7 and it will say a lot about you as an engineer. If I must be a bully, it doesn't get a 5 because you do need a preamp with a lot of gain. The only mics that stand up to the SM7 cost $3000+ dollars, and even then, the SM7 STILL stands amongst them!!!

  • from Wilmington, DE January 10, 2010Music Background:
    Professional Voiceover and Broadcaster

    Great for Professional Voiceover

    Compared to the popular & pricier Neumann TLM 103, the SM7B also has great presence without the hard edge on the highs. Using the SM7B plus a tube preamp on commercials for major international brands and a university, the producers and clients were thrilled with the results.


  • from NY, NY August 24, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Dj

    Used on the most successful record of our generation...

    I may wind up investing in one of these gems. I read this weekend that this exact model was the one used in the studio recording of Michael Jackson's most successful album, "Thriller."

  • from Denton, Texas January 29, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Studio Owner


    It was recommended to my by a friend to try out the Shure SM7 on a guitar cab. I thought this was a joke, but OH MY GOD!!! To pair this with a Sen 421 is the absolute best guitar sound I've ever recorded. The SM7 sounds fantastic when used as the sole mic on a guitar as well... especially when you're playing at high distortion levels. You HAVE to try it.

  • from Arizona January 3, 2016Music Background:
    Total Noob

    Great Microphone, needs a lot of gain

    Just received the microphone today. I use a small Mackie ProFX 8v2 mixer, and it just does NOT have enough gain for this microphone. Thankfully some of the other reviews mentioned the important of getting one of the Cloud Lifter "Mic Activator"s and those work wonderfully (They use phantom power to add 20db of very clean gain) . I'm doing some basic recordings for tutorials in a rather noisy room (computer fans etc) and the results are great. Unless you have a great pre amp/mixer with a lot of gain, get the Cloud Lifter though (you'll need an extra, probably short XLR cable to connect the Cloud Lifter in the Middle).

  • from Cary, North Carolina May 21, 2015

    Why don't you own an SM7B?

    So much easier than a condenser in the home studio, and crazy versatile! Just get one, you'll thank yourself right away!

  • from NY May 1, 2015Music Background:
    musician, engineer, mastering

    essential mic for the rest of us.

    I love this mic because it isn't harsh. In fact, it's dull and has tons of proximity effect. Also very directional.

    Just what I need when tracking on location in someone's untreated home studio.

    Would I rather use a better mic in a fully treated studio in combination with a 20k signal chain? Of course I would, but that isn't reality. And I need to get paid.

    Most home and small studio are NOT treated well enough to do a service to expensive condensers. Expensive mics pick up everything, including the crappy sound of an untreated room. An SM7b on the other hand, will pick up less of that nonsense and give me more consistent useable takes.

    Because it sounds dull, I don't have to worry about the harshness of a cheap condenser. I can add air to a voice later with EQ. The proximity effect? Sounds great on vocals... why do you think it's such a popular mic for broadcast radio? It gives bass to the artist's voice, and is easily controllable from the artist's perspective. And BTW, most "artists" don't use correct mic technique. An SM7B with the pop filter taken off and replaced with a pop screen (used to force some distance between the artist and mic) works wonders on "dynamic" artists who need help.

    The cons? It's an SM7B. Would I rather use a C12? or a vintage Neumann? Of course I would. But to use a high end mic without high end treatment is a waste of money. For most people, an SM7B is a godsend. It works well on most voices. It needs a ton of gain to operate properly, so you will need a mic preamp capable of lots of clean gain. I use mine with a Focusrite ISAone and never get any complaints.

    Conclusion? Every studio needs one. It's an essential mic because the SM7b is a true workhorse. It outperforms mics costing ten times as much in less than ideal environments. It's easy to use and built very well. I give it 4 stars because it isn't the best mic in the world. Not even close... but it is the best mic for many of us.

  • from San Jose, CA May 1, 2014Music Background:

    Buying soon...

    Used this mic in college. This mic has earned a grammy, what have you done lately?

  • from Tampa Bay, FL June 14, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro musician, home studio recording

    The Cure for sibilent voices

    I was recommended this mic by a fair number of people who are familiar with my voice-I have a somewhat squeaky, sibilent voice that usually needs a LOT of treatment (de-essing & general eq) to get a decent sound-doesn't matter what mic either, sang through everything from $100 MXLs to really nice Neumanns. The SM7B, on the other hand, works absolutely great with my voice! I haven't had as much time to work with it as I would have liked yet, but I'm getting really great tones out of it, right out of the box! This is a very neutral sounding mic, neither warm nor cool, with a smooooth top end and a solid bass, and sibilents (ess sounds for the newbies) are tamed very nicely, to the point where I haven't even put any de-essing on my voice! I'm rating it 4 stars right now, but as I learn this mic more, I think it may wind up going 4.5 or even 5 stars-a GREAT studio mic with a different flavor than a condenser!!!

  • from January 10, 2013

    Makes Me Sound Like A Duck

    I don't believe this mic could ever replace a condenser. It's too rounded sounding and I found that it made me sound like a duck with words that had the ie, ae, ing, etc sound in them. Overall though this is one of my favorite mics but this is why I dumped it. It really is a good broadcasting mic but now I'm back to looking at condensers after this failed me but like I said this performs very well just not natural enough for my liking. Definitely overall one of the best dynamics I've used and I used most.

  • from Rocklin, CA December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Voice over guy

    SHURE SM7B is a low level output mic!

    This is a legendary mic...you hear about it in audio geek circles all the time. It was recommended to me by an audio engineer I work with.. The reason I purchased the mic was to interface with my new Babyface by RME, to act as the pre-amp between my mic and Lenovo laptop when I am doing vo sessions on the road. During the setup of this new equipment, we realized the output of the Shure was not nearly as strong as another mic I have, the Rode NTG3. All this to say that the Shure is a solid product, but I could not recommend it for this particular application.

  • from Atlanta, GA April 10, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, Home Recording, Singer-Songwriter

    Great mic for vocals

    I got this mic after hearing a number of good things about it from various sources, as a good "bang for your buck" type of mic that has been used on a lot of top records and recordings, and is a studio stable. I did several shoot-outs with it using a Shure SM57, an Apex 205 ribbon mic, and a Cad m179 condenser for comparisons. The SM7b won out on vocals when tested with my voice, my wife's and a friend who is also a singer. It doesn't require a lot of EQ'ing, which is nice -- good vocal sound. Of course, it won't work for everyone, when it comes to vocals. I've heard some say it's only good for "male screamers," but I am generally a pretty soft singer, and my wife is anything but a male screamer, so I would say that that is a bit of a caricature.

  • from January 31, 2012

    Nice Mic

    I like it a lot. I also own an Electrovoice RE-20 (the original model) and it was close to a coin flip between the two. Testing with my own voice (male, somewhat bassy), this is what I ended up liking:

    For dialog, I liked the SM7B with the presence boost and the RE 20 flat for dialog, both pretty close to the mic. To my ears, the RE 20 was a little more smooth. It seemed to have a bit more core and a nice air on top. The SM7B was a bit more articulate and a bit less flattering. I think I would prefer the RE20 with my voice unless I was concerned about projecting over other sounds.

    For singing, I liked the RE20 flat at more of a distance (around 4 inches), and the SM7B flat and pretty close. I preferred the RE20 for what I was singing, but I can see how the SM7B would work better for more punchy vocals.

    I think it would depend on the voice and the material which one I would prefer, but if I had to have only one of the two mics I would probably go with the RE20.

  • from St.Louis October 1, 2008Music Background:
    musician, engineer, producer

    Good Mic for the money

    This is a great mic to add to your cabinet, for not a lot of money. Have I found it great on everything? No. However, on some sources it has been perfect. I used a Neumann TLM-103 on a bassier male vocalist and it sounded absolutely terrible, but with the SM-7 the vocals were perfect with some eq added. Easily the best sounding vocals I have ever recorded. I don't love it on guitar amps like some have said, but for certain voices it is really, really great. I especially like it with the built in eq boost turned on. On hihats it had a cool sound, not crisp and detailed, but a little rawer, more vintage sound that with the right eq was pretty cool. Make sure and have a preamp with a good amount of gain, 60 db seems the minimum for quieter singers. I feel it is a must have for anyone interested in having more than one good mic, and at the price it makes expanding your mic collection with good mics that will last a long time, a real possibility.

  • from Mississippi February 14, 2017Music Background:
    Jazz, Contemporary Worship, Americana, Folk, Blues, Rock.

    Great for the money

    While this mic has become a staple within the recording industry, it just goes to show that not every mic is perfect for every singer. I bought this for a record I was making last year because a musician/singer I GREATLY admire, one that I've been told that I sound like even, uses this mic on almost every album they make. I quickly found that while it has a great sound for rock music, it didn't really fit the americana/folk/intimate sound that my music has.
    Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic microphone, but be weary of the singer you're going to be recording before you purchase it. For singers with a big bodied, mid-focused voice, this mic will perform exceptionally well. But for singers with a voice that is brighter and less prominent or heavy (like my voice), you might want to lean towards something like a tube mic to warm up their natural timbre. I had to do a fair pit of tweaking before I dialed in the right sound for my voice on that record, and even after all the work I did, this mic didn't fit the vein of the music I record. It did a great job of sitting well in the mix though, I will say.
    All in all, I'm happy I bought this mic because I'm doing work with other artists now who have thicker voices that need something like the SM7B to capture their natural timbre. This is by NO means a regretful purchase and I'm happy to have bought one just for the purpose of having it within my mic arsenal.

  • from April 14, 2014

    Low Gain

    Really nice microphone for Radio
    My only problem is the low gain that you have to crank the Gain knob all the way up and you get a lot of noise in return

  • from Camden, NJ April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer.

    Its fine Like a more together 57

    Like many others....I bought this microphone on the hype it had.....all over the internet people screaming the praises of it.

    The truth is- its a fine mic. It is dangerously similar to a 57 in its overall impression as a vocal mic-thats not a bad thing! it is fatter- and more focused.

    What it isnt- A magical microphone that will save your life. Just because Michael Jackson used one- or Steven Tyler .......or whomever the long list is.....has no point here.....those records were made by Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler and etc......not YOU...and it is my opinion that those records sound great despite the just *ok* nature of this microphone.

    Would I record a whole album with it on a deserted island? Sure!!!! And it can and will make 100000s more hit records before we stop caring about them.....

    however it is not a miracle of audio- it is a microphone. a fine one that can do lots of things- but it wont sparkle like mics even 100$ more

  • from Cherry Hill, NJ (Philadelphia) April 12, 2006

    Sometimes, you really NEED a paper clip.

    OK. No one is gonna plotz with nozzle nut glee looking at this old girl. But if you need a really solid good value VO mike, you need go no further than the SHURE SM7B.

    It was designed for use by broadcasters in on-air studios, which means you can pound nails in with it all morning and cut great VO tracks all afternoon and into the night.

    It comes with a mondo pop filter that looks rather like a whale tumor, but that glob of foam makes it just about impossible to pop a "p" without using nitro. No need to set up the ring of pantyhose with this baby.

    And there is a built in humbucking coil, so unless you are using an active MRI unit as your announce booth, you won't run into any hum from monitors, flo lights, etc.

    We pros (ahem) set the roll off curves to flat bass and presence boost and leave it that way.

    Look, it doesn't have tubes, it dosen't need 48 volts, and it isn't fragile. But it sounds great for voice overs, day in and day out, year after year.

    So get one of these to use until you can afford the expensive German mikes-
    and get ready to put it back up after you spend 6 hours cutting plosive "P"s out of a documentary VO track recorded with a 147 and not enough pantyhose.

    In the entire colorful history of broadcasting, we have yet to find a high tech replacement for the paper clip...or the SM7.

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